Is It Time for Lopez?

Overall, I have been quite impressed by Herita Ilunga. OK, he was rubbish against Spurs, but he wasn’t alone. He’s quite adept at getting forward, and I suspect if he had a winger in front of him we might relive the glory days of the McCartney/Etherington partnership. However, we do have another left back of our books, in the Uruguayan Walter Lopez.

So far, Lopez has only played one game for the first team, the league cup defeat at Watford. However, as the game went on he looked increasingly bright. This week he played in the reserves’ 4-3 win over Chelsea and by all accounts was man of the match, creating three of our goals.

Is it now time to give him a couple of runouts?


42 Responses to Is It Time for Lopez?

  1. SJ Chandos says:

    As stated in my previous post, yes I think so!

  2. chris says:

    agreed Iain,have been impressed with ilunga,he is strong and has good pace,I think lopez played left wing so why not give them a run out together,I know everyones pleased with our draw at chelsea,but at some stage we will have to be more offensive with some kind of left footed attack down our leftside we cant keep playing for draws all the time.

  3. djclipz says:

    yeh i agree with chris, ive heard he is more of a left winger so maybe give him a go ther he can’t be worse than lbm and its not as though etherington is always on his game!!!. Plus his defending could be atrocious so id rather keep illunga there for now!! dnt want another konchesky!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Matt Ryan says:

    Yup! From all acocunts he played a blinder last night! So I say give him a chance! Also, I can’t see why we haven’t give nTrstan a chance yet! We clearly need goals and he seems to be knocking a few in along with sears! I say start against Villa with Lopez instead of Faubert and Bellamy and Tristan upfront then at half time sub Tristan for Sears and see how that works out! Oh and Cole can clean the toilets! lol


  5. chris says:

    Villa now thats a tuff one.

  6. Malcolm says:

    Is he any relation to Trini Lopez, who sang ‘If I had a Hammer’?


  7. Kennet says:

    Yeap at left wing with him swapping/covering Ilunga when necessary, A rather simple solution really and if it doesn’t work change it back with LBM instead!

  8. chris says:


  9. Matt says:

    Rumours going round that etherington will be sold to stoke in the new year. So maybe that does leave room for Lopez to stake a claim.

  10. Matt Ryan says:

    Well if the RUMOURS of today are to be believed (BG finally might sell the club) then I don’t think Ethrington will go because apparently Zola loves the guy! And the the feeling is mutual! I think if anyone should go, it should be Ashton and Cole! God knows we have some Talent at Upton Park, just getthem fit and we’ll be ok! 🙂

  11. mike says:

    Well Dyer is coming back at Xmas – He’s the perfect left wing for us and suddenly we get spoilt for choice – ship LBM, Bowyer, Gabbidon and one of Ginge Collins or Davenport (get Tomkins back from his loan spell at Derby), Spector, Quashie, Reid, Etherington, Walker out in the January window and generate £10-15m plus to get a decent holding/defensive midfielder and we will rocket up the league With Ashton on his way back in January suddenly we look a really good outfit – I am still to be convinced by Di Michaele – huffs and puffs a lot and Faubert continues to disappoint – we paid £6m for him……ho hum

  12. the headmaster says:

    Iain – you are avin a larf aren’t you? The ‘glory days’ of the etherington/mccartney partnership!! And they would be………

  13. chris says:

    dyer as a winger again,because of speed you generate thats the worst place to take a big nasty tackle,dyer should play inside somewhere,

  14. FrannyZola says:

    Lopez played left wing in the reserve game which I think is where he should be played considering the other options are Etherington or Boa.

    Been calling for it for quite some time….Ilunga left back and Lopez left wing….will be a effective partnership

  15. Stuart says:

    Yes. Agree with previous posters, we should play him left midfield in front of Lopez, those two should be able to work out how to cover and overlap for each other.

    I’ve watched him play for reserves in that position and he looks good, very quick, good cross and good awareness.

  16. Stuart says:

    mean ilunga.

  17. Upton Spark says:

    Iilunga is doing ok. Stick Lopez on the bench.

  18. DevoDevo says:

    He’s got to be worth a punt. However, I am going to jump to the defence of LBM who (apart from his finishing), has put in decent shifts when called upon this season. Etherington is the disappointment. Sometimes he looks England class and other times Championship class. Has to improve his crossing for me, but we defintely need one of them for the balance of the team.

    BTW – did anyone else notice Ilunga keeping his arms behind his back when defending crosses! LOL.

    Same in MF – Collison has to be first choice alongside parker, with Behrami on the right & noble on the bench.

    I really hope we see Dyer back on the park in the next few weeks, he would be the equivalent of a January window signing! Where to play him will be the question. I like him in the hole with a free role and would give us a much stronger offensive look about us.

    Maybe we can start looking up instead of down?

  19. FrannyZola says:

    Absolutely Stuart. At least he will be able to pick a pass, get a decent cross in and control and run with the ball. These are basics which we currently lack not just on the left but throughout our team. South Americans are born with these basics.

    He should just be given a simple brief to play as a winger and make use of the width of the pitch and get decent early crosses in. Nothing fancy in trying to beat people on the outside or anything….just keep it simple. Every time I see Ethers run with the ball it’s as if hes gonna trip on it. It eventually ends with a poor cross into row z along the Orion arm of the milky way galaxy.

    …plus it’ll give the ladies something to look at.

  20. D&G says:

    It’s a simple answer but we are talking about a coach who is ok with Cole whether he scores or not and leaves players like Tristan and Sears on the bench.

  21. E1 says:

    Lopez did look good on left wing the other night by all acounts, noble’s not fuuly fit so why not give them both a run out,starting with lopez. It’s the right side against villa we have got to watch Ashley young is like a rocket neil won’t have a chance if he gets passed him. A tough game and we are really going to need to get in to them and stop the long diagonal balls.We need to attack down the flanks and keep young and milner busy then I think we could nick it. Not one I think we will loose but not sure we can win it either a draw more likely. Agree with post staing we need a clear out and I hope that happens and as for a new owner, best christmas present the club could get. Fingers crossed, COYI !!!!!!!!!!

    PS Ilunga is doing a good job I hope we sign him.

  22. colney says:

    ilunga-nutty left back,mmmmm brings back some good memories.i for one like him and think he does a great job.ethers has disapeared for some strange reason,anyone seen him down the bookies? good to hear neil coming out and telling us the truth today,if only he and all at the club did this more often,say a regular slot on the web site that we can all believe.i think half of the atmosphere problem is the under lying distrust of whats going on inside the for the sales ,please please please can we have a stable,wealthy,open,honest owner that for once will put his heart n soul(and cash) into what we call west ham united fc.


  23. chris says:

    agree with devo like to see dyer in the hole,
    think behrami is better suited to centre mid or rightback.

  24. Carf says:

    He’s doing very well in my football manager 2009 game. Scores a few as well! But then Carlton Cole was top scorer with 27 goals in the 2010/11 season!

  25. Dot Cotton says:

    Don’t talk s@?t Chris. Behrami has done well since he was moved into midfield. All this rubbish from Curbs earlier in the season that we had two players for the price of one, Behrami looked inept as a RB with no positional awareness.

    As for Lopez give him a run out on the wing otherwise there is little point in having him at the club. We need to see what he can do in the 1st team.

  26. SJ Chandos says:

    Hamburg 3 – Aston Villa 1. Villa players the future of England!!!! Lets give them hell on Saturday and send them back to Brum with their tails between their legs.

  27. peter g says:

    villa left 5 of their best players at home so they can have a strong squad when they come 2 U.P. i think this game is goin 2 be like last week, COYI…….

  28. chris says:

    Mrs cotton behrami was shit everywhere at first,hes playing well now cos hes played a few games,his best games have come at left midfield,you cant tell me thats his best position,thats sh–t!!!…. in Italy he played many games at right back.

  29. DevoDevo says:

    E1 – you’re right about Neill being at risk this w/e. My solution would be to have Behrami over on the right to help cover.

    The centre backs will have a completely different set of problems the those recently with the pace of the Villa forward line. One mistake we cannot make is repeating Bolton’s tactic of playing a high line. The defence needs to sit deep to prevent the ball ove rthe top. Looking forward to the battle between Parker/Collison & Barry/Mediocre.

  30. SJ Chandos says:

    I thought Sir Geoff’s comments on Zola were a bit ironic. Sir Geoff is an absolute Hammers legend and one of our greatest players without doubt. However, it was Ron Greenwood who transformed him from a average right-half in to a world class centre forward. What was Greenwood’s experience when he was appointed in 1961? Arsenal Assistant Manager and England U-23 Manager, a very similar managerial background to Zola in fact!

  31. Graybo says:

    Nice one, Malcolm — if I had a Hammer ;o)

    I thought Ilunga was a bit sleepy for the Chelsea goal. The ball was in the air for a long time before The Sulk volleyed home.

  32. Rob Marrs says:

    Hi all,

    I’ve just published my bumper Christmas Football Quiz. You are all welcome to try it out – email me (it’s on the blog) your results and I’ll announce a winner.

    It’s supposedly hard, but I think a knowledgeable fan will get between 20-40.


  33. E1 says:

    I wonder if we should play bellamy wide right and keep young busy defending put lopaz wide left and keep milner back and put 3 across the back holding a deep line 3 centre mid 2 up front. 3 – 5 – 2 ? we need to attack and pen them back and be ready for a quick counter. Is collins fit ?

  34. Goatygav says:

    Oh bo!/0)(s – Dyer out for longer.,19528,11685_4664816,00.html

    At least SC is taking a sensible approach to bringing him back.

  35. E1 says:

    I’ve been looking at a 3-5-2 and have settled on this.

    Neil Collins/ Davenport Upson
    Bellamey Behrami Parker Collinson Lopaz
    Tristin and Sears

  36. Andy B says:

    Did i miss the so called ‘glory days’ of mc cartney and etherington?

  37. chris says:

    dyer flu!!!!! no way thats a lie his suffered another setback,forget this guy he will never play.

  38. ironsmith says:

    Iain, for me it was time for Lopez ages ago and the left side of midfield in our side has been poor for far too long. Etherington is a wimp and LBM tries hard but is next to useless and both can be considered a liability. I hope they are replaced asap. I look forward to seeing both Lopez and Tristan in the side soon.

  39. Roshi says:

    HOLD THE BACK PAGE!!!! Dyers comeback put back….he’s got flu.

  40. D&G says:

    No he has Hammeritus, it seems to inflict every player at the club……

  41. FrannyZola says:

    Graybo!!!!!!!!!!! I noticed that too! (Ilunga)

  42. Upton Spark says:

    I may be wrong here but i thought Behrami was injured as he was limping slightly and holding his side when he came off.
    Ian;we did have a wide player on the bench in the shape of Boa Morte no less!!
    I suppose even he would have been better out wide or up front for the not so usefull Cole who was poor today. To think we’ve given him a 5 year contract as well. Makes me sick.

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