At Last Some Good News: Collison Commits to Hammers

Sky are reporting that Jack Collison has just signed a new five year contract with West Ham. Excellent news. I think he could be one of the best players we have brought through since the Carrick/Cole/Defoe days.


20 Responses to At Last Some Good News: Collison Commits to Hammers

  1. colney says:


  2. Scalyback says:

    Totally agree, now if we could get a new owner with loads of money spare, & claret & blue blood in his veins, stop booing & screaming abuse at our own players and get behind them, stop booing the opposition players so that they play blinders, and start climbing the table…… I will be a happy hammer!

    There you go, dreaming again!!!!

  3. chris says:


  4. ironsmith says:

    Wonderful news indeed! Behrami, Parker and Collison would always start in midfield for me considering the present midfield squad available and with the prospect of Lopez breaking through and the return of Dyer we can forget about those that have proved to be below standard in midfield, A home grown, goalscoring midfielder with the necessary class!Lovely stuff!

  5. Roshi says:

    Great news about Collison. I’m not fussed about multi billionaires buying the club, although they will obviously have a few quid.
    What I want is a buyer who puts effort, support and commitment into his investment and doesn’t just treat it like another cost centre for his main business.
    I’m not bothered about being a top four club or champions league, I want to see good young players who have come through the youth system, attractive football (win or lose) and above all I want my beloved club back on an even keel with none of the controversy around it that has brought our great name into disrepute.

    Oh yeah and I want that little s**t Kia to disappear into the hole he crawled out of because he was the catalyst of all that’s gone wrong with West Ham.

  6. Paul O'Decanyo says:

    Agree with Roshi. Clubs with huge debts or totally reliant on a wealthy backer I believe are unsustainable businesses. We seems to be relatively debt free, with a solid fanbase. Sensible management and player/backroom/infrastructure investment should keep us in the Premiership for years. And if we can do a Villa and gradually climb the table – great!

  7. DevoDevo says:

    I agree with Roshi, too. I would hate to see our club become another Man City/Arsenal etc.

    Our tradition has always been nurturing local talent supplemented with good/poor English players and spiced with the odd special foreigner.

    It took me the second half of the Manure game to identify Collison as the next good thing at West Ham. Composed, skillful, quick feet (he should have got a penalty that game), and good vision. As good as Noble but more pace.

    First choice alongside Parker for me, shame Zola dropped him after 3 good games, but he saw the light against Chelsea and didn’t he pay him back in spades?

    Reminds me of Carrick in many ways.

  8. the headmaster says:

    Roshi – every now and then, someone posts a contribution that just nails it. You did today. Nice one.

  9. E1 says:

    What formation should we play against villa and who should and should’nt play.
    I think 3 – 5 – 2.

  10. FrannyZola says:

    I think this spells the end of Noble. Maybe Arsenal might take him back…yes, back.

  11. James says:

    Great news he has a sweet first touch does mr collison, much deserved

    Now then FrannyZola,

    Why would this mean the end for noble, I do not see your logic. Noble is a decnt player who might I add has only just come back from injury, Who will you replace him with then? KAKA hahaha dream on!!

  12. Kim says:

    Agree with Rushi too – good post. You only missed out the bit about the hateful Kia taking Duxbury with him. Those two are as thick as thieves and twice as devious. Looking forward to the game tomorrow as I am still buoyed up from the trip to Stamford Bridge. Merry Christmas every hammer!

  13. D&G says:

    Agree Roshi but that isn’t how foreign investors work. That want instant results and if it means buying as many foreign players they can then so be it.

    IF a foreign investor with billions takes over the club our youth system is as good as dead because none of them will have the opportunity to play for the club.

  14. Roshi says:

    Absolutely, D&G, thats why I just want a straight forward purchase of the club. Whatever happened to Tony Cottee’s consortium?

    By the way lads, thanks for your kind words in response to my post. It was from the heart and with a lot of wishful thinking.

  15. FrannyZola says:

    Now the James. I’m afraid young man I’m not the one dreaming if you think Noble is good enough to be in our midfield. I just think now is the time to get decent money for him before someone realises.

    Who said anything about him coming back from injury? I don’t think he’s all that coming back from injury or not. There goes your assumption.

    Collison is a way better prospect, we will probably – in fact intelligently play only one youngster in midfield at a time. Plus we have plenty of cover in that position. Noble will be surplus to requirement. Will you dispute that?

    Replace him with KaKa? No I wouldn’t need to replace him because he wouldn’t be in my squad in the first place. If you think Noble is better than Behrami, Dyer, Parker, Collison, Bowyer, Mullins, Spector or somebody’s granny then the time has come for you to choose a new sport.

  16. Auckland Hammer says:

    Surely theres a place for Noble at Upton Park. Collison has a long way to go yet and shows alot of promise , potiental is great ! The likes of Bowyer , Boa Morte , Faubert and Mullins need to be moved on next month oh yeah and the biggest muppet of them all Quashie the jock is welcome at Brum with Bowyer ! So that leaves Parker , Noble , Behrami , Collison , Etherington and Dyer how long do you give this guy , is he ever likely to re produce his best again is his body up to the premership massive question mark on this one ? Bullard has to be worth a look at around 4 million , corners and free kicks to a very high consistant standard i’d have Bullard over Dyer any day. Heres hoping for a good result to keep the momentum going , Villa will be tough but i think the back four are up to it though.

  17. colin say's says:

    Regarding Mark Noble,

    l think that he is a good assett for West Ham, we sponsor a local boys football team,
    ( Jays Boys ) & have done for the last 10 years, Mark Noble gave up his time a couple of years ago, had a kick about with the lads, & presented them their trophies, l think that Mark Noble is a true claret & blue, which is more than l can say for some of the players at west ham, wasn’t it his insperational pass to Bellamy that got the goal on sunday? l would be very sorry to see him go.

  18. richo says:

    Good stuff on Collison, looking at the game E1, I think playing a back three against Villa would be crazy, I reckon we should keep the same starting lineup as last week but replace Cole up front for the last half hour if in need of goals.

  19. chris says:

    stop young and you stop villa..behrami should be put wide right .

  20. James says:


    Noble is better than Bowyer!!! What planet you on?

    I dont think your seeing the way our team is looking to progress, I mean it’s all about keeping the younger players at the club possibly to make up for the unjust way we lost Cole, Carrick, Johnson, Defoe , Lampard and Ferdinand back in the day!!

    Noble to stay indefinately, He is the england u21 captain for christ sake, once again dream on!!

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