Aston Villa Preview

I think the team will be very much ‘as you were’ this afternoon. The only possible changes would involve James Collins returning to the centre of defence and Matty Etherington coming into midfield in place of James Collison. I also expect to see Walter Lopez on the bench after his impressive outing in mid week for the reserves. It’s likely that Diego Tristan will also feature prominently from the bench having grabbed two goals in mid week also. He will now be trying to oust Carlton Cole from the team. I don’t know why, but I feel in my water that Cole will come good this afternoon. Mind you, on Sunday I the same feeling told me we would get a tonking against Chelsea!

Let’s hope we can grind a win out this afternoon. If we can get through Christmas with 6 out of 9 points we should be happy, but if we win today it will give us the perfect impetus to go and get three points from Fratton Park on Boxing Day.

I can’t go to the match today so will be watching it on Setanta.

PS There’s a good interview with Mark Noble in the DAILY MAIL today, which is well worth a read.


15 Responses to Aston Villa Preview

  1. richo says:

    Agreed Iain, would like to see Tristan have at least 20 or 30 mins off the bench, however I would prefer to see Collison start over Ethers…Have a good feeling about this game, hoping the lads can give us an early christmas present.

  2. the headmaster says:

    I think a point this afternoon would be a good result. Another on Boxung day followed by 3 against the Potters would represent a good Chrismas I would say.

  3. chris says:

    We have to stop young.

  4. djclipz says:

    i think the belief of many ppl for this match is villa will go out and secure there place in the top 4, however im very optimistic for tonight, Can see it being a really good game, if we dominate midfield which judging on the last game we can do, and stop supply to young then we could easily take this game!!!

    Also remember young turned us down so i hope we do take him out of the game and get a much needed win!!

    Hope to see tristan feature as well!!

  5. Dave Hall says:

    Zola really needs to play Collison. Looking at the results so far, the bottom half of the table is looking more congested.

  6. The Stoff says:

    villa fan here. Lets hope for a good game today. Always an entertaining fixture!!!

  7. The Stoff says:

    Ment to add, I can see a win for the claret and blues!!

  8. boghammer says:

    Would be a mistake to play Ethers ahead of Collison.
    Would like to see someone else (Sears or Tristan) partner Bellars up front.
    A draw would be acceptable & a win a bonus

  9. Rapidhammer says:

    I’ve done an interesting interview with Georg Grasser, an Austrian youth player who joined the Hammers this summer.
    Interview (in German):…spuren-von.html

  10. Rapidhammer says:

    I’ve done an interesting interview with Georg Grasser, an Austrian youth player who joined the Hammers this summer.
    Interview (in German):

  11. E1 says:

    The substitutions are a joke !!!!! the goal can only go down to a goalkeeping error green should know not to take chances, he did’nt even move.

  12. hammeredCalv says:

    there is no justice in football ! we played really well and lost to lady luck ! gutting !!!

  13. colin say's says:

    We really have to drop Cole, we will be lucky if he score’s by next march,and that will be if they don,t field a goaly…………………………………….

  14. Mac says:

    Luck has nothing to do with it. If you don’t score you cannot win matches. It’s that simple.

    Unless we discover how to score and quickly, we’re in even more trouble than we’re in now.

  15. Auckland Hammer says:

    Carlton Cole is a disgrace ! Playing a guy up front who wastes more oppportunities than anyone. Why then bring on Tristan and move Bellamy behind the front two when he was the one causing most of the trouble for Laursen. Franco sort it out !!! Painfull to watch the DONKEY week in week out to no avail.

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