Your Questions Please

Later today or tomorrow I’m going to do my annual poll – which will include questions about what you think of this blog, who you think we might have to or want to sell in January, your views on the Sheffield United situation etc.

If you can think of a question – related to this blog, or to the club, that you think I should ask, please say so in the comments.


27 Responses to Your Questions Please

  1. liamslookonlife says:

    How well out of ten has Zola done so far??

  2. Chris says:

    For all his huff and puff, Cole is no finisher……..and if we can all see that week in week out how comes both Clarke and Zola cannot see it???? And again if we having problems with no left flank outlet with no matty why not give Lopez a run out after quite a good month in stiffs???

  3. RunningHammer says:

    Do you boo our own players if you feel they deserve it?

    Serious question – i’d never do it but i’m interested to see how many people do it or think it’s okay.

  4. tommo says:

    Q.Do you think it’s time that Tristan starts ahead of Cole?.

  5. Sam says:

    Who do you think we could sign in January?

  6. colney says:

    should we cash in on ashton?

  7. Jess Lawrence says:

    Should Steve Clarke have more influence?

    Will there be more progress without the continental system of a technical director?

    How can supporters pressure BFG and co. not to sell the club to people who see it as a business only?

  8. colin say's says:

    l’ve got a buisness not to far for West ham ,there’s lots of people who work and associate to the club, who come in to me, and they say the club is as good as Sold.

    So put every body a ease my question. Is it a done deal or not ?

    Man city lost Yes…………………………..a must win at Portsmonth now………..

  9. StainesWestHam says:

    Do you think the current owners are working in the best interests of our club?

  10. the headmaster says:

    Is there any way to restore the positive, passionate atmosphere to Upton Park? These days, we seem to be at our most vociferous when booing Reo Choker, Ince or even one of our own like LBM!
    When it comes to actually encouraging or supporting our team at home, we suck.

  11. Roshi says:

    How about: Do West Ham need a decent website that gives supporters some idea as to what is happening at the club, it might take the guesswork out of who’s injured and for how long etc rather than trying to flog ring tones, and warehouse clearance sales.

  12. Ian Smith says:

    Will the board be true to their word that none of our best players will be sold during the transfer window?

  13. Upton Spark says:

    Do we all want to hear bubbles when the team comes out?

    Is Zola the right man for the job?

    Do we play better with wide players?

    Are the supporters happy to stay at Upton Park?

    Do we think the “Hammerettes” should make a return? (optional question)

  14. Ian Smith says:

    Will Zola walk if the likes of Bellamy and Upson are sold during the transfer window?

  15. chris says:


  16. chris says:


  17. chris says:


  18. chris says:


  19. SD says:

    Could the club justify another season ticket price rise next season in light of the reduction in the rate of VAT not being passed on to supporters this season?

  20. Berkshire Hammer says:

    Will Cole ever score a goal?

    If Zola goes who will replace him? Clarke?

    Should we have waited for Bilic?

    Who should we sell, Bellamy or Ashton?

  21. kevin says:

    Why does Tristan not start ahaed of Cole. Why does lopez not get run out on the left. We have two strikers that cannot hit a barn door and two sitting on the bench not even getting a look in. Zola needs to go he is useless at selections.

  22. Alan says:

    if you boo your own team, can you technically be described as a supporter? what would be a better name to describe these confused people?

  23. tommo says:

    Q.Do we beat the drop?
    A.Not on present viewing.

    Q.Did anyone feel as gutted and embarrased as i did going into work after the Tottenham Shitspur result?.

    Q.Will Bellamy be better suited on the wing ,so maybe Sears could figure up front in a 4-4-2(not with Cole)?.

  24. Jolly says:

    Q1. On a scale of one to ten – How depressed are you at the moment?

    Q2. By how many points will we be relegated this season?

    Q3. Who is West Ham’s worst ever striker – Carlton Cole, Ian Dowie, Carlton Cole, Mike Newell, Carlton Cole, Titi Camara, Carlton Cole, Sergi Rebrov, Carlton Cole, David Kelly, Carlton Cole or Carlton Cole?

  25. Hermit road says:

    I was a bit disappointed that there wasn’t an option for westhamonline on the survey.

  26. Gary says:

    Hi Iain just done the poll good questions will be very interested to see the results.

  27. Benfleet says:

    More of a statement, I am afraid we reaping what we sowed. Ever since Harry wasted money on various Mackay or Zavvi players Camara, Boogers, Suker who cost the entire revenue from One stand for a season the club has had various people taking a cut on funds which should have been used on the club. I remember peter storrie once got a bonus for the youth teams results according the clubs accounts. Terry Brown taking a salary and various other deals. We pay some of the highest season tickets in the PL and what do we get bad management of finances. The club has been out of control since Rio went and money has been wasted since. The last time we had some stabilty was with Alan pardew until we got to the cup final. The sucess went to his head and the players with him. The only way we can continue is with a new broom and new owner and get rid of the present financial staff and get back our integrity even if it means relegation. We don’t have a team just a collection of players. I have been going to WHU for over 43+ years and a season ticket holder for 28 years. I have no axe with Zola or Clarke. Who even heard of PL team with 2 loan players in the first team squad and an out of work forward. Its not all about money, but there cannot be many teams who spent less than WHU in the PL, but charge the ticket prices we do.

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