Faubert & Boa Morte on Their Way?

So, Julien Faubert wants to go. Nigel Quashie is staying at Birmingham for another month and possibly permanently. And Luis Boa Morte may be on his way too.

Happy Christmas!

But it’s not all good news. There are various reports that West Ham have put a £12 million price tag on Bellamy, £10 million on Upson and that Chelsea and Juventus are both interested in Valon Behrami.

And now, to get you all in the Christmas spirit, sing this to the tune of Rupert the Bear!

There’s a little bear like you’ve never seen before whose a lot of fun.
Hammers fans every where tried to love him more wishing he’d be number one.
There’s a million stories to be told of the things that, he’s done.
And he’s going to share them all if you so come along.

Oh Julien, Julien Faubert every one sing his name.
Julien, Julien Faubert every one come and join, in all of his games

There is Nigel Quashie, little Boa Morte too and a whole lot more.
They are Julien’s Friends and they are waiting here for you so unlock the door
There’s a magic land not far away from here and they call it, West Ham.
Where you’ll meet a little Zola bear if you are good.

Oh, Julien, Julien Faubert etc


34 Responses to Faubert & Boa Morte on Their Way?

  1. WH to get 3 points says:

    This is the best news i have heard for a long time (Faubert Boa morte and Quashie leaving)

    We,ve followed every WH game this season and he is total rubbish
    West Ham would play better football with 10 men than 11 with Faubert.

    As for Boa and Quashie they can leave with a few other players to trim the squad and get some money in for a midfielder like Appiah and a proven striker,preferably a young talented player who knows where the goal is.

    As for Cole can somebody tell him that it is not a crime to try a shot outside the box
    just give it a go for Pete,s sake

    Bellamy,Upson,Behrami and the rest are vital to the squad and should be kept as this is not very attractive for suitable buyers if the best players leave.

    What we saw against Villa was a good match but we came short of the killer instinct up front.

    We hope that Zola,s finishing programme for Cole pays off and we could have a really good team.

    Let,s go for the three points against Pompey

    Up the Hammers!

  2. Upton Spark says:

    Not sure about the song but the rest is quite interesting if we believe what we read and I don’t always trust the press speculation these days.
    Faubert has done nothing to inspire me or anyone else in the team as he is just not the type of player who will be liked by our fans. Our fans like talent,hard workers and a player who will put in a challenge without pulling out. We also like a player who scores goals,and he doesn’t score goals so in my oppinion he should go asap.
    As for Boa Morte and Quasie-what can I say? Nothing,so they should also GO.
    We need a Gerrard type player or a Wright-Phillips type,but can we afford that sort of player?;I don’t really know. I am getting myself ready to accept that we will lose at least ONE of our big names during January,and then we shall see what we are made of.
    Over to you Mr Zola and good luck. You’ll certainly need it!

  3. Richard says:

    I would let Luis Boa Morte go for 3.5-4M. and let Quashie go for 500,00 because he is a waste of space. I hope Upson stays because he is good and not sure if we could replace him!.

  4. PeteH says:


    Gud is a clever man, do we really think at a time where is may be trying to sell the club he will leave it in a position to potentially be relegated? I don’t say that out of his love for the club, but more around his love for an increased return on his initial outlay. Selling our best players would surely make the club a less attractive purchase?

    He would be better investing another 10m and securing the Premiership status as that would make for a more valuable asset.

    I can see potentially Zola wanting to raise some funds to fund some January fun, but I can’t see him selling anybody in our current back 4. Selling Bellamy for 12m for me would be a no brainer. It would allow Zola to bring in some players he trusts and hopefully drag us away from the bottom 3.

    What are you thoughts around that?

    Kind Regards, Peter (p.s.) Merry Christmas

  5. jigga1 says:

    ya i would let Quashie go for 50 quid… and with that money, i’d spend on a teacher to give Cole a lesson on what boot goes on which foot. and if well could get 25 quid for LBM might aswell order a nice curry.

    c’mon you irons.

  6. Ray Moore says:

    Does cole’s interview on the west ham website today mean he will be playing on boxing day just because he is trying hard in training. FFS why dont someone injury him or will zola still pick him while he is injured?

  7. D&G says:

    So there is a price tag on all our best players then? If the price is right anyone can go? So Zola said he would walk if they went and the club are placing a price on their best players.

    Zola you off then?

  8. the headmaster says:

    This is good news at last! If it is true that it is the fauberts/quashies/mortes that are for sale (with perhaps nani and zola having their eye on one or two cheaper european prospects a la berhami) then this is indeed to be welcomed.
    once again today, GFZ is most demonstrative about the fact that he has no intention of selling any of our better players and has not been told that he has to do so. Amen to all of this and a very merry Christmas, fellow Hammers everywhere.

  9. Auckland Hammer says:

    Best of luck to all three of them all CRAP !!! Upson is worth a shit load more than $10 million.

  10. geoff says:


  11. E1 says:

    MERRY CHRISTMAS !!! and a HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!! Here’s to six pints over christmas. OOOPs 6 points, hic ! Ave a good un one and all !!

  12. Eric says:

    Who cares about Xmas. Bring on Pompey!!!

    Hope this good news pans out.

  13. chris says:

    You never no whos reading…..faubert is class probably the fastest right winger we have ever had ,curls a ball like beckham and runs all day,should get back all the 6m we paid.
    Boa morte even quicker than faubert,probably the quickest player at west ham ever,worth 5 – 6million easy.quashie 2m at least midfield general hard as nails.

  14. Tony Titan says:

    Bring on the window and lets get on with it – We wont die – there are loads more pants teams that willl suffer worse than we will.

    Will Bullard be good for half a season against the cash trade in for LBM / Quashie / Faubert / Bowyer – Zola’s gotta make the changes – find a striker for fek all and score some goals – as long as Upson & Green dont go – Im positive this wont be the disaster that seems to be bringing a lot of Hammers down.

    After all – look at Fulham from last season to this – No reason why we cant do the same ?

    Merry Christmas Hammers Fans Everywhere !

  15. Tony Titan says:

    Chris – Can I have some of what your on ? ?

  16. McCabe says:

    Chris – thanks for the tip off. I will now consider approaching Mr Duxberry and asking for these 3 gems in an out of court / call it quits settlement

  17. DevoDevo says:

    Has Danny Gabbidon got over his stomach ache yet?

  18. StainesWestHam says:

    If we can recoup anywhere near the 6mill we used to buy Julien Faubert then it is a no brainer as far as I’m concerned. Curbs once compared him to Steve Stone, but I really can’t see it myself. Let’s hope Rangers or a French club show an interest. Oh and it’s nice to know that he’s greatful to the club for over the 10 months he spent with his leg in plaster (achilles wasn’t it?). If he makes the French 2010 world cup squad I’ll shave off all my hair and eat it in a floured bap.

  19. barry the hammer says:

    happy xmas to all west ham supporters, was going to say to all supporters but i’d be telling porkies coz i hope the spuds have a very bad crimbo ! sod christmas spirit give me 6 points over them anyday coyi

  20. barry the hammer says:

    chris – had to laugh mate sorry, happy xmas you crazy man (2m for quashie) hehehehehehehehe

  21. barry the hammer says:

    was that 2m in yen ?

  22. chris says:

    Is it true bellamy suspended for stoke game!!! ouchhhhhhhhhh

  23. ironsmith says:

    I would not lose any sleep over the loss of these two players but I think Faubert is potentially a good player but has done little with us. These two, along with 3 or 4 others on the fringes should raise enough to bring in some class next month. I would not be surprised if Nani has already sealed deals to sign at least 2 players with names ending in ‘O’ or ‘I’


  24. Auckland Hammer says:

    Very true , I’d say Nani is going to pull a few rabbits out of his hat. All quite on the Nani front aswell , so far he has brought decent players in particular ILUNGA and hopefully Lopez will get a run against Pompey.
    Merry Christmas one amd all hammers from down under , i have to much faith in Franco & Clarke so heres to 2009 !

  25. boghammer says:

    Quashie & LBM going would be a bonus. I think Faux Pas has been buggered since the achilles & I don’t think we will ever see the player he might have been, so get rid of him. It’s OK to put a price on our genuine stars, but if there is no equivalent replacement we are in deeper shite than we are now, so hang onto them at all costs.
    Offload aforementioned 3 + Etherington, Bowyer, Cole (PLEASE), Mullins, & even Neill to raise some cash for a Nani inspired couple of youthful signings.
    All I wish for Christmas is for GZ to gain some observance & realise that Cole isn’t a striker bootlace.

  26. D&G says:

    Quote from Zola: “As far as I’m concerned no, they won’t be going. The club have told me I won’t be selling those players.

    “I would be very annoyed if we did. They have to give me a very good reason if they do that.”

    ERM how about:-

    A. They are skint


    B. If you don’t sell you cant buy.

    Got a funny feeling he might change his mind after that when they tell him you can only buy from the proceeds of LBM, Bowyer, Faubert, Quashite etc etc that lot alone must be worth only a couple of million collectively.

    Where is he going to get the money from to buy?

  27. chris says:

    Merry Christmas to everyone……Dyer back in 2 weeks Woooooooooooooooooooooooow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Mac says:

    So Faubert wants to see Zola to know why he’s not playing. Then why doesn’t he simply watch a few DVDs of games and spot who he passes to more often than not? Yes, Julien, it’s the opposing team. That’s why you’re not playing son.

    Any ideas why he has been so terrible? Is he played out of position? Was he not classed as a midfielder when he arrived?

  29. 17 year hammer says:

    faubert is poo and we shld never have payed 6 mil for him waste of money i wld be happy if we sold lbm quashie ethers bowyer cole and neil and get bout 9 mil out of them and poss sell a few otheres but not ashton bellars green upson behrami and parker, noble they are stars and we need them to survie i think a good 3 mil bid for jimmy bullard wld go down a treat and he a hammer fan with a decent free kick and engiene and then a bid for pazzini of elano would take the biscuit they wld thrive under zola and we can be back challenging for top 10

  30. Biffo the bear says:

    I can understand why Julien ‘The bear’ is frustrated sitting on the bench. He started out poorly this season but showed a lot of promise when he was moved to right back. The last few games he’s started in.however, he’s been absoulute shite and is lucky to have been on the bench at all. Lot’s of french players seem to do this ‘whinging to the papers’ stuff. He should accept being dropped and use it as motivation to improve his game not start crying about how he wants to go home.

    Regarding the song…i believe I posted a similar refrain a few moths ago without the verses just the chorus of Julien …julien the bear…nobody knows his name. Which I heard from one lone voice in our little corner of the DML and have since added my own dulcet tones to. I feel it unlikely the song will catch on until the bear in question pulls his finger out of whatever bear type orifice it’s in at the moment and starts showing us that he’s smarter than the average whinging french player.

  31. jpt says:

    Zola thinks no-one’s going – didn’t Curbishley say something similar?

  32. James says:

    Boa Riga Mortis out yes, Faubert no!! I feel we have yet to see the best of Julien and he owes us just like Ashton does!! And we wont get anything near the 6 million we paid for him!!

    But with that Idiot Duxbury at the club I would’nt be suprised if he got a pat on the back for selling everyone we have, The board really needs to think about sacking him with immediate effect!! He was a main part of the Tevez incident!!

  33. hammeredCalv says:

    we will replace any player going with better players, nani bought ilunga and berhami to the club and they have been exceptional players for us, keep the faith boys, couldnt give a monkeys who we sell, truth is we are sitting 1 place of relagation, so are our current crop of players really that good ?? me thinks not ! the league table doesnt lie ! we need a team of young hungary players and squad ave age of 25 ! then we can start to really compete, but this will take time ! i think we will see quite a few changes come jan and all for the better !

  34. SwedeHammer says:

    Heard that Wenger is after Noble….God forbid….

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