Is Elano the Answer?

Do you remember the first match of last season – when Manchester City came to Upton Park and tonked us 2-0? Elano, a player I had never heard of, ripped us to sheds. He has now fallen out with Mark Hughes and should be available in January.

We desperately need a creative midfield play maker to create chances in the style of a Berkovic or Di Canio. At the moment we don’t have such a player.

Bearing in mind we won’t exactly have a fortune (if anything) to spend in January, who else might we consider for this position?


37 Responses to Is Elano the Answer?

  1. DevoDevo says:

    Same thought crossed my mind this morning, Iain.

    However, I think our most pressing requirement is a goalscorer.

  2. Rob says:

    i’d love elano to come. under zola he would be given confidence and uplifted back to his old form

    i loved watching him play before he went to city, the few times i managed to, same with Vagner Love right now, who if we had any money i think we should go for

    unfortunately, that word money may well be the problem, and i think elano will be shipped out to spain, on loan at first, where he really will flourish

    i’d be happy to dip into championship talent right now. just look at Cahill, a fantastic player snapped up for just £1.5 million at the time (i don’t dare say the club the toffees got him from) but the point is proven time and time again

    someone like Beevers from Sheff Weds, or Kightly i’d love to see in a hammers shirt.

    we’ve either got to go for championship talent or abroad, because then the fee will undoubtedly be lower than going for premiership rival’s players.

    i’d also love to see that move for Pazzini come off, and Marak Hamsik, both wonderful players who would fit in fantastically and flourish under Zola.


  3. RunningHammer says:

    I really don’t think we’re going to see any incoming players in January – whether we sell players or not, I don’t think any money will be reinvested.

    What has BG got to gain by re-investing the proceeds from sales in new players? He certainly didn’t invest last summer, and has even less reason to now. In any case, January transfers are normally at hugely inflated prices and as such represent a pretty bad proposition for someone who’s already in financial difficulty.

    I think January is going to be pretty miserable for us. It’s likely that we could be selling ANYof our top players where we receive a substantial offer – and any holes in the squad will be plugged with reserve team players.

  4. chris says:

    Elano would be a good buy,but is he injured at the moment?
    getting anyone of quality while we are in a relagation scrap will be difficult.
    benayoun wont come back.
    Dyer would be the perfect answer through the middle or on the right(dont laugh)
    We are only 3 players away from challenging for europe, thats how thin the line is,we need a striker and 2 wingers or 1 If dyer ever makes it.
    our team seems to built around bellamy floating around everywhere with 4 working midfielders behind,so maybe its just a class finisher we need.
    Are there that many players avalible?
    a swap deal with green is what we would be offered,but I dont want to see him go.

  5. 17 year hammer says:

    i totally agree he will not invest any money he will recope his losses and sell up it gunna be a bad time with bellars upson green and ashton on the hitlist i just hopeshe doesnt do the same as when we got relegated sell million pound rated players and buy hundred thousands players wld be a diaster and would see us relegated aswell

    elano is a fantastic player who wld thrive under zola and first team oppertunity but i herdthey want 8 mil for him where are we gunna get dat from i heard there was a link to ex liverpool star luis garcia to west ham for 2 million he wld be a great asset for us but at 30 we got to think of the long run and frankly he is gunna b e to old

  6. Karl says:

    We’ve suffered ever since selling Yossi, up until the last couple of seasons we’ve always had a creative midfielder (my minds going back to the sixties). Since off loading Yossi we have looked far to industrious & its something that needs sorting.

  7. Andy B says:

    I have no idea if funds wil be available even if we sell players, although if BG is trying to sell the club he may not want to dispose of assets that may be viewed as attractive by a potential buyer. Havng said that, I think we have three important priorities for a new signing. 1) A Striker who can score goals! 2) A creative Midfielder 3) A Striker who can score goals! We could also do with getting shot of Neill in my opinion as he gives away too many free kicks in dangerous positions and often loses posession! I think Elano might be a good signing, but would he want to jump from a potential relegation battle to a potential relegation battle!

  8. Big Casino says:

    I think we are in desperate need of a player with similar qualities to Elano for sure.

    As many people have mentioned in recent weeks, we do look a ‘creator’ in our squad…

    In my opinion our current pool of midfielders (when fit) is pretty impressive; you’ve got the determination, work rate, athleticism and technique of Behrami and Parker, the skill and grit of Noble, a great passer of the ball in Collison, the speed and width provided by Etherington, and in Dyer, hopefully we’re going to have pace, skills and goals all rolled into one. And in Hayden Mullins we have the ideal backup squad midfielder.

    But unfortunately none of these guys have what the likes of Porfirio, Di Canio, Berkovic, Cole, Benayoun or Tevez brought to the team… we need an out and out entertainer who literally can create something out of nothing…. we’ve had a lot of very close games this year where we’ve drawn 0.0 or lost by 1.0…. and in each of these games, if we’ve had a ‘talisman’ like Di Canio, one suspects we might have at least created the chances to get more out of these games….

    He’s a crazy idea – why not register Zola as a player again? Ok, so he won’t last 90 mins – but surely he could put in a shift for 20/30mins…. (and I’m not joking!)

  9. P says:

    He only performs when he feels like it. His former manager warned City all about his ‘sensitivity’ before they even bought him. He has a history of it. All will be fine until he is either substituted or left out, then depending on the severity of his sulk his form will miraculously dip. One to definitely avoid. Anyway i can’t see us succeeding over the likes of Espanyol and Lazio for his signature, they’re not skint after all. Who will he be supplying? what with Bellamy and Ashton both soon to be gone within weeks.

    @ Big Casino
    Ludo is still a registered player, and even played for the reserves last season. And he is 106 years old, so i don’t see why not.

  10. Carf says:

    I said then that Elano would go on and be a premiership star, he hasn’t for what ever reasons. Maybe we take a chance on him and it works out? maybe it won’t. Whatever happens we need to buy a midfielder that can play that killer pass through to the forwards, but then we have forwards that would rather pass the ball backwards then try a long range shot.

  11. Paul M says:

    Why not go for Bullard, about 4-5 million i’d say. Possible swap for Faubert ?

  12. colney says:

    anyone else finding it strange that bellers,upson have both spoken out this week about posibly leaving?usually they just put it all down to speculation but sounds to me like they have had a tip off that there going.they both have said they dont want to go but they may have to,very very is cashing in and trying to sell the club at the same time? madness.every man sold will make it less viable to buy. not a happy hammer


  13. chris says:

    Paul who is ever gunna buy faubert,everyones laughing at that buy!!!

  14. DevoDevo says:

    If BG sells Bellamy or Upson, BG’s asking price will drop more than the club receives for them. These are the assets that would attract a buyer.

    As Chris says, we are only a couple of players off a decent side, even less so if we can get Ashton & Dyer on the pitch.

    Defence now looks pretty solid. Midfield + Bellamy created enough chances to bury Villa the other day and enough to beat Chelsea. Unfortunately, the wrong player was on the end of them.

    Chapionship would seem to be the most likely place to find this type of player but as we know with Zamora & Harewood, the gulf in class with the Premiership is vast.

    I really think Zola has to go 4-3-3 and drop Cole. At least we could then attack from all angles and our midfield is pretty strong in depth, Forget about having a ‘big’ man up front, if you have movement and pace it’s not necessary – McAvennie/Cottee anyone?

    Also, the last thing that Pompey’s defence will want to face are small pacy players. Let’s go down there and give them a football lesson!

  15. D&G says:

    Why would any decent player come to a club struggling to stay in the Premiership? Before anyone says ‘Man C are in the same boat’, they have tons of money and will buy themselves out of trouble.

    We however are skint and at the bottom. I cant see another great escape like last time tbh.

  16. Goatygav says:

    Yes – agree with DevoDevo. He’d be good for us but we despearately need someone who can finish.

  17. Gary Singh says:

    Kevin Doyle swap plus with C.Cole

  18. LEE says:

    We need two or three quality faces to come in and turn our season around, add some desperatly needed flair to the team. Trimming the squad as well as selling potentially Craig Bellamy would prove a risk but one we ought to take. Gianluca Nani will for sure have a few transfer targets up his sleeve at cheap prices.

    In my personal view

    CF – Craig Bellamy -£10 Million
    LM – Luis Boa Morte – £2.5 Million
    CM – Lee Bowyer – £1 Million
    Total – £13.5 Million

    CF – Giampaolo Pazzini – £7.5 Million
    CM – Adrien Silva – £5 Million
    Total – £12.5 Million

    Having these two players in our team could transform our fortunes, not only for this season but for years to come.

  19. scott says:

    Agree with big casino. I think zola could do a good job for us. The players have said how good he still is in training and then he wouldnt have to waste his time trying to teach cole how to finish, i do feel he would be fighting a losing battle there.

    if that happened then thats potentially the forward position taken care of (altho im not stupid, i know that would never happen) but then that leaves the midfield creative position which i do also feel zola could probably do himself.

    to sum-up. sign zola as a player and all our problems will be sorted….oh and someone shoot cole.

  20. AJ says:

    Agree with P

    Elano is not all that, he tends to go missing in games. I cannot believe City let Geovanni go and kept Elano! Geovanni pulls the strings and can control games, Elano plays in spurts. NO THANKS.

    I’d rather we trim the squad than buy anyone, but im not sure anyone will want our rubbish. Like others say, once Dyer and Ashton are fit we’ve got a decent side. Dont mind the odd loan but buys should be made in the summer.

    Tristan, Lopez and Dyer have to start the next game.

  21. 17 year hammer says:

    i think craig bellamy is a must stay cant let him go i hope bg does get someone in and try and get the 250 mil valuation he wants coz he said he wld accept 150 mil few more player out of relegation battle and a new buyer elano wld be fantastic to buy but he is stroppy and in and out of form all the time do we really want a player hu only performs wen he wants and i also herd villa want bellars for 7 million and harewood back to west ham come on zola we dnt need 2 coles for god sake get pazzini in and play 3 upfront bellamy pazzini and ashton wen fit midfield scott parker noble an behrami and defence ilunga upson collins and a new right back possibly ferria

  22. chris says:

    Beattie scores goals always in right places,bellamy could be his legs,if he stays.

  23. Hmmm says:

    As Gary has said, Kevin Doyle would be a brilliant buy.
    A championship player at the moment, would do well as a finisher.

  24. chris says:

    Whats the point in selling bellamy and buying another,we would be 1 striker short again!!

  25. Hmmm says:

    A little fact about Doyle: he is the top scorer in the Championship with 16 goals so far.

  26. D&G says:

    Don’t get excited boys I’m telling yah! It’s only going to make you even more disappointed when the window shuts end of Jan.

    Expect a few loans that’s all it will be, if we do buy big then it would of come at a price losing our best players. Either way I am prepared for a very disappointing January….

  27. chris says:

    always look on the bright side of life. whistle,whistle …………………….

  28. chris says:

    Faubert wants a move yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

  29. Bobby says:

    I agree Iain, if we have to sell Bellamy, sell him to city, and definitely include Elano in the deal.

  30. D&G says:

    …and what if Elano doesn’t want to come?

  31. Dave Healy says:

    I said a while back back Kevin Doyle would be worth a look good irish lad , anyone has to be better than that DONKEY who has just been given a five year contract pay it out and get rid of him ! Also Bullard has to be worth a look excellant corner & free kick taker.

  32. Reno says:

    I happen to follow the ukrainian high league and shakhtar is my favorite club, Elano is absolutely class and has been for some time. For a brazilian player to start earning call ups playing in a league like that is an accomplishment. Elano is a player of great technical ability and hes quite creative, which most of you saw during the first half of Citeh’s campaign last season.

    Personally, i believe he is the answer and we should do everything in our power to bring him in.

    If we bag Elano and bring in a striker, i will have no complaints and no doubts we will survive.

  33. arjan drissen says:

    dear ian,

    ofcourse he’s a good theory.
    but he went missing for citeh too often..hit and miss player, great one game; not interested in the other. would we want such a player at the Boleyn?

  34. ironsmith says:

    I agree with AJ regarding the next match. CC has had his chance, bring in Tristan to start and let him get his fitness playing for the first team. We do know that he will score goals. Lopez and Dyer (if fit) could also really change it around. I too, am not 100 % about Elano but a swap deal with Mullins, Bowyer, Etherington, should be seriously considered(as if..)!

  35. SJ Chandos says:

    Elano is a distinct possibility, but personally I would prefer Benayoun. If Zola needs to sell to generate funds then Boa Morte, Quashie, Bowyer, Cole and Faubert need to go. I am sure some French club or the likes of Rangers would buy Faubert for c. £4-5m, Cole has his admirers and would generate c. £3m; whilst the other three players would generate c. £3-4m.

    But ultimately this all hinges on progress in the sale of the club. If a deal is imminent then substantial funds will be made available in January.

  36. SJ Chandos says:

    On the other hand, if no sale is in the pipeline then hard choices might need to be madein January. Who remembers Billy Bonds selling Julian Dicks to Liverpool to secure Chapman, Marsh and Burrows? Or Harry selling Hartson to secure Di Canio and Foe? Or later selling Foe to secure the services of a striker?

    Could there be a case for going for a 12m deal on Bellamy to buy quality additions or even include player swaps as part of the transfer? I am undecided on this myself, but thought I would play devils advocate to canvas the views of others? Whatever the club does it needs to take Zola with it and ensure that any deal is only done on terms that benefit the club.

    As far as I am concerned, the retention of Green, Upson, Noble, Berhami, Ashton, Dyer Collison, Tomkins and Sears is non-negotiable. I also think that Zola will be right to walk if players are sold against his will. His recent statements are obviously a shot across the board’s bows and I think it is the right strategy.

  37. COYI says:

    In all honesty i dont think we need to buy anyone.
    But we need to get rid of players, in my opinion i think we should sell: Ashton, Faubert, Bowyer, Mullins, Cole, Etherington, Boa Morte, Quasie, Neil and probably more but cant think of them at the moment!
    Then go for a 4-3-3 formation.
    Tomkins Upson Collins Illunga
    Noble Parker Behrami
    Collinson Bellamy Dyer
    Let Collison and Dyer create the chances so Bellamy doesnt have to and then can concentrate on scoring.

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