Survey Results: Part 1

Over the last week 892 of you have voted in my survey – 98% of you support the Hammers. Over the next few days I will be publishing the results. Thanks to all of you who took part.

* 27% of you have a season ticket
* 23% of you never go to a game
* 24% of you sit in the Dr Martens Stand
* 26% of you always go a to a pub before a game
* 6% of you boo players who you feel aren’t trying

* 17% of you live in London
* 24% of you live in Essex
* 14% of you live in Kent and the South East
* 7% of you live in Western Europe
* 5% of you live in the USA
* 5% of you live in Australia & New Zealand

* 10% of you visit this blog more than once a day
* 23% of you visit every day
* 23% of you visit once every two days
* 29% of you visit once a week

* 75% of you like the blog as it is
* 25% of you want me to appoint a co-editor

Thanks to all those who left comments about whether I should change the focus of the blog and appoint a co-editor. You all want me to post more regularly but don’t want me to appoint a co-editor. I will do my best!


5 Responses to Survey Results: Part 1

  1. chris says:

    Redknapp ?P–S off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. HammerMalta says:

    Arry go to the Middle east and get yourself ?………a tan.

  3. 24% in Essex but only 7% Western Europe.
    Now that’s seriously strange math or they have secretly moved Essex 🙂

  4. graybo guestmeister says:

    Math?? Guess you’re one of our Stateside correspondents? :o)

  5. WHU Kim says:

    Sounds like we could have an Iain Dale’s blog knees up in the Doc Martens stand lol!

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