When Harry Went Too Far

There are rules and regulations about tapping up players. Harry Redknapp may not have rung Craig Bellamy directly and said “Luv a duck, Craig, me old mucker, get yourself over to White Hart Lane,” but he might just as well have. He’s made it known that they have tabled one bid and will follow it up with a second. The first bid was a laughable £6 million. We paid £7 million for him, and presumably Redknapp doesn’t believe he has deteriorated as a player otherwise he wouldn’t want him. Indeed, he’s on the record as saying that he doesn’t want to buy anyone who isn’t better than the players he’s already got. Bearing in mind Bent cost £16 million and the Russian £14 million, Craig Bellamy must surely be rated by Redknapp in that bracket. OK, he’s a bit older, but he’s a proven player.

I have no inside information on this, but it is clear that if the Board are offered silly money – by which I mean £12 million or more – then they are going to consider it. Hopefully if he did go for that we then would not entertain bids for Matthew Upson or Robert Green. But what a big hole it would leave in our strike force. We have found goals hard enough to come by as it is, and a strike force of Cole/Tristan or Cole/Di Michele will not be strong enough.

It would be good to hear from Craig Bellamy himself that he is happy where he is and does not want to go. His silence so far, tells me he is keeping his options open. In some ways, he cannot be blamed for that.

Later on today I will publish the transfer section of my survey, which shows which players you all most want to keep.


38 Responses to When Harry Went Too Far

  1. Bernie Bonds says:

    Iain id like to think that we might get offers for boa mort & feubert after their performances v Pompy yesterday what do reckon?also whats happened to Sears? he should play v Stoke or is he injured ?

  2. Scalyback says:

    The way Redknapp has acted appears now to be becoming the norm , particularly from certain clubs such as Liverpool (as in Benayoun), and Man U, or is it me imagining this?

    I cannot understand why the FA or PL don’t do something to stop this, or is it that they cannot afford to?

  3. bloody Limey says:

    I think Bellamys performance yesterday clearly shows he’s putting his talent on show as he probably realises his days in Claret & Blue are numbered…….

  4. brooking still the best says:

    i am surprised how well people are taking this. I know the Icelanders are in the muck but they will be killing our club if they sell players like Bellamy and Upson. You cant tell me that they have not been on the take since they took over but this is too far.

    If they sell then we might as well say we are relegated, then where is the ecomony in that? They wont sell the club for as much as they need in the Chumpionship.


  5. Not quite sure how Bloody Limey’s reasoning works ?????
    Bellamy’s performance yesterday clearly shows he’s one of the few players prepared to show comittment and give his all for the club he is with. He has always done that, no matter who he’s playing for.

    And Iain, why do you need to hear from Craig in order for you to be sure he’s happy ? I think he shows us he’s content every time he steps onto the field wearing claret and blue.

  6. Upton Spark says:

    As I’ve already said on here it seems likely we will lose at least ONE of our big names in this window.
    I just hope that we will get the full worth of whatever player is sold as we have let players go too cheaply in the past.
    Bellamy has to be worth £9 million(or more) Upson £12 million(at least) Green £8 million(goalies alway’s go cheap).
    The reason for these prices are because they are all INTERNATIONAL players and that alone puts the price up as every manager knows.
    Harr R is trying it on and he knows it. He knows the right value of these players but Harry is a weeler dealer as we all know and we must not give him his way.

  7. mickeyhammer says:

    People are too kind to Redknapp. He shows great disrepect to the clubs that he has managed in stimulating unrest and uncertainty. This lovable ‘appy ‘arry character that is protrayed in the media is, in my opinion quite devious, selfish and certainly no friend of WHUFC nor our wonderful supporters.

  8. DevoDevo says:

    ‘Arry left this club in a mess and has done the same at Pompey. He’s a self serving, greedy man, who would sell his wife at the right price.

    As already stated, Bellamy puts in a performance every game, even if things are not going his way. To this, you can add Parker, Collins, Upson, Collison & Behrami.

    I know I ‘m in the minority, but I still think LBM has a part to play in the current squad and proved that again yesterday.

  9. Whitey says:

    I seem to remember Scot Duxbury telling us all the club is firewalled and that none of the owners financial problems will effect the club. Now I hear that most of the players with real ability are up for sale. Squad reduction is one thing, selling Bellamy or Upson is something very different.

    When is the club going to start telling us the truth. !

    Dont be concerned about the chill coming from Iceland, you will soon feel the heat from the Hammers faithfull.

  10. olly hammer says:

    Let’s be sensible about this, all this transfer talk is the just the papers stirring the perverbial s**t. If the board does want to sell the club for £250 million then they are not going to sell their best assets are they? If they sell Bellamy, Green and Upson and then we get relagated, they will be lucky to get half the amount they want. So don’t worry, unless we get an absurd offer such as £12-£15 million for Bellamy he isn’t going nowhere

  11. TrevorH says:

    I share the sentiments of others re Harry Redknapp. Quite why everyone raters him is a mystery. 1 FA cup to show for his managerial talent in 30 odd years is it. He almost bankrupted West Ham, has done the same to Portsmouth and got a decent Southampton relegated. He openly taps up players to unsettle them Tottenham fans are not over enthusiastic with him as yet. True he has put the points on the board but he has used 5 years worth of luck to do it.

    The world of football will be a better place when he retires from the game……

  12. Scalyback says:

    Trevor H sums up very well, so why oh why does he get away with it?

  13. Roshi says:

    He gets way with it because he is part of the establishment along with Ferguson, Wenger and Alladyce. They are the old school, a little club of untouchables who feel they can get up too and say what they like because “we’ve been around a bit longer than all the others”
    The trouble is that this is mistaken for experience and know how! whereas in truth it’s about bully boy tactics against lesser managers and Chairmen who haven’t got a clue about football only balance sheets.

    Off for a turkey sandwich!

  14. simo says:

    i really hope that bellamy shows some loyalty and stays, he’s our star man at the moment and is getting better every game after being, unfortunately for him injured for the majority of the time since we signed him. i know it sounds like a medieval thought nowadays as there’s no loyalty, players just follow the pound sign but if we as a club want to progress then we have to keep the likes of bellamy, green, upson, and build on it, it really pisses me of when our club is solely used as a stepping stone so players can join an alleged bigger club, i know we need to sell but sell some of the fringe players, i think matty etherington may be leaving also, obviously some issues there with him.
    Also there’s a pattern with arry and his clubs, leaves bournemouth for west ham and bournemouth sink faster then a pair of concrete boots, due mostly to high wages and arrys transfer dealings, then same happened at west ham, then screws pompey and saints, only good thing about this is that he’s probably gonna screw the spuds up and then retire, oh well, some good might come out of it then

  15. DagenhamHammer says:

    How much longer are we going to tolerate this?

    The silence from the board says one thing… they WILL entertain bids for our best players. They are hanging Zola out to dry and it is disgraceful.

    On top of that they are flogging the shirt at £40 a pop when all they done is ironed the new sponsor over XL Holidays (Anyone have one? I do through a Christmas gift… hold it up to the light inside out and you’ll see!). The shirt now feels so pikey it is embarassing. We are becoming a laughing stock.

    Enough is enough. Our great club is being dragged into the gutter. Our voices must be heard starting from after tomorrow’s game!! Support the players for the 90 minutes but after that we must make ourselves heard!

  16. Bernie Bonds says:

    I worked in the docks with a guy who grew up with redknapp st pauls way stepney, & he said he was always dodgy & would try to chat up his mates girl & had no principles how right he was, just ask Billy Bonds!

  17. jon.london colney says:

    bellamy says he wants to stay but doesnt know what the club will do if an offer comes in.that just shows you how the players feel about the club 2.they cant show there loyalty to a club that may sell them at the first showing of a profit.were not becoming a joke,we are one allready.1.1 billion and you loose 230 million doesnt mean you need to sell anyone for 12 mill does it?

  18. brooking still the best says:

    Redcrapp took this club to the brink of insolvency when he was here, lined his own pockets and then blamed everyone but himself when he left. He is full off bullshit stories of how he and Bobby Moore got on so well. Funny, Redcrapp wasnt here for too long as a player, no-one remembers him that well. I never heard Bobby Moore talk about him. Yet if you believe redcrapp they was best mates! I doubt it as he hasn’t ever told the truth since he left Bournmouth. Not to us, not to Pompy or the Saints and now not to Spurs. Redcrapp is a true greedy git, a cheat and a liar.
    Redcrapp a West Ham man? Just ask a true legend Billy Bonds what sort of man he is, But then Billy being the gentleman he has always been wont tell you the half of it.

  19. wonday myson says:

    Heaven help us if he is allowed to go. It would seem that he is the only one who knows where the back of the net is. If it happens there should be a mutiny by all supporers to indicate their disgust. The silence is deafening from the owners, who considering their personal financial plight probably don’t give a monkeys anyway. Please prove me wrong BG. I think that zola and clarkey are doing a fine job and we will need all our players to maintain the improvement

  20. stressedouthammer says:

    So easy to get on the Harry-hating bandwagon isnt it? Of course he is gonna make a play for good players who are playing for a cash-strapped club. That’s his job and I’d think less of him if he didnt do it. Yeah he’s dodgy but what business man isnt? The difference these days is that we now have “Head Coaches” who are clean-cut tv faces to smile and chat with Sky interviewers, while the seriously dodgy stuff goes on upstairs.

    West Ham are seriously in trouble now. As soon as we are publicly looking for buyers then thats it for any future reinvestment. Bellamy could well go when the right money comes in, along with Upson by the end of the window. Zola then will be tested to see if he is a puppet or a man of principle. Unfortunately if its the latter he will go too. Then Clarke will get a full managers post somewhere that has sacked their impoverished top man and its all over. The only good news is that there are some much worse teams in the league at the moment.

    Rather than bashing Harry I’d stick to those pathetic Sheffield numpties who have played a massive role in bringing our club down!

  21. chris says:

    If bellamy goes its curtains we are championship,he must must must stay,like I said in my other post why go to spurs or man city there below us,we are 5 points and 2 players away from Europe with dyer coming back.
    UEFA cup, sorry spurs have got no chance of winning that.
    bellars will only move to top a top 6 side surely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Devo agree with you about LBM,maybe give him one last chance coz sometimes he looks a world beater.

  22. James says:

    Come on Duxbury!!!!!!!!!!! hurry up with that official West Ham Club statement!!!

    Put us out of our misery and make that horrid Xmas eve news go away, you know you can do it!! Be a good boy for once!!

  23. HammerMalta says:

    Next time old Arry pays a visit to the Boleyn be sure he gets a warm welcome,he deserves it, only if he can get Bellamy away which you should stop.I`m here in Malta ,I can only express my feelings for the team i` ve supported for 41 years since 1967 but YOU are there, YOU can act,YOU have the voice.Stop pricing our top stars how much Bellars costs,Upson,Green,so say” Brooking still the best ” time our voices to be heard,remember the days” Brown out ” now “Bellamy and the rest STAYS”.COYI!!!!!

  24. Goatygav says:

    It’s unfair to say Bellamy’s trying harder to “Put himself in Shop Window.” He’s had some fantastic performances for the Hammers and we should be thankful for his efforts in every game he’s played.

    For me Craig Bellamy and Rob Green are the ones we MUST keep. Matthew Upson is one of 4 very good central defenders we have at the club and would therefore not be missed as much. Parker is also one that we should keep but the walls won’t come crashing down if he does leave. I also wouldn’t want to see: –

    Noble (although his current form isn’t great)

    go anywhere else.

    The rest I’m not as fussed about. I’m undecided about Carlton Cole. I still think he has a great deal to prove as a striker but perhaps Zola can bring the best out of him and bring him through.

    Iain – I wouldn’t mind seeing a poll of our best goalkeepers of the last 40 years. If you could break it down in to scores out of 10 for, say: –

    Bobby Ferguson
    Merv Day
    Shaka Hislop
    Calamity James
    Alan McKnight (only joking)

    Seems to be a little bit of debate around it at the moment so it would be good to see how each of them rate with the current commenters.

  25. Reno says:

    Cant help but feel that if the club is in such dire straits in terms of money, surely a quick 10mil or so isnt going to bail them out. So whats all this transfer talk of only 1 or 2 players?

  26. Hamster says:

    Redknapp has been a crook all his life. He is full of cr4p and loves glorifying his predicaments to attract praise.

    Cannot really see Bellamy going to the scum but he may be tempted to City. But the question is do we really need to sell in January? If the club want to sell a few of the top players then they should let them save us first and then review things in the summer. Five months won’t make a difference in trying to balance the books. Seems like too many people get trigger happy in January like the xmas retail sales…we should just let them pass by.

    Duxbury should be got rid of first.

  27. jpt says:

    I’m a huge fan of Bellamy (a fellow Welshman) but I think as you say Ian his silence speaks volumes.

  28. Auckland Hammer says:

    $12 million is good business for Bellamy but who would replace him , his speed is him main weapon. Maybe Doyle at Reading or Matt Derbyshire at Blackburn. If Upson goes for $10 million replace with Nelson at Blackburn or Balde at Celtic. If Green goes for about $8 million replace with Boruc at Celtic. Sears has to be worth a look against Stoke someone who is going to get in behind the back four , Tristan & Di Michele off the bench !
    OUT – Neill , Faubert , Mullins , Boa Morte , Boywer , Quashie just for starters that will save a few quid on wages.

  29. SJ Chandos says:

    Making public statements about bidding for other club’s players is a strategy to unsettle them. If you happen to destablise and/or weaken another club in the bottom half so much the better! The club should not sell Bellamy or any of the other key players. If a hard choice had to be made, to raise transfer funds for a striker, I would reluctantly let Parker go for c. £7-9m. Upson is the fulcrum of our much improved defence and to let him go would place us in difficulties.

    Regardless, the club should not sell players to teams around us in the league. Strengthening Spurs and Man City by selling them our two best players (Upson & Bellamy) would be short sighted and inept. Lets hope Duxbury’s statement that Bellamy is not for sale (reported in The Independent, but not the tabloids, I wonder why?) is indicative of a real resolve to back Zola and retain our best players!

    I also hold on to hope that they will avoid any major player asset sales if they intend to sell the club for a decent figure. I agree that relegation would definitely devalue their investment, without a shadow of doubt. Certainly, if I was involved in a consortium, to purchse the club, I would be seeking assurances about conduct in the January window as part of the negotiations!

  30. FrannyZola says:

    Pavlyuchenko Iain…”the Russian”.

  31. Stuart says:

    Bellamy did state clearly in that talksport interview, a couple of weeks back, that he did not want to leave West Ham. He said he’s enjoying his time at WHU, enjoying the training, that Zola is a good manager who he respects and wants to do well for. He also said he wants to prove himself to the hammers fans after so much injury. He said he would not ask for a move and that it’s all up to the board, as it always is. So, over to the board then…

  32. Tevezgate says:

    mickeyhammer Says:

    December 27, 2008 at 3:30 pm
    People are too kind to Redknapp. He shows great disrepect to the clubs that he has managed in stimulating unrest and uncertainty. This lovable ‘appy ‘arry character that is protrayed in the media is, in my opinion quite devious, selfish and certainly no friend of WHUFC nor our wonderful supporters.

    Well said mickey, couldn’t have put it better myself 🙂

  33. Ozuptonparker says:

    Don’t forget Alvin Martin in the keepers poll ……..

    Have to agree with ollyhammer, can’t see a potential suitor looking at a club to buy with holes all across its squad.

    Am I right in thinking we’re the only club to have sacked Harry??

  34. hammeredCalv says:

    Never mind what Arry is upto, we all know what he is like ! be very interesting to see what Man city offer ?? i think we should hang it out for about 15 mil ! poss more ! i would be sad to see bellers go, but i think we need the money for out of court settlement ! just dont sell him to spurs !

  35. HammerMalta says:

    As already said there are some ten interested parties in buying WH if they do get sold,i don`t think they would put their money in with half the team put up for sale,no one is crazy enough.How about the WH celebrity fans any one interested? I hope who ever comes in will have the love and passion for the club as much as we do.I much hope Tony Cottee reads this blog.COYI!!!!! for ever and ever.

  36. Biffo the bear says:

    Harry’s put a bid in officially so it’s not really tapping up is it? That’s exactly how Ferguson does it….out a bid in then talk about the player to let him know he’s wanted. If you’re trying to sell a business why would you sell off it’s assets? Surely you would want people to bid on them to establish their value in the marketplace? If you have bids on Bellamy worth £10 million then you can add him to the value of the club, doesn’t really make sense to sell him as then the club would be worth less…. I hope that it’s all paper talk. It seemed to start a few months ago with journalists speculating about the credit crunch…they saw that BG was losing money and started saying…’Zola could be forced to sell…’ If you repeat something often enough it gains credibility. We’ll see.

  37. Ozuptonparker says:

    If Harry offered 6 mill and Bent thrown in that might sweeten the pot somewot?? As for Man C Kaka one minute Bellers the next,…probably media bollocks but can’t see Hughes being round to spend if they go down to Big Fat Sam or Forest in the cup.

  38. mike from Hornchurch says:

    Harry will be remembered as no friend of ours. A true snake in the grass and not to be trusted. Not only does he blatently talk up a transfer situation re Bellamy which should be sub judice anyway but he also goes large about Defoe, as if deliberately trying to suffer the wrath of Pompey fans as well.

    You guys watch, he will over the next year or so take so much stick from them and us but he will turn round and say to the press “what have i done to deserve all this!!!”

    Don’t lets forget our downward spiral began that year when he squandered the proveeds of Rio and left us in the brown stuff!

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