Poll Result: Who We Should Sell

If West Ham have to sell one of their star players, who should it be?

Dean Ashton 58%
Scott Parker 20%
Craig Bellamy 17%
Matthew Upson 3%
Robert Green 2%

Which one of these players would you want to keep at the club at all costs?

Robert Green 48%
Matthew Upson 35%
Craig Bellamy 7%
Dean Ashton 6%
Scott Parker 4%

Which player would you most like to sell during the Transfer Window?

Luis Boa Morte 41%
Julien Faubert 20%
Carlton Cole 19%
Lee Bowyer 6%
Lucas Neill 6%

Which of these players would you be content to see sold in January?

Luis Boa Morte 94%
Lee Bowyer 84%
Jonathan Spector 74%
Carlton Cole 70%
Julien Faubert 70%
Lucas Neill 51%
Matthew Etherington 40%
Hayden Mullins 35%
CaluM Davenport 30%
Craig Bellamy 8%
Scott Parker 8%
James Collins 4%
Mark Noble 3%
Matthew Upton 2%
Valon Behrami 2%


43 Responses to Poll Result: Who We Should Sell

  1. Biffo the bear says:

    Thanks for posting the results. Interesting that 3% would be content to see Mark Noble sold, and 2% think we should sell Rob Green!
    Maybe those people come from the percentage shown in the previous poll who never go to a game?

  2. Jason Rose says:

    Good poll. Lets hope we hold on to all the star players. Especially Parker who is key to the way we play (even if he hasd one of his poorer games yesterday).

  3. kall says:

    typical west ham how much more negative could we be? why would anyone want to play for shit fans like this what has the great ashton done wrong apart from being very unlucky !!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Sam says:

    I think the main problem with Ashton is the fact that he doesn’t play. He may be unlucky but the idea of going to watch games is to actually see players playing!! Whilst he is clearly a class act (when fit), selling players who appear to have overcome their injury problems such as Bellamy and Parker would be ludicrous!

  5. James says:

    Going by this I cannot see why people rate Parker so poorly? He is most probably the only player other than Green we should try hardest to keep, West Ham without Parker will mean more Mullins!!

  6. gossy says:

    People are only saying that getting rid of someone who has not played a lot and might never be the same again is better than the other main stars who are playing injury free. We all pray Ashton gets over the ankle problems but it’s not looking good, the more they open him up, the less chance he has of a full recovery.

  7. IronMick says:

    Kall, I don’t know if your Dean Ashton’s lover or something but I think you may have slightly over-reacted by saying “shit fans like this”. I for one take that as quite an insult. The only negative thing on this post is unfortunately yourself.
    The original question poised was ” IF west ham had to sell one of their star players , who would it be?”. Obviously most sane people would not want to sell any of our top players – however I voted for Ashton because he was the obvious choice from the available options. Yes he is very unlucky but that is sadly irrelevant to the fact that our best striker is pretty much constantly injured and being paid a vast amount of money to do so. For the record I am an Ashton fan however I would rather cash in on him than Parker who is playing very well every week ( Stoke game exception) Upson and Green likewise and Bellamy who is starting to look sharp again.

    Happy new year all
    Lets hope we stay in the top half

  8. SD says:

    I am tempted to revoke my vote that LBM should be sold on the basis of his performance yesterday- I thought he was one of our best players!! A bit more consistency please if we keep and if not a bit more cash if he can keep putting in performances like that. Well done to Zola for picking him out for a start as he must have been showing form in training.

    P.s. Fair play to all the other fans in the bobby moore lower chanting his name when he took his 1st corner, I firmly believe that by getting behind him gave the impetus for his best performance in the claret and blue. A Happy New Year to all you Irons!!

  9. James says:

    Tbh I think we would have problems selling Ashton especially with the extension to his injury delay!!

    Just remember Bellars and Ashton up front will make goals, like all things it takes time!! In our case next season if we are still in the prem!!

    But I would like to see Zola work his magic so if that means Ashton to be sold surely Zola has the contacts to replace him with class!! and World class at that!!

  10. Ron Sexton says:

    Interesting poll please send a copy to Zola as he,unlike most fans,rates Boa Morte
    Cole and Spector.

    Happy New year

  11. Jay-Alabama Hammer says:

    Deano would high on my list for a cash-in….”unlucky?” – I dont think so , Capello had him tapped when he said he was overweight! Has to put stress on the ankles and joints when you are a porker (I should know!)….I think we will lose one of the following that matter: Upson, Green, Bellars and Behrami – I would settle for him letting the squad players go but I feel the temptation of $12mil for Bellamy would be too much to turn down.
    All we can hope for is that we get a new owner in the next 48 hours that puts up the ‘Not for Sale Sign’…..Good 6 points over the holidays werent it!

  12. Prince H says:

    Just asking these questions is very much negative. Isn’t it? My guess is that “only” Faubert, Davenport and Quashie will leave. But who know’s.
    No most stupid number in this poll is that 70 percent would be happy if Carotn Cole was sold. That is really, really stupid. So our top scorer should be replaced by????. Nah, even if he miss passes like all people do, Cole has scored more goals than most attackers in the PL. And not less than any of Liverpool’s stars. He has had obvious impact in our last six points. So those who boo him or dislike him just for being out there. Hm So stupid. Support our players!

  13. jon.london colney says:

    no surprises ,great poll and yes zola should get a look at it.

  14. kall says:

    well said prince h if ashton gets fit fingers crossed i hope he has not read this page because he will be off ,i would .ashton and bells would be well cool!!! calling yourself iron mick does sound a bit gay doesnt it ?

  15. Goatygav says:

    Good Poll Iain – thanks for running it. Makes interesting reading.

  16. DevoDevo says:

    Some ridiculous answers in the poll.

    LBM worse player we have got? I don’t think so.

  17. chris says:

    To all west ham fans… LBM should be given one last chance, he has real pace just needs to keep things simple,last season he was toilet I know but lets give him one last chance.

  18. Ray Moore says:

    Talking of selling players i was thinking about poor old Anton Ferdinand last night while watching MOTD. He was not even in the sunderland team that lost to Everton, it dawned on me that if these players are being sold against their wishes surely they can just reject the terms that any new club offers! We are always talking about the club having to sell players but surely the players dont have to leave if they dont want to.

    It’s always about players trying to get out of their contract, it would be nice to see a few of them trying to stay in their current contracts.

    Calling Bellers, Parker, Green and Upson just tell the club you wont leave!!!!! and let BG pay out of his own pocket any debt we have.

  19. Andrew49 says:

    Lucas Neil would be first on my list.

    Doesn’t/can’t overlap.
    No pace to keep up with the winger, or get back.
    Beaten far too easily, often because of his slowness over the first 5 – 10 yards.
    Gives away far too many freekicks and penalties.
    As a marker, in the box, he loses his man far too easily, often resulting in a goal chance to the opposition.
    Blames everybody else, except himself.
    Can’t pass with his right foot, let alone his left.
    He wouldn’t inspire me if he was my captain, let alone the other West Ham players.
    How can he be captain infront of Upson, Parker and Bellamy?
    There are times, when if he hadn’t been captain, he probably wouldn’t have made the team.

    Watch him in his next game and tell me which of the above are wrong.

  20. gossy says:

    Let’s not get carried away, I watched a re-run of the game and LBM ran around a lot but still mistimed tackles, gave the ball away a lot and was average when crossing. With his last two ok performances it will hopefully mean we get an offer. It’s a strange affair because he was Fulham’s best player, and on his day was very good, unfortunately that day seems gone. Ship him!

  21. E1 says:

    Nobody in their right mind is going to look at let alone put in an offer for Ashton (mores the pitty) Him and neil going would make a big dent in the wage bill. I still say from 32 we only have 19 worth keeping.

  22. Cyclopse says:

    A quick note to Prince H.
    Below is a copy and pasted list of the top scorers in the PL as of today, I don`t see Carlton Coles name ANYWHERE near the top of the list or do I need new glasses ?? . The man is a lumbering oaf and always will be.

    Anelka Chelsea 14
    Robinho Man City 11
    Zaki Wigan 10
    Agbonlahor Aston Villa 9
    Cisse Sunderland 8
    Crouch Portsmouth 8
    Gerrard Liverpool 8
    Lampard Chelsea 8
    Ronaldo Man Utd 8
    Van Persie Arsenal 8
    Adebayor Arsenal 7
    Bent Tottenham 7
    Defoe Portsmouth 7
    Ireland Man City 7
    Owen Newcastle 7

  23. colin say's says:

    Ashton broke his leg training for England ,but none of the so called pandits feel sorry we lost one of our best players at that time playing for England,all they do is slag us out how crap we are. How great Villa is with all there English players. 18 months ago he did it ,won’t be back till march,and then it could be another season before he gets back to his best ,that would be 2010 if we were lucky,so yes if we could get a good price for him why not sell him, if it was the other way round and Man u wanted him, because he was the best striker going, he won’t think twice about leaving.

  24. Marleeeen depreciation society says:

    Agree that Parker has become a must keep player, he’s become the engine of the side and must be one of the most effective tracking back midfielders in the league as well as being effective as being a ball winner further up. He easily covers the most ground of any of our players and i’m glad that Zola sensibly replaces him with Mullins when he tires towards the end of the match quite often. I still think Boa Morte is a liability. Even though he had his first good game that i can remember against Stoke, he still came quite close to getting sent off. The bigger guns in the league only seem interested in testing the water for a bargain at the moment by offering well under the value for our core players to see how desperate the club is. Seeing as none of these have even wetted the board’s appetite, hopefully we’ll keep our spine and only the fringe players will get reasonable offers from other more desperate clubs.

  25. colin say's says:

    Don’t feel a bit sorry for Anton,he said he’s nann was ill then pissed of to U.S for a few days. Well rid of him. Sorry Ray

  26. Upton Spark says:

    Thanks for the poll Ian;
    Can someone please answer me one question re players under contract.
    Why is it that when we or anyone else has a player or players under a long term contract that other managers can come in and put in offers for them?
    Surely if they are under contract then that should mean they are not for sale,unless the player or club want them sold.
    Bellamy,Green and Upson are all under contract and are apparently very happy hammers so why can’t they be left alone?
    It is a worry for us the fans,and that is why I am not a fan of the transfer window system.

  27. HammersWest says:

    Good poll Iain, and interesting results,
    I am amazed that LBM is higher on the list than FauxPas, who has gone from average to awful and doesn’t even want to be here. He HAS to be the first one out the door.
    LBM works really hard, and at the very least the when the other team marks him, there is one player out the way when we’re attacking.
    By the way Biffo, I was ticked about your “never go to a game” comment. I live 5,000 miles away, spent one day of my five days in England in the last 4 years taking my kid to see the ground (in summer) and get up at 6.30 in the morning to watch games on the internet on my own. I used to be a season ticket holder when I lived in England.
    I think I have a fair handle on the game and Noble and Rob would not be on my list.

    Almost as many people would most like to sell Cole as Faubert…..incredible.
    Cole may not be perfect, but MOST like to sell Cole more than Bowyer???

    Any way Happy New Year to all, you are the only Hammers I get to chat with so thanks for being around.

  28. Richard says:

    Good Poll I would not cash Aston in, because if he does become fit he will score goals.

  29. HAMMER TIME says:

    Have to agree Dean Ashton is suffering from not having the operation earlier on his ankle, this has lead to him needing surgery now , forcing him to have it now or risk his career. 15 Goals in 33 League Starts is a phenomenal record, having him back for the new season will see us push right up the table with the right signings and Kieron Dyer back it could prove to be an exciting finish to this season and start of the 2009/2010 season. Carlton Cole is not a finisher, we all know this but he has so much more to his game, he brings players into the frame, already on 5 League goals and 3 Assists in 18 starts, this shows his ability and he is not playing to his full potential yet which i believe will be shown the later part of this campaign.

  30. brooking still the best says:

    Good poll? i wish that i had never took part now. It seems very negative as most of the questions is about who we want to see go…

    It’s a poor sign when we as supporters are going along with the the concept that selling players is the right thing to do. Why should this club have to bail out the faceless Icelanders that have got themselves into trouble.

    Selling our best players will only get us relegated and wont do anything to improve the value of the club. It will be a false ecomony.

    This poll suggests that most fans would like to see the likes of Ashton sold, that cant be right…

  31. Upton Spark says:

    HammersWest; Good to read your comments and glad to know the distance does not stop you from being a loyal supporter.
    Anytime you fancy a chat just get in touch and leave me a message. I am usually on here a couple of times a day at least so feel free. I go to all the home games as a season ticket holder with my son(14)and I am willing to share anything you might want to talk about.
    Upton Spark

  32. scott says:

    west ham would do well to shrink the wage bill by letting the likes of bowyer, davenport, mullins, reid, spector go etc…. and even parker if we could get appiah in return now that would be good business.

  33. chris says:

    Andrew you are right neil is crap,,,,,,but when we beat man utd last time he had ronaldo in his pocket.FUNNY OLD GAME.

  34. COYI says:

    Why sell Davenport, Neil, LBM and Cole? and PARKER?
    Davenport = Good back-up
    Neil = Best RB we got
    LBM = Didnt play bad against Stoke, may be getting back on form
    Cole = Our top scorer, misses most yes but he is our top scorer atm
    Parker = Quality, one of the best 5 we have

  35. FrannyZola says:

    Iain, why have you put those results in % when they do not total 100% so should not be put as a %.

    This is misleading e.g the last question about being sold in January… 94% LBM and Bowyer 84%. This seems to be saying that 94% of the people voted LBM and 84% of people voted Bowyer…totallying 178%. But we cannot have 178% of people can we?

    I think your problem is with the question you asked “choose as many as you like”. Once you do his you cannot give the result of an individual player in % terms.

  36. SJ Chandos says:

    Interesting survey results. However, I do not think that there were many surprises there really. On Ashton, I agree that it would be folly to sell him. I think that Ashton is potentially the best English centre forward and we need to try to get him fit. I understand that some people are losing patience with his injury record, but we need to give him another chance to prove his fitness. I also understand people’s negativity towards Cole, but I think present circumstances dictate that we should retain him, at least until the summer.

    I would sell Davenport, Boa Morte, Quashie and Bowyer this January. If they raise c. £4.5m that would be good business, of the regular first teamers I would sell Faubert for c. 5m, provided those funds are made available to improve the quality of the squad. £9.5m should be enough to finance at least two major deals for a striker and a creative midfielder in January, plus perhaps a loan player.

    I had to laugh at Stan Collymore’s article in today’s Mirror. To the best of my knowledge a league of 20 teams is divided into a top and bottom half composed of ten teams each. But no, it would now appear that there is a ‘bottom eleven,’ that conveniently excludes West Ham from the top half and firmly in the relegation mix. I try to dismiss my feelings that there is a sports media conspiracy against West Ham as paranoia, but articles like this seem to prove otherwise!

  37. This poll is bang on – Ashton, though good on his day, has had way too few of them. That’s a statistical fact however unlucky he has been. He’s been carrying a bit of timber for too long as well – so if we need cash (and anyone would buy him in his current state) then unload. And then buy a proper striker to replace that lump Cole. Fair play he’s a tryer, but then so would I be, last time I looked selection for West Ham wasn’t a bloody democracy, though, but a meritocracy. And he’s not good enough. I’d rather play Sears and Bellamy and give the kid a go than employ a player with no guile, little pace and a poor touch. And yes, I know Cole has scored some goals – but they do say if you give a thousand monkeys a thousand typewriters sooner or later they’d write war and peace, if only by accident. Play in a team that creates a chance and sooner or later you get lucky. Doesn’t make you Drogba.

  38. SJ Chandos says:

    Putting aside the debate about selling key players for a moment, it would appear Zola wants a squad of 22 0r 23 players of proven quality and experience and a shadow squad of promising youngsters. If the January departures go beyond Davenport, Boa Morte, Quashie and Bowyer, to include other fringe players such as Walker, Etherington, Spector and Mullins, then it will inevitably put greater emphasis upon the preparedness of the youngsters to come in and do a job, as and when required, for the remainder of the season.

    Thus, it could be argued that the loaning out of Spence, Tomkins, Stanislaus, Payne, etc, is a move to get them ready for this new scenerio. I think that there will be a move towards this system in January and the process will acelerate in the summer. It is also nearing decision time about the future of Stokes and Reid. They have been in and around the first team squad for some time. If they are not judged good enough for the first team then they need to pursue their careers elsewhere.

  39. truehammer says:

    Cole’s a decent player shame people cant see what he does for the side, brilliant strength and aerial ability, rarely injured, links up well with strike partners and scores important goals. He’ll bag a few more and everyone will be saying how brilliant he is and how good they’ve always thought he was, shame about the fickle fans we have.

  40. Joe says:

    Good Poll
    Not sure about the 58% of people who think selling ashton is a good idea.
    Yes I understand most were influenced by his injuries and really who could ignore them but i am sure he will get over them and he will become top quality!! 10 goal in 13 games last season dont sound bad to me!

  41. Biffo the bear says:

    Did someone say that Ashton said his nan was ill and went to the US?

    I think you’ll find that particular player now plays centre half for Sunderland.

    As for LBM I agree he has improved, and it was good to hear the crowd getting behind him (there’s one bloke who stands near me who does nothing but have a pop at our players…really winds me up but that’s another story) but he still keeps giving the ball away and commiting silly fouls, I hope he’s being out in the shop window and we’ll see the back of him soon. I get a lot of stick for supporting Carlton Cole but I don’t care I think we should keep hold of him, he misses chances but he also scores goals and plays his heart out every week. He’s been one of our most consistant players this season.

    Not really a fan of buying in January but I’m looking forward to the summer window to see exactly what kind of player Zola wants to bring in and who he wants to get rid of. I heard that Davenport threw a wobbler after being dropped and Zola was not impressed with his lack of respect….reckon he might find a horses head in his bed

  42. richo says:

    Interesting, I certainly dont want to see any of our ”star players” go, especially Ashton, frustrating i know the amount he’s in sick bay but gee he’s good value when he plays. Agree with Biffo on C. Cole he can be frustrating at times missing simple chances but he never gives up or stops running and what about that shot on the turn against Stoke, simply brilliant

  43. Jimbo says:

    Please explain the difference between question 1, 3 and 4? It’s the same question just reworded several times!

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