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As you can see, I have added my Twitter feed to the blog on the right hand sidebar. If you want to follow my Twitter feed click HERE.

I have also worked out how to reinstate the Blogroll, and at the same time culled some dead links and added new ones. If you know of a West Ham blog which is not listed, please email me and I will add it.


14 Responses to Twitter & Links

  1. WHU Kim says:

    Having looked at Twitter I now realise I am officially old, god knows what it was all about. Wouldn’t microchips under the skin be an easier way to monitor everyone’s movements!

  2. chris says:

    Kim agree with you, what the f–ks this all about?

  3. RunningHammer says:

    i think it’s a means of letting everyone know what you’re doing or thinking every 5 minutes – but must admit i get lost myself with all these ‘social networking’ websites and the difference between them – and i’m supposed to be a computer analyst/programmer!!!!

  4. P says:

    To me Twitter is sort of like being on probation, but instead of reporting once a week to your probation officer and telling them what you have been up to (or not up to) you report hourly to your fellow Twits (i think thats what Twitter users are called) so that they can see how boring their own lives are in comparison.

  5. the headmaster says:

    completely vexed.

  6. Bazhammer says:

    If you have time to keep up with that, I will expect a post everyday at the very least, and I don’t expect ie; what you had for breakfast, what shape cloud is passing over or questions like ‘ what would you like to lose first, your teeth or your hair etc.’ I think you get my drift?

  7. Big_Casino says:

    Get rid of di michele.

    Behrami rules. And Rob Green, thank you, finally one of our players tells us what we want to hear:

    “We’ve been assured as senior players that there won’t be a fire sale from the chief executive,” said the West Ham keeper.

    “All I can do is keep playing well for West Ham. I want to play for West Ham and all the lads want to play for West Ham.

    “I’m happy playing for West Ham in the most exciting league in the world.

    “What more motivation do you need? You don’t want to go out and have a bad game and I love playing for West Ham.

    “You look at the team and everyone who gets out there wants to play well for West Ham.There aren’t many unhappy faces, if any, in the camp.

    “The last two wins have been massive and really changed the face of our season.

    “People were dreading what Christmas might bring but we’re now just two points off Hull, who have supposedly had a magnificent start to the season.

    “We’re looking at ending the year in 10th and starting the New Year on a high. We can now look forward to a cup game following two big wins.”

    How many times did he say he and the rest of the players want to play for west ham? I believe it was 4 times in one interview….. thank you Robert Green… legend!

  8. richo says:

    Stuff that twitter, facebook etc i’ve enough trouble finding time to fit everything into my day without letting people know every time I take a crap, each to their own i ‘spose. Making time for ‘West Ham Till I Die’ is another matter however.

  9. Graybo says:

    Couldn’t agree more with the comment about Neill and Davenport. Neill lacks intelligence (witness countless stupid, needles free-kicks (and pen against Pompey).

    Davenport looks like he needs to learn a lesson rather than shown the door. But then, I’ll respect Zola’s take on it.

  10. IronMick says:

    Big_Casino – thanks for the post
    Absolutley spot on mate, thats just what I wanted to read after getting up in the freezing cold and having to come to work.
    Round of applause for Rob Green!

  11. freddyfreddy says:

    could we maybe get a link to the west ham process up?

    please πŸ™‚

  12. Iain Dale says:

    Might help if you provided a link πŸ™‚

  13. freddyfreddy says:

    oh yeh!

    here you go….

  14. LJ says:

    Re blogs

    Have you got this one? It’s by Herita himself- I don’t remember ever hearing of a players blog before but then I’m not very well versed in the web.

    Fortunately I am a bit better versed in the lingua franca – but he doesn’t seem to mind people responding in English.

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