Faubert Set for Nantes?

The Mail report that French premier Legaue outfit Nantes have expressed an interest in Julien Faubert. Their manager Elie Baup said: ‘If I had to sign anyone in January, the priority would be Julien Faubert.’

Now that Jonathan Spector and Kieron Dyer are returning to fitness, we’re OK on the right. Talking of Spector, I have never understood the antipathy towards him which people have expressed in the comments on this blog. He’s certainly not a flamboyant player, but he is solid and rarely let us down. I’d far rather see him at right back than Lucas Neill or Julien Faubert. He can also cover at left back, in the centre of defence and, if necessary in midfield. Every team needs a player like him.


29 Responses to Faubert Set for Nantes?

  1. Hayden says:

    Nice to see a BIT of support for Spector. He’s not the best player in the world but he does come under some unnecessary criticism!! I was really excited when Faubert came but I have to say he’s been a disappointment for me. He wants to return to France to get into the National squad (or you could try playing well enough) – so I say let him. We can get £4/5 million for him surely? Excited by the prospect of this Brescia youth coming for trials with us – he may be awful/average… but he sounds potentially brilliant haha. I have to say though – I was never worried about this alleged ‘fire sale’ … but everyone is now denying it so you just know it’s going to happen! “The club is fully behind Pardew” … Bye Pards. “The club will not sell any players Curbishley doesn’t want to leave” .. Bye George and Anton.

  2. Jay-Alabama Hammer says:

    Agreed – get ready for the bogo sale at UP. I would much rather see some of the fringe players go – Faubert has been a huge dissapointment for me, if we can cash then great. I wouldn’t mind if the following were allowed to leave: Neill, Davenport, LBM and maybe Ethers – if that is the worst that happens then so be it…..Problem would be if Green,Upson or Bellars went in the window, that would cause a problem or two. Can anyone tell me what has happened to Gabbidon?

  3. onyahead1 says:

    you know when spector played in the reserves recently, he gave away a penalty and scored an own goal of sorts

    just sayin!

  4. chris says:

    Sorry Iain spectors pants,but If france want faubert the bear back I’ll drive him there myself,adress please to my email address.

  5. chris says:

    Elie baup you must be a f——g headcase but I like you loads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Luke says:

    Faubert has been rubbish. Probably not helped by being played at right back when he was meant to be a midfielder when he arrived. Get rid. Bowyer should go as well he’s useless and I don’t know how Boa Morte still gets a game. If we start selling the spine of the team i.e. Green, Upson, Parker, Bellamy we might as well give up and go back to the Championship.

  7. jon.london colney says:

    ide sell all the fringe players just to save the main core off the team.spector isnt ever gona be the answer and im affraid average cannot be enough.

  8. FrannyZola says:

    Spector is a type of player every club should have. Put him somewhere and he just gets on with it. I think it was under Pardew when he played the holding role in midfield and he did not look out of place at all.

    People still forget how young he is; just 22….YES, only a year older than Noble. Fergy didn’t bring him over for no reason. He’s also got a bit of Behrami about him….keeps running.

    The guy can cover in every position and do well apart from goal and up front. More than useful I say. This helps keep squad numbers down and he don’t moan.

    As long as we get at least £4 million for Faubert. I do feel sorry for him. He as had a lot of critics but he had a bad injury which people have no sense of empathy for. I hope he does well where ever he goes so he can prove these critics wrong.

  9. Rob says:

    It’s a shame, when Faubert came to us my mate emailed me some of Julien’s U tube highlights, and wow! He was thrilling! I was gutted when he was injured last year, and since then we haven’t seen much from him. He looked good at he back in our last two games, and when he get’s on his bike he’s gone. But the service he is providing up front leaves something to be desired. Having said that, I would love to see him do well for us. It would be a shame to see him go back to France with an unsuccessful time in the UK. We could surely sell Neil and/or Boa Morte first.

    The Bear has lost his mojo!

  10. LEE says:

    HA HA HA


  11. chris says:

    Rob you have got to be kidding me,faubert u tube best bits!!!!!!!!!!!!! no way.

  12. Sactown Hammer says:

    Iain great to see some positive words on Spector. As an ex-Brit living in the states, Im usually drawn to see how any of the Americans are doing in the EPL. Obviously I’m more concerned what goes on at WHU. From what i have seen on tv when Spector was playing prior to his injury, was like a previous comment, he goes all out. I’m not saying he’s the greatest, but he does give you options at several positions as back up for injuries or suspensions. Like the previous comment, Sir Alec picked him up at an early age, so they must of saw something in him.

  13. Upton Spark says:

    Hoorayyyy. Can it be possible? Surely he is not going is he? Must be worth a few quid. I would say £5 million. I tell you what;take him on a free….please!!

  14. James says:

    I feel a bit sad about Faubert, Like Ashton he owe’s us for being loyal while out injured for so long, and not the other way round!!


    I would have the faubert off the youtube vids any day, he looked much sharper than he is now, surely the injury has put his style down a fair bit, I mean how many times do we see his blistering pace?, answer not since the injury!!

    If we let him go and then say next season he becomes the player he was before the injury then we may just about regret it, He got into the french squad remeber and scored!!

    I say loan him till the end of the season then have him fresh for next season!! Maybe going home to find the form could help!!

    Lastly, would not trust the Mail, totally gone of it especially since the crap they write about the Tevez affair day in day out!! An anti West Ham Paper IMO!!

  15. claire says:

    Spector and Mullins are the sort of players we need as the season goes on and injuries and suspensions taken their toll.

  16. Ray Moore says:

    Just been watching some of our best goals from 2008 Ashton has scored a lot of them we would be mad to let him go. As for JF he can leave when ever he likes.

    you tube for the goals!!!

  17. Ginger Fella says:

    Faubert, when he arrived here saw the highlights on you tube, thought what a player he could be for West Ham, he got injured but since he came back he has promised or shown very little, after Saturdays performance I would drive him as far as Dover!!
    Spector not great, but probably the best right back at the club, Neil gets caught out too often always suspect.
    So providing we are not being told pork pies by the board, heaven forbid what of the fringe players to go?
    Bowyer (yes), Davenport (yes), Faubert (yes), Boa Morte (yes), Walker (yes), Quashie (yes) Kel Reid (yes), Tony Stokes (yes)
    Some of the players above are on loan, but we should look to off loading them permant,

    Mullins (NO) Spector (NO),

    Can we return some of the load players Lopez / Di Michelle????
    Just dont think Di Michelle is cutting it, Lopez Who knows anthing about him?

    Happy New Year Hammers, lets hope it will be a good finish to the season for us !!

  18. WHU Kim says:

    I’m not keen on jack of all trade masters of none types, especially now we can have more on the bench. I think Spector should be moved on where he can got some playing time. I’m no Lucas Neill fan but IMO he is far better player than Spector.

  19. DevoDevo says:

    Au revoir, Julian!

    Agree with Spector, not a bad player and would prefer at RB to Neill.

    He also does just as good a job as Mullins holding in MF.

  20. paul says:

    Agree about Spector and I also felt the same about Pantsil who I feel was not given a fair crack of the whip

  21. Another Paul says:

    Would be more upset about losing some of the others!!!

  22. chris says:

    U tube can make anyone look the part!!!! U tube showed Di michele had pace,was a freekick specialist and could turn defenders inside out,where’s all that gone!

  23. SJ Chandos says:

    Faubert probably did look a class act in the French League, but the PL is far more demanding. I think a move back to France will benefit both Faubert and the club. The fee of c. 5m will be welcome and added to the anticipated fees of c. 6-5m for Walker, Davenport, Boa Morte, Bowyer and Quashie and we would have a transfer pot to fund 2 permanent deals and a loan in January.

    I also thinkthat the youngsters will be brought on and that others such as Cole, Etherington and Spector will possibly be moved on in the summer. We are aiming for a first team squad of 22/23 class players, supported by a shadow squad of promising youth players pushing them.

    In my view, based upon past performance, Spector is adequate and no more. His biggest strength is his versatility as a squad player. I agree he could be important for the remainder of this season, especially as cover for Neill. Zola’s project at West Ham will see an improvement in the quality of the squad and its augmentation and replenishing via the youth system.

    If the likes of Payne, Harvey, Lee, Widdowson, Kerns, Spence and Stanislaus follow Noble, Sears, Collison & Tomkins in to first team then we could have a real embarassment riches in the not too distant future!

  24. jon.london colney says:

    mullins is brilliant at his job and never complains about being a squad player,when hes needed he does a steady job and is excellengt cover for any injuries that WILL occor

  25. Sactown Hammer says:

    I have to disagree with Kim. Neil is way better than Spector. Not sure I can believe that. I do not attend games (live in the states), but what I have seen on tv, Neil makes way too many mistakes for someone of his wages. That sort of money should be spent on a Class player. This notion of only 22/23 Class players is laughable. We have twoClass players at the moment that have stayed healthy, Green and Upson. Everyone else that is not injury prone are squad players. Just because you have Class players does not guarentee success. NY Yankees over here have one of the highest payroll of any sports franchises in the world, and they were mid table at best. How many of our starting 11 would start on one of top five? Alot of times chemistry works better and bloated ego’s.

  26. SJ Chandos says:

    I respectfully have to disagree with you Sactown Hammer. Noble, Berhami, Parker, Neill, Collison, Colins, Bellamy and Illunga are not just squad players. Add them to Upson & Green, the injured trio of Ashton, Dyer & Gabbidon and promising youngsters like Tomkins and Sears and the existing squad has a quality core.

    Some players need to be moved on and the quality needs to be improved, no question, that is the whole point if we are to progress as a club. But I do not think things are as bad as the picture that you paint. There are a lot of PL teams that would like our players, hence the current interest ahead of the January window.

  27. Sactown Hammer says:

    As I mentioned earlier SJ, how many of the above players would be starting for any of the top Five. I’m trying to bash the hammers, but to make a point about the defination of class players. Are you talking about starters on respective national teams? then yes Berhami, Bellamy and neil are consistent starters. To throw Noble or Collison in the equation is premature. You after perform at a high level consistently. Noble performed admirably two seasons ago, and was an important factor in saving the hammers from demotion, along with Green and sadly, Tevez. But watching him this season, there are times where he disapears. That is not class. I have watched Collison play very good since Zola gave him his chance. But Parker is too injury prone, as well as Ashton and Dyer, not just this seson but prior ones as well. Like I said before, I,m not here to bash the team, its more of the point you need role players to make a team work. Players that know their roles and perform when asked are almost import as the Class players. I have been able to keep up with all this information from reading on the internet and what I see on Sky Sports. So remember my prespective are from far away and not in the stands where most of you get to see. My hope is this team gets new ownership and are able to keep its best players. My point was that every team has role players.

  28. Sactown Hammer says:

    sorry previous post should of said I’m not trying to bash the hammers.

  29. DevoDevo says:

    Let’s get one thing straight. West Ham will never challenge the likes of Man U, Liverpool or Chelski, in it’s current ownership. The best we can hope for is similar to what Villa are beginning to achieve.

    West Ham already has a decent spine to the side and are only a couple of players off being a top 7 side. What we can do better than most is bring on our youngsters and complement them with the odd expensive ‘class’ purchase.

    This is what I believe Zola signed up to, working with good young talent and nurturing them – Jesus, he’s even got Carlton scoring after one lesson!

    Has it not been for the greed of previous board members, the current West Ham team would contain at least half of the England team.

    For the future; we will have to keep these players instead of cashing in on them. This is the only way we will ever compete consistently at the top. The alternative is continuing failure, mid-table mediocrity and occasional visits to the Championship.

    Key to this, will be the identity of the new owner and his aspirations.

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