If One Player Has to be Sold, Then it Should be…

You’ve got to feel sorry for James Collins, who is now fit again. Calum Davenport is in storming form so he can’t get back in. This is why I reckon if we do have to lose one of our star players, Matthew Upson should be the one to go. We have four excellent central defenders (Davenport, Collins, Tomkins & Gabbidon) plus Lucas Neill, who is better there than at right back.

We do not have the same cover for Bellamy or Green, and Upson is the only one who would raise real money.

Don’t get me wrong. but if we really do need the money Upson, is the one to go… Just sayin’, like…

[battens down the hatches]

UPDATE: Yes, I did write this before the Stoke game. My point was that any business can go through tough times and have to capitalise on its assets. Of course I don’t want Upson to go, any more than you do, but if we do have to sell one our three star assets, all I am arguing is that it should be Upson rather than Green or Bellamy, purely because we have cover in his position.


30 Responses to If One Player Has to be Sold, Then it Should be…

  1. Anthony Bynom says:

    Looks like it’s Davenport after his little spat re being dropped. I sympathise with him to a certain extent as he had done well in the last two games.

  2. Old Rag Man Reg says:

    I cannot agree with this. Although you are quite right in saying that Davenport has been in good form, a central defensive partnership of Davenport and Collins does not fill me with much confidence.

  3. Scott says:

    So you’d sell the best centre half we’ve had in the last decade on the form of Calum Davenport?!?

    You must be joking.

    We should be looking for a good partner for Upson, Collins is good, but wont ever be a top player and Gabbidon hasn’t even been seen in months, rumour has it that he’s a boozer.

    Davenport is a championship defender, he just does not possess the quality to cut it at this level.

    I’m ususally a keen supporter of your blog but crikey, seeing this, I wish it wasn’t posted.

  4. Oscar says:

    Nigel Quashie should go. But he’s not one of our starplayers. I don’t want Upson to leave.
    Up The Hammers!

  5. Michael says:

    I completely agree with this article. Have done so for ages.

    Also, Lucas Neill can play incredibly well at centre-back, and if we could sign a Right Back on loan half as good as Ilunga on the left, I’d love for us to cash in on Upson to bring in a Striker or attacking midfielder

  6. guyser says:

    Carlton Cole would raise 5 Million and raise the quality of our squad (if he goes). We dont need a “target man” which promotes a long ball 150mph head high service, keep it down on the deck & di Michele has a bit of quality about him and has a first touch.
    Coles first touch is longer than i can kick the ball & he has converted less than 10% of his chances this season; my Gran could do better and shes currently ventilated in ITU!

  7. Brian Sains says:

    You are off your trolley Iain !!!!! I agree with a lot you say, but selling Upson would send out a message that we are a selling club again. NO !!! PS, all seems to have gone quiet on the proposed “New Owners”. Any news ??

  8. IronMick says:

    haha – Iain, nice provoking post.
    While I can see your reason in saying we have cover for Upson in contrast to Green, Bellamy, I can’t help in thinking that Upson inspires confidence in the central defender playing along side him ( and the whole back line to a lesser extent) and for such reason needs to remain at west ham!
    Keeping Upson will be of great benefit to our younger defenders, Tompkins for example.
    I do however totally agree that Davenport has been well on form and is really underated in my opinion – he also gives us an another attacking option on set-pieces.

  9. It,s got to be LBM.He was usless again against Stoke-can,t understand why he keeps picking him (not any better than Curbs ) or cole,needs ten chances to score 2.

  10. irontc says:

    IF we had to sell ‘1of the 3’ and IF we had a guaranteed replacement, a good youngish (proven) striker for say £8-10 mill

    Then it would have to be Bellers to the Villa.

    But its a very risky busines and hopefully we will just off load the fringers.

  11. Scalyback says:

    H’mm, I think that must have been a tongue in cheek comment, or that comment was written before the Stoke game. Ginge did get back in, and it was Davenport who was dropped.

    That aside, I can understand the logic, but hope to all that is mighty that you are wrong. Upson is rock solid and inspirational. We need him in the back 4 to lead & boss them. If any of the central defenders must go, then Gabbidon or Davenport are the ones.

  12. Upton Spark says:

    I agree that Davenport had been doing ok but to say we should consider letting Upson go is just crazy Ian and I think it’s a wind up as you are usually quite sensible.
    If we sell some of our lesser type players ie; Quasie,Boa Morte,Fobert and even DAVENPOPRT could go this would raise at least £10 million.
    We don’t have to sell any other players and we can even get a couple of loan deals done to see us through.
    Nice try Ian,but I don’t think so some how.
    Happy New Year to everyone.

  13. chris says:

    No way this is the worse thing you have ever said Iain !!!! selling our best players makes us less attractive to buy,so BG is cutting of his nose to spite his face if he goes down this route.Selling 1 player to buy another makes no sense and selling upson to help his pocket won’t make much difference either,moves like this will get us relagated.

  14. Ron Sexton says:

    Agree with Upton Spark and would add Gabbidon,Neil and Ethrington to the four players mentioned.
    A decent right back loanee , then no need to sell any of our best players.
    But if the Chairman desides to sell our best players theres nothing we can do about it.

  15. chris says:

    Michael are you a spaceman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  16. brooking still the best says:

    I cant believe your serious, you are having a laugh arn’t you?

    So your buying into the theory that selling the best players is good bussiness for the club? How can selling the prize assetts of the cub be good bussiness when your trying to sell the club for a vast proffit from what you paid only a couple of years ago and your now in a middle of a big down turn. CRAZY

    Selling Upson or anyone of the first team now will only tell the others that this club is going backwards and they all will want to jump ship A.S.A.P. Who could blame them when fans run polls on who they would like to see go first.

    Sorry Ian, this must be your most negative thread yet!

  17. arjan drissen says:

    you can’t be serious ian..selling upson you’re aving a bubble:!!!!:@

  18. DevoDevo says:

    As I said the other day, Collins was responsible for Baye being left unmarked in the area. This has happened before with Collins this season, on more than one occasion. He also got away with it a few times at Sunderland.

    I like Collins, but he has to improve his concentration in this area. Davenport can rightly feel hard done by to lose his place after doing little wrong in his few games and should have kept his spot.

    For all his potential, it’s ridiculous to label Tomkins “excellent” and quite how you give Gabbidon the same listing when his last good game for West ham was probably 2 or 3 seasons ago suggests that this post is a wind up.

    Upson is currently the best English centre back in the country and we should be proud to have him. He is also a better choice of captain than Neill, who does nothing but question referee’s (correct) decisions and give away penalties.

    Great news this morning as it seems the board as reassured the senior players that none of then will be leaving the club!

    Reports that we have refused a £12 million bid for Bellamy from Spurs would seem to support this.

    If this is the case, we can look forward to an interesting second half of the season. Dyer will be our new signing in Jan and could make all the difference as to which end of the table we finish.

  19. John B Sheffield says:

    No way should we even think of selling Upson, what message does it send out an England international? no there are many less talented players which will cut the wage bill.

  20. Gary says:

    Iain, I can see where you are coming from and probably agree with you but I would hate to see Upson go as I think it would put us on the slippery slope.

    I believe as has happened in the past that our better players would think we lack ambition and all decide to leave, so therefore it would probably not be a good idea to sell him.

  21. StainesWestHam says:

    I couldn’t agree with you less. I don’t rate James Collins particularly, I think he’s a liability. He makes crucial mistakes – he gave away the free kick stupidly which meant we drew rather than won at Boro (Mido scored) and also he could have cost us at Sunderland with a very clumsy challenge that was probably a penalty. I think West Ham fans have a habit of liking players that aren’t particularly good and JC is probably one of them (also remember Abou?). Collins is good in the air but a bit of a clutz on the deck. So no, I don’t feel sorry for him!

  22. Paul M says:

    I noticed Ngala was on the bench against Stoke so if we are to sell I think we have too many centre backs. Upson must stay !! then Davenport/Collins with Tomkins and Ngala as back-up. Shift out Neil, (4 mil) no captain and far too slow and very much over rated and over paid !! Also Gabs has had his day, could be worth 1.5 million for someone like Bolton or Stoke. Out with Faubert 3mil (wishful thinking) Spector won’t cut at top level and we have enough back-up so 1.5 mil for him. Ethers also for 2mil. Bowyer and Quashy 1mil each ta ta.
    That’s 14 million of ‘talent’ – this would buy a top striker, how about Sturridge at citey, he looks the nuts and will only get better, but with very limited chances after January if Hughes buys all the superstars.
    So my must stays are:
    Illunga (buy him)
    Collison (find of the season)

    IF we MUST sell, how about swap for Bellers for Sturridge + £5 million and all the deadwood listed above, that’s a nice tidy profit of 19 – 20 million

    Happy new year all

  23. gossy says:

    Fully agree with you Iain. If one of our top players has to go its Upson. 10/12mil for a 29 year old centre back is good business. Bells/Parker/Green cannot be sold at all costs.

    I’d echo most comments above though, getting rid of a selection of average would be the best option. LBM, Faux, Davenport, Quasie, Spector, Bowyer, Neill…….. There is a wage saving and money raising plan that keep the quality, develops the youngsters (as they would be more involved) and continues the development of the club. I’m sure Zola/Clarke would also welcome 7 less players to worry about.

  24. Upton Spark says:

    Agree with Paul M. Seems to be speaking some good sense. The only exception from his list is Ashton who I beleive is finished as a top striker due to his reacurring injuries on his weak ankle. It is a shame as i like ashton but sense would be to let him go at a decent price if we can get it?
    Tell you what though;it’s going to be a hell of a year ahead if we can keep our top players with us and make a push up the table. Who knows what we can acvhieve?
    If Everton can do it,so can we.

  25. FrannyZola says:

    AGREE Iain. Perfectly reasonable argument if it is read how it is meant.

    But, we must get a good price because he’s an Eng international. Plus, if you read between the lines of his recent comments then I don’t think that he would mind a move to a club higher in the table.

    I agree Davenport has been playing well but not sure if this is how good he really is or he is just having a good period. Plus with his latest hissy-fit he may be off in Jan. Hopefully we will get Gabbidon back who I still think is our best defender.

    If we are going to give Neil a new contract then he will have to play in central defence to negate the effect of his lack of pace. I really think he is at his best there. He has a lot of critics but mostly it’s because of his lack of pace but he is a clever experienced player we can use. Liverpool weren’t after him for of reason. His forward ball over the top is one of the best I’ve seen….something Bellamy would eat up on he break.

  26. Goatygav says:

    I agree with you Iain. In fact I think I’ve posted something similar recently. Fankly Clarke could get the best out of Davenport/Collins, Davenport/Tomkins, Collins/Tomkins or even Neill in the mix at CB (Although his ariel ability is in question).

    I’d add that the others don’t have as much cover as Upson does and, therfore, would be missed more than he would.

    On the other hand I wouldn’t want to lose any of the team’s first choice spine at the moment.

  27. jpt says:

    No star players should go but I think I agree that if one does go then maybe it should be Upson.
    But none should go ideally.

  28. hammeredCalv says:

    sorry iain, but i disagree, i think parker would be the best one to go, we have mullins and berhami that can play his role, and replace him with a younger creative midfielder, our defence is doing well so i wouldnt try to fix something thats not broken !

  29. stuart says:

    totally agree Ian. I said the same thing to a mate at half time on Saturday myself.

    Although I have to say – I don’t believe we need to sell ANY of our top players. Zola doesn’t need to buy in anyone this Jan. A couple of loan signings (striker please) and an offload of some of our less than needed squad players should do the trick.

    I really don’t believe we’ll sell any of Green, Upson, Parker, or Bellamy.

    Unless we are offered totally silly money and a good replacement can be lined up.

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