Poll Result: HOTY & Player Ratings So Far This Season

Who do you think will get Hammer of the Year?

Matthew Upson 39%
Robert Green 25%
Valon Behrami 19%
Scott Parker 9%

Give your player ratings out of 10 so far this season

Matthew Upson 8.17
Robert Green 8.10
Valon Behrami 7.59
Scott Parker 7.30
James Collins 7.21
Herita Ilunga 7.13
Craig Bellamy 7.03
Calum Davenport 6.40
Mark Noble 6.39
Hayden Mullins 5.93
Freddie Sears 5.76
Matthew Etherington 5.16
Luis Boa Morte 4.77
Carlton Cole 4.67
David di Michele 4.65
Julien Faubert 4.10


17 Responses to Poll Result: HOTY & Player Ratings So Far This Season

  1. IronMick says:

    This all looks pretty standard, with no massive suprises.
    The only thing that does raise an eyebrow is C. Cole’s 4.67 out of 10, especially as whenever anyone on this forum critisises him it seems an equal ammount defend him with the ” he works so hard, holds the ball up etc”….
    Totally agree with Faubert being bottom of the pile, they guy hasn’t got a scooby.

  2. Big_Casino says:

    Am surprised Bellamy, Ethers and Boa didn’t receive slightly higher ratings, but other than that, I’d say they’re pretty fair (in my opinion).

    No surprise to see Di Michele and Faubert and Faubert bottom of the pile. Be great if we could recoup 3 of the 6 million we paid for Faubert in January…. and I’m sure he’s probably on stupid wages aswell…. and also terminate Di Michele’s deal… complete waste of space who’s preventing Sears get more opportunities.

  3. Bernie Bonds says:

    Where is Neil? rating too low i suspect!? good post as always Iain

  4. chris says:

    Upson player of the year and some wanna sell him,madness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. chris says:

    Feel sorry for faubert he’s just so bad ,minging!!!!!! in fact.

  6. chris says:

    Agree with big casino give sears more opportunities.

  7. FrannyZola says:

    This is not a fair reflection on Carlton Cole. The guy puts in a shift every time but all people remember is his missed chances – I thought we were cleverer than that really.

    Yes, had this been about his conversion rate he deserves a low score but why ignore all the good he does. One example, against Chelsea he played awesome, just ask their defenders who just couldn’t handle his power – you had the likes of Alex and Terry bouncing of him but all people remember is his missed chance in the dying seconds. Sad.

    The guy doesn’t even feel like celebrating anymore when he scores, and I don’t blame him.

    I think People have given Noble a few sentimental votes. Mullins for one should be higher than him.

  8. E1 says:

    No way ethrington is better this season than cole !!!!! Mullins is higher in my opinion again this season than noble .
    davenport should be closer to collins and ilunga. I would rather see ethrington go than davenport but who would want him ? to many of us are holding on to PAST performances and not looking at the current situation and recent perfomances. Still say we only have 19 maybe twenty out of the 32 worth keeping and ethrington and ashton aint one of them in real time only keep them if your living in yesteryear. wake up lads we have to forget setiment and get real.

  9. DevoDevo says:

    Top seems about right, but disagree with Cole, LBM, both of whom should rate higher.

    Collison – 7.5 🙂

  10. wine red says:

    upson….say no more

  11. wine red says:

    SOZ….HOTY I mean….we need to keep him!!!!

  12. Gaz says:

    Think E1 has it right. We need to be looking at present not past. It’s the first time i’ve heard it mentioned, but Ashton – is he worth the wages he’s being paid for so few appearances. think not, sad to say.
    Great to see Collison settle so well. Cole does do a lot for the team, hopefully his scoring touch will improve as his confidence improves (I did say hopefully!!)
    Need to sell players like Ashton, Etherington, Faubert, Boa Morte, and the like.
    £12 million supposedly offered for Bellamy from Tottenham. We might like to keep him, but much higher and we should let him go, provided the money is reinvested back in the team (as long as it isnt to tottenham).

  13. wellsie says:

    I understand FrannyZola standing up for Carlton Cole however, i think most of the negative comments on this site regarding Cole are caused by frustration. He battles well and gives he’s all but his conversion rate to chances ratio is very low. His goal against Pompey was unmissable even by his standards and his goal against Stoke was well put away after an initial bad bit of control. We have to play with him upfront as we have no other option which is the cause of the frustration. A fit Ashton and Bellamy would be most Hammers first choice with a choice of Sears or Cole on the bench. The lack of a viable option brings out all the negative comments.

  14. Goatygav says:

    I didn’t think Carlton Cole had it in him to be a Premier League quality striker. I hope I was wrong. If he continues to improve his finishing then I’ll change my mind but it’s going to take another 10-12 games of good performances, and most importantly GOALS during those games, to do that. Maybe I’ll always have my doubts but he seems to be on the up.

    He was in the right place at the right time for the Pompey goal and buried instinctively vs Stoke. This would suggest he’s best when he doesn’t have time to think about it. Perhaps Zola can continue to work with him to be a cooler and deadlier finisher.

  15. jpt says:

    Sears 5.76 – a bit low?

  16. FrannyZola says:

    What you say is fact wellsie but if this is all we have surely we should support him right? When people boo it just doesn’t make sense. Ok criticize after the game and say what you like but when a player is on the pitch are we helping anybody by booing?

    He’s just going to play even worse then….while the player is on the pitch we should support – simple. Off the pitch we can criticize fairly and constructively but not while he is working and has the chance to correct his mistakes.

    I still think he doesn’t get enough credit for his support play. It is no coincidence that we did not do that well in the games he was recently suspended in. I know his finishing is rubbish but finishing is all about confidence which unfortunately, Carlton is not getting from some sections of our support who are not clever enough to realize this. We should respect the fact that he will never be prolific and give him credit for his team play.

  17. David the Yank says:

    Sadly, the ranking for Mark Noble is simply way too high. He was a very good player last year. He has played poorly in many games this year, including his last, where he could not even get a free kick or corner past the defense.

    Cole is still one of the worst strikers, if not the worst, in the Premier League. He has finally scored a couple, but still misses *at leat* 3 “must scores” for every one he converts. This won’t be enough to keep this team up. So he either converts his chances more regularly or Bellamy or others must play and score.

    I think the reason LBM is so enamored by his managers is that this guy plays hard and always gets himself into scoring position. He made a beautiful pass to Bellamy last week. He simply cannot finish. Incapable. No killer instinct. (See his “shot” at the goal line vs. Stoke or his breakaway earlier this season.) Otherwise he could be a very strong Premier League Player.

    I think Upson is actually a candidate for best player in the Premier League this year! Please tell me who has played better. (Not Vidic or Terry this year.)

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