Staying & Going

The Sun says we have turned down a £12 million bid for Craig Bellamy from Spurs – double their original bid. Cheeky buggers. I’m glad they didn’t accept the revised bid, although you have to say £12 million is an awful lot for a player who has been injured for most of the last eighteen months.

They also speculate that Calum Davenport is on his way to Bolton for £1.5 million. That is way to cheap. He cost £3 million and we should be looking to recoup that. Poor sod. Imagine having to play for Gary Megson. A fate worse than death.

Channel 4 say that David di Michele may be returning to Turin. If so, that would leave us a striker short. One player who has been limked with us is Giampaolo Paxxini from Fiorentina, although The Sun reckon he could be on his way to Everton.


24 Responses to Staying & Going

  1. D&G says:

    I don’t believe it. If they really did offer £12 million then we would of taken it. You can buy a very good striker in Europe for that money!

  2. Tony says:

    Nobody needs to go…according to our very own “Honest John”………..

  3. brooking still the best says:

    D&G, can you, Where? lot’s of team have spent far more then that on strikers from Europe and they have been totally useless.

    Why sell to Spurs for £12 million unless your telling everyone Spurs are bigger then us and so can buy anyone of our players for the right price. We need to send the message out to clubs that we are not a selling club and wll only sell when it suits us to do so, not because we have to.

  4. DevoDevo says:

    Great news and signs that the board will not be selling their prized assets.

    What is the point of selling our most dangerous player? £12 mill. What does that buy – who would you bring in to replace him?

    Bellamy is a proven Premiership player, but more than that, his attitude and effort galvanises the rest of the side.

    I’d get rid of Neill and give Spector a run in the side at RB. Unless we can prise Johnson away from the sinking ship that is Portsmouth! 🙂

  5. colney says:

    hold up ! since when have we started believing what the sun says?

  6. Scalyback says:

    If it is true, and our ‘revered’ chief executive Scott (trust me I’m an accountant) Duxbury is not just holding out for a bigger bid, then that is great news. My fear is that the truth is probably that a bigger bid is awaited.

    Anyone heard anything more on the tribunal and when we hear what they have decideed following their decision that they know exactly what would have happened had Carlos Tevez not played? It still amazes me we have been fined and look likely to have damages awarded against us for allowing a third party to have the ability to transfwer a player away from the club, without any say in the matter! Natural justice?

  7. Bernie Bonds says:

    I think Zola is doing a good job so far but dropping Davenport after he looked solid, is hard on the man, i like ginge but he should wait for his chance & was at fault with Stokes goal! agree with Iain Davenport is worth 4mil at least 3ml for LBM & Faubert theres 10ml for a play maker or striker COYI

  8. James says:


    I would’nt count your chickens just yet buddy, we have only read into it through the papers and also that trouble making lot at sky sports, but until that sod Duxbury puts an official West Ham United statement on the website which says we wont be selling bellars,Parker,Green,Ashton,Upson or Noble anything could happen!! It’s the silence that’s killing me and only getting Zola’s words of promise clearly is not enough!!

    Yep I agree spector should slot in rather than Neill as our right back, Upson or Parker as captain!! The bad news is that Niell has officially stated Zola wants him to stay!!

  9. FBAOsvaldo says:

    BrookingSTB I agree, it is the right time to put out the message that WH are no longer a selling club. It has been to the detriment of this club for far too long, we have seen too many good players slope off into other club’s sunsets.
    If we truly want to be considered a serious organisation we have to stop flogging off the ‘crown jewels’.
    The worry is of course, that the board are under instruction to try and recoup some quids regardless of the consequences to the team. The kind of ambitionless financial opportunism we have had to endure for ………well forever actually !!
    We have far too big a squad as GFZ has already stated so lets cut loose the dross and keep the cream. Perhaps 1 or 2 quality loans coming in Jan from Italia and of course the introduction of some of our young guns with Dyer and Ashton returning should see us consolidate and give GFZ and Steve Clarke the time they need to stamp their personality on the team.
    Lol, having just read my previous paragraphs I have had to book an appointment at the GP’s, do they have prescription drugs for ‘wishful thinking’ ?
    Happy New Year Iain et al

  10. StainesWestHam says:

    If we can get through the Jan window and still have Bellamy, Upson, Parker, Behrami etc then I will be hugely inpressed and surprised at the resolve of the club. Let’s be honest we have consistently been a selling club over the past 10 years and once a player has matured or improved he has been sold on.

    If we can’t keep them then the interesting thing will be seeing how much of the money Zola is given to spend. Lets not forget that in terms of transfers the club is well in to the black this financial year already – remember Anton and McCartney? Didn’t we get 15m for both players can anyone remember the fees??

    I have to say that if Spurs have really bid 12m for Bellamy (who is never consistently prolific) then I would be tempted to accept, but ONLY if Zola gets the money to spend. I have a feeling that Bellamy may end up at City with or without Parker, but we shall see!! I also think that Zola and Nani want Pazzini?? I hope he isn’t but the last thing we need at the moment is some big time foreign charlie!

  11. chris says:

    Rubbish utter rubbish,as if someone is gunna pay 12m for a striker who was 7.5m 2 years ago,he is now 29 going on 30. next year his pace will start going, so sell him then for 12million(like him to stat thou)
    I also feel sorry for davenport he was playing well and should not of been dropped.
    But he now has some value because of his last 2 performances.
    Davenport is a little underrated,and at 6ft 5(I think) is dominant in the air.

  12. Colin says:

    The signs are good if we have turned down £12 million, Is it possible that all the papers have jumped on the “hate West Ham” band wagon and are quick to print out any negative news, Maybe…..just maybe the club will be good to their word and not sell our prize assets.
    Maybe…….just maybe someone is in the final throws of buying us and the agreed price includes all the current squad……..Well…..I can dream can’t I?

  13. Roy says:

    The papers are desperate to kick start the transfer window so they have some stories. Along with agents they are currently doing their “unsettling” act by helping to spread rumours. If previous January windows are anything to go by there will be little movement and that’s alright with me if it means we keep our best players.

  14. eleeNYC says:

    If we don’t have equal or better talent to replace our stars then won’t that bring down the value of the club if the Fridge is trying to sell it? Maybe there is a bigger plan…

    I know a lot of folks think Bellers is a trouble maker but he is no Joey Barton. Personally I like him and I like that he gives his opponents stick on the pitch. He’s dedicated to being a great player.
    The little tank. Point is I would hate to see him go.


  15. eternal optimist says:

    Ok, how about this for a theory. Selling Green, Upson or Bellamy when relegation is still a danger would be a ridiculous move financially when the Fridge is aiming to sell the club. But encouraging bidding wars on players and turning them down will increase their value on paper as club assetts and make the club more appealing to investors. The supposed rebuttal of the £12m for Bellamy seems to support this idea. Am I dreaming?

  16. westhamboi says:

    if the west ham board are true to their word, i will be one very happy hammer for the rest of the season. we have got the quality to stay up, its just keeping that quality together in the team that seems to be the problem. like i said, we have the quality and therefore see no need to bring in any new faces. granted, that we all would like to see a bit of creativity in the midfield ( something that we have lacked since yossi left ) however, the money is not there to spend and therefore will just have to use the resources we have. if we can keep our prized assets then i think we will be fine this season maybe a 10th-14th spot finish and then we can get new owners in and build for next season

    worrying but exciting times for the happy hammers


  17. malta says:

    Hi any one from Malta support westham???? please rely

  18. colney says:

    eternal maybe right,if bg wants big bucks for the club the best way to improve the assets is get loads of infalted prices on the star players.

    lets be honest here,why would you want to leave a top 10 side half way through a season to go to a man city or spuds that are very near to the relagation spots?

    im pretty sure bellamy has enough money so the cash incentive isnt there for him,parker the same,its only green that wants more money so i think any sizable offer for green will or should get him an improved contract to stay.

  19. Eric says:

    Give Green the green. He most definitely deserves an increase in wages. He adds value to the club. Fridgey, we need to hold on to this player!

  20. Hayden says:

    Bellamy has to stay, Davenport has to stay in my opinion. I think he’s been playing really well for us, so much so that I’d probably put him in ahead of Ginge. Di Michele has now said he wants to stay and denied all those rumours BUT… Pazzini… that would be incredible – It’ll never happen though!

  21. FrannyZola says:

    If we did reject £12 million then it shows that Gianfranco has regained some power back for the management side from the board; something Curbishley saw slipping away from him.

    I would say that this can only be a good thing because the manager knows football, not the board.

    As for Spurs: we should have just rejected the bid on grounds of morals and principles. How can they come in with 6 then make the second double that? It shows they were taking the Michael with their first bid – who did they think we were?

  22. SJ Chandos says:

    The only paper worth reading on the transfer situation is The Independent. No ‘fire sale’ nonsense there, just impartial reporting. Even the likes of The Times, Telegraph and Guardian have been infected with the tabloid diseases of lazy journalism, speculation and sensationalism.

    It is worth noting that the Independent is stating that bids for all key players are being rejected and that funds are to be raised via the sale of fringe players. It has also made it clear that only bids of 15m plus received will be referred to Zola for decision. Presumably to see whether he thinks a sale will fund the purchase of better players, options that exist, but cannot be funded at the moment. So to all intents and purposes, Zola appears to be in control of situation.

    It has also been reported that Parker and Upson have been told that they are staying and that Bellamy is not up for sale. Only the Independent reported that Duxbury had told Spurs that Bellamy was not for sale. Proably because they were the only paper with the journalistic standards to actually bother asking him!

    I think that the club are not going to undermine Zola by selling players against his wishes. The board genuinely appear to believe in him and Clarke and want them to lead the regeneration of the club. Even if that was not the case, they cannot afford to have Zola walk out on them! That would be very damaging to the reputation of the board and the club.

    I suppose this could still be Machavellian manipulation and manouvre by the board, but the signs look good so far. Lets hope they are going to support Zola and Clarke and, as promised, keep our best players. Keep the faith!

  23. Jimbo says:

    Sorry to have to say it but I’d be surprised if WH stay in the Premiership at the end of this season. Personally I’d like them to sell the top players and introduce younger talent having secured the financial base of the club. I’d love to see a decent future for my beloved club.

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