In Praise of The Independent

It’s not often I post a reader’s comment as a main blogpost, but I thought this comment from SJ Chandos was worthy of it…

The only paper worth reading on the transfer situation is The Independent. No ‘fire sale’ nonsense there, just impartial reporting. Even the likes of The Times, Telegraph and Guardian have been infected with the tabloid diseases of lazy journalism, speculation and sensationalism.

It is worth noting that the Independent is stating that bids for all key players are being rejected and that funds are to be raised via the sale of fringe players. It has also made it clear that only bids of 15m plus received will be referred to Zola for decision. Presumably to see whether he thinks a sale will fund the purchase of better players, options that exist, but cannot be funded at the moment. So to all intents and purposes, Zola appears to be in control of situation.

It has also been reported that Parker and Upson have been told that they are staying and that Bellamy is not up for sale. Only the Independent reported that Duxbury had told Spurs that Bellamy was not for sale. Proably because they were the only paper with the journalistic standards to actually bother asking him!

I think that the club are not going to undermine Zola by selling players against his wishes. The board genuinely appear to believe in him and Clarke and want them to lead the regeneration of the club. Even if that was not the case, they cannot afford to have Zola walk out on them! That would be very damaging to the reputation of the board and the club.

I suppose this could still be Machavellian manipulation and manouvre by the board, but the signs look good so far. Lets hope they are going to support Zola and Clarke and, as promised, keep our best players. Keep the faith!


30 Responses to In Praise of The Independent

  1. FrannyZola says:

    Teacher’s pet! :o)

    Just kidding….I think you’ve found the co-editor Iain !

    I’ve been reading his/her comments and he’s/she’s not bad. Sign him/her up…free transfer before some one gets there first.

  2. FrannyZola says:

    ……..a club insider possibly? hmmmmm

  3. tc says:

    Good post as ever Iain.

    The only people I bother to read anymore are Jason Burt (Independent) and Martin Samuels at the Times. The rest is just so much froth from unimaginative and lazy journos that it is just boring.

    The only problem with the Independent is they also employ Neil Warnock (or someone that writes for him!).

  4. Salesh says:

    Great post. I believe those comments made. If bellamy was going to go, we would have accepted the allegadly 12million dollar bid from spurs….

  5. hammeredCalv says:

    somebody is speaking some sense at last ! i have a fiver that says we wont sell any of our starting 11 and if we do it will only lead to a better player coming in !

    Jimmy Bullard has told Fulham that he will take a 20% wage cut to stay at the club, what a man, pure lover of football and loyal to the club he plays for ! maybe some of our overpaid players should follow his lead !?

  6. brooking still the best says:

    Makes allot of sense, great post!

  7. Roy says:

    Good post. I’ve said in a previous post that the press are desperate for stories and would love the January window to be busy with big names moving around. This helps them fill column inches. The truth, however, is that there is usually very little movement in January compared with summer and most of it consists of loans to clubs in difficulty who haven’t got any cash. I am sure that our Chairman would love to sell the club if he can get anywhere near the right price for it as he obviously needs the cash to offset his other losses incurred in the current economic turmoil. Getting rid of good players would reduce the value of the club and make it more likely that a relegation fight could ensue – neither of which would help in finding a buyer.

  8. D&G says:

    Shame I cant find the Independent in Holland. I stopped reading the Mail years ago because of their fascination with the Royal family and the late Diana.

    Ok so we have established that Zola will have the proceeds of fringe player sale’s. What worries me is how much will that be? Let’s be honest those players are worth little to nothing.

    He needs to try and find a Striker and another midfielder with a few million quid!

  9. Upton Spark says:

    Ian; the best news I’ve heard for a long time,well done mate for letting us know,much appreciated here at the Spark household.
    A Happy New Year to you and all our supporters.
    It could be a belter of a year if we can keep our best players.

  10. D&G says:

    OH even the BBC are at it!

    ‘West Ham have told Manchester City target Scott Parker that he will not be allowed to leave Upton Park, even though the midfielder has indicated he would like to talk to the Eastlands club. (The Independent)’

    ‘The Hammers have told City to up their £15m joint bid for Parker and Wales striker Craig Bellamy to £20m if they want to land the pair. (The Independent)’

    This kind of goes against what is written above. BBC are basically saying offer the amount above and the players are theirs!

  11. colney says:

    i posted a comment with quotes in it from that burt geeza yesterday,i think he must be an ammer? direct quotes from green dont come out very often but he got it.funny how the red tops didnt blow that out of proportion? the only team that will bung 15 mill at us will be man city and with all there promises of kaka,messi ronaldo im not sure what the mancs feel about a 29 year old bellamy?im sure that wont be what there expecting so im sure that just red top paper blx.the one that does realy worry me is van der sar is 39 and fergie is partial to the odd west ham player,maybe the board should be looking at this one now?

  12. chris says:

    Good post,Fingfers crossed its all correct.

  13. Lotf says:

    tc, agree with you that martin samuels is quality but you obviously haven’t heard the bad news. He has just left the times and will start his new job in january at none other than… The daily fail!

  14. Hamster says:

    The Independent, The Guardian, The Observer and the Daily Mirror are the only papers worth looking at in this country on anything to be honest,

    Iain, I know you work for one of Murdoch’s media arms but the man just does not do impartiality. You only have to see the the one sided reporting on Sky and and in his papers. Even his channels around the world are right wing neo-conservative.

    But that is just my opinion.

  15. Iain Dale says:

    Hamster, er do enlighten me! I have never worked for any of Murdoch’s companies.

  16. Berkshire Hammer says:

    Hi All,

    I tend to use for all my Hammers news and all i see everyday is this player is going, this player is staying some good hard facts would be good.

    Lets wait till February to see who is here and who has gone.

    20 Million for Parker & Bellamy would be good if it ment we didnt have to lose Green & Upson etc.

  17. Matt says:

    To use a Wild West/Cowboy film comparison-

    I get the feeling that WH are circling the wagons reading for a January onslaught…

  18. Graybo says:

    I think Hamster might be referring to the odd appearance on the Sky ‘what the papers are saying tomorrow’ slot? Only guessing, since that’s the only Murdoch link I can think of. Presumably theres a cheque for doing that.

    Great thread, and encouraging that the responses underline this blog’s position as a place for balanced debate.

  19. chris says:

    Tomkins has been recalled,does this mean one of our centre halfs is leaving?

  20. hammeredCalv says:

    Chris, sounds like it, lets hope its not upson !

  21. DevoDevo says:

    SJ Chandos writes a lot of sense and can often be seen sending comments to the Independent and Romford Recorder! 🙂

    It’s heartening if this is the club’s stance and I said yesterday that the rebuttal of Tottenham’s revised offer for Bellamy seemed to support this.

    I would guess that Tomkins has been recalled for two reasons; The resignation of Jewell at Derby and the imminent departure of Davenport.

  22. StainesWestHam says:

    I agree that The Inde gives a factual account of most things, sport related or not. The sad truth is that most footy fans love a bit of transfer gossip and the fact they write less speculation is reflected in their copy sales. How unfortunate when you think about it. Happy New Year everybody!

  23. SJ Chandos says:

    I have just seen the blog, I was not expecting that! I wish I had proofed it better and corrected the typos now!!! Many thanks to Iain for posting it and for the kind comments from fellow contributors. A happy new year to everyone on West Ham Till I Die. As the song goes, ‘things can only get better,’ fingers firmly crossed!

  24. lotf says:

    chris, if the rumours are to be believed, davenport has been told by zola that he won’t be playing for west ham again after reacting badly to starting on the bench against stoke. If this is true then it would make sense to bring Tomkins back for cover.

  25. colney says:

    the next 31 days are going to be hell if we believe everything we read,ive got a feeling we will hold on to them all and 5/6 fringe players will go,davenport spat the dummy when dropped saturday so hes out,that leaves bowyer(massive wages)lbm same reason +useless,and 4 others.thta will cut the bill enough for 1/2 buys at the right wages

  26. Goatygav says:

    Nice one Iain. SJ Chando’s comments are always well considered, well informed and you can tell that SJ takes time to put them together. The comments are regularly posted elsewhere on other blogs too.

  27. Goatygav says:

    Sincerely hope the content of the comment detailed in the blog is true and we keep the spine of the team together for the remainder of the season.

  28. Roshi says:

    Unfortunately……..everything has a price!

    Bellamy and to a certain degree Parker and Upson are “up market” journeyman footballers, who follow the wage packet.

  29. the headmaster says:

    Awesome post, SJ. Well done to Iain for recognising it in this way too.
    When you take into account the fairly full and frank interview with Duxbery on the club’s website today (ABOUT TIME!!) it does appear that we can enter 2009 in somewhat more positive mood than we might do if we relied solely on the gutter press for our information.

    A very Hammer New Year to all

  30. DaDon says:

    All that said, today the Independent is reporting that ‘West Ham Admit Considering Player Bids’, so not even the Indie is averse to a bit of mischievous spin. Admittedly not quite as dishonest as virtually every other paper, but still sharing the view over what the ‘story’ is.

    At the end of the day, they’re all vultures.

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