Poll Results: Zola

Do you think Zola will still be manager of West Ham at the end of the season?

Yes 84%
No 16%

If West Ham sell one of their star players in January do you think Zola will resign?

Yes 41%
No 59%

Do you think Zola is the right man to lead West Ham through this period of instability within the club?

Yes 76%
No 24%

Do you agree with these statements?

Zola was the wrong man at the wrong time – 14%

He must be given time to prove himself and all this talk about him leaving is just destabilising – 65%

He can only work with the tools available to him – 50%

His tactics have been wrong and he is incapable of adapting – 3%

I have total confidence that Zola will come good and we will soon be clear of the relegation zone – 36%

I think we should cut our losses now and replace him – 4%


25 Responses to Poll Results: Zola

  1. Big_Casino says:

    Stick with the wee man… the players obviously have huge respect for him, respond to him, and enjoy playing football the way he wants them to play it….

    The spirit and comraderie amongst the players during this testing, unsettled and very unstable time seems very good to me (considering)…. and no one has come out saying they want to leave apart from Faubert, and to be honest, if he wants to go, I think he is doing us a favour.

    I’m fully supportive of Zola and Clarke…. COYI!!!!

  2. eleeNYC says:

    Have faith in Zola. He has nothing but good intentions for the team. And yes, without him we would not have gotten Clarkesy. The locker room seems to be positive. Let’s hope the squad will stick together. COYI!!!!

  3. Lank Frampard says:

    Keep him i say. It’s more convenient to have him serve his apprenticeship in London, then he will be nice and settled when Roman offers him a job at his true home. How are you lot anyway, not seen many players coming out of our feeder club lately, we might have to renegotiate your feeder club status as it seems you’re slacking. Is Sears really the best you can do? Glad to see Zola has seen sense and put him back in the reserves (though the reserve league is largely used as a youth league nowadays by most clubs) as he clearly was struggling very badly against the big boys.

  4. Lank Frampard says:

    oooh err, locker room. sounds like fun.

  5. Goatygav says:

    Interesting stuff. Most of it is bang on. Really glad to see that half of the voters said that there’s more to it than just “Working with the tools he’s got.” The manager and coach have a massive influence on how the team performs no matter what the skill level of the players.

  6. DevoDevo says:

    Interesting interview with Duxbury on Official site. 🙂

  7. Upton Spark says:

    Very interesting piece on the main website from Scott Duxberry no less!
    Would like to hear what you think Ian?
    Should we trust what he says?

  8. James says:

    Long time coming but at last Duxbury has spoken!! I am happy with what’s been said and can now sleep better from now on!! 2009 looks bright already!!

    Quality not quantity makes good sense!!

    And a Happy New year fellow Irons!!

  9. chris says:

    Duxbury nows says “we will listen to offers for all our players”
    great now I’ve got a bigger headache,happy new year.

  10. Chris H says:

    Don’t place too much emphasis on the Duxbury comments. They strike me as deliberately being capable of lots of different interpretations to meet any eventuality that might arise (from sale of the key spine of the team to keeping what we’ve got).

    That’s what corporate PR is all about! This is, after all, an “interview” on the club’s own site, rather than a conversation with an independent journalist. The management therefore have complete control over what’s written and each phrase can be carefully crafted and weighed.

    These two links – completely different takes on the same “interview” – show that there are lots of different ways to read it:

    The Sun interpret it as we won’t be selling anyone we don’t have to:

    Sky say we’ll consider offers for anyone:

    Having said that, good to see that the club is actually saying something, given the crescendo of comment over the last few days. Clever to also avoid making an “official statement” that might carry too much weight.

  11. RICH B says:

    Sick sick sick i have just herd and its all on sky sports that west ham are up for offers for any player . i had respect for big g i now want him out . i am ashamed to be a west ham fan to day we have a greedy board and owner get lost bg and take that crapy board with you you looser

  12. James says:

    You lot are reading and watching the wrong stuff!! Sky Sports News can give an aspirin a headache!!

    You lot are easily won over by the crap that the press make up!!!

    If you read what Duxbury has stated properly you will understand that a players age, prime and fitness will all bear importance in any sale, That makes great sense!!

    And he has stated that Zola has first picks as to who he wants to stay,

    The news that Nani has already sourced replacements in the case of any departure puts me at ease also, especially as they state the next player in will be better not worse than who is replaced!!

  13. 17 year hammer says:

    apprabtly craig bellamy will hand in a transfer request if we stop him from leaving to go to man city and frankly he can sit on the bench a city for all i care what a plum if he does go he wil through away the best team he will ever play for

  14. James says:

    Another thing might I add Chris and RICH B!!

    Duxbury has already turned down a couple of 12 million bids for Bellars!!

    Hope that put you new years perspectives at ease, Fact not fiction!!

  15. E1 says:

    we need to reduce the squad by at least 12 to give us funds to improve and build a quality squad of around 25 this would mean bringing in upto 5 new players of quality.IF we have to sacrifice one of our top players to achieve this it would make sense. IF Bellamey is looking at going and we get 20 mill that is being said is the figure we have put on him and fabeurt, Lbm, Quasie, Bowyer, Davenport and Ethrington go, bringing in another estimated 10 mill, we will have 1/2 compelted the squad reduction and offloaded SOME deadwood. Zola would have money to bring 2 or 3 quality replacements in giving us a stronger overall squad. SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO SPECULATE TO ACUMILATE, from a business view it would make sense and hopefully improve the team and the clubs finacial situation.

  16. James says:

    17 year hammer,

    Please read my post and then the Official West Ham website!!

    Block that press rubbish out of you mind for a min or two!!

  17. James says:

    Stop making up stuff, wait and see what happens, That is how rumours start!!

  18. 17 year hammer says:

    i wasnt making anything up just going by what i read and gave my view thats all and the board can do what they want and they will go behind zola’s back if they need to lets all hope they dnt but personally i hope he dnt go but for 20 mil it wld be ok coz we actually might break the 10mil barrier for a real decent striker

  19. 17 year hammer says:

    if u want the link i will send it to you

  20. Roy says:

    If Duxbery means what he says it makes sense. Every player has a price and if getting big money for one or two players allows Zola to strengthen the club overall it is surely a good thing – particularly if a player wants to leave anyway. The problem is whether Duxbery keeps to his word. Don’t forget that he is the only one left at the top of the club who was involved in the Tevez situation (as the Legal Director, no less) when West Ham were found guilty of lying. Also, he didn’t appear to keep his word to Curbishley about players leaving in the summer. Other than that, the press continue to make things up and Sky Sports, in particular, put their own distinctive spin on any story just to promote sensational headlines. Never forget that they are owned by the same company as the Sun. Enough said.

  21. James says:

    17year hammer,

    You are right to have an opinion mate, sorry for sounding over passionate,

    At the moment Bellamy is priceless therefore we will ask for 20million as it is very un-realistic that anybody would fork out that much from him especially at his age!! Man City is the only club that would fork out that much as they are not hurt by the credit crunch but Bellars has made it perfectly clear that he wants to stay in London!!

    If that did’nt work then I would expect the price to be raised to 25, 30 and so on!! I don’t think Duxbury would go behind Zola’s back after his written statement which said Zola picks who he wants to keep, That should be final but hey lets see!!

    Roy, 100% Correct mate, Happy to hear from somebody who has similar thought’s to me!!

  22. 17 year hammer says:

    good post roy

  23. DevoDevo says:

    Can somebody please tell me where I can find a quote attributed to Bellamy saying that he wants to leave? 😉

  24. James says:


    Exactly right, He is happy at West Ham and on form so why leave and wreck all that by restarting elsewhere!! All hype IMO!!

  25. Goatygav says:

    The only official comments that we know have been made appear on the WHUFC.com site. It’s up to the individual to decide whether to believe press speculation or the official site. Personally I’m going with the official site and expect the club to do one of two things. Either keep ALL of their players or do some excellent business on a couple of first teamers. (If you read Duxbury’s interview closely he’s given himself a little room for manoeuvre on the sale of players with his choice words)

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