Tomkins Returns from Derby Loan

Gianfranco Zola has recalled James Tomkins from his loan spell at Derby. The Rams had wanted to keep him. This is a firm indication of Zola’s intention to sell Calum Davenport, I would say.

Incidentally, does anyone know how far Danny Gabbidon is from returning to fitness?


19 Responses to Tomkins Returns from Derby Loan

  1. Big_Casino says:

    Davenport to WBA or Bolton for £1.5m…. Boa to Cardiff on a 2 year deal (no mention of price), and Faubert to Nantes for £3m… those are the latest rumours this morning…..

    If there is any truth to any of them, I’d not be too bothered to see all 3 leave…. we still have cover for Collins and Upson in Tomkins, Spector and Neill….. though, if we were to lose Collins and Upson to injury/suspension we would look quite weak at the back.

    No idea about Gabiddon…. last I heard he was out in Italy seeing a specialist – but I reckon he’s further away from a comeback than Ashton, and he might not be back this season…..

    Tristan to start with Dyer on the bench, against Barnsley, so it’s being suggested.


  2. Iain, I have to say that I felt sorry for Davenport on Saturday. He came into the Team for the previous games and played well and then gets dropped again, the same thing happened at the start of the season. I think Ginge should have been left on the bench and Davenport allowed to play against Stoke. What does everyone else think? It will be ashame to see him go but if we get a decent offer for him then I would rather see him leave than one of the big players!!!

    As for Gabbidon, I have no idea when he’s due back.

  3. DagenhamHammer says:

    I rate Ginge but Davenport did well enough to keep his place in the team. You can fully understand his frustration. I would personally like to see him stay. Tomkins is not quite there yet (although he definitely has potential) and with no sign of Gabbidon, plus the injury records of Upson and Ginge, I think we will be a bit light at centre back. That said, having been signed in the Eggy era he’s probably on inflated wages so would help cut the wage bill. Thing is I think Davenport actually wants to play for WHU, unlike Neill who will be off in Jan or the summer (when his contract expires) for definite… so i say ship him now, Spector at RB and keep Davenport… COYI!!

  4. DevoDevo says:

    I’ve already stated on oanother thread how unlucky Davenport can feel about being dropped last w/e. Especially as Collins was culpable for their goal (although many on here preferred to blame their hate figures) – Collins, himself, has held his hands up and taken full responsiblity for the goal.

    I also stated that this wasn’t the first time he has been caught napping this season – he also gave away the silly free kick that allowed Boro to earn a draw.

    I like Collins a lot, before anyone accuses me of bias against him and would like to see him retained at the club, but it does seem to me that Davenport has had a rough ride, considering he hasn’t appeared to of made any obvious ricks.

  5. Big_Casino says:

    I agree that Davenport was hard done by at Stoke. I too felt he should have kept his place, and I also feel he is a more than adequate Prem defender, who I would be happy to keep.

    But I have it on good authority that Dav is on £50k a week wages (remember he was signed in the Eggy era) – and for a player of his standard, who is really only a squad player, that is about £30-35k too much… so I can see why the club are happy to let him go.

    A similar case applies to Boa and Faubert, in that they are on astronomical wages for players who, with all due respect, are not first choice. If we can get £5-6m collectively for these 3, plus save on all their wages, hopefully it’ll be enough for us to hold onto the actual first team players that we cannot afford to lose, a la Green, Upson, Parker, Bellamy, Behrami, Ashton…..

    If we can also offload Quashie and Bowyer in the window, hopefully it was allow us to maybe bring in one or two others, if not in Jan, then in the summer…..

    Obviously if we do get taken over, you’d like to think there will be a fair amount of re-investment in the playing personnel – though I do think the current squad is pretty decent… we don’t need to completely rebuild, we just need to add proper quality in several areas.


  6. Hayden says:

    I’ll be a bit disappointed if Davenport goes to be honest. When he first came I wondered why we bought him.. But since he came back from his neck injury I think he’s shown some real class for us. It’s a shame – So much so that I’d probably opt to keep him ahead of Ginge and definitely Gabbidon. If the wages quoted are true then it’s fair to see why I guess – if we’re having to tighten our spending. I’m glad to have Tomkins back though he looked really good playing in the first team and hopefully he’ll have more chances. I’d like to know what’s going on with Gabbidon too – hope he can get fit so we can ship him out. I used to really rate him, but after him saying he’d want to leave if we got relegated – I will be really glad to see the back of him.

  7. Hayden says:

    Oh also Iain – I glanced over and saw the Celebrity Hammers fans bit – That chap off of the dancing programme.. Len Goodman? He’s a big Hammers fan apparently haha.

  8. lead swinger says:

    If i was Gabbidon i would get another doctors note to cover the rest of the season, money for old rope, sweet as.

  9. hammeredCalv says:

    Would be sorry to see any of our current players go, they all seem to really want to play for West ham at the mo,which is very encorouging, however, to achieve what we all want, i.e success ! we will see the likes of Davenport, who has played well, leaving us, for what we are paying him, we could be paying Marek Hamsik, Appiah or maybe Giavinco, who knows ?

  10. E1 says:

    could mean upson is going and tomkins is coming back as cover !

  11. Goatygav says:

    E1 – I reckon that’s far more likely. Upson’s hardly admitted his undying loyalty to the cause. He’s played well but has made all the wrong noises and added to the uncertainty and firesale speculation.

  12. WHU Kim says:

    Upson has said nothing to indicate he wishes to leave. Tomkins went to Derby on a short term loan to regain some fitness after injury. His loan period is now up so he is returning to West Ham for no other reason that that. Fringe players will be sold, Clarke has said it, Zola has said it. I expect Davenport will be the player to leave.

  13. Upton Spark says:

    I agree with a lot of others that Davenport had done nothing wrong and Collins should have been on the bench.
    It is such a shame that Davenport has reacted badly,and as a football manager myself all you want from your players is good behaivour as otherwise having an attitude only rubs off to other players which you don’t want in any team.
    If Davenport goes,we have enough cover for him so no problem. Let’s hope it’s only him and few fringe players only.

  14. mike from Hornchurch says:

    Just heard Football Agent Jerome Anderson on 5 live and he pretty much said that Scott Parker and Craig Bellamy will be out the door anytime soon! Paul Miller (ex Spurs, who these days sees himself as some kind of Football Club broker, was also on saying we had to sell because of uncertainty over who actually owned the club (i.e. Icelandic/UK Governments, etc) and cash flow problems. Couldn’t really figure that one out! Must say i thought the ownership issue had been clarified.

    Harry still spouting off as well about a list he has given to his Chairman. Be great if we went in for Bentley or Lennon wouldn’t it? Wonder how Harry would deal with press speculation like that. Might shut him up eh!

  15. irontc says:

    Lucas Neil iritates me. I would like to see him go. Overrated and overpaid.

    Strange how he gets himself injured the game before the transfer window opens?

    I guess hes sticking around till his comfy contract is up.

    Who would be mad enought to pay his wages? (apart from us of course!)

    Upson or Parker for the captains armband (if they are still around in February)

  16. Tony says:

    My new year resolutions are 1. Dont belive ANYTHING in the gutter press.
    2.Have total faith in Zola and the team he picks.
    3. Try and belive in the Board , until proven wrong.

  17. WHU Kim says:

    Jerome Anderson is just repeating parrot fashion tabloid gossip and the day I start being interested in Paul Miller’s view on global financies and legalities will be the day after I’ve had a lobotomy.

  18. Roy says:

    I can’t believe that Wenger will not try to boost his defence in the January window as they are in dire need of a central defender. Looking around at who might be available you have to say that Upson would be the most likely choice. If a big enough offer came in the club would accept it and Upson would get Champions League football (at least for 2 games!) and be better placed to push on with his international claims.
    We’ll probably end up selling both Upson and Davenport and then we will be short at the back.

  19. claret bobby says:

    Duxberry has said that no-one is leaving unless a suitable replacement has been lined up so in theory, we won’t be short of any position

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