Poll Results: Sheffield United

Which of these statements matches your view of what we should do about the Sheffield United situation?

West Ham should come to an out of court settlement as soon as possible – 39%
West Ham should continue to fight Sheffield United all the way to the full extent of the law – 59%
West Ham should just allow the Tribunal to set a compensation sum, and then pay it without argument – 2%

Who do you most blame for the fact that West Ham faces paying Sheffield United compensation of up to £30 million?

Terry Brown 35%
Scott Duxbury 25%
Eggert Magnusson 2%
Bjorgolfur Gudmundsson 0.1%
All of them 35%
None of them 2%

Who would you most like to see destitute under Waterloo Bridge, begging for a cup of tea?

Kevin McCabe 64%
Neil Warnock 16%
Paul Ince 4%
Frank Lampard 15%


26 Responses to Poll Results: Sheffield United

  1. chris says:

    Agree with everyone.

  2. jon.london colney says:

    .1 for bg? wtf?

  3. Sam H says:

    Thanks for the link back Iain 🙂

  4. chris says:

    “bellamy hands in transfer request” Mirror talking crap again,
    we are on the way up!!please leave us alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. James says:

    For me Duxbury is the one I blame for the Sheffield United horror!!

    Brown already left the club but Duxbury still stood long after, However I did like Eggert Magnusson as he was very much a fans person who voiced his concerns on many occassions, He is missed in my opinion and I blame Duxbury for the loss of him, Duxbury should have been the one to walk!!

    But I will give him a chance to redeem himself and hope that he is true to his word over the selling players fiasco in January!! Remember I have seen his statement and will remember should he go off track!!

  6. Marleeeen depreciation society says:

    i don’t get duxbury, as i understand it he says we won’t be selling our best players then says we’ll consider every offer. he then says any final decision is down to zola but goes on to say that anyone could go if nani feels he can replace them. i feel as reassured as i would after listening to a politician talking about tax- i know he’s going to screw me again. he might just as well have said…”we won’t sell any of our best players unless we do”.

  7. jon.london colney says:

    i just think he was saying…6 mill no chance,15 mill…. we would be silly not too so over to you zola/nani,find a replacement.

  8. FrannyZola says:

    ERR???? Brown??? James, you are right. The number one culprit is Duxbury. He is the one who bloody did the deal and he’s supposed to be a lawyer!

    The fact that so many of our own fans voted Brown shows how little is still known about the Tevez situation. Brown wasn’t even there.

  9. colin say's says:

    I have tried to email you, would you be able to take off my original post that l put on ‘The About Site’, as l have since found out quite a bit of information, about the match that l went to see at sheffield in the 60’s with my brother, l have been talking to him and he has told me about an interesting story about that day, and l would like to add it. many thanks Colin

  10. appyhammer says:

    I think that brown and duxbury share responsibility for the initial signings, and not making sure of the legality of them. Duxbury must also also shoulder the blame for the result of the tribunial espically if it is fact that he went against the clubs word regarding the plonker that is Kia (a cheap korean car say no more) Jiaborrian at the initial hearing and it came to light, although i still don’t know how it was proved.

  11. stuart says:

    Frannyzola – Brown is as guilty as Duxbury. The tevez/mascher deal was all part of his last big hurrah sell off to Kia. So, as far as he was concerned this was all going to be Kia’s issue anyway once he’d got his hands on his £85m or whatever it was.

    Brown was the instigator.


  12. bazzahamma says:

    take it from me…we will probably be selling mor than buying this january.

  13. jon.london colney says:

    nice to see defoe hasnt learnt from his previous mistakes,still a twat.

  14. LaurieinSpain says:

    Duxbury!!! That statement is a disgrace. Read carefully what he says and remember he is a rogue. Come and bid for our best players, unsettle them, they then press the manager for the move they are offered and Zola’s position is untenable. Its a fire sale designed to make the club as lean as possible for the imminent sale of the club – which incidentally is also the strategy that would see Duxbury benefit to the maximum. We can only hope its his golden handshake. If there is no law under which he could legally be put in prison then the law is an ass.

  15. dan says:

    fannyzola and james it was brown who brought tevez to us cause he left two weeks after he brought him but duxbury is just as bad for letting him do the transfer any way so your the ones who don’t no there facts about west ham so shut up and xxxxxxxxx having ago about the people who voted brown the should vote for brown

  16. FrannyZola says:

    Why are you swearing Dan?

    First of all, I don’t know why Iain has allowed you to post that comment being a courtious and well mannered gentleman that he is and would want to continue to be known as. I can only assume that his moderation was not on.

    Secondly, we were having a intelligent debate with no swear words and people have managed to put their opinion and disagree (e.g Stuart) without swearing until you and your deficient IQ come along.

    The Tevez situation is still misunderstood by many – this is a fact.

    Brown was the Chairman but Duxbury done the deal. He is also a lawyer so should know all about contracts and should have known FA regulations. Brown would not have been involved here. Whether he introduced Tevez and Mascherano fair enough but it was the CEO (or whatever his title was then) who done the deal. Duxbury could have gone to Brown and said we cannot do the deal because of clause such and such. Therefore Duxbury is most to blame.

    I can only assume that you’re anger is because either you was alone on Christmas or you didn’t get the present you wanted. At least you’ve decided to drown your sorrows with a few glasses which your last sentence quite clearly demonstrates

    “so xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx having ago about the people who voted brown the should vote for brown”

    Nice! But don’t worry, I still love you man.

  17. Iain Dale says:

    Dan, I have edited out the swearing from your comment. You are now on a yellow card. Swearing is not allowed on this blog.

  18. (Un)Happy Hammer says:

    On one hand McCabe and Sheffield United are wrong for persuing the compensation claim for lost earnings, but on the other hand we’re looking for someone to blame, Brown or Duxberry.

    I hope we just pay up and get on with it, any true Hammer and football fan will (as much as it hurts me to say) admit West Ham did wrong. If the shoe had have been on the other foot we’d have taken Sheffield United to every court in the land for justice.

    We did wrong and its time to pay up, Tevez was illegally playing for us for the last 3 matches of the 2006/07 season, look at Droylesdon, they did wrong and were punished immediately.

    If we’re looking for someone to blame we should be looking at the PL Officials, Dave Richards and Richard Scudamore for getting us into this mess.

  19. jon.london colney says:

    great,i wake up to sky sports putting the boot in on west ham.

    we have to sell the club before the icelandik bank takes bg’s assets to pay off any debts incoured.premier league have told west ham were to be deducted points IF we were to go into administration.we know the rules so why publicly tell us?

    im turning the telly off for a month,not reading a news paper or anything on line,this is not a happy time and 31st january cant come quick enough.or should i say that indian geeza with all the dosh !!!

  20. Goatygav says:

    Not sure which reported wrote this but the “Telegraph” has recently been described as a reliable source on West Ham stories – so are we about to lose our captain?


    Personally I wouldn’t be too upset to see him go. I don’t think he’s as good as any of the other first choicers in defence. I spoke with a Blackburn Rovers fan, who’s played and scouts for Accrington Stanley and know’s his stuff, and he was well pleased to be rid of him. Main reason being his view of Lucas as a paycheck player – happy to turn up and collect his wages and put the occasional decent performance in to keep his place in the team.

  21. Goatygav says:

    apologies for the typo – that was “Not sure which reporter wrote this” and not “reported wrote this.”

  22. Doc H Ball says:

    Re: Brown and Duxbury – the 5.5m fine imposed by the PL can be attributed to both. As Dan said, TB was very much in charge when the deal was first struck which included the agreement that Kia J could sell Mash and Carlitos against PL rules. Of course, this was a sop to the fans and to buyers of the club to make us think we’d made the big time. It’s ironic that an agreement which could really hurt W Ham alone is now the root of so many problems for us.

    After Brown left, it was Duxburry who supposedly ripped the agreement up to allow Carlitos to play the remaining games. But, of course, he didn’t really which is why we’re here now.

    Duxbury is our in-house legal counsel! He is a card carrying Man Utd fan! He is a disgrace! His latest quote on the club’s official site is a masterpiece in obscuration and an invitation to sell.

    I know that bad language is barred from this site to curb offensive blogs and encourage reasoned debate. So, Duxbury – farou i rassgat!

  23. Roy says:

    There was one other perpetrator of the Tevez/Mascherano deal and that was Paul Aldridge. He was the one, I believe, who was accused of lying.
    The ultimate responsibility rests with Brown as the senior man (the buck stops here and all that) but the CEO – who was then Aldridge and the Legal Director – who was then Duxbury – were compliant in the deal. In other words, the three senior people in the club took a decision which has been costly and unsettling in the extreme.
    I would agree that the thought behind the deal was probably to set up the sale of the club to the second-hand car dealer. If that had happened I would think we would be in deeper brown stuff than we are now.
    I think that some of the criticism of BG has been a bit over the top lately. He has been severely hit by the current economic downturn and is no different to many other big-time players in business and finance. Don’t forget that he spent £85m of his own money buying the club and then pumped in another £15m. That is very different to the Liverpool situation where the Yanks borrowed the money to buy the club which now has to service the debt. If BG hadn’t come in we would now be owned by the car dealer – a far worse prospect.

  24. Goatygav says:

    Quite right Roy – as a company director Terrence Brown has certain legal obligations to meet. Whether he was at fault or not is neither here nor there. He’s acccountable and responsible.

  25. bazooka Joe says:

    To Unhapppy Hammer

    You are wrong wrong and wrong again but of course entitled to your opinion no matter how vacuous it is!

    Happy New Year mate not at the game today as I am abroad but I get the feeling you won’t be either!

    You sure you don’t work for Mccabe

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