Parker Is On His Way

Reports tonight suggest that Scott Parker has agreed personal terms with Manchester City and will sign within the next 48 hours. However, Sky Sports News says that the two clubs have yet to agree a fee. I hope we do not accept anything less than £10 million.


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  1. hammer says:

    id rather keep him than sell our best players..i wouldnt accept anything. cause i doubt we will get a replacement

  2. Biffo the bear says:

    Shame to see him go if it’s true but I reckon we can cope without him…hope we keep hold of Upson Green and Bellamy

  3. chris says:

    So its started….West ham R.I.P

  4. appyhammer says:

    I hope this is another of those unfounded gutter press stories that are not true, but if it is, will have to make sure that manchesters third team ( after stockport and oldham) pay well over the odds and the money goes back in the team and not the owners recoupping some of the money they spent before the credit crunch hit! we have mullins and other players who can do a job in his position but not as good esp as they are below us and not playing as well.
    On a slightly different note if our tie against the monkey hangers is on telly I hope it is on itv and not shitanta as hardly anyone watches that channel

  5. jamie says:

    thats bad he was our best player so far this year

  6. Simon says:

    GZ has to start building his own team. Now is as good as time as any.

  7. Prince H says:

    If we get Michael Johnson as a part of the deal, I can live with this one. And see us to rebuild our midfield a bit. Give Noble, Collison and Dyer full responsibility, and Behrami and Johnson to run, run, run!

  8. Saf says:

    Who will take Parker’s place, especially as Wenger seems to be after Noble? Why oh why does Zola think Bendtner is a good deal for Upson’s inevitable sale? We’ve suffered with Cole for so long, who has only just turned the corner recently, it seems. Surly we don’t have the time to be patient with another potentially good striker who is just that…potentially good.

  9. darren says:

    If West Ham are getting 12 mil for him, as reported then thats pretty good business, think i recall they paid about £7 mil for him from Newcastle. Additionally with Dyer back, Collinson back in, there is probably enough cover. It may also help balance a few books to help keep Bellamy and Upson too.

  10. chris says:

    So BG excepts he cant sell the club.
    If parkers off that means the rest will follow.
    10 for parker
    10 for green
    10 for bellamy
    10 for upson
    10 for other bits and pieces
    the team ends up…..iilunga collins tomkins spector,ethrington collinson,noble,dyer,sears,cole.
    here we come championships.
    as a west ham fan…..nothing changes!!

  11. Sam H says:

    if we have to lose any one player out of green, upson, parker and bellamy then for me parker is the one to go.

    We can’t afford to lose any of the others in terms of what they bring to the team, whereas we have ample depth in midfield to see parker move on and not leave to much of a gap

    obviously in an ideal world we would keep him cos he has been brilliant this year, but there you go

  12. grego says:

    going down little hammers parker will do 10mill to us is nothin lol bye bye west ham united r i p

  13. Kevin says:

    I should have known better but absolutely gutted if this is true. I agree regarding Collison, Noble and . Even having Dyer, Etherington and Bowyer then Boa Morte and Mullins makes it seem we have a surplus of midfielders.

    Of these however Parker is the stand out and with the current financial difficulties this makes no sense as if the owners are looking to sell than surely a buyer will be attracted to a club with fantastic assets (players rather than Land value!).

    For the first time in ages there is a real positive vibe about the team and I am particularly pleased at the football we are playing.

    Up front we are still short of somebody who can really finish but having said that Cole scoring in each of the last three games just might be the start of better things. He is increasingly reminding me of Andy Cole somebody who needed 5 chances to convert one and with the way we have been playing that is exactly what we have been giving him!

    The core of Green, Upson, Parker is/was the base for better things and probably Upson is also on his way! Bellamy must be going as well as I cannot see him staying with a selling team.

  14. micky says:

    i’d let him go if he wants to what is the point in keeping hold of a player who don wanna play for u any more but i am very disspointed in him baring in mind how much we paid for him n how much he was injured thought he might have had abit of loyalty obviously not!!! but thats football players of today for ya, remember the las time he made a big money move didn’t work out for him might be sour grapes but i hope this one dont work out for him either money grabbing little cretin!!

  15. appyhammer says:

    Just another point for parker to consider, out of all the main players to be sold I hope he is the only one, but if he goes to city doeshe really believe he will be a first team regular next season once the cheque book hughes has is opened in the closed season or would he be better off with us as a regular and appricated for his hard work and talent

  16. Ads says:

    Parker has been a consistant performer this season for us. He plays the holding midfielder well, and is a vital part of the British back bone of the team, with Green, Upson, him and Bellamy.

    Mullins is not Prem quality and a squad player at best. Noble is not his usual self this year, so I’m hoping that Collison will be given a good chance to play now. I assume now that Dyer is back, Zola sees Parker as the player we can get rid of that we can cover.

  17. SJ Chandos says:

    Parker for 12m, snap their hand off and slap not for sale signs on Green, Berhami, Noble, Bellamy, Ashton, etc. This is a move that I floated some time ago and it makes perfect sense. Of the key players he is the one that we can afford to lose, as long as the money is reinvested in the squad.

    I think that Faubert could be next, along with Davenport, Boa Morte and Quashie. That will generate a significant funds to allow Zola to start bringing his own players in. But I reiterate, the club must bring players in that demonstrate their expressed desire to take the club forward. That for me is the ultimate litmus test of the board’s intentions. This need not be West Ham RIP, it could see the birth of Zola’s West Ham Utd!

  18. E1 says:

    Correct me if I am wrong but parker was’nt playing saturday and the mid field looked good enough to give anyone a game and we have dyer and berahmi to come back if 12 mill is right then it’s good business and will hopefully give zola some funds to start to build HIS team and when some of the other fringe players go as well we will have an overall better squad and financialy be even more sound. If Upson goes and davenport then we will be a bit short at the back and neil looks like he is on his way. I don’t think bendtner will be coming from arsenal, zola will want the cash not a make weight, again to strengthen and reduce the squad. Green is the most important one to keep at the moment and will probably get a improved contract. Zola has said that he only wants 22 to 25 in the squad and has yet not brought any one of his own in so he is going to have to sell and as long as he is given some of the funds generated we must trust him and clarke to take us forward. It’s not all doom and gloom there are players out there that the nanni has identified far better than those we are worry about loosing, relegation is not likley with or without parker and upson. We need to improve the squad and at he same time give ourselves a better and longer prem’ship life and stay solvent. Buyers won’t buy a business that is over spending and has no future.
    SO COME ON LADS CHEER UP IT’S ALL PART OF BEING A HAMMER, and remember the Brown days this has got to be better. COYI !!!

  19. sean says:

    I thought when our owners took over from Brown, we were told that West Ham will no longer be a selling club. I dont trust anyone. Has Zola sanctioned this deal???

  20. SJ Chandos says:

    Just seen the Upson-Bentner exchange deal rumour. I do not fancy that at all. Upson is an absolute rock at the back for us and I would not let him go in January at any price! Same goes for Bellamy up front. I do quite fancy bringing in Bentner from Arsenal, but only as a straight purchase.

    I also see that some sources are suggesting Johnson will come to us as part of any Parker deal. I personally see that as a very positive move, bringing in a younger midfielder of that ability. That is the type of player that an ambitious club acquires!

    Take advantage of Man City’s foolishness, that’s what I say. That sad little club proves that money does not buy class. In the shadow of Man United they are and in the shadow of Man United will remain! Yesterday’s humiliation at the hands of Forest was priceless!

  21. Andy B says:

    I see that we have a purile comment from a 10 yr old Man City fan, Grego!

    From my perspective, Parker would be a loss for us, as he is a solid holding midfielder who (IMO) keeps possession well and breaks up opposition play. That said, I would rather lose him than Upson, Bellamy or Green! If this rumour is true, I hope that the others have “Not for Sale” stickers placed on them!

    I am not by nature a panicker but I will sleep more easily after Feb 2nd (assuming that the Woolies-style closing sale has not taken place in the meantime).


  22. Mikef says:

    E1, I agree with you, that we can do without Parker providing GZ has access to the funds. If we have another Rio situation or buy no one at all I will be worried. I agree GZ would not want Bentner but he might have no choice if we need the money and Arse want to out him. I think then the accountants will have the final decision.

    I suspect BG overvalued the club at £250mill for the Hamsa (BG’s holding company who “own” WHU) bankrupcy hearing back in Oct. That bought him 6 months relief, time enough to sell the club. Might be they need a cash injection and of all the players we want to keep Parker is considered expendable, much like many of us will be in the next 3 months.


  23. colney says:

    the trouble with one going is the unrest it makes in the camp.i bet there all talking about whos next?this is a stupid decision that can only mean one thing,this so called fire sale is under way and were looking for survival at best.ok,zola has said he will have a replacement that makes us better? come on then …. prove it!

  24. Geoff says:

    Hey guys, has anyone considered that Parker might want to go? Disappointing I know after we supported him through his injuries & is only now starting to repay the investment however if we can get 12mil for him when we paid 7, sounds like good business to me.

  25. HammersWest says:

    Looks like Parker is gone, but we can live without him. I should have known it would happen as he is the January “pinup” in the Hammers calendar I got for Christmas.
    Lets hope he is all we lose. I can’t see him playing first team for citeh once they are settled, so I hope he’s thought this through.
    I think we will be fine without him as long as we keep all the other key players

  26. SJ Chandos says:

    Strangest rumour in the Sunday papers is The People’s suggestion that Newcastle Utd will bid for Quashie!!!! Well it is definitely more realistic than their supposed bid for Upson. lol. Yes, Newcastle Utd and Quashie, a match made in footballing heaven!

    Oh, and by the way, we Hammers fans have a new Champion looking after our interests, step forward Andy Dunn of the News of the World. Apparently, West Ham Utd FC is the footballing equivalent of Woolworth’s and the evil Duxbury is taking us honest, simple Hammers fans for mugs! He then does on to select extracts from Duxbury’s Q&A and put the worst possible spin on them.

    We all know that Duxbury’s statement could be interpreted in both a positive and a more negative way. I chose a positive interpretation, in the knowledge that I would be proven right or wrong by events in this January’s window. Others on here were more sceptical from the outset, as is their right as fully paid up Hammers fans. But the one thing that we do not need or trust is the condensending sympathy and skewed opinions of our ‘friends’ in the tabloid press.

  27. chris says:

    Is everyone blind!.cant you all see that the selling of parker(if true)is not the end but just the beginning.people not playing against barnsley coz of flu(my arse)
    upsons next…………..bye!!!
    then zola
    F——g money ruined this game.

  28. SJ Chandos says:

    Sky Sports have speculated that Parker has agreed personal terms with City far in access of his current West Ham terms of £70,000 a week. I do not know whether this is right or wrong, but I do wonder if Man City will start getting the stick that the Hammers got from the media during Eggbert’s time at the club? Will they be accused of massively inflating the transfer market and paying irresponsible wages? Will it be suggested that mercenary players are only going there for the inflated wages? I doubt it very much!

  29. SJ Chandos says:

    Chris, time will tell if your fears are justified. We all need to hold fire and see what happens next. There should be no other major departures. The club needs to concentrate upon selling the likes of Davenport, Faubert, Quashie, Bowyer and Boa Morte; as well as bringing in a couple of quality signings and perhaps a loan player. These signings are vital in dispelling negativity amongst players and fans and answering the club’s many critics!

    If Upson, Green, Bellamy, et al, go next then that would be an unwelcome turn of events. If this proposed Parker deal has not been sanctioned by Zola then he will be right to walk out on the club and he will have my full sympathy. But I do not believe that the club are silly enough to allow this to happen.

  30. SJ Chandos says:

    One good signing, with the Parker money, and the pessimism will lift, you watch! Keep the faith.

  31. Iron Lung says:

    I have to say I’m not too unhappy. It was inevitable one of the big names would be gone. Let’s hope it’s only this one. I really think he only came good in the past half dozen games, and in Collison we have a ready made replacement. Parker reminds me of Bowyer or Scholes, even David Batty…inclined to go sideways. Let him go and play for Man City reserves and get moved on by whoever replaces Hughes in three weeks time.

  32. OZ ex chicken runner says:

    Lucas Neils’ agent was on Fox sports over here the other day and reckons he has no intention of leaving West Ham and there has not been any enquiries for him including Galatasary ( they are only mentioned because Kewell is there). Neil has been a bit disappointing and at times very bad! Really do not want to see our best players go, including Parker, although we do have good midfield players, what concerns me is if all our best go and we finish up with the ones we want to get rid of! I am 12000 miles away but all I can say to the supporters is get behind the team, the same way we did in the 60s and early 70s when I was in the chicken run….have a go at the slackers, we always did, but get behind the team…they cannot do it without the support. Old saying…players, managers and now onwers come and go but the real supporters are always there..COYI
    PS…The hammers have never been relegated when I have been in the old country and that includes two visits when we were in danger….so if it looks bad have a whip round and I will come over!!!!!!!!!!

  33. chris says:

    Iron lung well said,in the next year or so parker will be a bit part player,but he wont care his on mega wages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. chris says:

    RAdio talk this morning that bellamys off!!,now I’m really p—-ed off!!
    That is the one player that must not be allowed to leave,no way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Richard says:

    I think 10 million for parker thats good business he has a long hisory of injury. When we brought him from New United we was injuried there for most of the time. Big Sam didn’t want him. Lets face it we only got him because of the pervious manager!! if Man City want to give us 10/12 million let him go. Because within a couple of weeks time parker will be on the injury list again!!!.

  36. mike from Hornchurch says:

    According to Sky Sports 5 minutes ago (8.25am) West Ham have said Parker is not for sale! Who knows what is going on!

  37. DevoDevo says:

    chris – stop believing every rumour you see/hear, the media have to fill airtime/copy and the January transfer window gives them a fantastic opportunity to indulge in what they do best.,speculate & invent.

    A lot of your posts are needlessly negative. Your prediction for Saturday; I bet Dyer gets injured. Tomkins; Hasn’t impressed. The poor kid has only played a handful of games and you’ve written him off. Do you think Bobby Moore was peerless from day 1?
    Come on, mate as Donald Sutherland said in Kelly’s Heroes, “Don’t hit me with those negative vibes”. 🙂

    Sky Sports News this morning……… WEST HAM SAY PARKER NOT FOR SALE!

    I sense a new era at Upton Park.

  38. Roy says:

    Well said DevoDevo. The media – and particularly Sky Sports – must have some amazing sources of information or just sit around making it all up. When you have a rolling 24 hour news programme it is impossible to report on facts all the time as there just aren’t enough to go round. Most of the rumours they report never happen and when there is a major transfer (e.g Wayne Bridge) they don’t see it until it happens. Who know who, if anyone, will leave in this window. When it happens we will know. Until it does we should just ignore all the crap that comes out. Both Zola and Clarke have repeatedly stated (along with Duxbury, which worries me – how can you tell when he’s lying? his lips move) that they want to get rid of some fringe players and I’m sure they will if they can. Even if we don’t get much wonga for some of them it will reduce the wage bill. 5 players at an average of “20k per week is a £5m saving in a year. Makes perfect business sense to me. Wish I could make that sort of saving for my business. This would be considerable more, of course, if Neill and Boa were included as their wages alone would appear to come to around £6-7m in a year.

  39. Richard says:

    I think this is a positive statment by West Ham telling the rest of the football clubs that parker is not for sale. so far so good.!!!!!

  40. Graybo says:

    24/7 News is the cause of a lot of problems. Idle speculation leads to unsettling atmosphere, and not just in football.

    Ban satellite TV, rolling news, the Internet… aaagghgggh What Am I Saying??? I’m going mad, the world’s gone mad…. West Ham are going to win the Cup and qualify for Europe. Nurse… the curtains

  41. Roshi says:


    We may buy one or two though! You would not try and sell a car with only two wheels, that is about to fail the MOT, which is what our chairman would be trying to do.

    It is far more important to stay in the prem with the financial reward that goes with it.

    As usual, bound to be proved wrong.

  42. Doc H Ball says:

    I don’t believe anyone anymore. If Murdoch news told me it had just snowed, I’d look out and expect to see tropical islands. Sky v Duxbury – now there’s a choice…

    All this speculation is more tedious than a Colin McCabe interview. Personally speaking I think it’s going to take a braver man than Scott Duxbury to cross Steve Clarke. I have got the growing belief that Mr Clarke is the proverbial dog’s genitalia.

  43. ChrisG says:

    I have from a contact very close to the Bellamy camp that he will go to Man City for 10 Million, and his being cup tied to us will not matter as City are out of the Cup!!!!

  44. old biddy says:

    Heres food for thought guys…………Tevez fails to agree terms with Man Utd on a permanant contract(a long shot i know) but why not take him back(at least offer has he is only on loan i think) for the rest of the season??????……..we can but dream cant we?

  45. hammerette says:

    Grab the money for Parker I say. Average player at best. Lacks creativity, stupid swivel, only passes backwards, sideways or out of play and gives away too many free kicks. Not half as good as he thinks he is and Curbishley loved him – enough said. Think he has inhibited Noble and we can manage without him.

  46. Roshi says:

    Bloke down the pub who once met Bellamy’s Aunt on a school trip to Swansea reckons he wants to stay and fight for the badge!

  47. Goatygav says:

    There’s no real loyalty in football. Over 90% of players are mercenary and available for hire to the highest bidder. Whoever pays the biggest wages will get the players that they want. To say that Man City won’t be a major force in the Premier League is naive because it’s going to happen.

    What Scott Parker needs to condiser is how long Mark Hughes will be the manager there, whether he’s going to play as regularly as he does at the moment, what other players will be bought as well as all the other upheaval to do with a move. I guess this won’t frighten him as he’s arleady had experience of this type of thing with Chelsea and Newcastle so I reckon he’s weighed it up and he’ll be moving on.

    This was on the cards since Curbs was stabbed in the back. He came to West Ham because of his old manager in the first place.

    What we can now read in to Scott Duxbury’s statement on the Website is that West Ham want to give out the “We don’t need to sell” message so that they can negotiate better prices from those clubs who want to “Cherry Pick” the best players from our team. Hope I’m wrong and none of the rest of the spine of the team is sold. My money’s on Upson to go next though. Unsure of what Bellamy will do but you have to consider his relationship with Mark Hughes.

  48. colney says:

    i pay 46 quid a month for sky and they still come up with crap!!!!! liers or what? if i hear “sky sport news source rekons” again ill demand a refund from the liers!

  49. Goatygav says:

    Most of that £46 goes ends up lining the pockets of agents and players jon.

  50. colney says:

    this is funny,so much money and they dont even know who there buying?

  51. chris says:

    Devo you put my mind at ease!!! just dont know what to believe anymore!
    still not sure about Tomkins thou,sorry.
    Pleased for dyer,well pleased,fingers crossed.
    Sometimes my posts are negative,because I dont want us to throw it all away,when we are on the verge of something big,Europe etc…….

  52. SJ Chandos says:

    Yeah, Sky Sports have had to retract their bullish statements of yesterday! It’s not good enough really is it! But it is a lesson to us to maintain a critical distance from all the media hype and actually wait to see what transpires. Otherwise we will be all end up driving ourself crazy!

    West Ham might be chancing their arm in the hope that Man City come in with a really desperate bid for Parker, i.e. £15m plus. Time will tell, but all clubs know that they are in trouble and will try and squeeze every million out of them that they can. And who can blame them.

    The defining feature of this January window is that most clubs do not have transfer funds and that includes the likes of Chelsea. They are having to sell to buy, but not at any price. It is a sellers market and the likes of Man City and Spurs are being quoted silly prices, but what choice do they have?

    Developments would seem to prove that the Hammers are not in financial crisis and talk of ‘fire sales’ is nonsense. Shock-horror, even the Sportsmail has had to admit today that this might be the case. But the Mirror Sports has not caught on yet. Apparently star columist Stan Collymore reckons we are in danger of becoming the new Leeds Utd, what he bases that on god knows! Still he does reckon that the bottom half of the 20 team PL consists of 11 clubs, so he obviously has a good grasp of reality! lol.

  53. SJ Chandos says:

    GoatyGav, I have just seen your question to me about the Hansa deadline in March and I have replied on the appropriate blog paper. It is just my understanding of the Hansa situation. I hope that it helps?

  54. D&G says:

    Bellamy will be next. Zola said he would quit if they went and if you ask me he has already sanctioned the Parker deal and will probably sanction the Bellamy deal so BG got his ‘yes’ man alright.

  55. SwedeHammer says:

    News from the Independent, City bid, 20m for Bellamy and Parker…I am afraid that is a bid they will consider. But will we see that money going into new player purchase or paying of old pub bills??

  56. James says:

    If we lose Parker then that could be our downfall, He has a position in the team which is instrumental to us getting the results, There is no real replacement for him, Mullins can hold the position but he cannot change the fortunes of a match like Parker does!!

    If true then Duxbury has done the dirty on us again and I do hope we all boo him out of the club to our hearts consent!! But I will hold out and see what happens first!!

  57. James says:

    Anther thing, I just knew Sky Sports would have their Rant over the proceedings, But apparently we told that bunch that he is not leaving and indispesible to West Ham!!

  58. James says:

    Read this then, Ref Behrami apparently his agent stated he will be leaving for a top club in the Summer, Not sure how true taht is but here is the link, Mention of a Chelsea bid was stated also!!

  59. brooking still the best says:

    it’a all a load of crock. its about time we all took it as it comes and stop listening to the press and TV media.
    If we do start selling our best players then I for one will not be renewing my season ticket next year.
    So far, I like what Zola and Steve Clarke have done but selling our first team would be taking the piss. I cant see it happening without replacements in line.
    I wonder what happened to the cash generated by sales in the summer? The management are talking ambitious, it’s about time the started to act the same way.

  60. Upton Spark says:

    I for one am not surprised by this story(if it’s true?)as Scott has alway’s been a traveller and rarely settles or stays for long.
    He went to Chelsea thinking he was a cert for the first team and that didn’t work out. He went to Newcastle and that little affair didn’t last long either,and now he is off to City? As I said,no surprise and IF it is true then all I can say is MONEY GRABBING BAST_ _ _ .

  61. chris says:

    Whats a matter with the mirror/Whats its problem with us!
    P–s!!!! off!!!!!
    Papers worse than the sun!!!!

  62. West Ham Fan no 32 says:

    I am surprised that everyone is getting so heated up, its not long ago that we were the team with the money and being linked with every single player at every club from here to Katmandhu if thats how u spell it…

    If players move on there is not much we can do, at the moment they are ours and the club has reportedly said that Parker is not for sale so lets assume the best. The papers are mercenerary and really they should be the people we vent our fury’s too, by not buying them !

    Daily mail has had a long vendetta against us and seemingly any cheap targets across any walk of life, they are like the kid who shouts loudest but you can never see his face because he doesn’t want to get involved in anything close to real action.

    Mirror is nearly as bad, the Star is the paper equivalent of Tribal Football website.

    Just ignore them and hopefully their owners will suffer the misery they have been inflicting on others for the last few decades of shameless scandalising.

    Not one West Ham player has publically said he wants to leave and in fact nearly all of them have stated their commitment to West Ham so lets get behind our players and not feed the media frenzy.


  63. WHU Kim says:

    I’m only taking notice once the deals are confirmed. 98% of transfer gossip is rubbish.

  64. Ian the Hammer says:

    Spot on WHU Kim. If the papers all said we’re going to win the league we wouldn’t believe them would we (even the championship) Lets not get too angry or depressed until it happens. Look on the bright side, even Cole’s scoring!!!!!

  65. SJ Chandos says:

    The Independent have stated that the Hammers are holding out for £15m for Parker. No £15m, no transfer it’s as straightforward as that! However, the report confirmed that the Hammers are concentrating upon raising funds via Faubert and the fringe players.

    Another report is saying Faubert’s wage demands are an obstale to a transfer back to a French club. He cannot expect PL money in the French league, but I would take that one with a pinch of salt myself!
    Time will tell, but the Hammers do not look a desperate club. The press make the common mistake of confusing the owners recent financial losses with the financial stability of West Ham Utd PLC. They are not necessarily the same thing. There may not be any transfer funds in January, and a need to sell to buy, but that applies to three quarters of the PL clubs. If the Man Citys and Arsenals expected West Ham to be a so-caled crisis club, offering it’s best players at knock down prices, they are going to be sorely disappointed.

    Keep an eye on what is going on at Chelsea, there appears to be massive cut backs going on internally at that club. Yet no media speculation on their owner’s financial losses and need to cut costs is there! Funny that.

  66. richo says:

    Your right Kim, no point stressin’ bout who will and wont be goin’, would be sad to see Parker leave if it happens, he’s been our second best player behind Upson this season.

  67. mark says:

    hes not going anywhere.

  68. Andrew says:

    According to the Guardian

    Gudmundsson has until March to sell West Ham or else the holding company, Hansa, will be declared insolvent. If this is the case WH will suffer a damaging immediate points deduction near the end of the season. With the close bunching of clubs at the mid-bottom part of the table at this stage this deduction would mean….. ( no need to fininsh the sentence).

    My question, if there are any “experts” out there to comment, is whether the analysis below has any factual merit?

    1. BG needs to sell WHUFC for as much as possible as he is up sh*t creek with his finances.
    2. He has until March, so is still holding out for a good deal…
    3. ….but will have to accept a lower offer soon or later, else the last “jewel in his portfolio” would go t*ts up and he would get “nothing” (i.e. much less) from the club.
    4. If he sells any of the top players now, without makng any genuinely suitable replacements, the value of WHUFC will be less especially of the club is threatened with relegation and so the possibility of option 3 (above) will rapidly recede.

    So, maybe it my death or glory attitude, I reckon he cant afford to seel any of our “best” players now (but reckon we could accept an MCFC offer 25 mill for Luis Boa Morte).

  69. Graybo says:

    I think 25 mill is a little conservative for LBM … otherwise your argument stacks up. Or at least I’d like it to.

  70. Stephen says:

    For someone who has made a lot of money through the years he must have outstanding business knowledge and a shrewd judgement. From what we hear he has suffered quite a financial hit. Given his wealth in the first place you would think that he knows exactly what he’s doing. I am not saying that the crunch has not hurt him but you get the feeling he is still very wealthy and has enough experience and expertise to see him through this climate. Saying that he brought the club without sounding out the Tevez deal, or did he?
    The question is how much of what we hear is accurate?

  71. DevoDevo says:

    Upson bid from Villa (reported 11mill) turned down.

    Palermo chief over here today in talks with Nani – is this our first buy?

    Of course, these are only reports. 😉

  72. Goatygav says:

    Cheers for shedding some new light on the Icelandic court & Hansa/West Ham Utd FC structure SJ. I hope the courts have no jurisdiction over our beloved club at all and that we don’t go anywhere near being put in to administration.

  73. Goatygav says:

    This Press Association article open to interpretation.

    It’s all just about as clear as mud.

  74. futre says:

    Ok I know some of you will not agree but I feel Mullins is very under rated. He is solid if unspectular. Any deserves more game time.

    Noble is still lacking in experience but hopefully he will learn (felt the game was for the taking against man city if he hadn’t of been sent off).

    Parker is skillful and hard working but if someone is willing to pay £10m the club would be better taking it.

    I really like Collison, feel he has been impressive high work rate, decent passer and seems to make time for himself on the ball.

    As for the defence if Neill does go I don’t think we could afford Glen Johnson. I think the right back slot would be for Behrami/Dyer (perhaps interchanging).

    Up front Di Michele started off superbly but has faded. Wouldn’t mind seeing Triistan a bit more. But hopefully Bellamy and Cole have more confidence now.

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