Etherington to Stoke?

Latest transfer gossip is that Matty Etherington is in talks with Stoke City. I hope this is not true as I am a bit of a fan of Mr Etherington. But his off field activities and injuries may have led to Zola losing patience with him. I hope that is not the case. He is one of the few players who can run at a defence and cause havoc. We need wide players and apart from Kieron Dyer, he is the only one we have.

Whatever happens, I hope we will not him go on the cheap. He’s still fairly young (26?) and has got to be worth upwards of £3.5 million.


53 Responses to Etherington to Stoke?

  1. claire says:

    Oh, I do hope this is not true; I thought he had got over his personal problems and I still hope so. I know on his last 2 appearances he has been played more centrally rather than wide on the left, but he is still one of the few players who can change a game when he comes on.

  2. colney says:

    bad news but hey,its probably crap.ethers isbrilliant some games and his pace is hard to find.

  3. Eddie Chappers says:

    I think he still owes the club for the wage advance they gave him not so long ago so I’m not sure they would want to see him go just yet!!

    On a more serious note I agree that he is our most ‘explosive’/ impact player and it would be a shame to see him go. Though Nsereko looks to be a very very similar type of player (running at defenders etc.) we are being linked with if the talk from his agent is true!!

  4. D&G says:

    Brilliant news! Cant understand why people rate him. He can only run for 45mins and generally his passes go a miss.

    Upwards of 3million I will be a very happy hammer yipeeeeeeee

  5. Oscar says:

    Hope that’s not true. I like Ethers and why should he go to Stoke?

  6. Shaun says:

    I am already getting sick of all the speculation that we hear and read every day. I don’t believe half of what is reported. I wish i could go on holiday or sleep until February 1st and then just read about what finally did take place. I would bet that by the end of the month less than 10% of what was reported actually takes place.
    I think that the one thing that is saving us is the fact that the club needs to be sold and the club really can’t afford to sell its best players which would likely result in relegation. This would probably reduce the clubs value to half of its present value.
    I remain confident that we won’t sell any of our class players that cannot be replaced and i think come the spring all will be rosy again around Upton Park. At least until the next fiasco. Up the hammers!

  7. StainesWestHam says:

    Matty Etherington was a great signing for us by Glenn Roeder surprisingly. A really important player for us the year we were promoted under Pardew which might indicate the level he really excels. He has been a good servant to the club overall, but been plagued by injury recently so maybe it’s just time for a new challenge and if he goes I wish him well. I also think that Zola is trying to raise some funds necessary for some of his own transfers and I agree that 3.5-4m would be about right.

  8. Well as a Stoke supporter I’d be delighted if he signed for us! Mind you we were linked with Nigel Quashie this time last year and nothing came of that one.

  9. Neil says:

    Great great news this bloke is a championship player at best and if he can earn big bucks playing footie then there is hope for all of us over 40`s,he has no pace at all and never beats an half decent full back.S*** gambler and an even worse footballer,

  10. Sam says:

    if this is true why not have a look a Chris Eagles of Burnley the kid oozes class and he has just ran Tottenham ragged!can score goals,great pace and also extremely creative in my eyes would be a fairly cheap option for what he offers!

  11. D&G says:

    Iain did you know your site is worth $4,920.93?

  12. Auckland Hammer says:

    On your bike mate. Take the 4 million being talked about. Not consistant enough average at best , could’nt tackle if his life depended on it , LIGHTWEIGHT !!! Championship is the best place for him so going to Stoke will make that happen. Let the Zola & Clarke cleanout begin.

  13. simo says:

    i think losing matty is good business for a tidy sum, he’s very inconsistent, very rarely plays, obviously has got private issues, sell him and carry on the with the dead wood clear out.
    he’s been a good servant, but we need to move on, i have total onfidence in zola and clarke, i think things should be looking good as long as the big hitters stay

  14. stuart says:

    hope it’s true – the most overrated west ham player of recent times. Not good enough for the prem simple as that.

  15. Richard says:

    I think it will be good business to sell matty for 3million. He can only play for 45 mins. I agree with Auckland Hammer he is lightweight . Maybe Roder might buy him again! If Stoke want Quashie and Matty for £6million that would be even better. Quashie was a bad buy by the previous manager!!!.

  16. Upton Spark says:

    I like Matty very much but it has to be good business if we do sell him as he is not the player he was a year or so ago. At one stage I thought he would push on and get into the England squad but it never materealised and he never rose to the dizzy heights I expected of him.
    A nice sort of player for West Ham and always popular as we seem to like our wide players at the Boleyn(apart from Boa).
    It will be sad if he goes but I’m sure we will not miss him for long.

  17. John says:

    Unbelievable comments on here. For guys that seriously think matty is overated and say that ” its great business ” getting rid of him must never go to the games. The guy makes instant impacts from the bench and on the wing as a starter with george m last season were immense. Regardless of the personal problems he has a job to do for West Ham and if he does join stoke, i can see it backfiring, only recently (before the massive 6 points at xmas) we are crying out for someone to have the ability to take on a defender and get the ball in the box and change games! he can do this. I respect zolas decisions so far but would be very dissapointed if he lets matty go.

  18. FrannyZola says:

    Etherington is decent but not good enough for where we want to be going. If Zola has someone in mind as replacement then Etherington can go.

  19. E1 says:

    Happy days I have only seen him play for about 40 – 45 mins great news and good business 1 sack of s*i* out 11 to go fingers crossed and zola can build his own team and we can see what he can do.
    PS JOHN I go home and away and have supported WHU for 40 years and ethrington aint worth keeping. WE have to look to the future COYI !!!!

  20. West Ham Fan no 32 says:

    E1 you may go home and away but if you think Etherington is useless then perhaps a visit to the opticians would be best for you, Etherington is one of the few players we have that can unlock a defence, to imply we need to sell the whole team I can only imagine you are a Tottenham troll in disguise.

    Also if you watch games home and away and have only seen him play for 40 – 45 minutes how many minutes have you seen the whole team play in the last 40 years ?

  21. SJ Chandos says:

    Any deal for Etherington probably means we will be hanging on to Boa Morte for the remainder of the season. Oh deep joy! At least the boo boys will not have the inconvenience of finding another hate figure for the rest of the season. Personally I would have sold Boa Morte and held on to Etherington until at least the summer.

    I have to admit that I like Etherington as a squad player; at his best he is quite effective, gives us width and pace on the left and can run at defences. The other side of the coin is that he has baggage, is inconsistent and has had his fair share of injuries.

    But who can forget his tackle, sprint to the byline and pull back for Harewood to score the winner against Arsenal in our home game, the first season back in the PL. I still laugh when I think of ‘bad loser’ Wenger throwing a wobbler and squaring up to Pardew. lol. You ever noticed how Wenger is always so ungracious in defeat. When we won the corresponding fixture at Highbury, I will always remember him telling Sky Sports, in all seriousness, that the result was all about Arsenal!!!! As if the outstanding form of the Hammers that evening was a minor factor in the outcome, as opposed to Arsenal’s failings!

    But Etherington’s alleged personal problems are well documented and Italian coaches are not known for their tolerance of personal indiscipline, unless your name is Carlton Cole that is! lol. Some guy I know reckons Zola has introduced a three strikes and you are out policy with regard to the conduct of the playing staff. I do not know if that is true, but if it is it shows there might be another side to nice guy Emile!

  22. HAMMER TIME says:

    Have to say im quite optimistic with this sale of Etherington, once my favourite player back in the championship but since has failed to live up to his expectations, indeed he has great pace and can change games but fails to deliver more times then none. £4Million is a very good figure for him and will be delighted to see the club recieve this, also with the sale of Calum Davenport for £3Million on the cards it could appear yet another good piece of business for the club of whom fans were happy to see gone when he was down playing at Watford. Whilst sales for Nigel Quashie and Lee Bowyer could be on there way for £1Million a piece and Jimmy Walker gone for free, this enables the club to clear there books of 5 Players whilst bringing in £9Million which would be reinvested (if Scott Duxburys promises are correct). Hopefully buying:

    LWF – Savio Neserek – £3.5Million – Brescia
    CAM – Salomon Bartoskz – £2.5Million – Brescia
    LB – Herita Ilunga – £3Million

  23. Chris Ufton says:

    Ethers is only occasionally ‘explosive’; far too occasionally. The standard Premier League right back can deal with him all too easily: position well, force him inside and because he’s only got one foot he can’t do an incisive right footed pass and invariably has to pass square with his left. We have the makings of an excellent team as we are going to see in the next 3 months: don’t tell me Ethers is in the came class as Green, Upson, Parker, Ilunga, Noble, Dyer, Bellamy, Ashton and Behrami. If we could sell most of our ‘championship’ players: Ethers, BM, Davenport etc, maybe buy one more quality player with the proceeds and manage to keep the above fit we would be in the top 6. And no, I haven’t had a drink all day!

  24. SJ Chandos says:

    Well so far so good! No bids accepted for our key players and the fringe players heading for the exits for good fees. I know there is still a long way to go, but could it be that the club do actually intend to build a a team?

    The Sportsmail and Sports Mirror hacks must be getting a little concerned about the quality and accuracy of their journalistic output! lol.

  25. FrannyZola says:

    Sky say Grani is after Savio Nsereko,19528,11685_4756917,00.html


    Right, get him! here’s a dotted line, sign right there son

    bam bosh, lovely jubbly.

    The nut meg at 0:40 minutes hahahaha

  26. ironsmith says:

    I will be delighted if he goes to Stoke for 3 or 4 million which can go towards a better and more consistent winger with a bit more courage than Etherington.

  27. Iron Lung says:

    Why would ANYONE in their right mind want to play for Stoke City? I mean, they hardly set the pulses racing do they?

  28. E1 says:

    west ham fan 32 He has done nothing in the prem’ship he aint good enough. As for your other coments I will treat them with the contempt they deserve as I do supporters that can’t see past the end of their nose.
    THE future is with zola and clarke and they need to improve the overall squad and if some old favorites have to go along with the dead wood so be it.

  29. clack says:

    I can’t agree with that poster back there, who says he has no pace.

    Etherington’s speed is his greatest asset – he tends to best full-backs for pace rather than skill, before delivering one of thos 50/50 hopeful crosses.

    I think it’s a loss for the team/squad. He does blow hot and cold, but as an attacking option, a lot of our goals have come from him over the last few seasons – a lo more than people realise.

    I guess this sale is to raise money in the hope that we won’t have to sell Upson/Green/Bellamy.

    Parhaps what it does show though is that Zola doesn’t want to play with much width.

    WE have played very narrow in the midfield ever since Zola became manager, and it seerms to me that is all part of his famous ‘footballing philosophy’- to play a short passing game through the centre of the pitch rather than playn with wingers.

  30. pjd says:

    i would gladly give him a lift to stoke,he is a poor player who has no courage,goes missing and whose final ball more often than not is bad.coupled with his gambling problems the bloke is a liabiliy.only thing that worries me is that boa morte may now stay

  31. DevoDevo says:

    I believe Etherington has wasted the talent he was given and it is the right time to sell.
    A few years ago, when he won Hammer of the Year, he looked an England player in the making. Since those heady days, his form has dipped apart from the odd game.

    No-one can doubt he does have pace, but his crossing has become increasingly awry.
    For those who don’t want to sell him, I ask one question. If he is the right man to take us to the top 6, where are all the offers coming from? Stoke. Same with Harewood. Not good enough in the premiership but outstanding Championship players.

    I expect to see somebody like Nsereko replace him. A 19 year old German U-21 player for a 27 year old journeyman, it’s a no brainer.

    There is definitely a pattern developing with West Ham’s targets and it is based on the Arsenal model, bringing in young foreign players to complement the club’s own youth players.

    For the first time in years I am actually quite excited with the future of the club, let’s hope that the sale of the club is resolved soon and the Zola/Clarke wagon can roll on.

  32. djclipz says:

    i wouldn’t be too bothered to see ethers leave, yes he is capable of playing a good game but in the prem he is no where near consistent enough!! plus his off the field problems don’t really help his case, they have dragged on for 2-3 years now!! I’ve never really rated him and its not as though we have seen him running the left in recent times so a good few million for him would be a great deal for us!! I wouldn’t mind seeing someone like kieran richardson tbh come in on the left!!

    DevoDevo this Nsereko, have u seen anything on him, all ive managed to find is some game stats and they are far from impressive so would he really be a good signing???

  33. Hook End Hammer says:

    In truth the price is far to much for a player of matty’s standard and i would question if Stoke City would be happy to pay half of that price , he is into the club for a large sum of money ( £300,000 dont know how true that is), but why would he leave ? , i cant see Stoke City paying more money than us in wages and then he has the hassle of having to find a new Ladbrooks could be to much for him! , if there was ever a player going or staying for the money it is him , but i would be a little shocked if half of this feed is true .

  34. DevoDevo says:

    jjcclipz – Some clips, mate, that’s all. Left sided MF, very quick and likes to shoot.

    Also, as a greyhound man, I heard some horror stories regarding Matty’s gambling, which undoubtedly affected his performances on the pitch.

  35. Roshi says:

    Nsereko looks good on U Tube………so did Faubert!

    All the time we are looking to off load players like Etherington, Davenport etc. I get the feeling that there is a serious plan being laid out. Its not about whether they are good, bad or indifferent, its about what is happening with the club.
    We seem to have a managerial team in Zola and Clark who want to build on consistency with strong injury resistant players, look at how our treatment room has emptied since the departure of Curbishley. Suddenly after a shaky start we now feel that we have a chance against all comers and all bids for our best players have, so far, been rebuked.

    As you know I am the first one to have a go at what is happening at Upton Park but at the moment, I am heartened by the fact that we seem to have turned a corner on the playing side. Lets hope the same can be said for the directorship of the club.

  36. Paul M says:

    I’m concerned!!!
    If Zola and Clarke are starting to put their stamp on the club, which I firmly believe they are by off loading ‘fringe’ players and bringing in youth from home and abroad. What happens in a year or two when WHU get amongst the big boys? Chelsea, AC Milan, Barcelona & Real will be looking to take Zola and Clarke away !!! You just can’t win really.
    I am however, looking forward to a bright future with a nice legacy in place. Hope BG stays as I have seen improvements from the old BROWN days that’s for sure.

    Roll on February

  37. James says:

    Very sad if true,

    But if the boy has problems off the pitch i.e (Gambling Addiction) then It might be good for him to have a change and move on, I would like to keep him personally but this could be a sign that Giovinco is on the way.

  38. supernumbersix says:

    I have learned to believe NOTHING written in the papers or rumours from any source, about WHU (or any team for that matter). Especially leading up to and during the transfer window. Whether arriving at, or leaving WHU, I believe nothing until I see a ‘new’ player in our colours or an ‘old’ one donning new. Oh, and I have no problem with ANY player leaving, if ( big IF ), Zola can bring in players of his choice with the proceeds.

  39. SJ Chandos says:

    I lot has been written about the club’s owner, much of it highly critical. However, we need to give credit where it is due, the guy put his own money into the club, rather than lumbering the it with heavy loans that need to be paid off via club revenue streams. Indeed, I would imagine one of the most attractive aspects of the club to potential buyers is the relative absence of debt, outside of the potential threat posed by the Blunts compensation claim. A risk that I do not believe is that great if one looks at the detail of the Blunts claim.

    Other owners, raised the finance to buy their clubs and purchase players via massive loans. I know that the likes of Man U, Chelski and liverpool have the additional revenue from the Champions League; but it is still a potentially dangerous position for clubs to be in. The Liverpool owners have had to renegotiate the payment deadline for the £350m debt on the club, but that cannot be deferred forever.

    So, we all want investment in the squad and the club’s infrastructure, but be careful what you wish for!

    It has ben reported that BG might not sell the club if an acceptable bid is not received prior to March. Perhaps the club will see other investors buying stakes in the club, perhaps even BG’s son Thor, who is alegedly even wealither than BG.

  40. Steve says:

    Totally unrelated to Ethrington, but can someone explain to me who gets any transfer money for Tevez if ManU sign him. If it is not us then surely there is a third party interest, so what is the difference when he was with us?

  41. SJ Chandos says:

    I see that the press are still using the same ‘fire sale’ languge with respect to the Hammers. Only they are applying it to the sale of Etherington and Davenport, rather that of our key players.

    Funny I always thought that a fire sale was a knock down sale of soiled or damaged goods. But I would hardly call fees of 4m and 3m respectively for Etherington and Davenport a ‘fire sale.’ Very good business more like it!

    Just seen a Sky commentator describing the Hammers as a ‘selling club’ in the window, even though that is contrary to all the actions of the board so far. I would have thought the big story would be the resolve of the Hammers to keep their best players and the inability of Man City to spend their millions! But no, obviously not as far as Sky and most of the press are concerned.

    Still the press are looking pretty silly at the moment, with their failed story lines, I thought West Ham were broke and desperate????? Love it.

  42. SJ Chandos says:

    MSI get the transfer fee from Man U. There is, indeed, a third party interest, his economic rights are owned by MSI. The issue with West Ham was an alleged ‘third party influence’ over the club’s selection and other policy. This was based upon the content of the third party agreements that supplemented Tevez’s 4 year contract with West Ham. Basically they allowed the core 4 year contract to be overidden and for MSI to initiate a sale and take the fee!

    There are no rules against third party ownership funnily enough. For instance, when Viduka was at Leeds, he was bought using loans and was listed as the asset of a bank at the time! There is also an alternative view that the PL rule on third party influence relates solely to the ownership of clubs (i.e. individuals having interests in more than one club) not the status of player contracts and that it was misapplied in the Tevez case! But that is a moot point, but one that West Ham would presumably have deployed if they had contested the charges at the original Tribunal, prior to admitting guilt a coping a £5.5m record fine.

    When Tevez signed on loan with Man Utd, the loan agreement was structured so that there was no potential third party influence. MSI paid us 2m to release Tevez from his 4 year contract with the Hammers. He is on loan from MSI, not us! That is my understanding of what is a very complex issue. Hope it helps.

  43. Josh says:

    Its the lesser of two evils getting rid f Ethers if it means ‘the top four’ dont go, and with Dyer coming back he is one of the few players who is dispensible and actually has a market value…

    Not ideal but not the end of the world…

    Sky’s reporting on the whole issue has been nothing short of a disgrace. Complete rubbish from their ‘mole’ on the upson/parker rumours and the way they interpreted Scott Duxberry’s interview was embarrassing.

  44. colney says:

    hold up !!! lbm wanted by cardiff???? ill pay the taxi bill .

  45. SJ Chandos says:

    Also, you will remember that there was a delay in Man U loaning Tevez. This was because West Ham dug their heels in and asserted that he was our player based upon his 4 year contract. The contract was all that remained after West Ham tore up the third party agreements with MSI.

    West Ham gave the PL assurances that the third party agreements were not operative and that there was no continuing third party influence. This allowed us to play Tevez in the last few matches of the season after the original tribunal.

    When Man U sought to loan Tevez, the PL would not sanction the deal because they recognised the player has being contracted to West Ham. As a contracted player, the PL expected West Ham to receive a transfer fee before the registration could be transfered to Man U. If no fee was paid the PL indicated that they would see this as an admission that the third party agreements were still in place. Hence, West Ham’s refusal to release the registration and their ascertain that Tevez was contracted to them. The club argued that legally this was the case because the only legal agreement was the 4 year contract between West Ham and Tevez. Arguably, the former third party agreements were not enforceable under EU law!

    The deadlock was finally broke nwhen West Ham accepted a 2m transfer fee to release Tevez from his contract. From that point West Ham had no further contractual relationship with Tevez. The ownership remained with MSI, as it had always been, and a new contract to loan the player was entered in to between MSI and Man U.

  46. James says:


    Dyer plays on the Right or middle I think, unless Behrami is going to hold it on the left, Then again we dont know the replacements Zola has in mind, The left is a side where we are not strong in depth especially if Ether’s and LBM go.

    There has to be a replacement unless Mr Collison get handed the role!

    Sky Sports News live’s on hype, they have nothing better to fill the sports headlines with so why not make it up, The BBC are not much better just not as loud as Sky, The times I watch Match of the Day and that idiot Lawro makes the remark West Ham need to sell, What rubbish!!

    Any one know what setanta is like, I am starting to show interest? Bring back John Barnes football night on Five, that had the facts!!

  47. Goatygav says:

    Where did all this talk of mixing it in the Champions League and Top 4 finishes come from? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here – if it ever does happen, which is unlikely, it’s going to be much more than 2 years down the line. It’ll take us a couple of years to start qualifying for UEFA Cup at best. Raising expectation levels unrealistically isn’t a good thing to do. Don’t forget that just over 3 weeks ago most commenters had us down as nailed on certs for relegation. “Positivity my arse” I think I remember being said.

    I’ll be sad to see Matty Ehterington go. I’ve enjoyed watching him running defences, scoring and creating goals and chasing lost causes. I reckon Clack has just about got it right. He’s electric when he’s on his game – doesn’t always peform for 90 minutes but has served the club well. 3.5-4M will be good business and if he does go I wish him well. Shame he couldn’t keep his head on his game and off field issues have affected him. Maybe it’s time for him to go but I’d rather see LBM sling his hook.

  48. 17 year hammer says:

    ethers was fantastic but i cant say that about him now and i do hope he does move on and rebuild his carrer he deserves to have thaty at least and it will also give u s a tiny amount of cash to have maybe to bring in michael johnson from man city which personall when he is fit i think he is amazing and selling this dead wood would be brillant for zola to bring inh a few youngsters for us to build on and have a really decent team to play with

  49. Goatygav says:

    Sky reporting Bowyer talking to Birmingham, Ethers to Stoke for £4M and Davenport to Bolton for £3M

  50. chris says:

    Is anybody else confused with the lopez signing?
    I know I am,If LBM and Ethers goes there’s no left footer left in the squad.
    Lopez has had some decent reserves games,is he to be given a chance?
    Or is he a mistake or just not ready?

  51. trev says:

    average player but will never get any better while he has a whole in his ar*e..4m is good biz

  52. Kiwi Hammer says:

    I’m a big Ethers fan but somehow I think we’ve seen the best of him and now is the right time to sell. Same goes for Bowyer.

  53. Ricky says:

    Its a mistake to let matty go, i hope it is not a mistake that will come back to haunt us.
    On his day down that left wing there is not player that can get anywhere near him.

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