Hartlepool Game Live on ITV

The cup tie versus Hartlepool will be shown on ITV1 on Saturday 24th at 12.40pm.


11 Responses to Hartlepool Game Live on ITV

  1. old biddy says:

    Iv got a good feeling about the cup this year,we looked solid on saturday,and theres some big pluses in that Dyer is on his way back and we only have Ashton and Gabbidon in the treatment room at the moment

  2. Goatygav says:

    Nice one! COYI!!!!!

  3. colin say's says:

    the little s—s gone back to nappie’s then, like to know what Pompay fans think..

  4. djclipz says:

    awesome!!! Lets hope we got a new creative player by then too!!! as well as all our current big players!!!!

    Please can we finally get rid of bowyer, quashie, spector, lbm or ethers (not too bothered which, id rather they both didnt play, we could have a lot better!!) and i wouldn’t mind if faubert was passed on for a good amount of money if we can spend it!


  5. gothenburg hammer says:

    i got a sneaky feeling, big things will happen for us on the backstretch of this season…

    WEST HAM TIL I DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. E1 says:

    Ilunga to get a permanent deal !! Excellent and we are in talks with Savio Nsereko ?
    U19 german striker that Nani knows and Zola wants. All this and Live against hartlepool the future is looking up being a so called small down beat club pays look how many games on the box, great then we can show the world what we are really made of and prove them all wrong, Parker going will bring on the transition and zola can start to build. Ther are everdently other young players we are in for can’t wait, IF it’s all true.

  7. Goatygav says:

    Feel a bit sorry for the travelling fans though – It’s not like Hartlepool is ’round the corner to make it a short trip for the early kick off. This seems to happen to our away fans quite often.

  8. brooking still the best says:

    Well spoken Goatygav, it won’t be easy getting there that early….

    Speaking for myself though, I’m a happy Hammer to see it on TV! :o)

  9. Dott Cotton says:

    Millwall could potentially be travelling to Newcastle on the same day hence the earlier KO for West Ham.

  10. WHU Kim says:

    Oh well, just have to get out of bed earlier!

  11. Nick Cotton says:

    Hello Ma!

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