Upson Bid Rejected

The papers are full of reports that West Ham have rejected an £11 million bid for Matthew Upson from Aston Villa and are holding out for £15 million for Scott Parker from Manchester City. Parker is said to be on £70,000 a week at West Ham!

But Arsenal are also said to be interested in Upson, and are willing to part with Nicholas Bendtner as part of a swap deal.

I suppose the only saving grace in all of this is that there aren’t many mentions of Robert Green. Long may that remain so.


25 Responses to Upson Bid Rejected

  1. DevoDevo says:

    Sorry, Iain, mentioned the Upson bid on the other thread, only because it was refused! 🙂

    The Upson/Bendtner is a load of tosh IMO. Bendtner is not even as good as Cole.

    There are continuing rumours that Michael Johnson is being offered as part of the Parker deal. This is something I mentioned a few days ago and, assuming he is over his pelvic injury, would be good business for West Ham.

    Of the better players we have, Parker is the one we have most cover for. Johnson is also a very good player who fits the mould of the typ of player Zola/Clarke/Nani are trying to attract, being young.

    This deal could go through and no-one could criticise Duxbury if it does.

    Also, Sensibile, the palermo chief is reportedly in town today talking to Nani. The reports suggest that Behrami is the subject of their meeting. I tend to think that we are possibly lining up our first buy, using the Parker money. I recall a young Palermo midfielder being linked to us earlier in the season, although I can’t recall the name?


  2. pjd says:

    to be honest im sick n tired of all this transfer speculation.lets get it right footballers in general are motivated by money and greed.the days of being proud to wear the shirt are long has ruined the game,so i really couldnt give a flying f..k who goes or stays.west ham will be here long after any of them(well hopefully) so bollocks to the lot of them.oh yeah happy new year to u all

  3. James says:

    Bendtner is the most rubbish and over rated player I have seen, and all he does is foul other players, god knows why Inter were interested in him!


    Parker in instumental to our midfield and although Mullins is his cover, Mullins cannot change the fortunes of the outcome of a game like Parker, So for me Parker in indispensible and at only 28, Duxbury should concentrate in selling Gabbidon and others alike who are older and on the fringe!!

    If you look at the FanFc website there are rumors that Behrami’s agent has said he will be leaving in the summer, with Chelsea mooted as already maaking a bid. Sounds like the other clap trap out at the moment to be honest.

    Reference that Perlermo player, was’nt that Mark Bresciano, If so he is the same age as Parker and totally off form apparently!

  4. Big Casino says:

    I’m praying we don’t sell anyone, regardless of the size of the offer… we want to build a team, and you can’t do that when you keep dismantling it year in, year out….

    I know in this current era players tend to move from club to club numerous times in their career, but we’ve got a collective of players in their late twenties who are all at their peak… namely Bellamy, Dyer, Parker, Upson and Green (the spine of our team)… these guys are at the core of our success, and around them we have group of younger players at various stages in their development, who are giving the team the perfect blend of youth, experience and exuberance…. be it the more accomplished younger players like Behrami, Noble, Collins etc… or the really young ones, like Collison, Sears and Tomkins…..

    Zola has really got the nucleus of something good there, I strongly believe that, and we need to retain that nucleus so that in the summer, hopefully we can add to it….

    If we offload fringe players like Faubert, Boa, Bowyer, Quashie, Davenport et al…. then I have no problem… but lets not dismantle yet another West Ham team that shows real signs of potential….

  5. Big Casino says:

    and of course I neglected to mention Ashton aswell…. I know a lot of fans think he’s a fat, lazy, injury prone waste of space, but I believe in this guy… I think he could be a colossal player for us…. and I think during the final third of last season and beginning of this season he showed that… he’d finally regained match sharpness and fitness….

    I don’t think you can deny his talent, it’s just a case of getting him fit and sharp and for him to show us, the fans, that he is prepared to work as hard as Carlton Cole does – cos if he does that, he has the ability to a real force in the premiership……

  6. Eddie Chappers says:

    In addition to all the above comments about the merits of keeping Parker, I would also add that his experience in training as well as matches is invaluable to the development of our younger midfielders/ players, especially as he has sets such a professional example

  7. DevoDevo says:

    Aston Villa website says they have made NO offer for Upson, confirmed by MON.

    So there you are folks, another “rumour” made up by the press.

  8. DevoDevo says:

    James – I’m a big fan of Parker, but he is the one player that we could let go if the circumstances are right.

    Bringing in Johnson (hypothetically), would give us a MF of Behrami, MJ, Noble, Collison, Dyer, with Mullins, Etherington & LBM as back up.

    Re; the Palermo player, not Bressciano, another younger kid.

    BG – I share the same optimism as you with the youngsters and with the likes of Upson, Dyer, Green & Bellamy adding experience, the future looks brighter than it has done for some time.

  9. chris says:

    Confused with it all, dont care anymore.Parker spins in nice circles and has a good engine,then so does behrami.Who might be off to a so called bigger club,I’m with pj on this one,dont care who comes and goes anymore.

  10. Colm says:

    Big Casino I agree with your statements completely,and I firmly believe west ham arent going to dismantle this team over this January window at least unless they recieve a ridiculous offer for a key player which they may be waiting on for example 15million for one of our finest.

    Zola said he’d leave if they sell and dont give him a good enough reason to justify the sale, this could suggest that he could recieve perhaps half of this ridiculous fee, say 7.5million to invest in the squad. This in turn could be more than enough to get a worthy perhaps younger more promising replacement (e.g Behrami bargin last summer) that could retain the value of the club and also add to the empty pockets of BG.

    The Duxbury and Board arent stupid they know they wont get as much money selling a club with a first team containing only fringe players, so its only logical that they hold on their prised assets within the club unless they get a joke of an offer for a key player by taking advantage of silly wealthy fools like Man City.

  11. West Ham Fan no 32 says:

    I think most managers are already fed up with this stupid transfer window.. MON said that there was NOT ONE OUNCE OF TRUTH in the rumour that AV had bid for Mathew Upson… anyone noticed that most of these lies are coming from Daily Mail, they should be called a liespaper because to suggest they have any genuine news would infact be untrue.

  12. James says:

    DevoDevo – I just think any sale of Parker would be a wrong move, Man City have all the money in the world and why do they show interest in Parker, They obviously see that he is pure quality and that is why we should fight to keep him. Infact we should’nt have to fight.

    Righty-o was worried that the Perlermo player was Bresciano, If it is a youngster then bring him in! Sure we would make a player of him!!

  13. Roshi says:

    Same old news over and over. I really do not think anyone will be sold during January due to;
    A/ With the state of the league anyone who is sold would go to a competitor in the relegation fight and by that I mean any club outside the top 4!

    B/ You would not want to sell your prized assets when trying to sell a business or risk your asset even more by being relegated.

    Its a business situation that is so finely balanced, I think the board will take the safe route and keep things as they are until the club is sold.

  14. James says:

    If Villa can do it then why can’t we?

    Would it be possible to place all the rejected bid’s if any on the West Ham official site, I am pretty sure the Board would be looked at very differently among the fans if the communication was more frequent!

    All this secret lark, well we have been extremly good at keeping things quiet at West Ham when buying players but I do get fustrated with the silence most of the time, Yes Duxbury had spoken offially about how it is at West Ham on the site but how long did we have to wait for that!! All West Ham fans deserve much better!!

  15. SJ Chandos says:

    Just seen Sky’s interview with Grahan Taylor on the Defoe transfer. The Sky commentator went on to ask him about the phantom 11m Villa bid for Upson. Fair enough I suppose, but then Mr Sky Commentator goes into a long, long drone about Villa and their English players, how great they are for English footbal and such like!

    It really makes me smile when they do that because Villa may have bought English, but they certainly have not produced them! That is a subtle difference that seems to escape them. Curtis, Young, Shorey, Sidwell, Reo-Coker, all bought. Who have they actually produced, Gareth Barry in the 1990s? We heard the same rubbish about Spurs under Jol when they were regularly asset stripping the youth products of relegated clubs like Leeds, Notts Forest and ourselves in 2003!!!!

    Sorry, I know it is a bit off the blog subject, but it is one of my pet dislikes, Aston Villa the saviours of English football. Feet of clay, feet of clay!

  16. Fester says:


    You may be thinking of Davide Lanzafame that is co-owned with Juventus and is on loan to Bari as of December. That is who sprang to mind when I read the rumour about Palermo meeting Nani. Fits Zola/Nani mould better than Mark Bresciano – he seems more a traditional West Ham import (used to be good four years ago) oops (Di Michele, Tristan!!)

  17. Big Casino says:

    Villa didn’t even produce Barry, they tapped him up and then nicked him from Brighton for next to no money… I think Brighton later sued for compensation…….

  18. Roshi says:

    I’ve read that we are in a battle with Everton for the services of Michael Johnson. This would make perfect sense to buy a player with bundles of potential and at the same time keep the medical team busy. Should get 5 – 10 games a season out of him.

  19. tc says:

    This is getting ridiculous – a non existent Villa bid is rejected!

    A Daily Mail journo is heard to have said, ‘ We’d heard Upson would be playing in claret and blue after January’.

    And these people have the cheek to complain about ‘standards’ in kids education!

  20. DevoDevo says:

    That’s the one, Fester! 😀

  21. FrannyZola says:

    If Parker is on 70k then we should sell. Thats at least 30k too much. Then we can give 10-15k of that to Rob Green.

    Don’t want Bendtner. Too wasteful in front of goal. We should ask for Abu Diaby or someone else instead….one of their up and coming youngsters.

  22. Upton Spark says:

    Sorry,but Villa boss Martin O’Neill has just said he has NOT put in an £11 million bid in for any of our players so it’s all a load of cobblers!!
    Three quarters of what is written is tosh so why do we take notice of it?

  23. Karl says:

    If he’s not sold in Jan could we have Tevez back on loan till end of season, him and Bellamy would terrify any defence.

    The boy knows where his home is. We could even have an agreement with Sir Alex that we wont field him when we play Man Utd then rip it up before the fixture, icing on cake would be if we draw Sheff Utd in the cup, we could play him against them too ( :

  24. brooking still the best says:

    Yet again, the report was rubbished. Let’s wait and see what happens. All this speculation is enough to drive you crazy. I wouldnt surprise me though to see it get to the end of the month and see a couple go, just to late for us to bring anyone else in. Duxbury is clever like that.
    What happened to his statement that no player was on more then 56k a week (still obscene)
    What happened to the 11 million we made in transfers in the summer?
    Don’t believe the press, dont trust Duxbury either!

  25. colney says:

    this window is becoming a joke,day by day theres just total rubbish printed then denied.we as the general public need to do something about this and get this bull stopped.

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