And the Fourth Player to Leave…

… may well be your favourite and mine, Luis Boa Morte. Yesterday it was rumoured that Cardiff were in for him, but this evening it is thought that Hull may have put in a £2 million bid. Take it.


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  1. Dan says:

    I will drop him up there

  2. PeteH says:

    I’ll pay your petrol Dan.

  3. the headmaster says:

    I’ll follow Dan just in case he gets lost on the Birmingham ring road and accidentally starts heading south again.

  4. james says:

    10m for Bowyer, Davenport, Boa Morte and Etherington is good business. not sure how much Nsrerko, Hamsik and Salamon will set us back but if this will cover it we’re laughing.

  5. Pete says:

    What about a bit of cover for the left wing, do you think Reid is good enough ???

  6. SJ Chandos says:

    Agreed. As long as we have enough left sided cover. Lopez is in the squad, but has had few opprtunities to date. Apart from him there is Kyle Reid and Junior Stanislaus. The latter probably needs more time, but Reid should be shaping up if he is going to establish himself at first team level. Perhaps Zola will get him back from the Blackpool loan and give him a chance. Berhami and Collison can play on the left side, but they are not natural left footers. The alternative, and most likely, scenerio is that Zola has a left sided player lined up.

    It has not worked out for Boa Morte at West Ham for some reason. But Hull City would be the chance for him to make a fresh start. But who knows, there are rumours that the Portugese club Braga are also interested, perhaps he will take that route.
    I personally do not dislike the player, I think he does try, but his performance level has not been good enough really. I am more fustrated by him than anything, because I remember his performances at Arsenal and Fulham. I honestly cannot remember him having one really good, let alone outstanding, match for us. Perhaps we bought him a couple of years too late?

    I reckon the Hammers can get c. £3m for Boa Morte, c.£1.5m for Bowyer and c.£800,00 for Quashie. Added to the 4m for Etherington and £3m for Davenport, that transfer pot is increasing nicely. I reckon Faubert will go as well for about £4m and Parker could still go if Man City offer £15m.

    I well remember watching Lawrenson, Shearer and Mr Smiths Crisps on Match of the Day all agreeing that West Ham would not be able to move on their fringe players in the window! Wrong again, so-called experts!

  7. Matt says:

    Have heard a whisper that Faubert is going to Pompey.

  8. aussie graham says:

    I will fly in from Australia and piggyback him up the M1. I think zola and clarke know what their doing!

  9. Dan says:

    Aussie Graham you can jump in with us,sounds like im going to need a bigger car!

  10. Tomothy says:

    If that’s true Matt, we should offer Faubert and Spector in a swap for Glenn Johnson.

    We can also then offload the vastly overpaid Lucas Neill and get in some cheaper cover for Johnson at RB.

  11. Dan, if it means hiring a mini bus for us all to get him up there … then my wallets open!!!

  12. Pete says:

    Dan, due to the bad weather up north we can’t take any chances, so there’s a spare seat in the gritter i’ve hored specially, so worries we’ll get him there on time !!!!

  13. DevoDevo says:

    I can’t believe this? After Duxbury promised “No firesale” we look like losing Boa, Bowyer, Ethers, Davers & Faubert. They’re ripping the heart out of our team! 😀

  14. Pete says:

    Not sure if I really mean’t hired or whored ???

  15. SJ Chandos says:

    We should all be really pleased with the way things are going. The club seem to be keeping their word and that is really welcome. However, for me the other litmus test of the board’s intentions ultimately lies with who they bring in to the club.

    I think they will recruit the two Brescia youngsters, I also think that the club and it’s supporters could do with the boost to morale that comes with bringing in a class player or two. It would also confound the press and media jackals and send a clear message of future intent.

  16. Ho Jo says:

    This transfer window is going perfectly! We’ll miss Ethers, but otherwise it’s all good – just need Quashie out the door and it’ll be perfect! (Although in true West Ham style I am sure there’ll be something bad that crops up before deadline day!!)

  17. Matt Ryan says:


    “I reckon the Hammers can get c. £3m for Boa Morte, c.£1.5m for Bowyer and c.£800,00 for Quashie. Added to the 4m for Etherington and £3m for Davenport, that transfer pot is increasing nicely. I reckon Faubert will go as well for about £4m and Parker could still go if Man City offer £15m.”

    I’d be more than happy with all that! I mean, I liek Parker but if he doesn’t want to be here, then llet him go and anything above £10 million for him would be a GREAT price that would have to be accepted! Not sure he would fetch £15 million though! And to be honest, I would also hold out a for a LITTLE bit more for Fubar (Faubert)! A donjnkey though he is, He cost us £6 Million (I think) and the frogs can afford it! lol


  18. Russell says:

    I’ll bring the armed response just incase the deal looks like falling thru in the final hour

  19. SJ Chandos says:

    I have to respectfully disagree with you DevoDevo, these players are not the heart of the team. If they were it was time for a heart transplant! The heart of the team is Green, Upson, Noble, Parker, Berhami, et al, and they are being retained. The club are keeping their word and we need to wait to see who they bring in. We might be pleasantly suprised.

  20. SJ Chandos says:

    Oh you were joking DevoDevo! Apologies, I need to change my glasses!

  21. the headmaster says:

    Devo – unlike you to lose the plot, son! These are exactly the sort of fringe players the duxbery referred to last week. So far, so good.

  22. the headmaster says:

    apologies devo – i missed the subtlety of the joke too!

  23. DevoDevo says:

    No problem. 😉 I said pre-window that selling our best players made no sense to the club or BG in selling a viable business. Duxbury’s press release confirmed this, no matter how the rags would like to ‘spin’ it.

    So far the club is doing exactly as it said it would and just as we all hoped.

    I also said not to be surprised if an “unknown” foreigner or two comes in. I like what the new team are doing and have high hopes for the remaining part of the season.

  24. Matt Ryan says:

    Have to say though, I will be a little sad to see Matty go!

  25. Dan says:

    Its done,just got off the phone to Nasa,booked the quickest rocket they’ve got!

  26. devo says:

    can i get a lift i would enjoy the sightsee

  27. james says:

    We have Walter Lopez who is naturally left footed, not sure what happened there but apparently he can play on the wing and is similar on the attack as Di Canio. Don’t know why we haven’t seen much of him as he was brought in by Zola, not Nani or Curbs.

  28. FrannyZola says:

    I think we should keep him until the end of the season. Hustles and harries, just who we need to come off the bench when we’re 1-0 up with 20 minutes to go.

    Tight league; we are not free of the relegation battle yet. Should we drop more into it then we will need players like Boa Morte. End of the season for me.

  29. FrannyZola says:

    ….nevertheless, I am very impressed by the way the club has gone about freeing up the fringe players. Very smooth, quick and professional.

  30. SJ Chandos says:

    And get a sense of humour!

    I agree with you Matt, Parker is not worth £15m, but it is a sellers market and if Man City want him they will need to pay through the nose. Personally, I would explore a cash and player exchange deal. Johnson has been mentioned. He has real potential, but do we need another player of that type? Also, he has injury problems at the moment and we definitely do not need another injury prone player do we! But they also have Elano, Sturridge and Benjani to name a few, one of those type of players could strengthen and bring something different to our squad.

    On the issue of left sided players, what about the guy that scored for Portsmouth against us at Fratton Park. His name escapes me but he looks a really good, pacy, skillful left sided player. I think he is on loan to them as well. Although they probably have first option on him. There are also rumours that we are going back to Leicester City to try and sign Mattock, but I do not know if he is ready to go straight in to the first team?

  31. Chandos, that was belhadji, and unfortunately he has just signed for Pompey

  32. DevoDevo says:

    SJ – I think you can safely assume, given the players that are going are predominantly MF, that parker won’t be going anywhere.

    With regards Johnson, who I also rate, I’ve been on some Citeh sites and it appears his injury is worse than first thought. Which means Curbishley might have bought him, but I’m not sure the new regime will.

  33. Matt Ryan says:

    You are right SJ, it sure is a buyers market but will even Man Shitty pay £15 Million for him??? I would love it of they would! But Zola won’t see a penny of it! So a cash player deal is EXACTLY what we need, BG can’t spend a player on Fox’s Glacier mints but can wittle away the cash!

    Hmmmmm Johnson has a ongoing pelvic injury and to be honest, do we want another player with “potential”? I think we need someone with experience!

    Not too sure about Elano, he hasn’t been too grreat of late! But apparently wants out! 🙂

    The Pompey player you were talking about is Nadir Belhadj! He is class but can’t see them letting him go! Especially after losing Defoe and possibly Crouch!

    I have NO IDEA why Lopez has been hidden away! Is he REALLY ugly or something??? lol

  34. james says:

    well he does look like tevez’s and maradonna’s love child but that should give him some pretty slick skills

  35. Matt Ryan says:

    Lol poor old Tevez! Love to see him leave UTD! We’ll have him back! lol

  36. SJ Chandos says:

    The other left sided player that impressed me is Andy Reid at Sunderland. No, I am not trying to prove to DevoDevo that I really do have a sense of humour! I know he is a little bit rotund, but he really has a good left foot and can cross a ball superbly. He was really dangerous against us at the Stadium of murk! I also remember him at Notts Forest, before Spurs tried to scupper his career!

    The other player I like the look of is Johnson at Middlesboro. Alternatively, another player I really like, that can play on the left is our old friend Yossi Benayoun. I know he did not cover himself with glory in the way he left the club, but admit it, he was a great playmaker!

    I am sure there are other options, what do other people think? It’s great to be able to start talking about acquisitions is it not?

  37. Matt Ryan says:

    It IS great! BUT…………….has anyone actually said we will buy anyone?? 😦

    How about……….Lennon? (not John) lol

  38. SJ Chandos says:

    Thanks Ornchurch Hammers, yes that it, Belhadji, he would have been a great signing.

    Yes James I have seen Lopez play for the reseves a couple of times and he looked really good. In particular, his performance against Chelsea Reserves was outstanding and he has a really good understanding with Tristan and Sears. I know that Sears really rates him. It is a bit of mystery why he has only played the the one game against Wayford in the League Cup (or whatever it is called these days?). Even there he was our best player, although that was not saying much on the night!!!

    Yes Devo, Devo I think you are probably right about Parker. That’s not a bad thing I suppose. We are not desperate to sell him. There is an interesting match report in this week’s Newham Recorder, where they suggest that Parker’s presence and style of play inhibits Noble’s forward play. They argue that this was apparent from Noble’s improved performance against Barnsley. Some food for thought there!

  39. Deckers Downunder says:

    This thread has got to be the most upbeat and enjoyable thread I have read this season, at long last.

    Given that the board are keeping to their word with regards to cutting the costs by selling fringe players, do we really expect them to spend much in this window. Zola has stated many times, that he feels his squad is too big and would be happy to work with the players he rates and currently has? I agree with the many comments above about needing an experienced left sided player to join the squad, not just potential for the future.

  40. Matt Ryan says:

    I actually wouldn’t be too bothered if the gooners gave us £9Million for Noble! Or £4Million and Bentner! 🙂

    How about Bently from the Spuds???

  41. SJ Chandos says:

    No, Matt they have not. But if they sell Boa Morte as well, surely they are going to have to sign another left sided player? Alternatively, perhaps they will muddle through with Berhami and Collison or give Lopez, Reid and Stanislaus their chances?

    I just think that, apart for from the obvious case for strengthening the squad, the club and it’s fans could do with at least one major signing to boost morale going in to the New Year. The club has had a depression hanging over it for so long that it could have a really positive effect on the remainder of our season.

  42. Cynikal says:

    I think we should sell Parker for around £12m. It’s true, he limits Noble, and in any case, we are wealthy in tcentre mid (Dyer, Collison, Mullins to name a few). We can use the money to buy the young promising forward and midfielder the rumours are suggesting.

    I think this is our best transfer window to date.. we just need to keep our spine (bar Parker, although he is a very good leader, he does not suit Zola’s style one bit).


  43. eastend says:

    Clarke has said they ideally want a squad of 20 players plus 3 goalkeepers. What he really means is 2 players for each position, as Mourinho always used to say he wanted for chelski. My beleif is if Boa Morte and Etherington are leaving, leaving lopez as the only left sided player then we must have someone lined up, probably on loan.

  44. Matt Ryan says:

    Cynikal, you have hit the nail on the head there (or even hammered it!) lol! Ahem anyway………..

    ………Parker is a great player, solid and reliable and somewhat a workhorse but he just has no flare! Can be good attacking and can be good defending but not GREAT at anyof them! I like the guy and will be sad to see him lose but hey ho! Onwards and upwards! 🙂

    SJ, titally agree! All we need is some confidence and some reassurances! To be totally honest, if I worked for a company and I didn’t know if I had a job in 3 months time and not knowing if my wages were gonna be there week in, week out I don’t know for sure that I would give 100%! But if we signed a big(ish) name player, that would surely go some way to reassuring ourt guys that we still mean business!

    And just look what one win has done for us! We won convincingly against Pompey and in the Stoke and Barnsley games our confidence was noticeable high! 🙂

  45. james says:

    I just worry with Lopez that if he is any good at all that he is only on a 1 year contract. So if we don’t start giving him some games and testing him out he’ll be off in the summer.

  46. SJ Chandos says:

    Apparently there is a report in one of the tabloids tomorrow that Barca are planning to ‘rip the heart’ out of the gooners by bidding 45m for two of their key players in the summer. It’s nice when those type of reports are about other clubs is it not?

    Matt, Noble is the heart, soul and future of West Ham Utd FC, he is a local lad and a throw back to the type of lads we used to have in the team in the 1960s. You cannot place a price on that type of loyalty and commitment to the badge, he has never kissed it to my knowledge, he does not have to he sweats blood for it. When I see Noble in that shirt it’s like one of us fans is out there playing in the claret and blue. He knows and shares our passion for this great club. Needless to say if it was a choice between him and Parker it would be no choice at all. Bye, bye Scott!

    I think he has been unfairly criticised by some fans this season. They forget that he is still a relatively young player and their form can go up and down. It is part of their development as players and I guess he ideally needs to be rested on occasions during the season. But from your smiley you were joking about selling him right?

  47. bazzahamma says:

    i personally do not want to see boa go.he is really coming on now and if he gets some goals under his belt he could finally prove his worth! my main target would be to get rid of ashton. i know, i know, how could i say that? well, i’ll tell you. yes he is a prone goalscorer but takes about half the season the get into full swing, then gets injured again. aparently villa and spurs are interested and are set to offer between £10-£20 mill for him. a i know you wil all think i have a screw lose when i say this but, brace yourselves…i would rather have boa morte in my team than ashton…no joke!

  48. Matt Ryan says:

    Hahahaha! Lol sorry it was sarcasm!!! As was accepting Bentner! jeeez! lol! 🙂

    Tell you what though, I used to be a paramedic for LAS (London Ambulance Service) and part or my terrible duties were cover at West Ham one week and Arsenal the next, I did this for 4 years and Although it was only West Ham first team games, I also got to do Arsenal reserves which are played at Underhill stadium in Barnet and I got to see Bentner and Bently play quite a bit along with Arturo Lupolli and although I know the reserves are a complete different kettle of fish they were ALL FANTASTIC! knocking them in week in, week out!

    But alas, yes! Getting rid of Noble was a joke! 🙂 He sometimes frustrates the hell out me but I love him as one of our own and can think of at least 10 or 12 other players that I would rather see go than him 🙂

  49. Matt Ryan says:

    Bazzahamma, I actually agree with you! I actually FORGOT about him! lol! He’s a good player! But too much of a liability and we could sell him and get a couple of non-injury-proned decent players! One midfielder and possibly another striker!

    This german kid looks pretty good! Can’t remember his name but I saw a video of him and he looks dangerous!

    On another topic, I really hope we manage to strike a deal with Ilunga! I had never heard of him before he popped up on our pitch! But what a gem of a find! I really like him!

  50. SJ Chandos says:

    Well, Bazzahamma, I am speechless, and that does not happen to me very often! Boa Morte over Ashton, now that is controversial point of view! But good on you for expressing it.

    I personally feel that it would be a major mistake to sell Ashton, but I know that there is a limit to the patience we can show him. One more chance to get him back, fit and in form, or it’s the door. We can not afford a player that is a perpetual passenger. But I have my doubts whether other clubs would sign him until he is over his injury and playing to a decent standard. Surely if he is injury prone now, we need to get him back and playing to stand a chance of flogging him for a decent fee?

    Hopefully we will not have to, because I genuinely believe he is potentially the best centre forward England have. Far more gifted than Heskey and Crouch. How gutted would we be if he was sold to Spurs and finally fulfilled his potential with them!!!! It’s too horrible to contemplate.

  51. Matt Ryan says:

    If he is sold to ANY club that Harry Redknap manages, I will kill myself! lol! I used to love Redknap but now I detest the bloke!

  52. bazzahamma says:

    my dream team after january sales:

    1. green
    2. neill
    3. collins
    4. upson
    5. i lunga
    6. behrami
    7. noble
    8. parker
    9. boa morte
    10. bellamy
    11. cole


    1. lastuvka
    2. lopez
    3. tomkins
    4. collison
    5. dyer
    6. tristan
    7. sears

  53. Salesh says:

    Ill fly all the way from new zealand, and then drive him up to any club.

  54. Matt Ryan says:

    Salesh, too late mate! Dan already took him! lol

    Bazzahamma, I notgiced there were no new signings in your new team! Hmmmmmmmm!

    And……NEILL! Seriously??? Now I will prob get slated for this but he is one player I will NOT be sad to see leave 🙂

  55. SJ Chandos says:

    Honestly, this is not hindsight, I could not understand why the so called experts were writing off our chances of selling Davenport, Boa Morte, Bowyer, et al, for decent fees? They are all good solid, experienced professionals and were always going to attract the likes of Bolton, Hull, Stoke City or the top clubs in the Championship. £1-4m for these type of players is also very reasonable these days. See what clubs are quoted for a unproven Championship or Division One prospects, £3-4m plus.

    I bet the Sportsmail and Mirror Sport hacks are really hating this! Where’s the shock, horror, ‘fire sale’ story here? Perhaps they will finally leave us alone and start looking at Chelski’s financial position or the genuine crisis gripping Pompey?

  56. chris says:

    You hit the spot with this blog Iain!Never seen so many posts.
    So many people want rid of LBM.
    Dont no why It didn’t work out for LBM,shame I dont think we saw the best of him,He had so much pace and will probably be a hit at his next club.
    I would of kept him for one more season on pace alone.

  57. chris says:

    SJ Chandos do you ever go to bed mate?
    Your worse than me!!!!!!!!!

  58. Matt Ryan says:

    Almost forgot about our new signing, Dyer!!! Didn’t manage to see much of teh Barnsley game but by all accounts he was pretty good! 🙂

    Not heard of any bids for him yet

  59. SJ Chandos says:

    Agreed on Neill, but definitely in the summer. I think that would suit both the player and club’s purposes. We should try and get Glen Johnson back in the summer, if his January move to Liverpool does not happen.

    To be honest I do not hark after our ‘golden generation’ of players from the 90s, Rio, Cole, Carrick, Defoe, etc (I will not even seriously mention Lampard Jnr), because I think of them collectively as a lost opportunity and a chapter that is closed. But I would like Johnson back because I really missed seeing him push on after his great debut season with us. He was one of the best prospects I have ever seen. He took to first team football like a duck to water, he was so accomplished and assured for a youngster. Then Chelski set his development back and he is only just starting to recover.

    It would be great to see him back in the claret and blue and fulfilling that early potential. Bet Redknapp will be in for him in the summer, if they are still in the PL? lol.

  60. SJ Chandos says:

    Chris, I know posting on here gets a bit addictive! I am usually up late working, but I have not done much work tonight I am afraid. lol Back to it now, I have next season ticket to pay for, which will probably go up by about 500%!

  61. Chris says:

    Couldn’t be happier.
    For fear of sounding doom and gloom, is it just me thats worried about the board upheaval. Just when things were settling down and the board seems to be getting on with everything properly, they have to bugger off
    And i’m fed up with Ashton, great player, for 10 games a season. Get rid, spend the wages on a striker who’ll stay fit.

  62. Matt Ryan says:

    SJ, your last comment just made me grin! I mean, how F***ing great would it be to see the Spuds in the championship???? 🙂

    And…Johnson, not really given him a thoght! Carrick could have made us a LOT of money, he went to Spuds for a couple of million and 2 years later on to ManU for nearly £19Million!!!!!

    But, as far as old players are concerned, the ones I would liek to see return are Joe Cole , Yossi Benayoun and Repka! (guess which one I’m joking about! 🙂 lol

  63. Sactown Hammer says:

    Im sort of curious about talk of left foooters. You would think of all the training players get they would be able to use either foot. My son plays over here ( the states) on a youth team and they train with both feet. By no means am I comparing this to professional quality, but you would think that at a high level play you would be competent. The two Brescia players, are they being looked at for the first team or reserves?

  64. Matt Ryan says:

    Sactown, Who knows! I thought Lopez and Tristan were coming in for the first team! But I was wrong there!

    And I know what you say about both feet in U|S, I lived in Queens, Scranton and Canada (Ontario) for about 5 years (with a couple of gaps in between) and they do train to play with both feet and they also trained ALL the outfirld players to play in goal in Canada!

  65. SJ Chandos says:

    Back where they belong! lol. The Carrick deal was daylight robbery, just another reason to dislike them.

    Repka, he is probably still doing the business on forwards in the Czech league. He is one of those players like Samassi Abou, Jon Pantsil who become fan idol for reasons above and beyond their playing ability! But at least he stayed with us when we went down and help get us back. So respect to him on that level!

  66. Matt Ryan says:

    He only helped us get back up cos no one else wanted him! LMAO!!! lol

    Actually, even though he was a thug, I didn’t mind him! He DID help us liek you said and he did stick around liek he said he would! He could have easily have gone back to Czech when we were demoted but he stuck around 🙂

  67. chris says:

    Good on yer mate I enjoy your posts!

  68. Matt Ryan says:

    Chris, think he’s gone back to work mate! lol

  69. SJ Chandos says:

    Yeah, if proficiency with both feet is not addressed as a child, then players tend to be quite one footed. Look at Defoe for instance, his left peg is only good for standing on, although his right is pretty damn good.

    Sir Trevor Brooking, in his autobography, wrote that as a child his father made him practice with a trainer on his right (his natural foot) and a boot on his left. The result, a player who was as good with his left as his natural right foot! Look at Sir Geoff Hurst’s hattrick in 1966, one with his left, one with his right and an header, such completeness! How many of the contemporary centre forwards could replicate that, not many!

    You are right it can and should be corrected, but that is about good coaching for youngsters! And that’s where Sir Trev current pre-occupations come back in to the equation.

  70. SJ Chandos says:

    No, it’s too, late now, turning in! Good night lads, enjoyed the chat.

  71. Matt Ryan says:

    Night mate!!!!!!!

  72. Bogga in Oz says:

    So far so good with the window. Approve of all the potential sales to date (wouldn’t have minded hanging onto Davenport though – I was impressed in his outings this season).
    If we can offload Julien Faux Pas & Quashie along with deals already done, then the squad will be leaner. I’m with a couple of posters here with my yearning to get rid of Neill. Ridiculously overpaid, a potential penalty given away every match & slow. Get him off the books.
    Priority must be made to tie up Ilunga & hang onto our guns. I do have concerns about Bellamy leaving. He is just starting to hit his straps, but I think he is the lone ranger up front when paired with Cole or DiMichele & it must frustrate the sh%t out of him.
    My final concern is that the statement about not selling our guns came from Duxbury, & IMO, he is one of the best pork pie tellers in football. I just don’t trust a word he says.

  73. Iron Lung says:

    If LBM read this blog, he’d probably hang up his boots for good! Are there many other players so reviled by their own fans in the Premier League?

  74. chris says:

    Have we gotta play hull again I cant remember I,m so tired but I,ve gotta keep on working!!!!

  75. Matt Ryan says:

    Ok, I’m not a LBM fan but h eisn’t prem league quality since he signed for us! And you ask if there are any other players in his boat? I would say Gomes for Spuds is pretty close! lol 🙂 They hate him!

    I am one of the posters that would be happy to see Neill go! 🙂 To be honest the ONLY players I would hate to see leave are………Bellamy, Noble, Upson, Green, Tristan, Collins, Sears, Collison, Ilunga and Behrami! The rest I can live with!

    I also agree the SD is a lying c**t! And I don’t believe a word he says but if we can get to feb 2nd with the above listed players still playing for us, I will be a happy hammer!

  76. Matt Ryan says:

    Yeah Chris, we only played them once! And lost! lol

  77. Matt Ryan says:

    Right, goodnight guys! Have a good one! Was good chatting!

  78. DevoDevo says:

    Thought I’d get a post in before the night shift wake up!

    First, in defence of LBM, I honestly believe once some supporters take a dislike to a player, it remains there whether or not the player plays well or improves. I don’t think LBM has done anything wrong this season (yes, last season he was poor), but booing a player is counter productive, which leads to a player becoming anxious, trying too hard and ultimately making the wrong decisions.

    Ashton seems to split opinion. Again, there’s no way that he will be sold in the window, no one in their right mind will buy a player with his recent injury record. However, I’m with SJ again. Once fit, he is one of the most accomplished forwards in the Premiership. I also think the new medical team should be given a chance to work with him. They seemed to have sorted out all of the problems that the previous regime created with players coming back to soon and spending the season with repetitive niggling injuries. If Ashton breaks down again soon after his next return then we can move on.

    Finally, Lucas Neill appears to be linked to a few clubs at the moment. Whilst most of this may be fantasyland (MIlan!), it does appear that he is up for grabs which is great for the club. As much as I don’t rate him, it does leave us with a selection problem if he goes.

    Spector would seem to be the most likely replacement, but perhaps it’s time to promote one of the youth players? The other option is to play with wing backs – how about this?



    Dyer…………Noble……………..Parker (holdng)…………Collison……………..Ilunga


    Iain, if Zola contacts you regarding this formation, you have my email. 🙂

  79. Roshi says:

    That was a proper night shift Devo, even the Hammers can’t keep me from my zzzz’s. Still struggling from the after effects of flu so need my sleep at the mo.
    Wonder what today’s transfer action will bring?

  80. Paul M says:

    Read somewhere that the Boa to Cardiff involves a swap & cash for Joe Ledley, God I hope so.

  81. colney says:

    i think we should all get down and have a word with the man upstairs ! as soon as the lbm gets past the watford gap get it to chuck 8 inches of snow down,that will hold up any return !!!!

  82. Whitey says:

    I can’t wipe the smile off my face whenever I hear of the next player to leave. There has not been a player mentioned yet whose name is not followed by a groan whenever selected.

    Etherington, Boa Morte, Bowyer, Quassie, Davenport, Faubert, and now Lucus Neill.
    How about Spector ?

    Respect to the board, (So Far), for honouring their statements.

    How about really spoiling us and bringing back Glen Johnson. ?

  83. Paul M says:

    GZ is also giving a trial this week to 2 young Paraguayan starlets Nelson Amarilla and Juan Aguilar, along with the German and Italian lads were chasing.
    Don’t forget we signed a young Icelandic player earlier this year too.

    I’m loving all this about us looking at potential quality youth players.
    The future is bright – the future is claret & blue !!


  84. Matt Ryan says:

    Hi Paul M! This is all well and good but IF parker, Belamy and/or Green and Upson do go, we are going to need a lot more than just potential starlets! We will need some established players! Especially this season as all the points are sooooo close! We couild lose 3 on the trot and find ourselves in a relegation battle! 😦

    And off topic…..C.Ronaldo has been reported to have had a car crash but is UNHURT!!!!! Where’s the justice in this world!!!! lol

  85. Chris says:

    Never mind about a right back, we can think about that if the useless clot Faubert goes.

    I really think we need a steady goal scorer, just in case Bellers is injured. We have Cole, (hardly prolific, although i think he’s been one of our most consistant performers) Ashton, (less prolific that Cole because he has been injured since we signed him) and Bellamy.
    Di Michele and Tristan were emergency buys and have proven as much.
    Sears is still too young to cut it and could probably do with a loan move to a lower division, league one or championship, where he could start every game and come back to us full of confidence.
    Any club with ambition needs four top quality strikers and i count 3, one who is perpetually injured. Yes i include Cole in this bracket, he deserves it. So i reckon we need another striker. Thoughts???

  86. Matt Ryan says:

    Completely agree Chris, that’s why I said in an earlier post that (althouh it won’t happen) if someone offered a decent amount for Ashton, we should take it and buyt ourselves another little Yossi and a decent (fit) striker! 🙂

  87. Chris says:

    If someone offered 10 million with a few cheeky clauses for Ashton, I think I would bite thier hand off.

  88. Matt Ryan says:

    Yup! Same for Parker! I like him but for £10 million, we could get a REALLY good international replacement!

  89. Chris says:

    But will we, or are we just adding up the amount of money we need to pay Sheffield United, those ******* ***** (flocking counts). I believe in transfer fees last summer, (20 million) plus roughly 10 million this january would amount to the possible 30 million we wrongly have to pay them. I doubt very much we will be seeing anyone coming in.

  90. Matt Ryan says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmm, I am tempted to agree with you! But… and a big BUT! IF Duxbury was telling the truth and the final decision really is down to Sir Zola, then I don’t think he would let one of our best players (this season) go without having an equal replacement 🙂

  91. Chris says:

    You must be talking about Boa Morte…
    We will need a left sided player if they both go as has been said before. Ried isn’t good enough, and i dont think Lopez is either or he would have been blooded by now. I know Zola doesnt play 442 really but the squad needs one for versitilities sake.
    The club may well be doing itts usual thing and we’ll sign an impressive relative unknown, (see Behrami) without us knowing anything about it…

  92. Matt Ryan says:

    Yeah but LBM isn’t a starter! And to be honest (apart from the last few games) hasn’t fulfilled anywhere near his potential! And I can’t see him staying! You say Lopez isn’t good enough! But neither is LBM, why not give Lopez a chance and see? Obviously he plays in the reserves but you can’t compare that to first team experience! I think there is something else going on there!

    Also, we signed some Hungarian striker last transfer! What has happened to him?

  93. Goatygav says:

    Best thing all round I reckon. Best for West Ham, best for us fans and best for LBM. For some reason, which only the fooballing gods know, he’s not shown the same level of performance as he did at his former clubs.

    Loved your comment about Mark Noble SJ. You’ve very eloquently articulated how many of us feel about him and the academy players in general. If I had to name one person at West Ham who’s contributed most to the club in the last 40 years it’s Tony Carr.

  94. Matt Ryan says:

    Don’t agree Goatygav! It was Malcome Allison! lol!

    I had to say that he’s my uncle (in law)! Bless his mental heart!

  95. Matt Ryan says:

    “Hammers technical director Gianluca Nani hopes to finalise a double-deal for Brescia pair Salomon Bartosz and Savio Nsereko this month, with the highly-rated teenage pair likely to be loaned back to the Italian club until the summer”

    Not quite what we wanted but if we can survive this season, it’s looking a bit bromising for next season 🙂

  96. Goatygav says:

    No Way! Big Mal Eh? Did you have him ’round to Christmas Lunch? 🙂 Must be in his 80’s now I guess.

  97. Matt Ryan says:

    lol he’s pennyless and suffering form Alzheimers (well a sort of Alzheimers) now! He’ll be 82 this year! Lives in a nursing home and has hardly any idea who ANYONE is! Poor bloke!

  98. DevoDevo says:

    Sad to hear, Matt. before my time at West Ham, but I know he spent hours talking to Bobby Moore and others about tactics after training.

    Larger than life character as Palace manager in the 70’s. Known for his Fedora and big cigars. Wouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a football club now, which shows how much the ‘game’ has changed in the last few decades.

  99. Matt Ryan says:

    Thanks Devo 🙂

    Apparently we (West Ham) didn’t show him very much love just before he left! Reckins he was bullied out! They had a testimonial for him and raised him £3000! lol

    He really was a good guy though! Managed LOADS of clubs in his time! 🙂

    Devo, what you mean by “beofre your time at West Ham” mate?

  100. DevoDevo says:

    LOL – not what you think! Meant as a supporter. My cousin worked there in the 60’s, though and even had lifts off Bobby Moore!

    Back to the transfers and it appears that Dav, Eth & Bow are close to agreement. Mark Hughes also revealed that an improved substantial offer for ballamy & parker was turned down. 😀

    Nani also close to two signings.

  101. Goatygav says:

    Yeah – I’m sorry to hear that too Matt. My memories of him are during his second spell at Man City. It wasn’t a great time for him but I do recall he was very much his own man and wouldn’t be pushed around.

    I hear from my dad and older brothers that he was a decent defender himself.

    Also sorry to hear about how the game has treated him since he left it. Many greats of the game haven’t got their just deserts after retiring – inluding the great Bobby Moore.

  102. Goatygav says:

    DevoDevo – Hughes has just been on SkySports News saying that he’s not going to rule out improving the offer again. I get the feeling he wants both players. Let’s hope we stick to our guns and they remain at West Ham.

  103. Matt Ryan says:

    Thanks Goatygav 🙂 Yeah, there are a lot of ex players that were treated badly but that was just the game then! Now it’s all money and if someone is treated badly, they sulk and refuse to play! lol

    I have another member my distant family that used to play for Manu many years ago and he was badly bullied by the club apparently but just had to accept it!

    Ahhhhh I see Devo lol! I also heard that Sparky had another bid rejected! good! I am gradually, as days go by beginning to REALLY disike Man City!

    I am actually pretty happy with the Matty, Calum and Lee saga! It rasies cash for us and gives 3 pretty decent players a chance to continue their career! 🙂

  104. kennyhammer says:

    Really disappointed that LBM may be on the move. I had heard a rumor that Sheffield United were prepared to take LBM & Faubart in compensation for being Tevezed.
    However they seem to be doing a good enough job at maintaining their championship status for next season without our top men.

  105. Matt Ryan says:

    Kenny, Hahahaha if we gave them LBM and Fubar, Sheffield Utd would sue us for being relegated to league 1! And although they aren’t good enough for west Ham, both the players are FAR TOO good to be playing for those tossers!

  106. colney says:

    mate just txt saying sky sports say the prem and fa to open tevez case again!!!!!!

  107. Goatygav says:

    The premier league and the FA have just announced that they are going to institute a fresh enquiry into West Ham’s conduct in the Carlos Tevez affair.


  108. Matt Ryan says:

    All I saw was the scroll at the bottom of the screen! Have they actually SAID anything about it???

    Why are they doing it and what does it mean?

  109. Goatygav says:

    Specifically it’s an investigation in to West Ham’s conduct immediately after the Premier League ruling and £5.5M fine. This doesn’t sound like it’s to do with the initial case.

    Kind of sounds like a referee who realizes he’s cocked up a penalty decision so gives the next decision to compensate for it.

  110. kennyhammer says:

    Matt, you’re right they are too good. I expect them to sue us again when they next get relegated, After all if we had not forced them out of the premership after they had such a sparklling season then they wouldn’t be looking at league 1.

  111. IronMick says:

    completely off topic, but check this out

    another Lauro classic,
    I think the man may actually need some sort of therepy.

  112. djclipz says:

    matt, that hungarian striker we signed is Balint Bajner, as far as i know he was put straight into the youth team and has played a little bit in the reserves. From what i hear he is promising but not near a standard to start thinking about the first team. He is about 17-18, apparently he scored a 16 min hat trick for his hungarian u-19’s the qualifiers!

  113. Matt Ryan says:

    Djclipz, He scored a 16 min hattrick for teh under 19s??? Nice! I bet C.Cole couldn’t do that! lol

    What about the icelandic guy we signed???

    Hahahaha Are SU going to sue us every time they get relegated??? That will be EVERY year! lol

    Ahhh I see Goaty, so it’s not a major thing then??

  114. Matt Ryan says:

    IronMick, lol! great prediction that! Lawrenson is such a c0ck! lol

  115. Goatygav says:

    I guess it depends how badly the FA and Prem think they’ve balled up and how much they think we should pay for their mistakes.

  116. Matt Ryan says:

    They are talking about points being docked!!!! 😮

  117. Goatygav says:

    Sounds like a load of Speculation to me. It may end up that way I guess but they’ve only just announced that they want to launch a “Fresh Inquiry”. i would’ve thought it’s too early to start talking about any form of discipline at this stage.

  118. Matt Ryan says:

    I’ve been watching Sky Sports News but it’s been ALL bloody cricket for about an hour now!!!! jeez!

  119. Goatygav says:

    Same ‘ere. Usually when they do breaking news they at least do some form of report on it. I did hear a brief comment about an hour ago which was very specific about the “Conduct after the judgment” bit.

    Also they’ve just officially announce the Etherington deal has gone through for £4M.

  120. Matt Ryan says:

    Concluded! Matt HAS signed at Stoke for 3 and half years! Didn’t mention a price though! 🙂

  121. Matt Ryan says:

    Here ya go 🙂,,10310~1510963,00.html

  122. Goatygav says:

    Right you are. I just rewound the skyplus it and they didn’t mention a price – just 3 1/2 years.

  123. Paul M says:

    Ethers to Stoke for just 2 million !!! snip i’d say. all the best Matty.
    How about a sneeky bid for Henry, not getting many games these days but could we afford his wages !!?

  124. Matt Ryan says:

    Paul, who says 2 Million? I heard 4!

  125. Matt Ryan says:

    Apparently the enhanced bid from Sparky for Bellas and Parker was £20Million for the 2! And we still rejected it! This is sending out great vibes 🙂

    Zola, has by all accounts had chats with them both and told them that if they stay at Upton Park he will make them better players! 🙂

  126. Goatygav says:

    So then – what exactly do the FA and Prem mean by “Further Breaches of Premier League or FA Rules?”

  127. Matt Ryan says:

    Goaty, I think it os because they appealed against the ruling which was against Prem league rules!

  128. Goatygav says:

    Doesn’t sound too serious then. Surely they can’t punish us too badly for just appealing?

  129. Matt Ryan says:

    The thing is, sure;y they can’t deduct points now! It is a whole differentr situation to last when it happened! Different players, we have difefrent points etc… it just woudln’t be fair!

  130. Goatygav says:

    Just noticed everyone’s discussing this on the next blog post Matt.

    I agree – points deductions now would be ridiculous however stranger things have happened.

  131. Gothenburg'Ammer says:

    LBM LBM LBM that man has given me nothing but pain n suffering!that somebody wants to pay for taking him of our hands is a late f***ing x-mas gift!!!meeeeeery x-mas hohoho

  132. Upton Spark says:

    BAZZAHAMMER says in his dream team he would have Boa Morte in the starting line up and DYER on the bench.
    ARE YOU MAD!!!
    Providing Dyer is fit then he will alway’s be ahead of Boa Morte every time.

  133. DevoDevo says:

    I think Bazzahammer might be abusing substances! 🙂

    Is this the record thread regarding posts, Iain?

  134. bazzahamma says:

    c’mon boa ain’t that bad, but i would love us to get tevez back seeing as how man utd oviously don’t want him!

  135. I meet Boa in Sainsburys car park in Hornchurch a couple of months ago … we had a chat and he is a nice bloke … but i wished he’d stayed there and given us all a rest from oaning and groaning at it for another wayward shot or crap pass!!!

  136. Chris says:

    Somebody get this out and out ******* ******’s IP address blocked please. Iain? How it got through moderation I dont know.

    ray Says:
    January 8, 2009 at 12:40 pm

    good news. just one or two of the more darker faces to get rid of and we will be looking good. keep up the hounding of faubert and cole now lads. we WILL get em out of the club.

    Moron, I hope you die in a horrific way.

  137. Ben says:

    Well if he is going to Hull, I wonder what sort of reception he’ll get when he returns later this month in a different shirt – ironic cheers every time when he touches the ball? Or just the usual boos?

  138. Iain Dale says:

    Chris, I have deleted that comment and banned the IP address of the person concerned.

  139. Chris says:

    Cheers, abuse him because he’s crap, not black!
    Was ironic how the players he mentioned haven’t traditionally been the best of performers though!

  140. storm says:

    Guys, guys my old mans a highly ranked officer in the army. Ill stick Boa in a tank and we can stick the tank, dans car, petes gritter and Russels armed responce team all in to chinooks, with apaches helicopters just in case thinks get rough. Lads i think we’ve got it sorted, finally he’ll b off the payroll!!!!! Up the ‘ammers!!

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