Bowyer to Brum?

Sky Sports, that most reliable out outlets, are reporting that Lee Bowyer is discussing a transfer to Birmingham. According to someone on the West Ham Email List that I belong to, he was also seen at St Andrews this morning, so it does seem to have a grain of truth to it. I wonder how much he will fetch – £1.5 million tops, I would think.


30 Responses to Bowyer to Brum?

  1. D&G says:

    I have had such a !@?% day which has just been turned into bright summers morning.

    Thank you Brum yipeeeeeeee

  2. Ray Moore says:

    It looks to me that maybe just maybe West ham and BG are using the media to thier advantage.

    By showing that players like bellers, parker and Upson are attracting big fees and a lot of interest shows what a great club we are with some great players. Then they are rejecting offers or so called offers, which show potential buyers of the club what great assets they will be buying into! By ofloading the fringe players they are showing they have faith in Zola and Clark to be able to replace these player with up and coming youngsters, while trimming the wage bill.

    I think or more i hope this is the case and West ham can then stick two fingers up to the media for printing all there rubbish.

  3. Don,t mind losing bower as long ne takes the usless LBM with him.

  4. Den says:

    Bugger – I hope that doesn’t mean they’re sending Quashie back to us!

  5. chris says:

    I’m confused with the lopez signing,is he to be given a chance,one for the future,or is he simply a mistake.If Lbm goes and Ethers, we have no leftfooters apart from him and Ilunga.

  6. colney says:

    ray,spot on ….i hope!!!!

  7. Graybo says:

    Left footers… now there’s a whole new thread… who was your favourite WHU left-footer?

    I always thought Graham Paddon was a very reliable bloke who brought a lot of balance to an already impressive midfield.

  8. eastend says:

    I can’t see us getting any more than 1 million for Bowyer but would have no second thoughts about accepting it. We have a lot of cover for the midfield position and he is definately one player who looks to be surplus to requirements.

    Also, I used to like Marc Keller, he had a sweet left boot!

  9. Berkshire Hammer says:

    Transfer window is looking good, Bowyer, Davenport & Matty E all going. keeping all our “TOP” players.

    Just seen LBM to Cardiff, does it get any better??

  10. Goatygav says:

    Steady on D&G – they’re only opinions people are voicing! 🙂

    Seriously though – Dicksy was a great left footer. A cultured left foot as well as being fully committed in the tackle.

  11. Upton Spark says:

    Apparently the fee will be between 1.5 to 2.0 million for Bowyer. I beleive this is a good move as we havn’t seen him much in the last year or so,and this would seem to be a good thing for West Ham to get the wages down.
    i have heard that Faubert is wanted by Rangers in Scotland,but the wages could be a problem. The fee is said to be around 3.5 million? We paid 6 million for him so we will be the losers on this one it would seem.
    Davenport going as well so another one off the wage bill.
    I did say before the window opened that we would lose one of our big name players and I hope I am wrong but time will tell.
    Up the Hammers!

  12. Biffo the bear says:

    I think the high bids for Parker, Bellamy and Upson will mean we get decent money for the players that are leaving. There was talk of 3 mill for Davenport? $ for Etherington…seems like good business to me. Plus Mr Duxbury has repeated that Parker is not for sale, which, as someone pointed out, does not mean he’s not going but, so far. it’s looking like thier sticking to their plan of selling off fringe players. If Davenport and Etherington go this week we could be looking to buy…any nominations from anyone as to who they’d like to see arrive?

    I still think the summer is the best time to buy but if someone can improve the team and they’re available now then it can’t hurt.

  13. Whatever it is, we should take it!

  14. DevoDevo says:

    All going to plan so far. 🙂

    Left footers:

    Paddon the best (if you ignore Brooking who could use both to similar effect)
    Pearce DH for 2nd.

  15. brooking still the best says:

    err, so far, it being day seven of the transfer window. The media has sold the whole squad, yeah even Bowyer and Davenport! I could have believed it all until i heard someone wanted Bowyer!!! :o) Its all a larf init!

  16. Chris says:

    Couldn’t be happier, hugely overrated, unreliable, probably disruptive and a waste of space. If Birmingham pay 1.5 million for him I will slaughter a goat to the football Gods.

  17. chris says:

    Devonshire, didn’t he play on the left with a right foot!
    Cant remember,someone put the record straight.

  18. Goatygav says:

    Yes – I would’ve said Devo but he was a right footed left winger.

  19. Goatygav says:

    And the player that I used to pretend to be when, as a 12 year old, I pulled on my 1980 FA Cup replica shirt.

  20. chris says:

    you never know who’s reading.
    Davenport ….worth at least 5m,a real monster in the air,should never be allowed to leave
    Bowyer….Midfield dynamo,and knows where the goal is,current value even thou is ageing 4m.
    Faubert….Did’nt quite work out for him at west ham,but bags of pace! and can deliver the ball like beckham…..value 6.7m easy
    Ethrington…..If you can keep him fit a real handful for any fullback and scores every 3 games…worth at least 5m, a snip for 1.5 if snoke get him!


  21. Keith Holland says:

    You all seem to be forgetting Johnny Sissons. Absolutely great left foot.
    Sir Geoff was pretty tidy with his left peg as well.

  22. Upton Spark says:

    Di Canio; Left foot,right foot,any bloody foot!! Legend.

  23. Student Hammer says:

    To the guy who said we’d only have Ilunga & Lopez left as leftfoot option I think you’ve forgotten old Matty Upson 😉

    As for best left footer, let’s not forget Zamora against ipswhich a few years back, do I need to quote the song? 😀

  24. Kevin says:

    Liam Brady and of course “Wally” Walford!

  25. Graybo says:

    Devo… ah, yes. My mate and I were Upton Park regulars when he was in his prime.

    Here’s a little tale. My mate was visiting his girlfriend’s parents and it was fairly early on in the relationship and he wasn’t aware that any of them had an interest in football.

    He was asked what his interests were and he remarked that he supported WHU and his jaw dropped to the ground when his girlfriend’s Mum said: ‘I like Alan Devonshire but he’s not as effective when they play him on the right, is he.’

    With apologies for taking the thread off-topic, Iain.

  26. Roshi says:

    Cor blimey…..all this talk of Johnny Sissons, great little winger and Graham Paddon, classy, I’ve gone all nostalgic. What a great team that late 60’s side was. Not great as in winning everything, but great in attitude, team spirit and pride…….if only?

  27. Goatygav says:

    Ah yes. Liam Brady. What a player he was. Shame he spent all that time at Highbury when his true spirtual home should’ve been Upton Park.

  28. supernumbersix says:

    Deal is done. Etherington is gone.

  29. James says:

    Thank the lord for that, I cannot believe he was a West Ham. his efforts on the pitch were rubbish!! Think the best we had from him was the season he scored five goals!!

    Enjoy the Brum Scum, West Ham’s waste ground

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