Breaking News: New FA Tevezgate Inquiry Launched!

THIS has just been posted on the Premier League website…

The Premier League and the FA are to institute a joint inquiry into the views expressed by the Independent Arbitral Tribunal chaired by Lord Griffiths in September 2008, which dealt with a compensation claim by Sheffield United against West Ham United brought under FA rules. The joint inquiry will examine whether the conduct of West Ham United immediately after the Independent Disciplinary Commission’s decision of 27th April 2007 amounted to further breaches of Premier League or FA rules.

I don’t mind admitting that I am totally baffled by this. What on earth do they mean by “the conduct of WHU after 27 April”. Can anyone shed any light?

Will this nightmare ever end? It seems to me that someone, somewhere is determined that we’re going to be docked points at some stage or other.

UPDATE: I understand this all relates to verbal promises allegedly made by Scott Duxbury to Kia Joorabchian. I’m very depressed on a number of fronts. Firstly that the question of points being docked raises its ugly head again. Secondly, while the very fact that the inquiry is being launched will make our star players have second thoughts about staying. And thirdly we may now be getting rid of a couple of players who we may well need if the worst happens.

Fun being a Hammers fan, innit?

UPDATE 3.40pm: The Club has issued the following statement…
In response to today’s announcement from The FA and the Premier League, West
Ham United in a statement said: “West Ham United will co-operate fully with
the joint inquiry convened by The FA and Premier League. “We have acted in
good faith throughout the various inquiries and investigations into this
matter and fulfilled the undertakings given to the Premier League following
the initial penalty. “We have nothing to hide and will ensure that this is
once again reflected in our evidence to The FA and Premier League.”


71 Responses to Breaking News: New FA Tevezgate Inquiry Launched!

  1. alan says:

    This is sooo crazy. I think we should use the classic ‘Alan Sugar Spurs’ defence. ie go on the attack!! Lets have a go for once, see how they like it!! It would cause chaos for them to deduct us points, or see us go into admin.

  2. Cai Ellison says:

    It does appear that there is a vendetta against the club – from the press right through the corridors of power in the FA and the Premier League. Who’d have thought McCabes reach was so long? because it does seem someone somewhere is using their influence to continually slur the club.

    Firstly, isn’t it surprising that this comes out while we are in the middle of the transfer window – what better way than to try and destabilise the club and its players – what’s the betting we lose a number of our big players because they will all be concerned about points being docked?

    The conduct after the 27th of April is because the inquiry believes that our hapless CEO told Joorabchian that the 3rd party deal still existed even after we tore it up. Duxbury isn’t very bright is he – how can he still be in a job.

    They won’t rest until we are bankrupt, relegated god knows how many divisions and that clown McCabe is queen of England.

  3. colney says:

    this joke is getting even funnier !!!! looks like the fa and premier league have worked out that west ham should have paid them more so the greedy (no swear words allowed)are jumping on the gravey train. this is going to send us down im sure of it.sad day in the life of a west ham suporter.

  4. Gary S says:

    This is very bad. Smacks of revenge for us not accepting Final Arbitration result. There will be a points deduction at least but I feel it t will lead to demotion to Championship. Unless something significant was going to happen then they would not do this. I feel gutted that all the hard work and I believe good progress this season will be undermined.

    In regard to this can anyone explain to me what the difference of Tevez playing for Man U now is to when he played for us. They have paid an amount up front and he will be owned by Joorabchian at the end of a two year period if thye cannot agree terms for a transfer.

  5. FrannyZola says:

    Scott Duxbury again. Just like we are getting rid of Curbishleys plenty-grand-a-week players, we need to get rid of him so that we can move on.

    I think this is basically the FA trying to find out if the club really did what they said they were gonna do after we were fined the £5 million.

    Let’s hope Scott Duxbury covered his tracks.

  6. Coops says:


  7. FrannyZola says:

    I reckon Kia was one of the 5 recent interested parties in wanting to buy the club. We said no so he’s gone and grassed to the FA about what Duxbury has really been up to.

  8. BAC says:

    You never know – the joint inquiry might decide that the so called Independent arbitration panel overstepped the mark in deciding that Duxbury’s alleged remarks to Kia’s lawyer amounted to a verbal contract. What makes me think that if that were on the cards, neither the FA or the Premier League would have seen fit to convene yet another kangaroo court to persecute the Hammers?

  9. alan says:

    if its down to duxbury he has to go!!!

    whatever happens they cannot deduct us points retrospectively, where would it all end? should someone be deducted points for breach of health and safety regs at hillsbrough, or fire at bradford maybe, or as i said before, spurs indescetions under an earlier regime

  10. IronMick says:

    What the hell…
    Just when things were looking up (on the lack of our Big names leaving) this happens.
    As far as I could see the FA were under no pressure to do this. Dirty Sheffielf Utd won their compensation claim (how that ever happened I have no clue), the only issue being the actual amount, and the whole thing had died down in the media.
    This does lead one to suspect some kind of conspiracy against our club, buy one or several powerful members within the Prem league and/or FA. It seems we are destined to be punished for all eternity for the actions of the pair of creeps Duxbury and Kia.
    AAHHHHH feel like screaming…

  11. TC says:


    we really need to do something about this as fans.

    I think that what is happening is that someone is out to get us for having the temerity to try and get players the same way that the top 4 had done many times (third party ownership and all that) and that somehow this was deemed ‘unfair’. I have some understanding of contract law, and their ‘judgement’ based on a breach of contract for a duty of care is so vague when used that hardly any compensation is paid out in real cases. Compensation is paid out for proven negligence or outright fraudulent behaviour and I bet that the last one is the one they are going to try for.

    Unfortunately for the FA, they shot themselves in the foot (and proved how corrupt they were) when they tried to punish Spurs for outright and blatant fraud and corruption in the early 90s. They gave them a massive fine (12m I believe) and a massive points deduction but when Sugar threatened them, they backed down and cut down the fine to almost nothing and removed the points deduction.

    It really needs the club to stop co-operating and threaten counter legal action. We are all sick of this.

    If that doesn’t happen, then we should think about making the complaint about the FA to the authorities ourselves.

    The site for complaints is

  12. IronMick says:

    FrannyZola –
    great shout about Kia
    grassing us up would not suprise me one bit – exactly what a man of he’s class would do

  13. kennyhammer says:

    This is bad news and will finish off any chance of a new owner for the club until the outcome is known. I read it that had west ham abided by the tribunal decision and paid the compensation to S.U. and not tried to appeal against what was an enormously unjust outcome and amount of compensation, (as S.U accounts may yet confirm), then no further action would have taken place. The fact that both parties had agreed to abide by the tribunal decision and the we tried to overturn the decision has led to this.
    I feel that media coverage of the clubs plight and BG’s involvement with Landbankski
    have not helped one bit.

  14. Big Casino says:

    I’ve got this really horrible and sickening feeling, if they do find us guilty, they may actually do something as drastic as relegate us…. I mean, if it turns out we lied to their faces (the FA and Premier League) and told them that Joorabichan no longer had any rights over the player, and he did, and we played him anyway, then why not relegate us for blatantly breaching the rules, being punished, lying, and then breaching them again!!!!

  15. DevoDevo says:

    I knew things were going too well……………. 😦

  16. claret bobby says:

    Maybe…just maybe….someone at the FA has seen sense and decided to put an end to the whole thing by proving that the decision in Sheff utds favour was based on flawed opinion?

  17. Reece Walters (Manchester) says:

    “It seems we are destined to be punished for all eternity for the actions of the pair of creeps Duxbury and Kia.”

    Well lets be right you’ve benefited from it rather nicely for the past two years, I’m sure
    nothing will happen to you though.
    Lets be right, FA by name…..

    On the subject of your argument against Sheffield saying that they need to take account of the costs of being in the premier league (in terms of bigger wages and player transfer fees.)

    That argument is the same as negligent companies saying they shouldn’t have to pay much compensation to employees who sue them for neglicence. Saying that
    ‘They’d only go and spend the compensation money on a house, holidays, a car etc’.

  18. 10no6 says:

    Honestly what a load of b*ll*cks I suggest we gather up Lord Triesmann the FA McCabe, Kia and Duxbury, so called football journalists and every twit that can’t see this for what it is and drop them in a big bucket of sh*t and leave them to a swarm of sh*t eating bugs.

    Not very constructive I know but I needed to express myself

    If relegated imagine the joy of beating the Blunts in a play off final

  19. D&G says:

    Oh well there goes our chance of new owners then. No one will touch us with a 50ft barge pole now!

    I can see this ending in points deducted, let’s hope the club are smart enough to ask for their 5.5milliion quid back at least.

  20. FrannyZola says:


    Absolutely mate.

    He’s threatened us before that he would go to the courts and reveal all. It’s why we have him as an adviser. The guys a little weasel…feel like kicking him in the nuts….repeatedly. If I ever find him, I will give you a shout, we can have one turn each, bring your boots (toe capped).

  21. James says:

    If there is stuff hidden then DUXBURY is toast, I do hope they fine him hard also!!

    Please suprise me, Mr Duxbury

  22. Tony says:

    I dont get the last line of the FA statement……………………………………
    “There will be no further comment” wot , just hit us with this and go all quiet. Very strange.

  23. Matt Ryan says:

    Helloooooooooooooo, what did I miss?

  24. Blade1889 says:

    As a Blade, I was dismayed that we took action against West Ham. West Ham cheated, admitted they cheated and got fined. McCabe should have sued the Premier League and the clowns that run it. However, I’m not surprised by this as there is no way that Duxbury tore up the contract with Joorbichan.
    It’s a real shame that things have gone this way. The FA and the premier league really fudged this up from the start. someone somwhere should be hung out to dry on this one…

  25. mokumhammer says:

    I reckon the enquiry should be chaired – by upstanding reliable member of the old guard of trusted fellows, someone like George Graham

  26. Matt Ryan says:

    Blade1889….At last a non-ignorant SU fan! Thank you! The West Ham board did field him illegally and paid the price! And £5.5Million is a BIG price to pay! But what McCabe did was totally and utterly disgraceful! And notice I said McCabe abd NOT Sheffield United becasue United are a club, a team and they did not all gather together and decide to sue West Ham, this was down to a few ignorant and pathetic board member!

    This is why I take a little bit of offense when you say that West Ham cheated! West Ham didn’t cheat, the stupid ignorant members of our board did! West ham include, players, coaching staff, management and many other people that had nothing to do with what happened!


  27. SJ Chandos says:

    This has got to be the biggest farce in the history of the FA. They cannot keep reopening this issue. I personally do not see how they can hold an impartial investigation against the background of the biased and vinidictive campaign waged against the club by the gutter press.

    But, this is a time for cool heads. The Griffths Tribunal is perverse and contrary to the rules of probability governing civil law cases. This whole thing hangs upon alleged verbal conversaton between Duxbury and Kia’s representatives. Where is the evidence? Where is the proof that West Ham Utd gave Kia assurances that the third party agreements were still in place?

    Apparently FA/PL solicitors will interview the relevant Griffths witnesses and assess whether there is any case to answer. A recommendations will then go back to the FA and PL. Believe me, if they decide to deduct points or relegate the club, there will be a legal dispute the like of which has never been seen before in sport in the UK!

  28. Matt Ryan says:

    Just seen a piece on Sky Sports News saying that the inquiry is to determine if there were any more abnormalities! And IF the board are telling the truth when they say there is nothing to hide then everthing will be ok 🙂

  29. SJ Chandos says:

    That should be ‘The Griffths Tribunal decision is perverse and …… The original statement is probably true, but to set the record straight! lol.

  30. Matt Ryan says:

    Nope SJ, you can’t take it back now!!! lol!

    I’m well pi$$ed off!! Too pi$$ed off to play gears of war 2 infact!!!! n


  31. SJ Chandos says:

    Politically, the club are taking the correct line, ‘we have nothing to hide and will co-operate, etc.’ But behind the scenes they need to get tough with the FA and state that their actions are irresponsible and against natural justice and will bring the governance of the game in to disrepute. We need to fight fire with fire! I do not think for one moment that the other PL clubs will welcome this new investigation.

    I do not really see how the solictors can recommend action on he basis of differing accounts of personal conversations? Where is the evidence? It may, just finish this saga once and for all if, as they should, the solictors report back that there is no evidence of wrong doing!

  32. james says:

    I say the board used the 10m for our lastest transfers and pay someone to snipe McCabe, that kind of money could get a real proffessional and i’m sure they’d at least cover their tracks better than Duxbury.

  33. SJ Chandos says:

    I think that we all sick and tired of this saga. Has a football cub ever suffered the campaign of distortion and victimisation suffered by West Ham Utd FC! The press hacks were confounded by our refusal to sell key players, this will give them a whole new lease of life to continue their attacks. Wait for the sickening hypocritical peices by shabby tabloid hacks taking a moralistic, holier than thou line in their semi-literate scribblings!

  34. Mikef says:

    Boys, boys, boys, you are a morbid lot. Stop thinking all negative and start looking at the positives. A bunch of football virrgins somehow or other came to the conclusion that Tevez was worth 3 points to us. But they have NO PROOF to back it up. Neither do they have anything on what Kia’s solicitor is claiming so they cannot use it. Hearsay is not admissable in a legal case.

    Mcbabe now cannot get compensation until the EPL/FA inquiry is complete. If they do not find anything – which they will not – remember when they “investigated” Tim Howard and Steve Kabba they concluded that as there was no written evidence it was a gentleman’s agreement and no further action. If all they have now is a he said/she said scenario how can they find any different?

    Personally I think it is good for us as it should end the argument once and for all. With Grffiths’ argument shot to s**t it will reduce our compensation to possibly nothing as we have no case to answer. Personally I thihk we are behind this. Wasshing our dirty laundry in CAS would be detremental to EPL/FA but as Griffith’s found for SUFC EPL/FA have very few options. Just my 2c worth.

  35. Happy Hammer says:

    If the board haven’t lied then we have nothing to worry about. What I believe is beyond belief is that it has taken the Premier League 18 months to do this, they are a shocking organisation and Scudamore and his cronies have botched this up as much as Duxburry, so who do they take it out on? Who suffers for their incompetence, us fans, players and management of a club who knew not what they had done upstairs. It stinks and I’m thouroughly peed at the moment, being a West Ham fan is certainly eventful.

    I think it is likely we are looking at points deduction and relagation, if anything good comes out of this it’s that we should walk that poor poor league, we get one season away from the incompetence and total shambles that is the money mad Premier League for one season, and for true Irons who love their tradition, we will have saturday kick offs at 3 and some cracking tuesday nights under the lights to look forward to (always a special athmos at those games)

    Looking hard for those silver linings

  36. Goatygav says:

    I reckon there’s more people who’ve been compromised by this than the FA, EPL or other parties care to admit. One day it may all come out.

    I’ve no great fondness for the FA. Not just over things like this but the way that they’ve treated Sir Trev. He’s been hampered in his efforts to raise youth training methods and facilities in England. He’s there as a token gesture to make it look like they’re doing something positive but the truth is a million miles away from it. All they deliver is soundbites and bravado.

  37. brooking still the best says:

    It’s all down to Terry Brown and Kia, Scott Duxbury, the creep that he is has inherited this mess. The question is did his actions make things worse?
    Just when you think things cant get any worse, they just did. It’s never been easy in the 35 years of supporting the Hammers, but the last two years has got silly!!!
    Give us a break some-one

  38. Matt Ryan says:

    Well I say we all forget about this for now and deal with IF and when we need to! 🙂 Lets just concentrate on giving our boys the support 🙂

  39. colin say's says:

    How much will this inquiry cost? a million or so, They will want another heavy fine ( Cash back) its just after Christmas their all skint, play this one out to the summer,just in time to pay their bonus’s for their holidays , just in case nothing else come’s along they can give a nice heavy fine to. They are not interested in fair play ,just a payday . l bet this is nearer the truth then anything……………

  40. Matt Ryan says:

    I do like this part of an article that I read though….

    …..”However should the inquiry find in favour of West Ham the chances of Sheffield United receiving any compensation whatsoever would be virtually nil, given that the FA panel’s decision relied so heavily on Tevez’s involvement in those final three games of the season”

  41. James M says:

    I’m with MikeF on this. If you think about if logically, Sheff Utd had us by the short and curlies following the perverse Griffiths ruling. They knew that was probably their one and only chance to extract any money from us. It makes no sense if they are behind this new enquiry otherwise why would they have taken us to the High Court to prevent an appeal to CAS ?

    This has got our fingerprints all over it and my gut feeling is that the Griffiths ruling will be thrown out, Sheff Utd will be told to foxtrot oscar and the whole sorry affair will be sorted once and for all !!

    Here’s hoping anyway.

  42. HammersWest says:

    I’m with you Matt, we can’t do anything about it, let’s get behind the team and get those points……. Just in case we need them 🙂

  43. old biddy says:

    Ill tell what really gets on my t*ts about all this……….the main culprit and villian in all this has made millions and millions of pounds and is still aloud to ply his trade has a so called AGENT!!!!!……..And it really goes to show(from all the directors and players of sheff utd)that this is all about money grabbing greedy so and sos………technicalitys aside sheff utd went down because over 38 games they simpley were not good enough on the pitch.

  44. Bernie Bonds says:

    Iain pleeese with your organising skills get together with all the othere West Ham sites & rally all true fans to protest albeit peacfully outside the F A & P L H Q s how in the name of Bobby Moores could it have taken 4 months to come out with this inquiry ? mid transfer window ? definitely a witch hunt

  45. StainesWestHam says:

    This could well be the opportunity the Premier League has been waiting for to make amends for not docking us points in the first place. The majority of clubs in the prem league have complained that we should have been relegated over Tevez so we won’t get any support from them either! I’m really confused about todays announcement…surely the club were asked to show some form of evidence that we had cancelled the 3rd party agreement so that we could continue to field the player. Our club must be daft if this is true and owe us, the fans, an apology for having to endure yet more column inches about this dull Tevez saga. YAWN! Yes we will probably be relegated, just put us all out of our bloody misery!! Can someone please wake me up for our first Championship game of the season against QPR…

  46. Mikef says:

    Still far more negative comments than positive ones. It does not necessarily have to be bad news. It could be that EPL/FA agree with us that Griffiths’ logil is flawed. What would WHU do before paying out? Go to a REAL COURT, which would be bad news for EPL/FA. SUFC already been to court and I doubt they could play the legal card again.

    Of course, if I take my rose-tinted specs off I could ponder whether yesterday’s snippet of news that BG might take the club off the market next month was slipped out to bolster fans’ confidence before this broke. Back on with the rose-tinted specs quick!

    Never a dull moment for a hammers fan. Must be one of the reasons I still follow them.

  47. clack says:

    It never made sense at the time -how Tevez was allowed to play in those last 3 games.

    Here are the facts:

    -The contract that allowed him to play in last 3 games was hurridly put together in 24 hrs, so he could play at Wigan.

    – Tevez is MSI’s greatest asset ( it is a misconception that they own lots of other good South Anercan footabller – they don’t)

    -Tevez has a market value of around 32 million quid.

    – The first commission demanded that WHU remove ‘all 3rd party agreements’ for Tevez to pay in those last 3 games.

    It is just completely inconceivable that MSI would have agreed to abolishing ‘all 3rd party agreements’ to allow Tevez to play in those last 3 games.

    Whether there is a recording of the ‘gentleman’s agreement’ between Duxbury and Kia or not, all the circumstantial evidence blatantly points to the 3rd party agreement still existing, – most obviously when Man U were forced (by the prem league) to pay 2 million to WHU, but which later Kia sued WHU for and setteld out of court.

    I’m a passionate WHU fan, but the Tevez affair both angers and sadens me,

    I have no doubt at all that WHU are completely in the wrong and deserve all the punishments they get.

    West Ham did not just lie and deliberitely withhold documents form the Prem league, but they then lied and tried to deceive the Prem league again, after the intial punishment. It’s disgraceful behaviour.

    So many WHU fans on here saying it’s unfair and claiming it victimisation against the club – what b***cks.

    Instead of directing all this anger towards Sheff U, the FA, prem league, Lord justice Griffiths etc, why not look at the real culprits – the liars who run our club. That’s where the anger should be directed.

    West Ham has become a horrible, sordid, corrupt club over the last few yrs.

    It’s a shame, and it breaks my heart, becasue it never used to be like that.

  48. Chris says:

    WOW, i could not be more bored with this absolute tosh.

  49. tel kettle says:

    You, and just about every tabloid journo for that matter, are missing an all important point about this farcical saga.
    It was not at any stage illegal to have a 3rd party contract. The problem was 3rd party INFLUENCE, not ownership (All loan deals for example are in effect 3rd party ownership).
    Tevez’s contract had a clause which allowed Kia to remove him from WHU’s service, without their agreement. THIS was the offending 3rd party influence. (How that would have HELPED West Ham if it was invoked is still beyond me!). This was the clause removed at the behest of the PL at the original hearing.
    We have been royally screwed by one and all over this imo, and if you look at the original “offence” (Rule U18 I think it was) under PL rules, I would argue we have been excessively punished already!
    Come On You Irons!

  50. OZ ex chicken runner says:

    My guess is, this will either cause us a lot of misery and possibly a points deduction to shut McCabe up and get him off the FA and EPL’s back, or it will finally put to an end the whole episode and exonerate us with no compensation payout to shut McCabe up and get him off the the FA and EPL’s back!!! Either way they win.
    If it goes belly up for us then I fully agree and have thought this all along that we should attack and take out our own legal proceedings against them all. Football should not be decided in courts and all this should now be history. Funny..if the Blades had not stuffed up at the end and Wigan went down, McCabe would not be heard from…do you hear any support for McCabe from the other chairmen who were in danger of going down that year??

  51. clack says:

    Sorry Tel Kettle, but I think you have missed the point.

    WHU lied and witheld documents from the Prem League

    The breakdown of the original fine was 2.5 mill for breaking the 3rd party influence clause and 3 mill for the lying (the lying and deceit was the more serious offence)

    And then, after paying the fine, WHU allegadly have lied again to the Prem league to enable to Tevez to play in the last 3 games. That is a very serious offence and unacceptable behaviour in my opinion.

    Your claims that we have been royally screwed and that we are in some ways victims is all wrong in my behaviour.

    To the lie and deceive is one thing, but then to go and do it again is completely unnaceptable for me, and that’s why, as a West Ham supporrter all my life, I am ashamed of my club at the moment for the way they have behaved.

    If we have lied to the Prem league so that Tevez could play in those last 3 games then we have cheated.

    (also another point that I think a lot of people continually miss is that – although it was the 3rd party influence clause that broke the rules, we were required to remove ‘all 3rd party agreements for Tevez to play in the last 3 games – that was the exact wording of the original commission, and was also specifically referred to in the first arbitration panel’s conclusions aswell)

  52. Matt Ryan says:

    Can we let this topic to rest now? And deal with it as a when we need to 🙂 We have far more pressing issues at hand! Like watching Dyer run rings around our geordie friends in our 3-0 win tomorrow 🙂

  53. Richard says:

    we adjusted the contract with MSI to the satisfaction of the premier league, they asked us to do it – we did it – they saw anything beyond that as a private matter between West Ham and MSI.

    any verbal assurances allegedly made by West Ham to MSI are what is known in football nowadays as “gentlemens agreements” – which the premier league has already indicated in various cases, not least the hypocritical kabba case, as being worthless as nothing was written down.

    we are in the clear, this is the appeal we have been waiting for.

  54. hammeredCalv says:

    i am feeling posotive about this ! they are looking for closure, and seeing that it has dragged on for so long and we have already been punished once, i feel it will be very hard for them to punish again. This whole thing has been handled in an unprofessional manner both from FA and PL. And as usual the fans are paying for it ! If they punish us again we should take legal action ourselves against both pl and fa ! and do the fa really want 30 thousand angry west ham fans outside there hq ??? i think not !!!

  55. Ken Cooper says:

    I am getting sick & tired of this now. I cannot believe that the FA & Premier League are making so much fuss over what was a minor rule infringement. If one of the big 4 had commited the same offence it would have all been brushed under the carpet. All this talk of how Tevez kept us up is nonsense & an insult to the other players who worked their socks to keep us up. Also I have not heard one mention of the fact that we started the season with a handicap due to the injury Ashton suffered on the eve of the season (which we are still feeling the effects of), how many goals would he have scored? enough to keep us safe I would wager. West Ham have played the nice guy for too long, it is about time they came out fighting.

  56. Eddie Chappers says:

    Clack- what you write is valid in parts but for you to tarnish the whole club with the mistake of the board in a situation that has never arisen before in the history of the English game I feel is wrong. Yes mistakes were made and have been admitted, you then claim that the club ‘lied’ to keep Tevez playing for the club but as others have said in this thread, this amounted to a gentlemans agreement (which occur on a day to day basis between all clubs) which is unenforceable in a court of law and does not amount to another breach of the rules.

    I firmly believe this to be a positive step, with the FA and PL wanting to draw a line under the whole issue and resulting in Sheff Utds compensation case being thrown out altogether.

  57. Tony says:

    Clack, get a life. I bet you tell your kids that Father Christmas isn’t real, don’t you. Twat!

  58. Charlie says:

    Eddie Chappers (et al) – verbal agreements, and a clear course of dealing, are both legally enforceable methods of deviating from a written contract (or, as in this case, from pretending to tear up a contract). They certainly are enforceable in court.
    The timing of this case is rather strange, but it’s been inevitable ever since the last arbitration hearing.

  59. Matt Ryan says:


  60. djclipz says:

    how did liverpool manage to sort out a ligitimate deal for mascherano, that was only in jan of the season, so surely they had something similar, but u dnt hear anything about it?!!?

  61. Tony says:

    We paid Joorabchian/MSI £2m in an out-of-court settlement as compensation for unilaterally cancelling the agreement with him for Tevezafter he sued us. If there was an agreement/understanding of any sort in place, why would he/them/we have done that?

  62. mickeyhammer says:

    I have seen quite a few responses querying as to how L’pool and Man U have managed to play Mascherano and Tevez when they have clearly been owned by MSI. I have not seen any succinct answers however. Clearly their lawyers were able to get the paperwork right so what did they do that we failed to?

    I’m off to Newcastle tomorrow to see the glorious hammers alongside our faithful away supporters. Isn’t it a shame that our players and supporters have been so badly let down by Chief Execs, lawyers etc who do not seem to have been on top of their job or even worse been rather economical with the truth.

  63. TC says:

    mickey – or maybe the PL has been set up only so the richest clubs can get richer? Haven’t you ever wondered why Man U and Liverpool never seem to get punished for anything despite breaking almost every rule there is? Why was Parry so keen to present evidence against us? Why have they and only they got a veto on anything the PL or FA try to do? Did anyone else veto the bringing of the season forward for England, no, only Man U. What about the complete undermining and tapping up that comes out of these clubs time and again? And why did Spurs get away with a few hundred grand fine after being found bang to rights by an extensive investigation to have been embroiled in corruption and bungs for years, after being initially given a massive fine and massive points deduction?

  64. irontc says:

    What a bloody time for the FA / PL to come outh with this little beauty!

    In the middle of the transfer window, the credit crunch and when the club needs to be sold by March (apperently) to avoid administration. How bl;;dy irrisponsible of them!

    They have undermined and potentially seriously damaged the administration of one of their own member clubs.


    unless of course they have seen the light and are going to tell Macabe and his ship of fools to hit the road !

  65. Royski says:

    I think TC is right we should do something as fans them northern idiots including Mr Bean march all the way from the mines to London.

    Why dont they loan Sheff Utd Tevez for a season and see if that one man can get them up.

    They seem to forget they beat us 3-0 when he was playing


  66. hammeredCalv says:

    i just cant see the F.A wanting to persue a case that will potentially destroy a club of west hams size and support, and the only club in the premier league that develops young talented british players to represent England at a national level, and most of the top 4 teams that play in the champions league have a west ham grown player ! Time to wake up F.A ! or is it just a case that you actually know sweet FA about football and which clubs provide the players many different supporters all over the world like to watch play !!!!!!!!

  67. hammeredCalv says:

    coz it isnt Sheff utd !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. brooking still the best says:

    Clack, You are surely not a Hammer supporter, I reckon your currently wearing vertical red strips right now.

  69. TC says:

    This is taken from

    It should be the final word on the matter, but we’ll have to see. It reads truer than any of the absolute drivel written and spoken on the subject.

    Impartial Observer // Jan 14, 2009 at 10:53 am

    The offence that West Ham committed was to let MSI include a clause in the Tevez contract which allowed MSI to transfer the player at ant time they wanted. This is third party influence and illegal.

    West Ham were fined £5.5m – there had never been a precedence of such a charge so a point deduction would have been totally inappropriate.

    The fuss didn’t make sense as the clause was meaningless. Why? because you cannot sell or sign a player outside of the transfer window. MSI couldn’t have moved Tevez if they had wanted to.

    West Ham were instructed to remove this third party influence – which they did. However, Mr Duxbury told MSI that the agreement would remain in place ie a verbal agreement. This is the point that Sheffield United were told that they had the right to copensation. This is also the point of the latest FA/PL inquiry. This is more commonly known as the Duxbury lies and the basis of the ‘cheat’ slurs.

    West Ham’s new lawyers, borrowed from Manchester United, are the reason for the new inquiry after pointing out that the decision in favour of Sheffield United is flawed and therefore incorrect.

    They pointed out that it makes no difference if Duxbury lied and privately verbally agreed to honour the third party agreement. What it boils down to is one mans word against another, there is no actual written proof at all.

    Remember the Premier League have already said, (in the case of Tim Howards non-appearance for Everton against Manchester United), that no charges could be made where agreements are made verbally, with nothing in writing.

    The new inquiry will agree with this and the previous ruling that Sheffield United should receive compensation will be reversed.

    West Ham United and Sheffield United have been advised, hence the deafening silence form both camps.

    The lack of compensation is also the reason for the sale of Kevin Beattie.

  70. Trowbridge Blade says:

    £25m says you cheated !

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