Etherington Signs for Stoke

Stoke City have confirmed they have signed Matty Etherington on a three and a half year deal. I for one am sad to see him go. He’s an effective little player when he wants to be and most of us will remember many fantastic performances during the 2005-6 season. I’m sure we all wish him well. Full story on the Stoke website HERE. UPDATE: And on the West Ham site HERE.


21 Responses to Etherington Signs for Stoke

  1. colney says:

    good luck matty,you will be missed,but very welcome back at upton park.

  2. D&G says:

    Good luck Matty you wont be missed.

  3. IronMick says:

    Yeah good luck to him, let’s hope that a fresh start will be benifiicial to his ‘off-field problems’
    I think this is a good move for all parties (including West Ham), he done a job for us and in my opinion done it well….usually. However if it means freeing up some cash, along with other departures in order to keep the spine of our team (we all know who they are) then I am in favour.

  4. HammerMan says:

    I would like to wish him good luck and thanks for what he’s done for us. He never seemed to have two games the same. Very effective on his day but ineffective the rest of the time, couple that with the fact that he is injury prone i guess i can understand why we have let hime go. I hope Zola has a plan for that left wing . Looks like Boa is going thankfully, but a little concerned we are now short on that side.
    We now need as many ponits as possible as i fear the sharks will not be happy until they deduct us ten points. Come on you Irons

  5. James says:

    What a shame, Another proper West Ham style player gone,

    Thanks for your commitment and loyalty, thanks for the fantastic goals at Reading a few seasons back, If you get back to that form I would have you back!!

  6. Dezmondo says:

    I will always remember that SCREAMER against Ipswich in the Play Off Semi-Final. Thanks Matty.

  7. Goatygav says:

    All the best for the future Matty. Cheers for your service to our club.

  8. Hayden says:

    That move is a bit of a gamble on his behalf… It all becomes clear..
    Nah I’m just kidding – had to be done.

    I’ll miss Matty – It’s obvious WHY we’ve sold him on… but still. He was fantastic when he was on form, and was always committed.

    I’ll never be able to show my face at Upton Park again for saying it but if we don’t bring anyone in I’d actually like us to keep LBM now. He’s not been too bad this season and is determined to prove his worth.

    Good luck Matty.

  9. HammerMan says:

    Funny. You’re joking right?????

  10. D&G says:

    James ‘a proper West Ham style player gone’ Are you serious? He had a couple of good games recently and everyone thinks the sun shines out of his moon.

    Anyone thought about the bad games he has had in fact how about them outnumbering his good ones pretty much 10 to 1.

    He had no vision, no stamina, private problems that effected his game and up against anyone with any caliber was found wanting. If that is what you would describe as ‘a proper WH player’ then………

    Anyone wonder why a team fighting for survival like Stoke came in for him?

  11. Kim says:

    Bye Mqtty. Good luck, thank you and I look forward to welcoming you back.

  12. supernumbersix says:

    I agree with D&G. He had the potential to be ‘a proper West Ham style’ player but never quite had the consistency for me.
    On his day he did pull off some blinding crosses. Remember the one against the Arse at UP that set up the Wenger / Pardew spat? oh yeah and I think Marlene scored from it!!
    Good luck to him.

  13. E1 says:

    Fingers crossed he is the first of many fringe players to go, I wish him luck and thank him for his efforts in getting us back in the top flight pity he did very little after that.
    Shame Bolton are now not sure about davenport, bowyer deal looks good with brum and hull interested in LBM. Has quasie gone ? Can it it really be true that AC Milan want Neil (hope so ) If they all go through then we will have got rid of 5 of the 12 we need to off load. Resulting in a reduced wage bill and a few quid to stregnthen the squad. Good business as long as whoever comes in is good enough. Zola want’s 25 in squad so we are only likley to bring in 2 and signe Ilunga on a perm deal. HAPPY DAAAY’S.

  14. jpt says:

    What happened to Matty?
    In the space of a year or so he’s gone from being a borderline England player to a Stoke player…

  15. Pat says:

    As a Stoke supporter I am not too thrilled either. After the shambles at your place the other day and gifting you lot three points we now seem to be help you out of your financial mess as well. Stoke need to sort themselves out before helping out second rate London clubs keep your own rubbish we have enough of our own.
    And as for D&G saying “Anyone wonder why a team fighting for survival like Stoke came in for him?” don’t you’re your breathe for to long your not sitting pretty either 5 points off the drop zone and its becoming like a clearance sale.

  16. brooking still the best says:

    good luck to him, I reckon his level will find him soon, next season. The Championship! Far to inconsistant to be a top flight player, also always injured. He had a few good games but they was far to far between!

  17. HammersWest says:

    Good luck Matty, I for one will miss you, on your day a great asset to the team.

  18. DaDon says:

    We won’t miss him at all. He hardly plays anyway, goes hiding the minute he’s up against a tough full back, has no positional intelligence, lacks confidence and has no defensive aspects to his game whatsover. Yes he had a very good season when he arrived but he’s not had one since. It the last three or four seasons he’s played a decent 90 minues maybe three times at most. If we are to go forward as a club at all, he is not good enough.

    For all those reasons, it’s a good deal for all involved. I wish him well.

  19. Chris says:

    Loved Matty, certainly had his faults, but when he was on form he was fantastically exciting to watch. Hammer of the year in 2004 and thoroughly good value for it too, 6 years at the club, I reckon he deserves our thanks.

  20. hammeredCalv says:

    sorry but a good piece of bussiness me thinks ! to many personal probs affecting his average game !

  21. Half the Story Told says:

    Etherington needs to address his fundamental issues in life. West ham have mugged Stoke off massively.

    Going to fake clinics under sporting logos will never fix him, long term care will.

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