Bowyer: The Good & Bad News

Lee Bowyer became the second West Ham player out of the door this morning, but instead of a permanent move to Birmingham City, he had only gone out on loan until the end of the season. So no transfer fee income for us then. However, it gets him off the wage bill for a few months. Let’s hope he does well for them and they will want to sign him permanently at the end of the season. When Bowyer came back for the second time he vowed to make up for the disappointment of his first stay. He failed in that ambition. There were only a couple of games where he imposed himself. Otherwise he looked a shadow of his former self. Nevertheless, I wish him well at Birmingham.


15 Responses to Bowyer: The Good & Bad News

  1. Paul M says:

    could of been a WHU legend, but only gave a handful of useful performances, good luck to him

  2. Andrew says:

    He was 29 when he signed for us in 2006. I have been googling but cannot find any evidence of the length of his WH contract, but can’t believe, with his age and record, that he was on four or five year contract with us. Which means his current deal will run out in the summer of 09. If Bham win promotion then they probably won’t want him on their books in the prem, if they are in Cmaphionship in 09-10 then may he will get a one or two year deal.

    Either way Bowyer will be able to do a “Bosman” deal in the summer.

  3. Burnhammer says:

    It was a shame. The only time we saw the Bowyer of old was when we demolished Derby.

  4. Paul O'Decanyo says:

    Bowyer’s a classic case of unfulfilled potential, especialy at Upton Park. Shame we never saw the best of him. I hope and trust there is a game plan behind these sales, loans and rumours and that the squad will be better off come 1st Feb – we may be 10th but there’s only 10 points between bottom and 7th.

  5. Big Casino says:

    Bowyer’s game has always been about getting box-to-box and scoring a plethora of goals from midfield, similar to what Fat Frank does…. unfortunately by the time we first signed him, his legs had gone, so he could no longer get up and down the pitch like he used to…

    Sporadically we still saw him making those late runs into the box, and against Macclesfield this year, he ran the show, but he’s been a spent force for a long time now.

    I wish him all the best but he’ll not be missed nor will he be remembered for achieveing anything at the club…

  6. James says:

    I doubt we would have got much for him being the age he his, And he very much is past his prime, But he might cut it in the championship!!

    At least we wont be paying his wages for a year!!

  7. chris says:

    Legs gone,never the player he was at leeds.
    might do better in championship.

  8. Dan says:

    Good luck Bowyer,should be your your level to get forward and score goals.Not good enough for the last 3 years to play at the top level but should now be a regular in the Birmingham team.

  9. Chris says:

    A shame, because when he came from Newcastle he was performing well for them as i seem to remember. A Newcastle supporting mate said he was one of thier better players… A huge talent when he was young that never really fulfilled it. How many of that leeds generation did though? Woodgate, Viduka, Bowyer, Smith. Any more?

  10. colney says:

    just read an interesting piece on the tevez blx,aparently after we were fined we told the fa that there was no 3rd party involvement still with kia,problem is kia was still paying there insurance? which there fore means………screwed up again,down n out ,we must be up for a points reduction now and a very big one i expect! this is just a disaster for the club and no wonder there not moving to a new stadium!!!!

  11. chris says:

    sportlingo take your sheffield specs off!!!

  12. chris says:

    Brown should be hit in the pocket, jon.
    no one else!!!

  13. DevoDevo says:

    Agree with Big Casino (again!) 100%. Legs had gone when we signed him, always gave his all being a West Ham supporter and I wish him well.

  14. Roshi says:

    Anyone who had half a brain would realise that Kia Whatshisname was a little low life scum bag who has, along with some pretty stupid “eyes wide shut” directors of West Ham ruined our club more than most people will allow themselves to believe. Why did they not take the lead of other premier clubs and tell him to “go forth and multiply” with his shady dealings and little orphan footballers looking for a club. To be fair to Alan Pardew he was never comfortable with situation and in a roundabout way confirmed this by not really having either Tevez or Masha involved.
    Forget the rose tinted glasses of being a West Ham supporter through and through and believing we are untouchable….we are so deep in the brown stuff (excuse the pun) that I now truly fear for our continued survival against the odds.
    It seems the FA are prepared to admit they were wrong with the fine, and find some further evidence that will allow them to give WHU a punishment seen as being “fit for the crime” to a number of clubs and at the same time ward off any legal confrontation that Sheffield Utd might throw at them if WHU manage to sidestep their ridiculous claim.
    As supporters we must grit our teeth and prepare for the worse, I for one would like the whole sorry mess cleared up and if it meant us swapping places with Sheffield Utd next season (if they don’t get promoted) so be it, because boy’o’boy will it be sweet to meet them going the other way the following season. I believe with the players we have, forget the best ones because they would be gone, but the young lads coming through etc we would storm the championship.

  15. Dot Cotton says:

    Any reports on Quashie? I’ve heard he’ll be returning to West Ham however what is interesting (or not) is his name has been removed from the 1st team list on the official website. It was there yesterday.

    I really hope we offload, Neill, LBM, Quashie and that useless French tosser before then end of Jan.

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