If You Read One BlogPost Today, Read This One

The Just Like My Dreams Blog has a superb article on the whole Tevez situation. It’s a comprehensive summary of the situation, how we got there and what might happen now. I highly recommend it. Click HERE.


34 Responses to If You Read One BlogPost Today, Read This One

  1. jpt says:

    Strewth that’s a long post!
    I’m afraid I didn’t have the heart to read it all but I think the gist of it was bad!

  2. HAMMER TIME says:

    Fantastic post, a long article that is worth reading every inch of it!

  3. Ron Sexton says:

    Thanks for the link Iain

    If gave me more of an understanding of whats going on,would assume Duxbury will stick to his story,and that should be the end of the matter – fat chance.
    Having been a West Ham fan for 55 years I have always found it difficult to understand
    why the press take great delight in slagging us off.
    Its almost daily they wont give us any credit and I am talking about pre -Tevez.
    The Daily Mail,that clown Lawrenson,Le Tisier,etc etc they take joy in our dispare.

  4. HammerMan says:

    I read the whole thing, and i am a little more optopmistic than i was this time yesterday. I will be glad when a final decision is made and we never hear the name Tevez again. I am ready for the club to move forward again. Come on you irons…

  5. HammerMan says:

    If Duxbury is guilty, then they should hang him and only him. I am sick of suffering emmotionally for what other people do to my beloved West Ham….

  6. redkipper says:

    I agree this a good blog on this ongoing matter. I was unaware that WH had settled out of court with Kia to a tune of £2mil. this seems to confirm that WH did rip their agreement up with Kia.

    I did however read that Kia was on somekind of WH retainer which does bring the whole storry back to square one. I’m frankly not sure who to believe.

    The future is getting dimmer for the club unless they can turn the tables on the PL so that they change their attitude and back WH.

    I feel sorry for Zola as he may be out of WH due to no fault of his.

  7. E1 says:

    Excellent read, however it all seems to point to the PL not acting quick enough in the first place, therfore creating this monster. still the current team situation looks rosey so lets enjoy it and hope justice will provale. Good luck to Zola, clarke and the squad keep up the good work. COYI !!!!!

  8. redkipper says:

    I’ve just Googled Kia and found many interesting writeups on this gentleman!
    One the best ones was Martin Samuel’s March 5 2008 Timesonline which really goes to Kia’s principles which have proved to be all about money. I’m not sure how to paste in this writeup – Ian perhaps you could put it in for me.

  9. brooking still the best says:

    Still not sure what to make of it all. Then, who is? The premier league certainly isn’t. As rose tinted as my glasses are, I would still guess we done something wrong and it isn’t going away.
    The one thing I do know for sure, 95% of the press are loving this. I’m not!

  10. SJ Chandos says:

    The most important point is the fact , as we already know, that Griffths’ conclusions on West Ham’s alleged duplicity, in supposedly continuing the third party agreements, is based solely upon Graham Shear’s account of private convservations between himself and Duxbury! So, big deal where’s the evidence? Shear and Kia say A, West Ham say B, it is one parties account of the contents of a discussion against another’s. They cannot take action on the basis of no evidence. How will they substantiate it? Are they going to say I believe Shear’s account over Duxbury’s because the latter’s eyes are too close together!!!!! Or that Duxbury looks a bit shifty!

    The most irefutable evidence is the letter from West Ham Utd PLC to MSI telling them that the third party agreements were no longer binding upon them and had been effectively torn up. From that point the only relevant agreement was the 4 year contract between West Ham and Tevez. There is nothing remotely as evidential has that letter and the subsequent legal action taken by Kia against West Ham to release Tevez from his contract. If the third party agreements were still operative why would kia need to do that?

    Come on, for god’s sake, this whole thing is a bad joke! And the people responsible for it in the FA and PL are bringing the governance of game in England into total disrepute. The same people that refused to take action on verbal third party influence agreements between Sheffield and Watford on Steve Kabba and Manachester Utd and Everton on Tim Howard.

    Why did they refuse to take action in these cases? Because there was no evidence, the agreements being based upon verbal ‘gentlemen’s agreements’!!!!! No evidence, even though there was a clear admission on the Sheffield Utd website that they had refused Watford permission to play Kabba, after he had been transfered! No evidence, yeah right!

    The good thing is that when (not if) the PL and FA declare there is no evidence that the third party agreements were not torn up, it will completely destroy the credibility of the Griffths ruling and help West Ham to overturn it.

  11. OZ ex chicken runner says:

    Hey, if we get punished again then AC Milan are in trouble too!! 2007 Champions League final, Kaka scores and takes off his shirt to reveal a t-shirt with the inscription..” I belong to Jesus”…now if that is not a third party contract then what is?????

  12. SJ Chandos says:

    And what about that Henry Winter, ‘the real victims of the Tevez case (Sheffield Utd) will not benefit from further action against West Ham Utd FC.’ Is that a biased statement or what, pregnant with presumption that Tevez was the factor that brought about the blades relegation. This is the same Henry Winter who gave evidence (if you can call it that) to the Griffths Tribunal that Tevez was the key factor.

    Why did Griffths put any weight on the opinions of Henry Winter and Graham Taylor!!!!It beggers belief. Winter was clearly biased and Taylor, well is Taylor (nuff said). If Duxbury can be criticised for one thing, it is going along with the FA Tribunal and not realising the potential trap that the blades laws lay. There was no need to do it, the West Ham response should have been, we have been punished by the PL and the High Court threw out Sheffield Utd’s subsequent action. We should have said that Sheffield utd in seeking High Court action had broken PL and FIFA rules and as such we had no further obligations towards them.

    As for the rest of the press. This has been a gift for them. Their propaganda had failed, the financial collapse and fire sale had not happened. They looked total mugs and they still are total mugs. By rushing to publish the nonsense that they have they have (1) shown their biase against the Hammers; (2) that they are running a hate campaign against the club; and (3) their ignorance and depravity has no limits.

    Believe me, this investigation will lead to nothing. West Ham will not fold and we will finish in the top 7 in May. Keep the faith, you Hammers!

  13. Biffo the bear says:

    It’s nice to read something that’s a little more than the usual ‘shock horror’ West Ham in freefall, headlines from the papers. Very well put together. It might be longer than things people usually read but I think, with regular toilet breaks and suitable refreshmants, it’s worth reading and has put my mind at ease somewhat (as there’s no evidence of anything Mr Duxbury allegedly said to Kia’s lawyer) although there is still, as I believe someone once said of Michael Howard, ‘Something of the night about him’ I think he will come out the other side of this unscathed.

    In short, I reckon we’ll finally be rid of the whole thing and Mr Whelan can go back to feeding his whippets and moaning about the north South divide.

    Mr McCabe can…well he can just f*ck off.

  14. Greenwood says:

    Adapted from Befnals post on WHO – it makes no difference if Duxbury lied and privately verbally agreed to honour the third party agreement. What it boils down to is one mans word against another, there is no actual written proof at all.

    Remember the Premier League have already said, (in the case of Tim Howards non-appearance for Everton against Manchester United), that no charges could be made where agreements are made verbally, with nothing in writing.

    I hope West Ham’s lawyers remember this precedence.

  15. SJ Chandos says:

    And we go full circle again, the Express is stating that Zola has been told he must sell his top players!!!! The article is based upon this statement, without any justification or clarification, except Zola will have start building his squad from scratch in the summer!!!! It then goes on to pontificate about the new Tevez investigation and the West Ham board’s reaction to it.

    Two things strike me about this peice. (1) it is wafer thin in terms of logic or substance (what’s new about that with a tabloid?) and (2) it actually took two tabloid hacks to write it! lol.

  16. SJ Chandos says:

    However, The Chandos award for most hysterical headline of the day must be the Daily Moron (sorry, Mirror) with it’s ‘The End’ over the Hammers badge, ‘West Ham first PL club to go bust!’ The stench eminating from that lying rag reminds me of Beckton sewage works in a particularly hot July. And the similarities do not need there they peddle the same thing as well, crap!

  17. chris says:

    Oz chicken thats the best post ever haha!!!!!!!
    On a serious note I am so confused with this whole saga ,my brain is pickled.
    (well and truly).
    1.Who owns tevez? why is it he can play for man utd now,whats changed?
    2.Does Brown get off scott free and the club suffers?cant even remember if he was chairman then (so pickled!)
    3.Does the league really run on good faith…”did you do it all properly,ok then he can play”
    4.Didn’t the league check anything before he went on the pitch?
    5. The League runs a bit like driving and getting a speeding fine….You go out in your car with good intentions,make a mistake then get slapped!
    SJ CHANDOS your up to the late hours like me,shed anylight?

  18. Jess Lawrence says:

    Redkipper has touched on the central issues. Why did West Ham (allegedly) pay Jia K. a consultancy fee when it mow appears that he and his lawyer are gunning for West Ham?

  19. sudburyhammer says:

    we should end all this b888888s by taking the pl to court they made the original ruling so everything that came after is down to them if you get pulled for speeding and get fined for it they cant keep pulling you back to court for the rest of your life the best form of defence is attack im sure the pl wont like it up em

  20. Mile End Paul says:

    Hi everyone,
    Crazy thought but we get 34,000 each week plus thousands more like me (now living in France but ex Bobby Moore Lower season ticket) who follow from afar. I know times are tough but if we all could find £ 2,000 each and 30,000 did so, we should make an offer to buy into WHU which would raise £ 60 million (49% ?) That would give BJ the £ 50 m he needs to meet his initial creditors. I owned a share in WHU when it was public and it felt great to get the annual accounts, be allowed to go to meetings etc plus having that certificate on my wall. Ebbsfleet did something similar I seem to remember ? This may be crazy but Iain’s blog could be the way to start to raise funds and give us some of OUR club back ! Iain – fancy being our man on the Board at WHU ?

  21. SJ Chandos says:

    The best and most immdiate thing that the club can do is smash Newcastle today. A scoreline like the Pompey one would really send the right message out, we are united focused and playing for a European place, bugger relegation! Daily Moron (Mirror) and Sportsmail take note!

    I thought the ‘we are united and want to play for the Hammers’ rallying call, and it’s colateral anti-speculation message, in Lucas Neill’s captain’s blog, on the club website was superb. If only the club communicated with the fans like this all the time, a lot of the angst and anxiety amongst the club’s support would be eradicated.

    I saw an interesting point of view regarding this new investigation in a post in response to Henry Winter’s pathetic article in the telegraph, that the Watkins legal team have engineered this new invesigation specifically to undermine the Griffths ruling. It does make sense, as I have already stated, if they find no hard evidence that West Ham Utd FC did not tear up the third party agreements then this leaves Griffths ruling fatally undermined! Could even be that the powers to be at the PL are doing this to get out of the hole that Griffths has dug for them!

    With regard to the Griffths Tribunal, it is clear that it’s ruling is both illogical and perverse. Can it be said, without any shadow of doubt, that the Tribunal were not influenced by the sheer weight of pro-Sheffield Utd propaganda generated by the media? How could West Ham Utd FC receive a fair and impartial hearing in those circumstances? How could they receive a fair hearing at another Tribunal?

    On another website there was a suggestion that the target of this latest investigation is the conduct of Duxbury, rather than the club? I do not know about that one, but the wording of the FA/PL statement is interesting, ‘the club or individuals.’ We shall have to wait and see.

    I know what you mean Sudburyhammer, West Ham always take the low key, reasonable line, and this may very well be for the best. But part of me wants to see an aggressive response. The club states, we will provide the information to substantiate our position, but why not issue a challenge, FA/PL you have initiated this investigation, on what basis have you done it? Where’s your evidence, beyond hearsay and conjecture, that we did not follow PL instructions after the first Tribunal hearing. But, as stated above, perhaps this new investigation will serve our purposes in the long run? It is certainly funny, that Sheffield Utd did not rush to put a response on their website. It bit worried perhaps?

    Keep the faith.

  22. jon.london colney says:

    great read,sounds like someone knows what went on! cant see what the prem league and fa are trying to attchieve? the whole thing is a mess and they just messed it up even more!!!! i kind of think someone other than sheff utd are pulling strings here,i bet theres someone who is stiring all this up,maybe kia?

  23. jon.london colney says:


    fulham want 500,000,nice !!!! hope they paid in full for bobby !!

  24. chris says:

    Thank god bellars just scored,we are s–t!!!!
    no width
    and nobles not in it.

  25. chris says:

    This is nervous!!!!! please cant we buy at least one pacey defender!!!!!!!!!
    we look so slow at the back,but we have played well.
    maybe we should keep davenport,Hmmmmm

  26. chris says:

    Got a bad feeling here,,,

  27. chris says:

    newcastle need a win bad!!!

  28. chris says:

    thank god!!

  29. FrannyZola says:

    Noble was playing…apparently.

  30. colin say's says:

    Do you think that a ex manager has been to the F A with inside info, who has got a axe to grind. Seem’s funny, this has just come out the blue like this has.There must be more to it then just hear say.

  31. mal-content says:

    After saying they had torn up the agreement Scott Duxarse gave “verbal assurances”.

    legally speaking verbal agreements aren’t woth the paper they’re written on.

  32. IronMick says:

    just came across this on the DailyMail website of all places!!

    “With the announcement of a second Premier League investigation, some think the Carlos Tevez affair is getting stupid. Not quite.

    The day Lord Griffiths, 85, decided he could predict and measure in points the precise impact an individual player had on the football season, it got stupid.

    When his panel processed the views expressed in a match report written by the chief football writer of The Daily Telegraph as if it were fact, not opinion, stupidity was pretty high on the agenda, too.

    Indeed, at the moment when an independent committee first hit West Ham United with the biggest fine in the history of the Premier League, then announced they would have done something far worse had only they got their backsides in gear earlier, the Tevez inquiry pretty much decked common sense with a flying head-butt.

    So to have a further investigation based on the meaning of an oral cuddle between Scott Duxbury, the West Ham chief executive, and Kia Joorabchian, owner of Tevez, cannot be classed simply as stupid.

    It is post-stupid, in the way some TV shows are described as post-modern when concerned with ironic self-reference and absurdity.

    Indeed, one such post-modern cartoon, the wonderful Ren and Stimpy, made by Canadian animator John Kricfalusi, actually contained a segment entitled Ask Dr Stupid, with foolish logic that pre-empted the Tevez inquiry by a good 15 years.

    Yet, somehow even a psychotic chihuahua and his idiot fat Manx cat accomplice never got quite as stupid as this lot.”

    Bang on in my opinion.

  33. Goatygav says:

    Very interesting and enlightening read. It’s still very difficult to tell which way this one will go but the lack of anything concrete except hearsy as evidence would suggest this inquiry going nowhere.

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