Hull Agree Fee for Boa Morte

The great West Ham clearout of fringe players continues. Various papers are reporting that Hull have agreed a fee with West Ham for Luis Boa Morte. However, before we get carried away he hasn’t agreed personal terms yet. Fingers crossed.


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  1. mac says:

    Shall we get the Lambrusco lined up?

  2. MarkyMark says:

    I don’t want to appear negative, because I agree Boa Morte should go…..but with Mattie also gone, who is going to play on the left !!!!

  3. chris says:

    We dont have any wide players now.
    Shame it didn’t work out he had so much pace,and put himself about.
    A change of club will probably bring the best out of him.
    He needed that goal at west ham,but it never came,so a move was probably the best thing for him.

  4. Eddie Chappers says:

    I think for the two million quid we are supposedly getting for him it leaves us without a naturally left sided midfielder with Prem experience (taking into account Lopez) but also a useful substitute to break the rhythm of opposing teams with his all action hard tackling dynamic.

    I agree with chris that if he had put a couple away the confidence it would have given him would have probably turned him into the player we thought we were getting. I can’t fault his effort though and wish him all the best if he does make the move to Hull (except for on the 28th that is).

  5. Biffo the bear says:

    I expect to see some replacements now. So far so good in this window.

  6. Tony says:

    Personally I think it would be a shame to let him go and think he has every chance of turning things around in the same way Cole has done. Zola can obviously see something in him and I trust his judgement.

    Whether he stays or whether he goes though, we should all be eternally grateful for the way he kicked one Mr Reo-joker off the park on his first return to Upon Park with the Villa. Many thanks Luis.

  7. Karl says:

    Zola doesnt seem to be a man with to much patience, 1st Etherington now LBM, I’d be rather worried if i was Lucas Neil!

    Left footed left sided players are very hard to come by these days ,especially those who have (when they felt like it) proved themselves in the Prem, i hope a replacement of the same quality as Ilunga has been lined up.

  8. bloody Limey says:

    I’d like to see Kyle Reid get a chance……… But with the way we’re playing a left winger doesn’t appear to be part of the tactical set up.

    Thanks LBM for moving on without complaint, when clearly the fans haven’t taken to you. Perhaps you would like to pay back some of the £millions you received for training with the squad and missing open goals?

  9. Big Casino says:

    I think Matty and Boa are both decent players, who I’d have happily kept at the club, but if we do need to sell, then you have to prioritise players… and if keeping our spine of Green, Upson, Parker and Bellamy, aswell as the likes Behrami, Dyer and Ashton, means sacrificing the likes of Ethers and Boa, then that’s the way it’s got to be.

    Before the window opened, my list of players that I wouldn’t mind leaving was Quashie, Spector, Bowyer, Walker, Stokes, Reid, Davenport, Boa, Di Michele, Lopez, Faubert… For me these were and still are all players that are dispensable.

    I felt we needed to keep Matty for width on the left side – and cos I think he is a decent player… everyone raves about Downing, but I don’t think he offers much more than Matty…

    But you know – if he needed to be sacrificed for the greater good, so be it… we still have Behrami and Dyer who can fill in on the left….

    If we can sell of Quashie (to Newcastle for £500k, so says the Mirror this morning), Davenport (for £2m) and Faubert (for £3m) – surely we won’t have to sell one of our marquee players…….????

  10. Big Casino says:

    I think Matty and Boa are both decent players, who I’d have happily kept at the club, but if we do need to sell, then you have to prioritise players… and if keeping our spine of Green, Upson, Parker and Bellamy, aswell as the likes Behrami, Dyer and Ashton, means sacrificing the likes of Ethers and Boa, then that’s the way it’s got to be.

    Before the window opened, my list of players that I wouldn’t mind leaving was Quashie, Spector, Bowyer, Walker, Stokes, Reid, Davenport, Boa, Di Michele, Lopez, Faubert… For me these were and still are all players that are dispensable.

    I felt we needed to keep Matty for width on the left side – and cos I think he is a decent player… everyone raves about Downing, but I don’t think he offers much more than Matty…

    But you know – if he needed to be sacrificed for the greater good, so be it… we still have Behrami and Dyer who can fill in on the left….

    If we can sell of Quashie (to Newcastle for £500k, so says the Mirror this morning), Davenport (for £2m) and Faubert (for £3m) – surely we won’t have to sell one of our marquee players…….????

  11. Tom says:

    I have not questioned anything from Zola so far, but I am cautiously optomistic on this one … LBM for me, is better to stay for the fee we are asking, but as with everything lately don’t be supprised if Zola has a cheeky signing or two in mind and is just funding them ….

  12. djclipz says:

    well…. i just hope we have someone lined up then because i dnt see noble, behrami or collison playing wide left for the rest of the season!!

    Normally when u sell ur two only left wingers that must mean there is sumthing lined up, but im surprised we havent heard a thing in the papers of anyone apart from tht german youngster!! Although wat u do hear in the papers is normally made up so maybe tht explains it, they dnt actaully kno anything and so write b*** to fill the pages up!

  13. FrannyZola says:

    “Fingers crossed”

    O grow up Iain. Even as the guys leaving you cannot bring yourself to say something nice about him. Let’s get one last dig in before he leaves – pathetic! You’re a bully, simple as.

    I hope the Hull fans are not thick enough to boo their own players like you was. I continue to have hope for you Iain but you keep letting yourself down.

    I’m sorry it didn’t work out Luis but thank you for the indisputable effort you gave every game and good luck in the future.

    ….now why couldn’t you say something like that Iain?

    Well said Chris, Eddie, Tony

  14. Roshi says:

    If he’s worried about his personal terms, perhaps we could have a whip round for his first months wages

  15. Iain Dale says:

    I do not boo players. I think I have only ever once done so. I can’t say something nice about him because he has had 2 good games for us in 66 and scored only one goal. His effort has been wanting on too many occasions. His effort is indeed disputable.

    I do wish him well, and he clearly has talents. It’s just that we have seen them only too rarely. Do you actually go to games? Name me more than two games where he has done well?

  16. Eric says:

    He seemed to be getting started but it did take a long time. Let’s also not forget how we all wanted him to go a few months ago. So here we are. I also think that Zola understands that players have to go and i think the club is running it past him first. ( and i think that Zola looks to Clarke for advice as well). Maybe they have some targeted to replace him. Who knows.
    But all in all so far things seem to be on track and according to plan

    Reading that Sky Bet is saying that Zola is top of list to be next sacked. Bloody unlikely!

  17. To lose a player that comes in for 15 minutes every other game should be OK. If we are to reduce the squad these are the ones to go, regardless of position.
    If we need a left winger, we need one that we want in the team every game. Lopez will do nicely for cover.

  18. Roshi says:

    The booing is for the moronic idiots who think they could actually do better themselves.
    In open discussion on a blog like Iain’s, I think it is acceptable to express your views as you see them.
    For some reason Boa Morte did not perform to the level he did at Fulham, knowing the way things happen for us, he will turn into a second Ronaldo when he gets to Hull!

  19. DevoDevo says:

    To be honest, Iain, if you think he’s only contribution to the club was in 2 performances then it does illustrate that you don’t watch players with a pre-conceived idea of their ability.

    I’ve been as critical as anyone of LBM last year and of Cole this year. It hasn’t, however stopped me from praising them when they have performed. It also appears that most on this thread think LBM has a future at the club as I do. Not so much as a first teamer but as invaluable, experienced cover.

    Anyway, if he does go, I’m sure he will be welcomed warmly on his return, as will Matty.

    With another left-sided player going, perhaps Zola is thinking of the wing back system I mentioned on other threads – this would also see Neill as surplus to requirements!

    It may also mean that he has another left sider lined up, possibly one of the Paraguan kids we are rumoured to be keeping ?

    chris – you questioned whether this system would work, but if you have the right personnel, it can. It’s evident under Zola we have much more movement and fluidity to our play. The great thing with the wing back system is that different players can make the forward runs at different times, making very difficult to defend against. With Parker sitting in front of a back 3, you still have a pretty solid defensive set up.

  20. James says:

    Iain I am with you on that one, Dead wood is just slowing the progress of the team!!

    If only he showed the potential which he had in that one decent season at Fulham, Was’nt he amongst the top scorers back then? Shocking to believe that!

  21. Roy says:

    A few things:
    I don’t think Boa Morte can be faulted for lack of effort even though he did have some very poor games.
    This season he has been better away from home than at Upton Park which may be explained by the barracking he got at home. We are lucky that thousands of people don’t have a go at us when we are at work!
    We shouldn’t have expected too much from Luis. If he had lots to offer then Fulham would not have let him go in the first place.
    If he goes to Hull there would appear to be a gap in the wide left of midfield although when Dyer comes back he can certainly be effective wide right and not too many teams play two genuine wide players. Manure are almost the exception. Ilunga gives us some good width down the left so it’s not all doom and gloom.
    We would appear to be thin at right back. If Neill goes who would play there? Spector is abut the only other contender and I don’t think he’s good enough. Other options are Faubert (let’s hope he’s off) and Mullins (not his best position by some way). I still hope that Neill goes, by the way, as his superiority complex is getting right on my tits now. His “own goal” at Newcastle was a good example of a lackadaisical approach. He just ninchantly swung his boot at the ball. His tendency to give away free kicks and penalties is damaging as well and he must be the most prolific shirt puller in the league.
    If we can offload a few more fringe players and pick up a few million quid along the way I still don’t expect any major signings. The cash will probably go to the Sheffield Utd Greedy Bastards Fund.
    3-5-3 using wing backs is a non-starter. If it worked other teams would use it. It worked with Harry for a while but everybody has worked it out now. Any team with pace and width can exploit it. 4-5-1 is the formation of choice as long as you have midfielders who can get forward and support the lone striker, something we will probably have to do if Bellamy leaves and we’ve just got Cole up front.
    Tactics? They’re a piece of cake.

  22. notahappyhamer says:

    just wen i forth things couldnt get any worse we sell lbm

  23. James says:

    Roy, Fact of the matter is we just don’t know, Zola will have his list of replacements,

    And who would not want to play under Zola, Bet half of Italy would come over if they had a chance!! Ex World Class player = world class links

  24. chris says:

    James, Confidence is everything to a footballer.
    Keeping your nerve at Hackney marshes is nothing,compared to playing in front of thousands.He started badly and never recovered.
    WIth his pace He had the potential to be deverstating,
    But his nerves got the better of him effecting his decision making.

  25. the headmaster says:

    He’s no loss guys.
    In a squad of our size we need to lose some. Watch out for a loan signing or two before too long.
    Good luck in the future LBM but, outside of some decent effort, it just never happened for you at the Irons not helped, I admit, by the boo brigade.

  26. djclipz says:

    maybe joe cole is on his way back!!!!! haha i wish!!!!!

  27. the headmaster says:

    Bring back Chandos!

  28. SwedeHammer says:

    Wouldn’t be a bit bloody surprised if B.M. gets a hat-trick the 28th….

  29. Oskar B says:

    shame it didn’t work out with LBM, was really excited when he sighened cos hes a potentially very good player, but it never worked out for him. Thouh im not dissapointed to see him go.

  30. Happy Hammer says:

    I think this was coming, Zola has made a good decision to let LBM go.
    I do hope he has a few possible replacements lined up. How about N’Zogbia from Newcastle ?
    Young, quick and obviously talented, under the guidance of both Zola & Clarke he could be a great signing.

  31. James says:

    Happy Hammer, I am more interested in the possiblity of bringing Giovinco from Juventus, Zola has stated his admiration for him on more than one occasion. He would be an instant replacement for Riga Mortis should we need one, plus he is young!!

    More importantly we lack flair, we need a new Benayoun, Or infact Benayoun himself especially as he’s not first team material at Liverpool!!

  32. FrannyZola says:

    O dear O dear Iain.

    You booed Boa Morte; you admitted this to me yourself. It may have been just once, but you did. You can’t bring yourself to say something nice about your own teams player? Well that says a lot about you.

    How on earth is Luis Boa Morte’s effort disputable? Even I admit he has not played well at all but his effort is always 100%. So when you ask me if I attend games I can only wonder what you are busy doing when you do attend games. But you also contradict yourself when you say “I can’t say something nice about him” then go onto say “I do wish him well, and he clearly has talents.” Why did it have to take me to write something for you to put out something positive about Boa Morte. Why couldn’t you just do it in the first place. Because when you decide you just don’t like someone, you just don’t like them no matter what they do.

    “Name me more than two games where he has done well?” Once again I feel as though I’m debating with a child. Did I say anything about him doing well in so and so number of games? In fact I said “I’m sorry it didn’t work out” which means he hasn’t played well. This is different from him not trying hard…..which I and others (Roy, Chris,) argue he does. He tried hard in every game because that’s the way he is.

    Now onto your final point of asking whether I go to games. Simple answer is yes. But I won’t let you get away with it that easily. You suggest that the only West Ham fans that can have an opinion that is somewhere near to the truth are those fans that go to the games. So that’s just 35,000 fans right Iain – silly argument right? What about television Iain?

    In fact, you are the perfect example to illustrate how silly your argument is. Do you remember last year when you gave Carlton Cole an unfair rating, against Blackburn I think, correct me if I’m wrong. The overwhelming fans opinion was against you, so much so that you had to issue an apology to Carlton Cole just to save face. You wrote:

    “I have justifiably come under fire for my rating of Carlton Cole’s performance in my match report yesterday. Having now watched the match on TV I realise I made a huge error. It just goes to show how you can miss things and be influenced by the crowd around you – who, to a man, agreed with my assessment.”

    TV? “miss things” at a match? Surely not Iain!

    There are many fans, like myself who are not as financially well off as you Iain and cannot go to most of the games. You may see this as the fact that this somehow makes you a better fan or makes your opinion worth more but you would be mistaken and acting like a very pompous toff and offending a lot of West Ham supporters.

  33. Upton Spark says:

    Hull manager says they are lucky to get the services of Boa Morte as he is a class player.
    A fee is supposed to be around 2-3 million.

  34. Goatygav says:

    For some reason LBM never managed to play to his potential at West Ham. His performances were well below what we know he’s capable of. I’m certain that he hasn’t enjoyed his time at our club so I think it’s the best thing that could’ve happened for him. Hopefully for him he can start afresh at Hull and be part of the revolution up there.

    So Gianfranco and SC’s squad trimming continues. We’re looking a little light on the left but the phenomenon that is Jack Collison can play there as can one or two others. I reckon we’ll see a midfielder come in before the deadline closes.


  35. E1 says:

    Thanks LBM for all you have tried to do and the 2mill in the bank, good luck for the future. we can play dyer on the left Devo always did ok and he was a right footer, we also have lopez and he has had some good games in the reserve’s so he can cover untill the end of his loan deal in the summer. More good business done by the club and another few quid in the bank along with a reduced wage bill, Zola I am sure, has a few player’s in mind and once the funds are in Nanni will make his move. Another step to keeping our best players and moving on. COYI !!!!!!!!!

  36. SJ Chandos says:

    Never been away Headmaster, but thanks for the thought!

    Seen a report that Zola and Nani have a left sided midfelder from Florentina lined up, whose name escapes me! Also Nani met with the Palermo President recently, perhaps they were discussing the availability of Brescanio? Personally I would prefer Aiden McGeady of Celtic, but that’s not very likely!

  37. SJ Chandos says:

    But if you want a class playmaker that can play right, left and centre, then Benayoun is your player. He would bring back more sophistication and skill to our midfield. Liverpool need the money, never mind us, they are skating on thin ice financially, along with Chelski. And Man U, well the Glazers just keep piling the loans on the club do’nt they!

  38. D&G says:

    Blimey we are going to be thin on the left. I hope they don’t put Behrami there because he is wasted!

    Lopez? Cant see it though considering he hasn’t even had a bloody run out yet. Faubert? Thought he could cover both wings if I am right? Collinson maybe but again he is wasted over there.

    Maybe just maybe they have someone lined up for the role?

  39. SJ Chandos says:

    As one controversial figure leaves the club, another one that also deeply divided opinion amongst the Upton Park faithful, in his day, is going to allegedly be present at the Fulham match on Sunday. Someone on another website that I visited reckons the one and only Clyde Best will be introduced to the crowd at half-time. Remember him!

  40. SJ Chandos says:

    Yeah, Clyde Best probably!

  41. SJ Chandos says:

    Interesting point made by The Spoiler website that the Blades’ sale of Beattie might be a recognition that they are not going get a multi-million pounds compensation out from West Ham over Tevez. The examination of the Blades’ accounts has allegedly reduced any losses from relegation down to about £8m, taking in to account the parachute payments and reduced costs of Championship football.

    I think that the parachute payments end next season, so they might be preparing for the reduced revenue next season. Although it is still a funny decision to sell your top scorer when you are so nicely positioned for the pay-offs! It’s a decision that they might regret come May!

    They also make the same point that I made in an earlier blog that when (not if) no evidence is found for the continuation of the third party agreements, this will fatally undermine the Griffths judgement. Then, hopefully sanity will be restored?

  42. SJ Chandos says:

    Oops, did I write pay-offs, rather than play-offs, must have been a Freudian slip!

  43. Tony says:

    I`d like to wish him and any former Hammer, all the best in their future clubs. Some have played a few poor games, maybe under preforming but they were at west ham because we bought them! If they turn out 2 be duds it is as much Pardews, Curbs or whoevers bought em`s fault. (not including Frank Lumpof lard jnr.)

  44. irontc says:

    Good luck to LBM if hes of. Shame he didnt shine for us.

    You have to say Zola aint hanging around with the offloading! I guess he doesnt have a lot of choice if he wants to bring any players in.

    Although Im not the biggest Lucas Neill fan – we might have to keep him till the summer for stability. Maybe he will take a pay cut?

    I am starting to have a lot of confidence in Zola and Clarke’s decision making.

    Hopefully if we can get through this dark patch – we might be in for some Vintage Claret and Blue in the next couple of years!


  45. mokumhammer says:

    LBM & Freddie L. – Two of the worst signings in recent memory whufc have made.
    Getting shot of Anton & Ethers were wise sales, getting anything for Gabbi & Davenport will be wiser. Trimming our huge squad is no bad thing, when we have half a dozen players who don’t & possibly never have fitted in.

    Eight out, & possibly a couple of inspiring signings + the kids coming on, will keep us safe for a couple of seasons

  46. Dott Cotton says:

    Please god let this happen. £2m for Luis ‘my second touch is a tackle’ Boa Morte would have been great business if we hadn’t paid £5m for him in the first place.

    Faubert and Quashie to go then the squad is finally rid of the out and out dross. Neill, Davenport and Mullins are decent squad players although I doubt Neill will stick around beyond the end of the season after West Ham offered him a reduced contract.

  47. E1 says:

    Stoke are in for davenport !!!!! Happy day’s !!!! can’t be many of the twelve left and zola must be having a count up to see who he can bring in, he’s only looking for a squad of 22 plus 3 keepers so 12 have to go at least in this window before any one comes in, then he will off load 5or 6 in the summer and make the numbers up. I can’t wait for next season. COYI !!!!!!!!!!!

  48. E1 says:

    Newcastle want Quasie !!!!! It’s getting better.

  49. Basildon Bob says:

    Must admit until E1 mentioned Dyer I had forgot all about him! Definitley a position he could fill, when match fit of course, with Reid/Lopez for there for cover for the rest of the season. Unless Nani has another trick up his sleeve!

    It didn’t quite work out for LBM, not sure why, he seemed to be the perfect foil to support the strikers when we got him, given his form at Fulham. He never seemed to settle in or look comfortable at UP whenever I see him play. His confidence looked shattered and whether that was the tactics we were playing at the time knocked the attacking desire out of him only he will know. Nonetheless if the deal goes through I wish him well for the future and a polite applause on his return to UP if the deal goes through before the 28th.

    RE: player sales, it has been widely reported that we had one of the largest squads (and wage bills) in the PL so it was inevitable that some players would leave in this transfer window. A smaller more concentrated group will allow Zola & Clarke more time to nuture them and bring a few of the youngsters through that are pushing to be in the first team squad.

  50. E1 says:

    ShIt !!!!!! liverpool wan Ilunga !!!!!

  51. US'Ammer says:

    Having just passed mid season we are in 10th, a position familiar to most WHU fans. We are however playing more attractive football than last year and have young players who are reportedly performing quite well for the reserves.
    Trading away older players who have made marginal contributions at best must surely be seen in positive terms.
    Saying LBM didn’t quite work out (for 5 million?) is an understatement.
    His second touch was often a foul disguised as a tackle.
    Bellamy has alluded to a ‘quiet’ dressing room due to language differences, Given our record with ‘internationals’ ( except Illunga, Behrami and Yossi) it might be preferable to see the youngsters come through.

  52. Roshi says:

    Thank God your OK Chandos, I was beginning to worry about you until the good old Headmaster stirred you into action.

  53. SJ Chandos says:

    E1, seeing how West Ham have an option on Illunga until May, I fail to see what Liverpool do about their interest? Anyway, Liverpool have not got any transfer funds until they sell someone!

    Adriano to Spurs!!!! That Redknapp always pulls these deals out of the hat from left field! And Kaka to Man City, no do not do it! You will not like it.

    Thanks Roshi, but I was only off the site for about 12 hours! Do I post that frequently? Ok, I think I know the answer to that question! lol

  54. SJ Chandos says:

    Anyone got the number for bloggers anon? lol.

  55. E1 says:

    SJ Chandos : LIVERPOOL want him in the summer and he don’t have to sign for us he can hang on untill the loan is up. Zola has said he wants to keep him but as yet no deal has been agreed. So they might nick on a pre season agreement he can do what he wants and his club will sell to the highest bidder. End of the day the player has got to want to sign for us.

  56. Basildon Bob says:

    US’Ammer, just to clarify my “didn’t work out” comment. At the time we signed LBM we were in a similar position to what Citeh find themselves in now, in need of fresh blood, lots of cash to spend and other clubs knew it! I agree £5mill was a lot of money to pay for him given how the move turned out, but at the time we were desperate for a creative spark from the flanks as Benni wasn’t in form, Matty Ethers was too busy checking the form for the 3.20 at Aintree, but Boa Morte was turning it on week in week out for Fulham so £5mill seemed ok for a player who looked like he could do a job for us. No offence intended by my reply, just felt I should explain what I meant in the first place. Cheers and COYI!!!

  57. redkipper says:

    If you were LBM would you go to Hull?
    What for the sea air ?
    Do you think Hull will pay higher wages than WH, no way.
    As far as I know he’s happy at WH other than not being first on the team list but at his age does it really worry him?
    I expect he’ll hang on at WH on a nice number for a couple more years!! As Dailly did.

    I’m more worried about our captain, can’t some one start a new story that he’s needed at Southampton or by Roader!!

  58. SJ Chandos says:

    E1, he is contracted to Toulhouse and they have given first option to West Ham, at a pre-arranged fee. Surely Illunga cannot sign a pre-contract agreement with Liverpool without his club’s agreement. He could only do that if he was nearing the end of his Toulhouse contract and I do not think he is in that position. Correct me if I am wrong on that.

    I may be being a bit cynical, but it sounds like the work of an agent to me E1. It’s might be Illunga’s agent floating the rumour to get West Ham to give him a deal in January. I note the rumour is in a French newspaper, where his agent is based. I could be wrong about this, but he does not strike me as a Benitez type signing.

    However, regardless I agree with you he needs to be signed in January. Transfer revenue is coming in to the club and few transfer fees are paid up front, in full. It is usually a lump sum and an instalment plan. So what’s the club’s problem?

  59. colney says:

    ffs here e go again!! poxy scoucers are in for ilunga!!!

  60. SJ Chandos says:

    Ricky Sbragia has denied that Sunderland are interested in buying West Ham’s Callum Davenport! After the club paid West Ham inflated sums for McCartney and Ferdinand in the summer, who can blame him for being twice bitten, trice shy! lol

  61. SJ Chandos says:

    David Conn of the Guardian today asks whether the West Ham are merely blowing pretty bubbles in the face of the clubs curent alleged woes?

    In response we could ask whether the sports hacks of assorted paper are not also blowing bubbles (out of certain orfices) at the thought of being proven totally wrong about the club’s situation. No financial melt down, no administration threat, no fire sale of players, no relegation and ruination!

    They have placed their reputations !!!! on the line over this, think what total mugs they will look when it all comes to nothing. Lol.

  62. chris says:

    SJ chandos lets not jump the gun here mate! we are gradually clearing all the fringe players one by one it seems,but how many big names have we sold on for big profit in the past,whilst everyone is cheering over the departures of our fringe players,I’m still not convinced it will end there.
    Are you?

  63. SJ Chandos says:

    Chris, I clearly stated my belief what the club would do some weeks ago and this has been vindicated so far. They are raising revenue via fringe players and rejecting substantial bids for key players. I cannot see Zola sanctioning Bellamy’s sale and there is no financial pressure to sell is there? West Ham are debt free and fire walled from the owners other interests. We are actually in good nick, compared with other debt ridden clubs. That’s reason for optimism.

    A £15m bid for Bellamy might change things, but I hope not. If we lose Bellamy we lose pace and power up front. If they want to cash in they should do so in the summer, when it makes more sense to make such major decisions.

  64. SJ Chandos says:

    If my confidence in them is misplaced then I will be the first to admit it.

  65. chris says:

    Point taken,but I’m still not convinced yet that it will end here,us hammers have been let down so many times,I hope your right that we are ok on the financial side of things,but after BG lost so much from the banking crisis,I cant see a few Biscuits paying off sheffield,there again I’m not to much up on his personal fortune,

  66. SJ Chandos says:

    If we end up paying the Blunts more than 8m, I will be very surprised. Their sale of Beattie shows they are not confident of hitting us for £30-50m. That figure was just a gambit to try and get us to settle for £15-20m, it failed!

  67. SJ Chandos says:

    Funny how Chelski’s financial crisis, cut backs and lack of transfer funds are just , just seen by the press as, a logical process of making Chelski self-sufficient! Whereas we are in a much better state and yet we are in allegedly meltdown! The press biased, never!

  68. SJ Chandos says:

    Anyway, enough for one night! Night all!

  69. irontc says:

    We need someone to set up some kind of intgernet naming and shaming league table for rotten journalists and their scum bag rags printing crap and lies about our beloved club.

    Preferbly with photos of the dodgy hack.

    The more innacurate and blatantly unture the story turns out to be – the more points a hack would be given.

    at the end of the season we could send the paper with most points a dog turd trophy or something!

    If the league was running this year, I would put money on a certain dirty Mail reporter winning the prize hands down!

  70. colney says:

    whats the news on lbm signing then?cant find concrete evidence anywhere?

  71. DevoDevo says:

    I think the clubs have agreed a fee, jon but Luis hasn’t committed. He lives in the same town as me and has children that go to the excellent local schools. A move to Hull may not be filling him with joy given his current lifestyle/location.

    Perhaps a loan to the end of the season might be the answer? If he plays well and regains his confidence, we’ll be the benefactors. At least his wages will be off the books for a few months.

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