Transfer Gossip Latest

* Ilunga to Liverpool
* Davenport to Stoke
* Quashie to sign permanently for Birmingham
* Boa Morte to Hull
* Faubert touting himself to anyone with a French accent

Any other gossip to add to the above list? That seems to be the sum of it for the moment.

At least all is quiet on the Bellamy/Parker/Upson front. Long may it stay that way.


49 Responses to Transfer Gossip Latest

  1. Matt Ryan says:

    I hope Liverpoo don’t get Ilunga, he has been great for us this season! Anyway, I was under the impression that as part of teh contract WEST HAM would be given first refusal on him?????

  2. Sam says:

    I hope all of those players leave apart from Ilunga who’s been great. Hopefully we can use some of the money raised from selling the rubbish players to buy Ilunga.

  3. FrannyZola says:

    The fact that its quiet on the Bellamy/Upson/Parker front may mean something will happen.

    What concerns me is that once one bid is rejected, e.g for Bellamy, the club is not making it clear that other bids will not be welcomed. Neither is the player coming out and saying “I want to stay”. We haven’t had a word from Bellamy. They are leaving the door open for more bids. This is contradictory to the statement the club has been making that “we will not sell our best players”.

    I think that is an unfinished sentence. What the club is really saying is that “we will not sell our best players….unless we get really good money”. Which is what they are clearly holding out for. I hope no one comes in with enough money.

  4. jpt says:

    Any news on INCOMING palyers??

  5. Doc H Ball says:

    Iain, I am surprised you have left Roeder’s sacking without passing comment. You got a lot of stick from Canaries a few months back, but as we all predicted at the time, they were on the Roeder to nowhere just like Gillingham, Watford, Newcastle and ourselves under his ‘leadership’.

    Can you dig out some of the postings from back then to give us all a laff? The man has as much charisma as a tin of beans and is more ill suited to football management than anyone I can think of. The irony, of course, is that he must be fabulously rich from contract buy outs…

  6. SurreyFox says:

    Definitely don’t want Ilunga to go, as he has done fantastic stepping into Linda’s shoes.

    Personally there are others that I would like to see go before Davenport. I think it was outrageous that he was dropped for Collins, as he had been solid with Upson and had not put a foot wrong. I don’t blame him at all for the things he said, as the way that he has been treated at West Ham is bang out of order IMO

    I would happily see the back of:
    Di Michele…

    …and even Carlton Cole, seeing as he may attract some decent interest following his recent goal fest

    Some realistic players that I would like to see in a West Ham shirt are a return for Jimmy Bullard (currently attracting £5m from Bolton) and Matty Taylor.

  7. James says:

    Thought Neill was linked with AC Milan, or was it Inter?

    Davenport apparently linked with Sunderland after the blow out by Bolton. Quashie is rumoured to be a target for Newcastle, don’t know why! But anything to get him off our books!!

  8. Doc H Ball says:

    Sorry Iain I’ve just seen your earlier blog. Looks like you did get your two penneth worth about dear old Glenn…

  9. Iain van der Ree says:

    My only problem with all the names above going ! Who will the boo boys have a go at next !!! ….. also for the Fulham game I bet ‘gentleman’ John Pantsil scores 😦 and we all know he’s worth more than £100m (Man City you’re missing a trick)! lol

  10. Big_Casino says:

    Not too bothered if we lose Ilunga, Dav, Boa, Faubert and Quashie – think all of them are dispensable.

    Obviously Ilunga is the main one I’d rather keep, just cos we’re short at left back. He is, in my opinion, a very decent player, but I can’t believe he’s a target for Liverpool – he’s not that good… he reminds me a lot of Sebastian Schemmel, in terms of his work rate and getting forward… a player I’d happily keep but wouldn’t stick up a brick wall to keep.


  11. mokumhammer says:

    Any links to these rumours then?

    Ilunga would be a MASSIVE loss – the rest forgettable

  12. brooking still the best says:

    Be nice to hear that we are bringing in players, Ilunga would be a great loss but the rest, bye!

  13. Berkshire Hammer says:

    Saw Clarke & Zola to Chelsea.

  14. hammeron says:

    Just heard on SSN we have turned down a 3rd bid from City for Craig Bellamy!

  15. Dan says:

    A quote from the Independent in an article regarding City’s bid for Kaka

    “One deal that does appear to be edging closer is Hughes’ bid for Craig Bellamy.”

    “Having worked with the Welshman twice before, the City boss feels he knows how to get the best out of Bellamy, and Gianfranco Zola’s pursuit of currently injured Blues forward Valeri Bojinov suggests the West Ham manager is resigned to losing the player.”

  16. bazzahammer says:

    why don’t we kick the owners out. tell the players (that we want to keep) they are staying put, get some real rich arthurs to put some actual spending money in and start buying top players. well let’s think about it. if rich arab billynairs are gonna uy man city what’s to stop them buying a bigging like west ham! ilunga to sign and if he doesn’t then buy n’zogbia.currently the best left sidded player in prem. IMO

  17. Yep looks like city have upped their bid for bellars. Does everyone think we will keep bellars or are they trying to drive up his transfer fee? I hope he stays but whilst city keep up their interest my hopes that he will stay are slipping away!!!

  18. Eric says:

    And we reject the third bid!! I really hope it stops there or we may begin to think twice

  19. IronMick says:

    I tell you a player that we should get. junior stanislas – get the boy back!!
    just watching him playing against Chelsea and he looks really good. He’s getting stuck in, set up their goal with a corner, is really quick, can cross and plays on the left.
    We really need someone in that position after selling LBM and Matty! I know he is young but I think he could cut it. anyone with me?
    ps come on southend!

  20. west ham are better says:

    im also watching the chelsea match and Stanislas is worth a game for west ham although southend are poor

  21. WHU Kim says:

    I’m sure I read somewhere that West Ham had first option on signing Ilunga so it does not matter whether Liverpool want him or not. One of Ilunga’s agents denied the Liverpool rumour anyway.

  22. r j weeks says:

    My fear is that we will sell our best players right on transfer deadline day, giving them the perfect excuse although we got the money there was no time to go out and buy replacements, I do hope i am wrong and keep a winning team.

  23. claire says:

    Stanislas looks good, doesn’t he? And looks like he can play on the left too.

  24. Streaky says:

    As a proud Australian and a hammers fan of over 40 years I was delighted when Lucas Neill arrrived at Upton Park….however…..his tenure here has been less than inpressive……his leadership of the playing group has been underwhelming to say the least.. as has been his recent form…coupled with the distraction of captaining Australia in world cup qualifiers at the expense of his club, I think its high time he moved on or stood down as captain for a more appropriate candidate.


  25. eleeNYC says:

    Staying up is should be the clubs biggest concern. It would only make problems (if any) worse. They are going to keep the squad unless they have someone better in mind. It just wouldn’t make good business sense for anyone involved with WHU

  26. FrannyZola says:

    Stanislas is better than Noble. We should bring him back and send Noble out on loan.

  27. Serbia says:


  28. Biffo the bear says:

    The Independant says
    ‘West Ham United have rejected two new bids for Craig Bellamy, with Tottenham Hotspur offering Darren Bent in a straight swap deal for the striker on Tuesday evening and then Manchester City upping their offer for the Wales international to £9.5m yesterday afternoon.’
    That will make Bent feel good!
    They also go on to say
    ‘…The first was a £15m bid, which also included City buying Scott Parker, and the second, which was also immediately rejected, came on Monday morning when City offered £8.5m for Bellamy, plus another £1m if he scored 25 goals in a season or the club won the Champions League. They have since offered £9.5m cash. If West Ham were to receive an offer of £15m for Bellamy they have promised that they will then put it to manager Gianfranco Zola who, ultimately, will decide which players are bought and sold at the club.’

    read the whole thing

    Seems to me like they’re rejecting bids for Bellamy but if someone offers £15mill then they’ll look at who else they can bring in to replace him, which is, I suppose, sensible business but I hope Zola turns it down as anyone new would take time to settle in and we can’t afford to wait till that happens. I hope we just trim the squad as we have been doing and maybe add one or two at the most as I think the summer is a much better time to be bringing in players. Faubert should stop crying about being dropped and work hard to get his place back.

    All things considered it’s looking ok so far.

  29. E1 says:

    LBM deal a no goer,can’t agree personal terms, Bugger!! . I also see steve finnan is avaliable for £1m and in talks with Hull,might be worth a punt he is still only 28 and got to be better than Neil.

  30. Lee says:

    Just to add to the list of current gossip. The Independent are reporting that Sunderland are going to bid for Davenport, because they want an experienced defender.

  31. iron man says:

    Stanislas was class last night and deserves a game . I would be unhappy to see Cheri
    go even though we still have Lopez as cover. I think if we can get near 13 mil for Bellars he will go. He will be hard to replace at this stage of the season and seems to have a good partenership with Cole at the moment. I think that Di Michelle has been poor genrally and Sears Should be given a chance in future. COYI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. OZ ex chicken runner says:

    According to Sky Man city have given up on Kaka, this could mean a much higher bid for Bellamy, a bid we may not be able to refuse although I hope we the football world that we are serious about building a better team. Not upset to see fringe players go, but not Illunga…don’t believe it anyway. Someone should keep a record of ALL the transfer rumours this month and then in FEb see how many were really true…so much gossip and paper talk!!
    Lucas Neil should give it up over there and come back to Oz and play in the A League while he may still have something to offer…the A League is the best it has been over here and the champions play in the Asian Championship…not as good as European but there is quite a lot of money in Asian football and it is the future for Oz teams and can only get better. Neill is not up to EPl standard, he had a good world cup but that is history now.
    Really hope we keep our top players and that Zola can now add a couple….up the hammers!!

  33. OZ ex chicken runner says:

    Also just a little bit of nostalgia with Clyde Best..this may not be PC these days ( I remember when PC was a copper!!) but when Clyde first played for us, he was quite popular even when he did play like Cole sometimes, but I remember he did a couple of fouls and the ref called him over for a lecture. Clyde is like 6ft something and the ref was 5ft6″ and the crowd went very quiet and someone shouted out…” don’t worry about the ref Clyde, move next door to him”…at the time a bit topical, the crowd roared with laughter and the biggest grin was Clydes’!!
    By the way the bloke that shouted it was my brother!!Quite well lnpwn in the old chicken run!! Could not do that these days eh???

  34. OZ ex chicken runner says:

    oops…”quite well known” it should read…must spell check. By the way their were no racist remarks in those days to any Black player…but you have to have a sense of humour….

  35. Paul M says:

    Although Stanislas played quite well against Chelski, he is not quite ready for the Prem’ just yet. He sure has potential, but if we throw him in now it may do more harm than good IMO.
    Leave him on loan to get 1st team experience and bring him back for summer training and see how he rates then. I expect us to sell big time in the summer with Franco & clarkey building their ‘own’ squad so he may again be either warming the bench or on loan.
    Our youth policy is without doubt one of, if not THE best in UK, we have some seriously potential talents coming through in the next couple of years, and along with the foreign youth imports we are looking good for the future. IMA in 3-5 years we can be a top 4 side chasing a CL place.
    Zola & Clarke MUST stay, if anyone can’t see the VAST improvements since they arrived you must be blind or just ignorant.

    Ilunga to stay, love his attitude and work rate, he could even push forward and sort out the left side issue we have. Then that just leaves us to fill the left back position.
    Any ideas all ?


  36. Roy says:

    If Stanislas is better than Noble why is he on loan at a below-average Div. 1 team and Noble is playing in the Premier League? And why has Noble played loads of times for England U.21s while Stanislas has not got close? I surmise that Noble may be a better player and this is obviously the view of Zola, Clarke and Stuart Pearce. Also, Noble is a different players from Stanislas so how can you compare them? One performance in a cup game does not necessarily a player make. Sending Noble out on loan? To who? A number of Premiership clubs would take him and most of them would be the ones who we may still be involved in a relegation battle with. Ludicrous!

  37. DevoDevo says:

    I can’t believe people are so happy to see Ilunga go. Considering this is his first term in English football I think he has done remarkably well. I also believe that many of our best moves come down the left and involve him.

    Good to see the 3rd bid for Bellamy turned down, 2 wins against Hull & Fulham will put us right up there challenging for Europe!

  38. DevoDevo says:

    Oh, and there’s no way Stanislas is ready for the first team yet and to say he is better than Noble when he has no first team experience is a little premature!

    Now, Collison on the other hand….

  39. Goatygav says:

    From what I gather nothing is going to happen with Ilunga until the Summer. Also I undertand that West Ham do have first refusal to buy him.

    If Liverpool qualify as Champions to the “Champions” League then I don’t think you couldn’t blame Herita for wanting to go there under those circumstances provided he doesn’t slack off for West Ham while he’s playing for us (I’m sure you could all think of a few examples of that type of player). Despite the “First Refusal” clause players still have to agree personal terms which can throw spanners in the works.

  40. James says:

    Nothing wrong with Noble, Roy is 100% correct with his comments! Noble is a 100% West Ham man who is still extremly young, Already he has become experiened in the premiership and that is great for him. Nobody knows who is better than who other than the manager, If you look we have failed with a few youngsters in the past with the likes of John Terry, Keiron Richardson and Jimmy Bullard to name a few, Stanlislas along with Reid and Stokes etc will have to wait, do you really think that throwing in an un-experianced youth player into the side would help us at this current time, I Dont,

    Collison, Tomkins and Sears had a few end of season games last season and now they get into the first team, maybe two or three more will be introduced in the final few games, but not if they are Relegation scrap games!! But that is just my opinion unless you agree?

  41. Goatygav says:

    Great point DevoDevo. The anti Noble comments are getting very boring FrannyZola. Change the record mate!

  42. hammeredCalv says:

    goaty gav – i agree, the anti noble comments are a joke, i think these people know very little about our club and football ! noble is a future club captain and i beleive will progress to become an important player for our national side !

  43. Michael says:

    I think ilunga will stay with West Ham. As long as we meet his wage demands he is ours. I would like to think tht in order to progress we would do tht!! We may sell 1 or 2 in the window but i think we have a decent squad and can still do well whether we lose bellers or not or lose parker or not! Zola and Clarke have us playing very good football again and things are looking up!! Steve finnan is a very good shout, i would b gutted if he went ot Hull. He would be more cost effective than neill.

  44. djclipz says:

    well i guess that means reid wasn’t even considered for left wing back up!!!

  45. I have heard on the grapevine Bellars has told the other players that he is off to City, it is just a case of the two clubs agreeing a fee. Not sure if I believe it!! Or want to!!!

  46. D&G says:

    Horrible thing is that Ilunga isn’t even our call. He is from Toulouse? Well they will decide if they want him to go there, apparently we have first dips until a team like Liverpool come in that is…..

  47. John says:

    I personally am pleased LBM is not going to Hull. Accepted his first season was poor and he appeared not to be trying but he was suffering from a virus and anyone who has suffered a virus infection will know how difficult it can be to get rid off this debilitating illness.He has looked a different player this season and has offered class, strength and energy on the left hand side of the field combining particularly well with Illunga. I personally would far rather see Faubert who doesn’t seem to try that hard or even be able put in a decent pass and Neil who appears slow and unfit go.

  48. 17 year hammer says:

    neil was good at blackburn but not at west ham give upson or parker the armband i think they have got the experience and the spirit to rise up and stop this noble abuse he is a bright young prospect who is a hammer through and through lets not push him out of the club would be a big mistake and collison reminds me of a young parker and that just execeelent hopefully have two parkers wld really bulster our squad strengh in both attack and defence and i could see ferriera form chelski being an option for right back as he is strong and talented

  49. Noble is a Hammer through and through. Leave the lad alone before another talent gets driven out of Upton Park.

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