Bellamy in Talks With Redknapp?

The Mail are reporting that Craig Bellamy has been in talks with Spurs tonight after the clubs agreed a £12 million fee (£10 million plus add ons).

If this is true, I feel devastated. Apparently we have been offered Darren Bent in exchange but have turned down that idea without any further discussion.

Oh dear.


60 Responses to Bellamy in Talks With Redknapp?

  1. Jead says:

    If this is true, then the current owners have no respect for the fans, if it was Man City I could kind of understand, but the spuds, I feel sick at the thought of it, physically sick – how could they do this to us? Total and utter disrespect !

  2. pedro garcia says:

    whilst i dont believe a word any paper writes about us at the moment this is typical Redknobb.
    he loves picking up players due to other teams misfortune and we are prime for the picking.
    why would Bellamy want to go to North London ? other than their soon to be over UEFA cup run all they have is a relegation dogfight to look forward to – typical west ham comment maybe but they cannot deny it isnt true ? its doesnt make a lot of sense to me for him to consider it s he can do so much better than the Spuds but i suppose money talks. i will be gutted if he leaves and devastated if he goes to WHL. Also i had hoped that the continual link with Bent would have ended when Curbs left but clearly that isnt the case.
    role on February and lets hope the board and the big man hold their nerve and stay true to their word and keep hold of Bellamy. if he does go then expect to get dragged back into the bottom 6 pretty quickly. aaaahhhhh i hate the transfer window !

  3. Not to the Spuds!!! I’m not sure I believe this one!!!

  4. jim says:

    say it ain’t true! nightmare if so. this decision seems suicidal and remember that our chairman is trying to sell the club at a huge profit for 2 years work-it is not right that we bail him out of the credit crunch. won’t be renewing the season ticket i have had for 5 years based on this decision. who does that leave us with upfront? hoping to wake up tomorrow to find out its been a wind up.

  5. pedro garcia says:

    me too.
    i suppose they cant write about our £30m , £40m or £50m fine every day (the exact amount they report depends on which day of the week it and which way the wind is blowing) so they need to make up something negative about WHUFC.
    could be worse i suppose – Roeder needs a job !
    aways look on the bright side of life ………..

  6. James says:

    Where did u hear this iain? If true i am devastated, i think we should be hanging out for 12 million. I wouldn’t mind 8 million plus jenas. I think him and parker in the middle would be a good combination with collison and behrami on the wings. 8 million could be used to get us in a striker. I think its about time this nani came up trumps with a little italian gem uo front for not much money!!! What do people think about 8 mill plus jenas?!

  7. SJ Chandos says:

    It’s Sportsmail throwing a speculative grenade in to the situation to stir things up. I do not believe it. The threat comes from Man City, not Spurs!

  8. pedro garcia says:

    i think £12m will be hard to resist having said that i dont think we should even sell Redknobb the drippings from our noses.
    as for Jenas i’ve never been a fan – too lightweight for me and too in and out of games.
    i would prefer to see Collison given a chance in the middle and buy a proper winger but i dont suppose that will happen.

  9. SJ Chandos says:

    James, I do not rate Jenas, my personal opinion is that we already have far better midfielders tham him. I am not really keen on any of the Spurs players to be honest! Whereas I think that Man City have quite a few players that would strengthen our squad.

  10. pedro garcia says:

    i agree Man City are the main threat.

  11. James says:

    jenas gets a few goals which is more than can be said for our midfield…except maybe collison has got 1 or 2. The good teams have a goal scoring midfielder, everton, cahill and arteta, villa have young, barry. That is a key difference between teams. Jenas would be a good addition. Perhaps vela from arsenal?

  12. SJ Chandos says:

    I agree Pedro, we should not sell to him at any price. One thing is certain it will not go down well with the Hammers supporters!!!!! Watch the backlash and headlong dive into doom, gloom and depression on the various websites!

  13. James says:

    i think cash + player would be a good thing. Perhaps bentley? He has fallen out of favour at tottenham yet was brilliant for blackburn. If zola could get that form back we’d be laughing…

  14. DagenhamHammer says:

    I don’t believe a word of it!

  15. pedro garcia says:

    James ,
    sorry mate not having that about Jenas. his goal scoring rate is not even average . wikipedia says the most goals he has scored in any of his 10 seasons as a pro is 8 , with an average of under 4 goals per season – hardly prolific (sorry i know its late to be such a nerd !) our midfield three are all better than him and capable of matching that record – sorry i think it would be another typical crap west ham signing . having said that i still dont think it will ever happen. i aggree with the point that a goal scoring midfielder is the key but he aint the solution – i still think Collison is the one.

  16. SJ Chandos says:

    Yes James, I agree, goals from midfield are key and its something that we need to improve on, definitely. But my opinion is that Jenas is not in the same class as the midfielders that you quote. If we could get Cahill I would be very happy. We should have bought him when he was a Millwall. It was clear even then that he was a good player.

    Still, football is about opinions!

  17. royski says:

    That is a joke if we sell to them, but if he wants off then let him go.

    he said upon signing for us that he has 2 many clubs and he is here to stay.

    how many games has he played for us? out all that time while we paid him, there wasn’t that many clubs in for him when he left Liverpool if i remember

  18. pedro garcia says:

    as for Bentley i aggree with what the fella that sits behind me when he shouted –

    ” i dunno about Bentley on the back of your shirt it should read Skoda ”

    it was both amusing and accurate in my opinion.

  19. SJ Chandos says:

    Yeah, Collison could do it if he was played in a central position, behind the strikers.

  20. royski says:

    If willie Mackay the agent is involved in anyway then bellers will be off, Harry would buy a one armed goalkeeper from him

  21. pedro garcia says:

    right , cheers lads i’m off to bed.
    i hope i wake up and this rumour proves to be about as real as Jordans thruppenny bits…
    come on you irons !

  22. royski says:

    Bentley didn’t Redknapp say 3 weeks ago “why would i want Beckham i have Bentley? now can’t wait to get rid of him.he is a joker.

    lets keep Bellers and them filth will go down

  23. Whitey says:

    If true, this is a disaster, and the trust I was starting to feel for the board has just evaporated. Continual “not for sale” responses indicated to me my beloved hammers were finally going somewhere. Why would we sell our best striker, a man in such form I find it impossible to think of a suitable replacement. Lets be honest, he has terrorised a number of teams in the last few months.

    So it turns out we were just holding out for a few more quid. Nice one Hammers, class act. Cant wait to return to work and explain that my team have not finally turned the corner as I have proudly stated recently and become a team striving success, but are still the selling/feeder club we all fear. Remember the quotes the “crown Jewels”, “The back bone”, “Zola Favourites” are not for sale, unless the price is right.

    To think, after a few years rearing a family, I was seriously considering another decade of season tickets.

  24. SJ Chandos says:

    Berhami, Noble, Collison, etc, all need to start weighing in with some goals. But that is one of the fustrating things for me. Often in matches Bellamy breaks and it takes ages for the others to support him! Consequently, he either scores himself or he has few immediate options to play someone in!

  25. SJ Chandos says:

    Sportsmail disinformation! It’s like being at war with them!

  26. SJ Chandos says:

    Hold fire until it is confirmed, Whitey. You know what liars the tabloids are!

  27. SJ Chandos says:

    But I do think your response will be typical and widespread amongst Hammers fans, that’s for sure. IF it is true!

  28. says:

    This is a joke if this is true you can bet your life that we won’t buy in a replaecment like what always happens

  29. Whitey says:

    I just wish such despair amongst supporters could be reflected and demonstrated to the board in such a show of strength, they dare not mess with our team in future.

    Just imagine the look on their faces come Sunday as they sit in the directors box surveying an empty stadium.

    If its true, send a message, tear up your ticket !

  30. SJ Chandos says:

    Nothing in the Independent, that’s a good sign. At present, it is only reported by our ‘good friends’ at Sportsmail, that clinches it for me, it is crap!

  31. djclipz says:

    it’s in the mail, the one paper i just refuse to believe!!! Strange how haven’t it from anywhere else if it is supposed to be true!!!

  32. bazzahammer says:

    to be honest with you, i could see this coming. west ham have always been like this. when upton park is starting to see a bright future ahead, something always pops up like a worm in an apple. bellamy is turning into a 20 goal a season player. just what we need, and cole is catching up too! but that’s when spurs or chelsea or man u come in with a ridiculus offer that for some reason the board think is acceptable! kanoute and defoe (boo!)=spurs. lampard and cole=chelsea. tevez (make your own mind up)=man u.

    but how many times do we need to say it! whu supporters know best! for weeks the comments posted on these blogs have been about getting a new left sided midfielder. yes. of course. but the board just sit there and let lopez rot in reserves, sell ethrington and so far just look to sell rather than buy.

    my advice to the board…leave before us fans give you the mike ashley treatment!

  33. chris says:

    Cant see this one being true personally,Zola and Clarke would walk.
    But nothing would surprise me in the merry go round of football,after a players worth 100million.
    SJ Chandos,told you not to jump the gun didn’t I!!!
    But Im with you on this one,I dont believe it,the backlash would be massive.
    It would mean certain relegation.

  34. chris says:

    Does anyone no who tevez belongs to?
    Man ure dont want him they ant guuna cough up 32 million,so can we have him on loan like man ure.
    Confused,YOU BET!!!!!

  35. Cookedskunk says:

    Utter sh!t I’m afraid.

  36. chris says:

    100 million for a player the world is mad,
    Dont think I want to work anymore.

  37. bazzahammer says:

    oh yeah if kaka’s 100mil then bellars is at least 50mil! in my opinion. no player is worth more than 50 mil!

  38. OZ ex chicken runner says:

    Always late with the time difference….seems we have told Newcastle that Neill is not for sale and that we want to keep him! Also can’t find anything about Tottscum in for Bellamy…just do not believe it, it is just stirring up trouble for a story…if we have rejected three bids frim Man City and if we were thinking of selling surely we would be enticing City further…more dosh than spurs! I just hope that we are up front about keeping our best players, so far it seems that we are.In Feb we should look back and see how many of the transfer rumours had any merit!

  39. richo says:

    I know Bellars is startin to get on, didn’t think he wanted to play in the championship next season though. Hope it’s crap

  40. Ian Grow says:


  41. OZ ex chicken runner says:

    Just no way Bellamy will be sold, the more I think about it the more convinced I am. Zola would not even give Bent a second thought, too much like Cole and he has started to score…who suddenly told him he was a striker? Bent has only been linked with us because of Curbishley, and I do not rate Bent at all. Also don’t be hard on Noble..he is only 21, had 3 managers and was instrumental in helping us survive 2 seasons ago. We should not expect too much from him all the time, under Zola I see him becoming a far better player, like Collison, Sears and Tomkins, we have a bright future if we can keep our best players and talented youngsters…Harry has gone, he was the wheeler and dealer, but always blamed others when he sold players!!

  42. SJ Chandos says:

    West Ham Utd FC 4 V Fulham 1 (Bellamy x2, Cole, Collison) (Zamora!)

  43. SJ Chandos says:

    Chris, I never jump he gun! lol.

  44. Tony Titan says:

    Dont believe the hype !

  45. SJ Chandos says:

    Now the Daily Moron (sorry Mirror), not to be outdone, reckons we are selling Upson to Arsenal for 12m (7m plus Bentner) !!!!! What utter tosh, it’s always the usual suspects, SportsMail and Sports Mirror, that print this rubbish.

  46. SJ Chandos says:

    Upson has already told the club that he is staying and rightly so. The club transformed him from under performing centre half of great potential ability, rotting in the Championship, to accomplished England regular. What did Wenger do for his career, absolutely nothing!

  47. Graybo says:

    Might I be bold enough to suggest that Bellamy is actually a bit patchy? Weighing up the likelihood of further injuries and a sharp decline in pace and power (at 29) I think I’ll trust Zola to snaffle up some decent young talent to further enhance this squad’s potential. 12M is not bad business, I reckon.

  48. Metcow says:

    Skysports report this morning that bids have been rejected!!!

    Breath again. Just the Daily Mail writing rubbish again. Now there is a shock.

  49. SJ Chandos says:

    Sky News, West Ham reject renewed bids from Spurs and Man City! Sportsmail = crap!

  50. SJ Chandos says:

    The guy presenting Sky is so funny! He is a City fan and don’t he show it. He got quite narky about criticism of City for paying £100m for Kaka! At the same time he talks about ‘clubs like West Ham, ‘ !!!! obviously equally narked about Hammers cheek in rejecting City’s oil money.

  51. Mile End Paul says:

    What concerns me about all this is that the Board have officially stated that Neill is not going anywhere but they have not said this about Bellars, Parker,Upson etc – just “bids declined” – to my mind this means, increase your offers and you can have them. To stop any further rumour, the Board should say that none of the above are for sale so go away. This will stop any disharmony in the team and give us supporters a chance to not suggest that we will burn our tickets !

  52. E1 says:

    I think it’s just the agent trying to get Man city to up the price, I fear he will end up there but we will get the money we are looking for and zola will get someone or two in.

  53. Englandsnumber6 says:

    West Ham fans should boycot all red top rags that write lies about our club, the independant is the only paper that has been unbias and honest about all concerns with our club. Dont buy sh!te papers at all. The obsever on sunday is great for all sport and the times on monday has a fantastic supplement(although ive a feeling its owned by the sun.. so maybe not this paper) these blogs drive us all up the wall, we all hate them yet we read and add our two pennies worth.

  54. Rapidhammer says:,19528,11661_4800397,00.html
    Bellamy ought to go nowhere! (or to Man City?)
    I fear we will lose Bellamy – but if enough money comes in Zola should be able to afford a decent replacement.

  55. hammeredCalv says:

    After watching an interveiw with mark hughes on sky sports, i am already getting ready for the dissapiontiment of losing Bellamy to city, hughes stated that it is only a matter of both clubs agreeing the fee to prise him away and that money is no object to city ! so the enevitable will unfortunatly happen ! Maybe city will pay enough money for us to find a suitable replacement, maybe dare i say it, Tevez ? because he would be the only player at the moment that would lift the gloom of Bellers going !

  56. DevoDevo says:

    These papers/websites are a disgrace and need some kind of action taking against them.

    Both Spurs and Man Citeh’s improved bids have been turned down again!

    Roll on Febraury…….

  57. Roshi says:

    Good old SJ Chondas called it right again, well done.

  58. colney says:

    spurs have just paid 15 mill for defoe,13 mill for the other chap and 16,5 for bent,not sure they need bellamy as well?i thought harry said he was done and didnt think he was buying anymore?

  59. claret bobby says:

    City manager Mark Hughes has warned Blackburn and West Ham they risk losing millions if they keep playing hardball over striker Roque Santa Cruz, and striker Craig Bellamy and midfielder Scott Parker respectively. (Daily Mirror)

    Is this a threat or a promise?

  60. Whitey says:

    Faith is restored and apologies to the board for doubting your word.

    Thanks to Simon Cass and Colin Young at the Mail. Who needs facts when you can make it up !

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