Boa Morte Says No to Hull

Ok, well who wouldn’t? Sky Sports is reporting that Luis Boa Morte has rejected a move to Hull City. He wasn’t happy with the personal terms on offer, apparently. In some ways I can’t blame him, but Zola should make it clear to him he is not part of his plans and he won’t be playing regularly. Anyone know how long his contract runs for?


41 Responses to Boa Morte Says No to Hull

  1. chris says:

    2 years.
    Dont mind if he stays,hope he can turn things around(probably not)
    Could keep him just as a messer!!!when we are winning.

  2. chris says:

    2 million for neil!!!!!!! take it now!!!!

  3. garreth says:

    As a hull city fan im glad we did not sign him, we need players with abit of class, nobody rates him and if he wanted to play in a first team duri ng most games then he would of signed. He seems lazy and does not want to play and his happy to get the wage.

  4. Karl says:

    He is handy to bring on late in the game to run at tired defences with his pace. He did that too good effect against Stoke i think it was.

  5. Devo's Barnet says:

    Nothing personal Luis but please go to Hull, you’re rubbish and you know you are. If we needed another midfield ankle biter we could keep Quashie, we bought you as a ‘striker’/’winger’ and you are neither (at least not anymore). Once more player greed and money handicaps us…….

  6. smudge says:

    Just tell him to F… OFF!!!!!

  7. Basildon Bob says:

    S’pose if his family are settled in the south (where his football career has mainly been) this may have been another deciding factor for him as well as the money. I reckon Hull may go back with improved terms though. However with Reid, gone to Wolves on loan, Lopez injured (sourced from other posts) and Dyer still getting back to match fitness, may not be a bad thing to have some experienced cover for the left.

  8. colney says:

    im on me way to dover…the rocks are very hard at the bottom and its bound to make my head feel much better.cant we all chip in and pay him a few extra quid to bugger off!!!! it sounds to me were paying him far to much if hull arnt willing to match his wage demands? neil…2mill quid…i think we need to order a bag bus as these northern monkeys are nuts for our not so good players…no swearing !!

  9. geoff says:

    Quite happy if he stays. Sometimes he comes on and plays well and still sections of the crowd moan because that’s what they do. So much negativety. We need to get behind the team. Nobody moans at Noble when he makes errors, some that lead to conceding a goal.
    He (Boa) was playing cr@p, but he has improved, just needs to score some goals (something a certain Mr Cole has done recently). But fair play, he gives 100 %. Having said all that, it’s not the end of the world if he does go, but it would mean, Ethers, Reid and Boa, all left sided players gone, and Lopez doesn’t get in the team. Could be dodgy

  10. Stevie F says:

    No surprise that he has not agreed terms with Hull. No other team will pay him what WHU are paying him.Typical of modern day footballer. All he is interested in his how much he is being paid not about playing first team football. If it was the other way around and another club offered him more money he would be off like a shot. The 2 years left on his contract would mean nothing.

  11. WESTHAMWAYNE says:

    Im not overly dissapointed about boa not going as we are pretty short on the left hand side especially if we wasnt going to replace him and kyle ried going wolves for the rest of the season!!

    We should just keep him on board till the summer at least theear that asses the situation and if anyone would want to take him on a free!!

    As for Lucas Neil i have never rated him and the wages he is on is a joke thats why Liverpool didnt offer him anywhere near it!! And how he is captain i just dont know with Parker and Upson in the side to much better leaders!!! If we can just get him off the wage bill let alone get 2M for him then it will free up some much needed cash for a decent young right back on half the wages.

  12. SJ Chandos says:

    Do you think that Neill will move to Newcastle with a few months left on his contract? In the summer he becomes a free agent and can negotiate his own move.

    Moreover, would Newcastle offer 4m or even £2m to a player nearing the end of his contract? It is more likely to be a case of offering a loan deal for the remainder of his contract. Newcastle get a player for the rest of the season, West Ham get him off the wage bill and Neill gets his Bosman move in the summer!

    Perfect fit all round it would seem, except that West Ham have reportedly told Newcastle that he is not available!

  13. SJ Chandos says:

    Do you think that Neill will moveto Newcastle with a few months left on his contract?
    In the summer he can negotiate his own move!

    Would Newcastle pay 4m or even £2m for a player nearing the end of his contract? Depends how desperate they are to get him I suppose! The deal offered is more likely to be a loan to the end of the season. That way Newcastle get their player without a fee, West Ham get him off the wage bill and Neill gets his Bosman move in the summer!

    Perfect all round, except apparently West Ham have told Newcastle that Neill is not available. They are really getting in to this rejecting bids business, ain’t they!!!!

  14. SJ Chandos says:

    posted twice! I do not know what happened there! lol.

  15. Ray Moore says:

    Would be great to see the likes of Bellers, Parker, Green and Upson saying that they would like to stay if that the board accept any offers on them! i hope of course the board dont accept any offers for them.

  16. D&G says:

    OH WELL if there was ever a way to get your revenge on the boo boys this would be it hahaha

  17. Roshi says:

    Just goes to show what stupid contracts we were (sorry the board were) throwing about.
    You wouldn’t take a dramatic drop in wages just to make the starting line up every game, that’s the legacy we are left with, very difficult to move players on who are in contract, therefore losing everything when they move at the end of their contract on the Bosman.

  18. E1 says:

    Lets see how he does now we need him on the left as cover. With 2 yrs left we need to do our bit as supporters and boost him up all that wrong with LBM is that he has no confidence a good player do’nt become a bad player over night something is wrong ?
    There are still a few others I would like to see go before him, Neil, Quassie, Davenport etc. WHY has illunga not been given a contract ? He, I feel is as important as upson bellamey parker and green and should be kept.

  19. E1 says:

    WE need a right back and give Upson the arm band.Dyer Cole & Bellamey up front will see us through this season if they all stay fit. Then we can look to the summer for replacments and shipping out the rest of the dead wood that does’nt go this month. You never know ashton might grace us with his presents and turn out to be the player we all thoght he was(don’t hold your breath).

  20. Very dusappointed that we have not been able to get rid rid of WH,s worst ever player namely the USLESS boa morte.Probaly wanted too much money ,greedy c___.
    Hope Zola puts him on the tranfer list.Another sad day in our history

  21. clack says:

    Boa Marte signed a 4 yr contract, exactly 2 yrs ago.

    Considering he signed at the height of the Magnusson madness, I expect he’s on a good wedge for the next 2 yrs if he stays.

    Spent most of last 12 yrs in London (arsenal, southampton, fulham, West Ham).

  22. DevoDevo says:

    I take it you haven’t been watching West Ham for long, Denis?

  23. D&G says:

    Denis. Worst ever player? Have you only been supporting us the last year or something?

  24. Dott Cotton says:

    It amazes me how any West Ham fan could be pleased to see LBM remain at UP.

    Fulham must’ve tought someone was on the wind up when we came in with a £5M bid.

    So we keep him, to do what? Come on for 10-15 minutes here and there all the while collecting his £40k+ wages per week.

    Luis f@$king ‘my second touch is a tackle’

    God I hope we keep him. And will the nast people booing please stop. It’s your fault he’s shit with no pace and couldn’t hit a cows a@?s with a banjo

  25. Roshi says:

    Great club statement on WHU website about Lucas Neill. Looks like he ain’t going nowhere!

  26. SJ Chandos says:

    There is rumour on one of the transfer gossip websites that Zola is sending Di Michele back to Torino this month! I do not know how reliable it is, but they might as well he has been so ineffective it is untrue.

    Both Boa Morte and Quashie have come out with the same ‘we still have 18 months on our contracts’ line today. Looks like they could both just be happy taking the money and seeing their contracts out. Zola does not need that! The problem is that even if they are given free transfers, the club will have to pay their contracts up. They waltz off with large pay offs and then make a further killing negotiating their own Bosman deal with another club.

  27. SJ Chandos says:

    I told you that 7 hours ago Roshi! lol

  28. SJ Chandos says:

    Twice, in fact!!!! lol.

  29. irontc says:

    Hi Iain / SJ – any idea who theses guys are ? apologies if posted b4. (via kumb today)

    Impartial Observer // Jan 14, 2009 at 10:53 am

    The offence that West Ham committed was to let MSI include a clause in the Tevez contract which allowed MSI to transfer the player at ant time they wanted. This is third party influence and illegal.

    West Ham were fined £5.5m – there had never been a precedence of such a charge so a point deduction would have been totally inappropriate.

    The fuss didn’t make sense as the clause was meaningless. Why? because you cannot sell or sign a player outside of the transfer window. MSI couldn’t have moved Tevez if they had wanted to.

    West Ham were instructed to remove this third party influence – which they did. However, Mr Duxbury told MSI that the agreement would remain in place ie a verbal agreement. This is the point that Sheffield United were told that they had the right to copensation. This is also the point of the latest FA/PL inquiry. This is more commonly known as the Duxbury lies and the basis of the ‘cheat’ slurs.

    West Ham’s new lawyers, borrowed from Manchester United, are the reason for the new inquiry after pointing out that the decision in favour of Sheffield United is flawed and therefore incorrect.

    They pointed out that it makes no difference if Duxbury lied and privately verbally agreed to honour the third party agreement. What it boils down to is one mans word against another, there is no actual written proof at all.

    Remember the Premier League have already said, (in the case of Tim Howards non-appearance for Everton against Manchester United), that no charges could be made where agreements are made verbally, with nothing in writing.

    The new inquiry will agree with this and the previous ruling that Sheffield United should receive compensation will be reversed.

    West Ham United and Sheffield United have been advised, hence the deafening silence form both camps.

    The lack of compensation is also the reason for the sale of Kevin Beattie.

    An unsubstantiated source, but makes sense to me.

  30. the headmaster says:

    The slightly greater concern for me is how come the snotty indignation on the club website re Neill but bugger all about Bellamy or Parker????

  31. the headmaster says:

    irontc if this is true it is simply the best news any Hammer could possibly hear at this time

  32. SJ Chandos says:

    irontc, With the preccedent of Kabba/Howard, it is hard to see how they can find any evidence against West Ham. If they decide that there is no evidence against the club, then that fatally undermines the Griffths judgement, that is true. But I am not sure whether it is a conscious policy by the FA/PL to get out of the hole dug for them by Griffths? Could it be a tactic by Watkins? Possibly, he is undoubtedly a very clever lawyer and the FA are very wary of him and his legal team. But, who knows?

    Time, and the unfolding of events will determine whether this is the correct point of view. We will have to wait and see.

  33. irontc says:

    I have a nasty feeling something might happen just b4 the window closes. I hope not!

    Still its quite exciting though isnt it ! Never dull being a Hammer!

  34. irontc says:

    Im mean player leaving wise, not Tevezgate

  35. SJ Chandos says:

    I am still optimistic that the club will keep it’s word. If Bellamy leaves it will because Man City make a really crazy bid. But I think that selling Bellamy will be a major mistake. Hopefully, the club know that, but I suppose the other aspect is Bellamy’s attitude. Whether at 29 he decides that he wants that last big pay day? The other side of the coin is that at a club like City he could easily become a very expensive reserve! I have to say he does seem very happy at West Ham, he is valued, in good form and enjoying his football, lets hope that is enough!

  36. the headmaster says:

    SJC – hope you’re right. For the first time, I don’t think the signs are good.
    Citeh will be coming back with another bid/s – that much we know. When we get to the £15m mark, Bellars will be let go I reckon; it’s crazy money for a player who just happens to have finally strung a run of games together and bagged a few goals. At 29 and with his fitness record in recent months, in BGs and Duxbery’s positions, £15m would tempt me too. The silence from the club in his regard is palpable. If he’s the only main player and Nani can move for a replacement – even on loan – then we may not regret his sale if that is what eventually transpires.

  37. SJ Chandos says:

    Did you see that Redknapp tried to offload Bent on to us in a straight exchange for Bellamy! No way Mr Redknapp, you can keep your misfits, thanks very much.

  38. the headmaster says:

    I spotted that one too. What an utter joke the old second hand car dealer is these days

  39. SJ Chandos says:

    Yes, Headmaster, that is the alternative point of view, that it makes economic sense, which it probably does at £15m plus. I guess a lot depends on who they have lined up as a replacement, whether they can get the player and how quickly they settle in? It is a risk that I do not think I would take, but if the replacement was world class then perhaps I would.

  40. SJ Chandos says:

    Of cause the worst scenerio is that Bellamy stays and his injury problems reoccur! With our luck …….

  41. Roshi says:

    Sorry “Chandy” ‘ol son, I just cannot keep up with you.

    I think you are really a secret mole put on this site by the West Ham board to keep us all informed of whats really happening…lol

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