Breaking News: Bellamy Wants to Go

Sky Sports are reporting that Craig Bellamy has this morning told West Ham he want to leave and join Spurs. That’s it then. Although West Ham have said he’s going nowhere, and also offered him an extended contract, we all know what the end result is in these circumstances. Eventually, the player always gets his way.

So let’s screw as much out of Spurs as we possibly can – and ask for Aaron Lennon as part of the deal (!) and look to who Bellamy’s replacement should be.


137 Responses to Breaking News: Bellamy Wants to Go

  1. delmo says:

    Like you say players will in the end get there way, however with 3 years left on contract there is no bosman worries so time for spur to put up the dosh now. Although how must Man City feel richest club in world and he would rather join scum spurs.

  2. Jimbo says:

    F*** him.
    Accept a reasonable bid from Man City and reject all approaches from Spurs.
    Aaron Lennon no thanks, he is quick but that’s it, one dimensional and one trick pony.
    If we have to sell to Spurs then take the money and use it better elsewhere.

  3. Big Casino says:

    IF this is true, Bellamy is the worse type of ****…….


  4. billy says:

    they cans have him for 12 mill he’ll play three games then be out injured once again as long as we find a replacement or get bent in the deal!

  5. royski says:

    so his statementb i’m here for the long term comment in 2007 the little Weslh TW**t

    let him go and hopefully upset the apple cart around there

  6. Neil.c says:

    If he wants to go then let him, we only want players that want to play for the hammers
    Get bently as part of deal and then maybe owen could do well with cole

  7. whambam says:

    well thats the first one out the door, who’s next and how many?, I suppose Deeno will put in a transfer request when he’s fit

  8. delmo says:

    Just really hope no deal involves either Bent or the Russian.

  9. delmo says:

    look on bright side he has been fit for last few games…….so he is due a hernia or broken foot.

  10. Neil.c says:

    Will be interesting to see what reception he gets on sunday if he is still with us, can’t stand it spuds nicking another player, let’s hope he joins and they go down!!!!!

  11. Happy Hammer says:

    Delmo, hilarious comment and probably quite true. If these rumours are true then why would we want to keep a player not focussed on doing his best for our club ?
    Please not Bent though in any deal !

  12. Big Casino says:

    why oh why do players want to sign for bloody Tottenham??? I just don’t get it…..

  13. Biffo the bear says:

    Well he’s been ‘tapped up’ Redknapp style hasn’t he? Put a bid in then phone his agent, nice meeting over dinner? Tell him about how Spu*s is such a big club and all that. Anyway, I’m impressed that Duxbury has NOT given him permission to talk to them. I’m sure he’ll go in the summer but I think they’ll risk Zola walking out if they go against his wishes. You’re right Iain, players do get their own way but I can see us holding out through this window. Bellamy was offered an extension to his contract, probably due to all the offers we’ve had for him and then he turns it down and says he wants to go to the spuds….. definitely someone’s been talking to him. Redknapps about to do his ‘honest guv, I’ve never spoke to the boy, if they don’t want to sell him…. he’s a great player who any manager would want’ speech on sky sports

  14. delmo says:

    Jose @ Inter has said on TV that he wants to sign the influential and charismatic, dynamic and world better midfielder from Spurs…………… not Bentley………….nope not the good but ineffective modric,………………….not even Mr Bucky o’Hare……………The special one wants MR JERMAINE JENAS. It offical the world has gone mad.

  15. Mikef117 says:

    I will be sorry if it is true, but cannot condone keeping a player if he wants to leave. Is it merely coincidence that his form has improved just before the transfer window opens?

    However, it would not be the end of the world providing we get in a decent replacement. I’ve read GZ has told Di Michele he can return to Torino and I agree with that. Nothing against the guy, just think he has had trouble adapting to the English game. Some might say a decent run in the team might have changed that but I’m not complaining. At 33 we wouldn’t have got many more seasons out of him any way.

    I’m happy to give Freddie a run. Nsereko, the Ugandan/German, looks a good prospect and is still young. I am sure GZ will have a replacement lined up.


  16. chris says:

    F——g mercenarie,their all the same.
    He could of waited till we were safe,Ie summer.
    HE could single handly take us down with this decision,hes that important.
    Does he ever stay at any club,we stood by him all this time.
    Why go spurs they could go down,they must of offered mega wages,their all the same!
    F——–g spurs their ruining the league,they moan about chelski,

  17. RV says:

    we should use citys cash to make the scum pay up and hopefully he’ll be injured before his debut. w****r

  18. WESTHAMWAYNE says:

    Im in total shock that he has come out and said this!

    I hope he realises what he has done the f%^£$&g little s!”t!!

    I dont want him wearing our colours ever again after this!

    Get 15m out of the yids but i would be open to having bent unless he still doesnt want play for his grandad’s team!!

  19. claret bobby says:

    just like my dreams……

  20. chris says:


  21. Eddie Chappers says:

    Come on this is as a result of a ‘Skysports understands’ story, no quotes or official statements so I would be very hesitant to start slagging him off before anything has been confirmed- I would be very surprised if he actually wanted to leave WHUFC to go to a club offering no champions league football

  22. Chris (who knows a few bookies who'll miss Etherington) says:

    So what? He’s 29, injury prone, and probably a distabling element. Spurs are up the creek anyway. Couldn’t bother me less if he wants to go, as long as we bring in someone to score goals, Spurs can have him, and i hope he gets injured and they go down.

  23. Big Casino says:

    I’m not renewing my season ticket of 14 years after this season…… fed up of lining the pockets of good for nothing football players…. I’ll always love and follow West Ham, but I cannot stand to think I am contributing to the excessive lifestyles and bank balances of these over paid prima donnas.

    I’m getting out and watching from afar from now on.

  24. Nicsy says:

    I’m not going to turn on him just yet as Sky Sports have been wrong in the past with their so called ‘Breaking News’ exclusives. Trouble is, not sure we will find out if it is true or not as the club are p**s poor at communication so I doubt we will get any official statement … unless it involves crap like Lucas Neill.

    It has always been Green, Upson, Parker and Bellamy that the fans are concerned about and want to remain at the club, yet not once as the club kept us informed or made any statement – just makes me hate Duxbury even more.

    If we do have to sell, like most on here, lets sell him for at least double what we paid. Chances are he will end up on the treatment table with Ledley King so the spuds will get relegated anyway. As for a replacement, I would prefer Bent over ‘I couldn’t even cross a road’ Lennon but jury is still out over him. Maybe someone like Dyer could play behind Cole / Ashton (when fit) but that is a gamble – Di Michele and Tristan aren’t the answer.

  25. chris says:

    zola will have to find a replacement,quick!

  26. Lee says:

    If we dont need the money then refuse all bids…. and teach the little welsh c**t his lesson and let him rot in the reserves… what a f*****g little judas p***k, right up there with defoe

  27. chris says:

    Just like my dreams……..No part exchange coz the board want all the cash,wonder why!

  28. Paul says:

    who said that this is true, i think that we are all being to quick to slag him of, before we know the truth, That said i really think that something should be done about all this tapping up, the only decent club so far has been newcastle, who have said that as we dont want to sell thats the end of thier intrest.

  29. Karl says:

    This represnts fantastic business, 12 mil for a 29 year old, injury prone player with a dodgy atitude, try and screw more out of the mugs if we can. Hopefully the Kaka deal wont happen and Man City will offer at least £15 mil, hopefully it will happen in next few days so we have time to get a decent replacement in, this Croation chap who’s been muted sounds a bit tasty!!

  30. Hayden says:

    I should have expected it really BUT

    I’ve lost a lot of respect for Harry if this is true…

    Just a few weeks ago he said – Yep, we wanted Bellamy but West Ham said they don’t want to sell and we respect that… Now… he’s after him again. Really respectful!

  31. Hammerite says:

    The Club has apparently rejected his transfer request,17033,8652_4801562,00.html

  32. Hayden says:

    ALSO – I always thought Bellars was the perfect partner for Ashton..
    And by that I don’t mean playing together.. I mean between them we might actually get a Striker playing for a whole season.

  33. Eric says:

    Is there any solid proof of this? I mean this is perfect trash to get us riled. So let’s see what happens.I’m not going to get upset just yet.

    But if true, i’m surprised and disappointed. SPURS????

  34. Lee says:

    no s**t hammerite!!

  35. Eric says:

    But if we can get that much for him…..

  36. chris says:

    Redknapp dont want bellamy,hes just trying to sabortage our team.bring us into the relegation scrap,thats how far this leagues goes now.
    100 m footballers, beallmy type mercenaries.Not renewing next season,the prems lost it totally ruined by GREED!!!

  37. chris says:

    We must all realise Rednapps hate for WEST HAM.
    Hes EGO never got over being sacked he wants revenge.

  38. DevoDevo says:

    No quotes attributed anywhere as yet – more speculation? From what I understand, the players enjoy playing under Zola and are heading in the right direction, the same cannot be said about Spurs.

    Lennon? Still no better at delivering a cross, although he would offer pace & width.

    Believe it when it happens.

  39. Josh says:

    So we pay him 70K a week for a good 18 months he plays roughly 20% of the games if that, and as soon as someone comes in for him he shows no loyalty what so ever and jumps ship…your right Lee this is up there with Defoe.

    I would want Bent and a few quid- not that I rate bent- but we would need to replace him asap and Lennon wouldnt do that especially with Dyer back.

  40. Prince H says:

    Those who would hate our board for letting him go… I can’t agree with you. The team is rebuilding and want to be the real deal in maybe five years, bringing up new young kids. Bellamy is 29. And face it: The Welsh Anelka. If he doesn’t want to stay – he can leave.For good money. As long as he doesn’t affect the other star players (and hw may do that even more if he is forced to stay against his stubborn will)

    (More on

  41. Roshi says:

    So what! Ok he plays for West Ham, but be honest nobody actually likes the little self opinionated prat.
    He’s a good footballer who will plant his allegiance with whoever is offering the best pay packet.
    I have a footballer who lives next door to me, playing for a team that is in dire trouble, a nice lad, but believe me he couldn’t give a monkey’s about the team he plays in as long as the pay’s OK.
    These guy’s are employed to do a job, that’s all, no different to you or me, and if there is a job that offers more money they are off, forget playing for the badge and all that crap.
    The days of the loyal one club player are long gone.
    I would like Bellamy to stay because he is a good player, but as a sniping, back chatting little idiot I’d be glad to see the back of him.

  42. pjd says:

    he can **** off as can the rest of is finished as a sport,now a business where greed rules the roost. **** the lot of them.i have no love for the game anymore,after 40 years of following the hammers this is it,

  43. RMH says:

    Little scumbag, please keep him

  44. Iain Dale says:

    PJD. This is the second time in two days I have had to delete comments of yours because of swearing. If you do it again I’ll ban you.

  45. Booking says:

    Aaron lennon is useless – why do you think Spurs stick on on the bench? He has one good game in tem and the Spurs fans fiddle with themselves over it. Forget him.

  46. mike from Hornchurch says:

    Tapping up or what? Blatent breach of the rules but apparently anything goes! This is all down to Mr Harry Redknapp! No friend of ours. If this is how he treats his friends God help his enemies!

  47. Dominic says:

    Let’s not rush…………….sky have issued a lot of sensational stories and then admitted they were unfounded or they ‘had the impression’.
    I am sure that if he really wants to leave, zola will make sure he will get a better replacement.

  48. Basildon Bob says:

    Just read the article; classic journlist comment “sky sports news understands…” it does not necessarily mean 100% that there is any truth in it. Look at SSN yesterday with the Kinnear and Neil saga. These type of stories are media gems designed to create sensationalism and debate. How many texts/emails do you think have been sent into the news centre, loads from both sets of fans wanting there voice heard. It adds to the hysteria of the story which in effect has no truth. Until bellmay comes out with a comment or there is an official statement from the club about it I will treat the story with scepticism.

    I hope on Sunday that all true fans of the club support Bellamy, he is still our player and should get our support at this time.

  49. Bogga in Oz says:

    What really gives me the screaming shites is that we have paid his wages for years with no productivity & when he finally gets match fit, everyone wants him.
    Hang onto him. I have no doubt that he’s been frustrated playing up front with Cole(last couple of games excepted) & this may have affected his thought process.

  50. Tom says:

    There’s more to this than meets the eye … the way I read things are that if, a bumper bid comes in with huge wages, at which point do both parties accept. Bellars has worked his sox off when he’s been on the park, but at 29, if someone offered to double my wages and the club made a huge profit on you …. which one of you above would turn it down ….

    We talk about players loyalty, when were WHU loyal to the likes of some of the players we have brought through the accademy when other clubs have flashed their cash …. Carrick, Cole, Johnson Lampard and the Ferdinand brothers …

    I love the club through and through … but if he’s on the cards to go, get it done and have time to replace him. My only concern is that Cole and Bent won’t work …. so who has GF and Clarky got up there sleeves to come in ….. Anelka !!!

  51. Bbooking says:

    Basildon Bob – Spot on

  52. royski says:

    lets sell him to Man City if anyone and he can spend next season sitting on the bench again while Kak and Villa play up front for them.

    Not to Spurs unless they pay top money for him i wouldn’t mind how many games has he played for 28 or somthing in 2 years.

    you’d thought he owe us some kind of loyality, but then again a greedy footballer and a Welsh dog

  53. royski says:

    if he goes Man City lets get Sturridge as part of the deal

  54. Roshi says:

    For what it’s worth, I think this is Tottenham’s year for the drop. They are a squad with little or no desire and I think we are beginning to see that the Redknapp magic is fading. The team is actually shambolic, for heavens sake, we have a moan about the Hammers but could you imagine being a Tottenham supporter.
    I don’t think for one minute that Bellamy could change things at Spurs

  55. royski says:

    Bogga we were frustrated with him spending all his time at this club on the treatment table
    so the least he can do is get on with it, he love playing with Defoe won’y=t he?

    he never get the ball from him

  56. geoff says:

    Biffo. You are so right. Harry has been at it and will plead his innocence as usual. Mr Nice Guy “remember, Scum only had 2 points from 8 games when I joined” It’s never his fault. We all know what he gets up to. Why do you think he ever got “sacked” from West Ham. Perhaps Sheffield Utd. should sue him. Used to love the bloke, but now, he’s where he belongs, with the scum. If Bellamy wants to go, then reluctantly, we will have to let him go. But then get £ 15mil from Citeh and use the money, if still time to. If not, keep him. Who knows what might happen by the end of the season.
    Time to get behind John Frank O’Zola and the boys in Claret and Blue.

  57. royski says:

    Geoff your right i think the fans need to show a lot more towards Zola and Clarke i mean most of them seem to love Pardew than Zola and Clarke and that is a joke’

    Rumours that Harry was with Craig in the 4 seasons hotel in Caanary Wharf last night.

    surely thats tapping up in broad daylight.

  58. Karl says:

    Maybe Bells might be simply using this interest to force a better deal from Duxberry, cant imagine why he would really want to go to Spurs. He must be more confident of us surviving then Spurs if he is sure we do plan keep are key players, he’s forming a good partnership with Cole.

  59. SJ Chandos says:

    Let’s wait for an official response from the club or/and player before we condemn him!Until then it is just speculation. Whatever happened to standards in journalism. This is just irresponsible of Sky Sports! But it is not the first time that they have done this, is it! Treating speculation as pseudo-fact!

  60. royski says:

    but will all this speculation has he once come out and said i’m happy here and i want to stay at West ham because i’m here for the long term like he said when he signed?

  61. Tevezgate says:

    only a matter of time now, if he he doesn’t get his way I can see him bringing out the 7 iron for a bit of practice…

  62. SJ Chandos says:

    From what I can see, the only official rsponse is that Bellamy has been offered an improved contract by West Ham and clubs have been refused permission to talk to him. That’s it at the moment. One thing is certain, no one can accuse the club of not trying to keep it’s word, at least as far as we can interprete their actions to date.

  63. Eric says:

    I’m going to be yellow carded at my office for checking these comments and News Now every 10 minutes. Can’t wait til Sunday. 3 points!

  64. Eddie Chappers says:

    Same sort of reporting as the Daily Mail ‘understands’ that we have accepted a bid for Bellamy- total rubbish!!

    Don’t get drawn in and start slagging him off just yet- he has worked really hard at west ham when he has been fit so I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt for now

  65. Eddie Chappers says:

    A West Ham spokesman said: “We can confirm that Craig Bellamy has been offered a new contract. We can also confirm that he has no permission to talk to other clubs including Spurs and Manchester City.”

  66. bazza hammer says:

    typical. the white version of defoe! everyone knows what his atitude is like but to join the spuds is like cristie ronaldo joining man citeh! 12mil? 15mil? 18mil? sell him for what ever they next offer us! if it is true!

  67. Japatti says:

    Sheep shagger!!!

  68. jpt says:

    If he wants to go then let him go – I’m disappointed in him though.
    If he’s going then the quicker the better.
    He won’t stay at Spurs long – he never sticks around long.
    A deal involving Lennon would be fine but we need another striker.

  69. SJ Chandos says:

    A tap up involved here? If it is true , the important thing is that the club stay firmly in control. There is 15 days left, Bellamy is contracted and if he leaves, he leaves on our terms, not City’s or Spurs’! In the meantime Nani will be setting up a deal for the chosen replacement. No panic!

  70. SJ Chandos says:

    Not the best preparation for the Fulham match, is it! Sears get ready to take your chance, if the worst case scenerio transpires.

  71. SJ Chandos says:

    And warn Wenger off now, publicly! Upson is going nowhere. If it is true about Bellamy, spend the whole 12-15m on a class replacement and confound the press. The press hacks are like wild dogs, they go mad if they smell blood or sense weakness!

  72. SJ Chandos says:

    Sky Sports, West Ham remain defiant! We cannot blame the club this time, the snake in the grass is at Spurs!

  73. Biffo the bear says:

    Someone’s obviously had a word with the lad and he’s testing the water, who wouldn’t? If someone offered to double your wages you’d have to consider it. Anyway, the club’s told him no, so let’s not slag the boy off too much.

    Craig, if you read this imagine you’re playin for Cardiff and you go in and say you want to go to Swansea. That’s why people will have a go at you for this mate.

    At the moment he’s a West Ham player and we should support him, if he does go to spurs then it serves him right.

  74. delmo says:

    Redknapp is doing his friday press conference on sky soon,……… now this could be a laugh how he explains how ‘he’ is the innocent party and is just the ‘loveable rogue’……………….never ever has he done any wrong……………moeny from the camara deal which never reached the agaent anyone!?!?

  75. xray says:

    HAHAHAHA. This is hilarious. Ok, for those of you that are struggling. Sky Sports beginning a story with the words “we understand” means that they are not the source of the story, ok. The story was broken by a different news organisation/newspaper. And believe it or not most news stories actually originate from the players themselves, SHOCK HORROR!! The people that constantly go on and on about every news story being wrong, whether from TV or the papers, make me laugh so much. These people never say anything when the papers get it right, do they?. Anyway, this story is being reported everywhere, not just Sky Sports, which strongly suggests it is so very true. Get over it and good luck to the guy. As Chris Rock says; Don’t blame the player, blame the game.

  76. Whitey says:

    Says on Sky spuds are going for Crespo.

    Cant see them needing Baby Judas, Bellamy and Crespo

  77. James says:

    Hang on a min chaps, Sky Sports News are the only ones stating this, Remember that they have messed up before!! Infact they mess up pretty much all the time!! Anything to get viewers I suppose same for the papers, not doing so well at the moment for sales and popularity so why not make make up this crap!!

    Would’nt suprise me if the Spuds pay the papers to produced such speculation, especially after they were slated by Adriano, fair play I would’nt want to there go either!!

    As soon as we state that we have offered an improved contract to Bellars the speculation will run riot, unless I here somrthing from his agent or from somebody at the club I am yet to beleive it!! He is in a team that is playing much better football than the Spuds, Although the jammy idiots will no doubt get into the Uefa Cup the easy way by losing the Wothless cup Final to Man Utd, God I hope Burnley shit on them!!

    Nothing worse than a crap team in Europe!!

  78. West Ham Fan no 32 says:

    Take Bent, Lennon and Bentley and take from us Boa Morte and Davenport and its a deal !

    When it was clear he would rather play for Tottenham than the worlds richest club and one of the best managers he’s had, its clear he’s been tapped up.

    I don’t want to see him go as we can’t replace him with a similar player but if its true he handed in a request to leave we should get shot of him, he will be a disruptive influence otherwise.

  79. djclipz says:

    James, your probably right and i am sure they got a thousands of west ham and spurs fans sat there watchin sky sports news for any updates!!! Bastards!!!! especially if it turns out not to be true

  80. James says:

    HA HA, no 32,

    I dont want any Spud players at the club, they are all money hogs with absolutely no commitment to any cause, I would rather keep Davenport and Riga Mortis to be honest he he

    Another thing, It is not clear that he wants to join that load of crap called Spuds, just speculation until officially stated, Don’t be a mug mate!! Be resiliant but not a mug!!

  81. Karl says:

    OMG, now Wengers got a sniff, he’s offering Bedtner as a makeweight to take Upson!!

  82. SJ Chandos says:

    I think you got the first bit right, X-Ray, about how these stories originate. But to claim the spread of the story as verification is not necessarily correct. The story starts and then the speculation spreads like wild fire across other agencies and news outlets. As for the press getting it right, well by the law of averages if you start enough rumours, some must come to pass. Surprising that you find this situation so amusing, a very unlikely response from an Hammers fan!

    I think that the club are in a pivotal position here. Buckle, and the press will intensify their transfer speculation and moves will be made for other players. We will then have a very torrid final two weeks of this window. Stand strong and the club can come through it fairly unscathed.

  83. simo says:

    surely bellamy is on drugs, spurs?????????

  84. James says:


    I once attempted to post a comment on the SSN website which was about the Duxbury statement in January about how it is at the club regarding sales and purchases, Any how Sky went totally in the different direction and stated that we had to sell the best players when we confirmed no best player needs to go!!

    I agued this fact in my post on sky, did they put it up, no chance!!
    No freedom of speech with that lot, proof that they don’ know jack!!

  85. Karl says:

    Same with Daily Mail James.

  86. SJ Chandos says:

    The funny thing is a lot of Spurs fans do not rate Bellamy and do not want the club to buy him!

    Redknapp’s complaining about the press coverage of Spurs! lol, old Arry looked distinctly shifty when talking about Bellamy’s alleged declarations about wanting to join Spurs. Nothing to do with him, the Chief Executive is dealing with it …..

  87. SwedeHammer says:

    The Independent is now saying that West Ham has knocked back all offers and in return offered Bellamy a new contract!!! Are we screaming too early?

  88. lumpy says:

    I think he should remember who’s been paying his wages whilst he’s sat on the bench for half the season, would be a shame to see him go but if it is true he wants to go to spurs!!!! why!!! maybe there should be a freak training ground accident.

  89. Sam H says:

    To everyone who has noticed the ‘we understand’ clause in Sky Sports breaking news….thank you! I am sick to the back teeth with this trasfer window. Everyone is out to get us and will do anything to bring us down.

    They just can’t let West Ham have any success. Or anything good ever happen att hat matter.

    As far as I am concerned harry is a slimy money grabbing whatever. He is as loyal as a turd and only has eyes on unsettling the west ham ship.

    I have in all honestly been impressed with how much the board etc have stuck to their word in this whole situation – especially with the fact that they have now offered bellars a new contract. It is a real statement of intent.

    If he does go to Sp**s then so be it and then we have a right to get on his case. However, right now he is one of our hardest working players and always gives 110%. The team functions exceptionally well with him in it…….there is no solid evidence for us to be cross with. He is a West Ham player currently – and a very good one too.

    The club and Zola recognise that

    For anyone who has been singing about how we are in dire need of money otherwise we all die – how wrong have you just been proved with us offering him a new contract.

    It’s flippin quality!!

  90. James says:

    Would’nt it be nice to see Arry fail with spurs and they actually did get relegated, that would make my year!! He is due some bad luck sometime and this might be it!!

    But then again Arry is only interested in the money he’s getting, Similar to his players!! Fingers crossed, Spuds down all the way down!!

  91. bazza hammer says:

    actually, i take back what i said earlier. thanks biffo the bear. you have made me see the light. yes bellars, if you are reading this i don’t hate you. it’s just that over the years we have seen so many of our top players leave for tottenham or hellsea! you are a quality player and i don’t want to slag you off! but if you are gonna leave, go to citeh. there is so much more on offer for you there. please stay till after the fulham games at least. please!

  92. SJ Chandos says:

    Bellamy aside, loyalty is a foreign country to the vast majority of modern footballers. It’s a long, long time since Geoff Hurst signed a blank contract with West Ham, because he wanted to play for the club and he trusted Greenwood to do right by him! I know it is a different post-Thatcherite world now, but it shows how times have radically changed, some times for the better, often for the worse.

  93. Hammerswest says:

    Let’s stick behind Bellars, there’s been lot’s of talk about how mouthie he is. He could have said a lot about leaving and hasn’t. if that has been his plan you know we’d have heard about it. If it comes down to big money at 29 he probably should take it. let’s hope it doesn’t happen, and if it does and the club let him go he will get e big thank you from me.
    I for one will be sad to see him leave, and please mate NOT spuds.

  94. Tony says:

    Daily Mail says Bellamy stormed out of Chadwell Heath today because he wasn’t allowed to speak to the Spuds. If that is true I think we should keep hold of him until the summer and let him rot in the reserves.

    However, if he is picked and turns out against Fulham on Sunday I think we should try to show him the sort of support he would miss if he left the club.

  95. SJ Chandos says:

    And what is the only constant, yes us the fans. West Ham fans often get maligned, along with the club as a whole. But how many fans would put up with the crap we have had to suffer since 1985/86 and still be there, supporting the club? Players come, players go, moving to other clubs is part of their profession. It is us that have to live with the results of their labour, or in some notable cases, the lack of it!

  96. Danibadd says:

    How about Lyon striker Fred, SSN claim Stoke are discussing terms? Surely he could be an ideal target?

  97. DevoDevo says:

    The Mail also says he never trained today, so won’t play against Fulham.

    The only way we will know if there is any truth (remember it’s the Mail) in this will be the team selection on Sunday.

    I’ll vent my spleen when the facts are known. 😉

  98. SJ Chandos says:

    Sportsmail are just shit stirring, as usual. Reminds me of the old question, do the press just report events or do they shape them? That paper is doing all is can to spread disinformation and wind things up. But I fail to see how storming out of training necessarily brings a move to Spurs nearer! The club cannot be seen to give in to such tactics, if it is indeed true, which I doubt!

    They could do what Faubert’s French club did to him when he signed for West Ham. He wanted to sign for Rangers, but they could not agree a deal. West Ham come in and agreed a fee and they told Faubert it is this deal or you stay! If the deal is better from Man City, the club might have take that type of tough line!

  99. Josh says:

    hammersweat…- thank you for what exactly?

  100. SJ Chandos says:

    Dannibadd, if it is true that Lyon are selling Fred, then we have the perfect incentive, an exchange deal involving Faubert! My only reservation is that it was reported that Fred has been out injured and was not match fit, but I do not know if that is true? But I agree him could be a good signing.

  101. SJ Chandos says:

    ‘he could be a good signing’ even!!!! lol

  102. claret bobby says:

    Surely we would never sign a player with who has been out injured and wasn’t match fit? 🙂

  103. djclipz says:

    yeh i agree about fred from wat i have seen of him before he looked very talented!!! however it makes me worry if he is meant to be considering an offer from Stoke! ill think ill just put it down to him being foreign and not knowing a thing about english football….. that or he has a passion for slapping his captain

  104. claret bobby says:

    soz for the appalling grammar!

  105. Hammerite says:

    Zola on Sky Sports shortly

  106. HAMMER TIME says:

    If Craig Bellamy wants to go then ultimately we should let him go, lets be honest at the start of the transfer window if someone had offered us £12Million then we would have probably let him go, he’s 29 years old and injury prone, if Gianluca Nani can line up a possible replacement for him such as:

    Pablo Daniel Osvaldo – £7Million – 23 years old with exceptional talents of whom Zola has already coached with the Italian Under 21’s.
    Darren Bent – £Straight swap deal with Bellamy. – 24 Years old, would play really well alongside Carlton Cole and Dean Ashton – Similiar player to Bellamy but younger and with no injuries.

  107. SJ Chandos says:

    Heads up, Zola speaks!!!

  108. SJ Chandos says:

    Unconfirmed reports that Kaka has signed for City for £107m and £500,000 a week basic wages! The day that football died!

  109. Bobby says:

    Just let him go, he’s going to disrupt the team, especially if he walked out on training. It will all be made clear whether hes playing against Fulham, but what i don’t understand is that supposedly yesterday spurs offered a straight swap, Bellamy for Bent and a bit of cash for us. If that’s true then i dont see how spurs would so quickly come up with another offer? Also, if were selling Bellamy. The only man Zola wants is Pazzini, so he will be the most likely replacement.

  110. SJ Chandos says:

    Osvaldo is a very good call. And apparently his club want to sell. I am not convinced by Bent, but there are worst options, granted.

    No questions to Zola about Bellamy storming out of training, I see. Probably, Sportsmail invention.

  111. Karl says:

    365 are quoting Arry up to similar tricks with Kenwyne Jones, making out he wants to Join Spurs but the Club wont let him speak to them, he’s a crafty wots name that Redknapp. I cant believe the amounts taht are being offered for players right now either

    14 mil for Jones & the same figure for Wigans Wilson Palacios, Birmingham paid £1 Mill for him a couple of year ago.

    Is this the month the Premier League officially lost its grip on reality!

  112. SJ Chandos says:

    Bobby, I think Pazzini signed for Sampdoria this week. Besides, Nain denied any interest.

  113. DevoDevo says:

    Just watched Zola’s press briefing, so this is not speculation!!!

    Said that he wants to keep Bellamy, but will have to wait and see what happens over the next few days. Also added that West Ham are looking at replacements.

    Denied phoning Bojinov, said it was lies and said the club are dealing with it. 🙂

    Pleased that Boa is staying as he has a great attitude and has never let him down, something most of us will agree with.

    Looks to be growing into the role very nicely, thank you. I don’t think it’s any coincidence either that Chelsea’s form & defence has worsened since Clarke left.

    It appears that the club are also sick of the press and will start proceedings if libellous.


  114. SJ Chandos says:

    Football’s just been resusitated, apparently the Kaka deal has not been closed!

  115. SJ Chandos says:

    Yeah, that’s right DevoDevo, Sky have laid out all Chelski’s defensive statistics since Clarke left. At the same time, we have improved. It is certainly not a coincidence.

  116. SJ Chandos says:

    Teamtalk West Ham Utd are saying that today’s training session was voluntary and that he was one of several players not present! A case of Sportsmail adding 4 plus 1 coming to 6!!!!

  117. Bobby says:

    Oh right about Pazzini.
    Has anyone thought of Obafemi Martins? He wants to get out of Newcastle, ideal partner for Cole? Like for like with Bellamy too.

  118. SJ Chandos says:

    Just how low will Sportsmail go in its hate campaign against the Hammers?

  119. 17 year hammer says:

    i really wldnt believe sky sports on anyhtin they just lie for example scott parker to manchester city in 48 hours where did that go nowhere plus if bellars is on 70 grand a week then he wld have to take a pay cut to go to spurs as they have a pay cap of 66000 in whihc states ledly king is the highest paid player and will stay that way so that leaves city hu probably lining up a 100 million bid for rooney or sum striker il believ it when i see it and hope he doesnt goi but all we can do is wait and see up the hammers

  120. xray says:

    Oh for gods sake. Get over this pathetic persecution complex many here have. If all was rosy at West Ham there would be nothing to report on, and maybe players would want to stay. As long as idiots are in charge then get used to the press interest and players wanting out.

  121. SJ Chandos says:

    Just because your paranoid, it does not mean they are not out to get you! There is certainly enough evidence of it. Someone recently observed that there has been more column inches about West Ham than all the top 4 sides put together! And the vast majority negative! That cannot be right.

    Sone may take the view that the press only report what is happening, but the reality is that they are far more proactive than that! Anyway, enough about the tabloid hacks, the greatest condemnation is there, for all to see, in what they scribble!

  122. Essexhammer says:

    Grab the money and buy someone big and strong or take bent and let freddie sears loose!! He will prove bellamy out to be just average.

  123. D&G says:

    Your worst nightmare is a straight swap with Bent! ARGH!

  124. Chris says:

    I don’t know why i’m so shocked by Bellamy handing in his transfer request and then storming out. He’s the sort of player everyone hates until he is at your club. He’s caused trouble every where he has gone. I say get rid of him…..sod it even sell him to spurs. He’s going to be a bigger hand-full at the next club he goes to. How do you think he’s going to react when he gets subbed for bent? He’ll cause mayhem. I definitely don’t see him forging a strong relationship with the likes of Bentley.

    I’d love to see him go Citeh though with the out of favor Elano coming the other way (by far the best player unable to get a game in the prem at the mo)

    As for ‘arry he’s not that great and i can already see signs of him losing the changing room. When he arrived at spuds he was saying how great the squad was and that he couldn’t believe they were down the bottom. Now he needs to buy people in every position…..what a joker. Hope you go down you self involved judas!

  125. warhammer says:

    If its true he (bellamy) stormed out just coz he could not get his way, then i say let him go and screw as much out of the spud scum as we can. The way we are starting to play under zola give freddie sears a run in the team i think he would do very well and score goals

  126. Jim Robertson says:

    Any West Ham player that wants to play for Spurs is nothing more than a scumbag in my books. Screw Bellamy. He’ll get injured as usual anyhow. Sell him.

  127. royski says:

    may aswell ask him ourselves

    Craig Bellamy
    C Bellamy
    Tel: (020) 7519 1696 – Text Number
    171/48 Westferry Cir, E14 8RP – Map

  128. royski says:

    this is all Redknapps doing he is fast becoming the most hated man in football.

    and not just by fans but by the FA for all the backhanders he has been taking from the signings of all the African players.

    i hope the pompey fans don’t give him too much of a hard time hey

  129. royski says:

    22 games he has played in 1 1/2 seasons how can he feel that he owes this club and the fans .
    we have to make sure the only move he gets is whats good for us and what he wants.

  130. irontc says:

    I blame Thatcher!

  131. West Hammer Time says:

    I agree… if he wants to go then he’ll get his way. Screw 12mil cash out of the North London Scum and spend 10mil on a younger exciting player from Europe. I’m sure there’s a few we could all name and If Nani is as good as he is supposed to be, he should have no problem bringing someone in.

    At least we still have Carlton Carl…

  132. Let Bellamy go and good riddens. He is the worst type of poison and has no loyalty at all. All the months that he was injured and the staff worked to get him fit and pay his inflated wages and for what. Soon as he is back playing he wants away. West Ham will be better off without him. As for Harry, well no surprises there he is up to his usual tricks and no one seems to see him for what he really is. I mean when he was at West Ham he had the best players in Lampard, Cole, Ferdinand, Carrick, and so on and what did he do? He went to Pompy and nothing, took Southampton down and stabbed them in the back. Then back to Pompy and won the Micky Mouse Cup. Now he is a Spud and hopefully true to form will take them down. He and Bellamy are a pair well matched. I am just ashamed that either of them have ever been associated with West Ham

  133. Englandsnumber6 says:

    Phew ,, that took a lot of my saturday morning up to read all comments, started with honest comments…. then went a little bit into conspiracy theories.. a bit of hate, then a lot of hate and finaly as we have all got used to it, some sense. Forget him he’s gone. give young sears the rest of the season as first choice striker, and tell him to set an example of what playing for west ham really means, go get em freddy bang in 20 goals, and the iceing on the cake is that i cant see the spuds getting more than 33 points, and thats a conservative estimate… the irony of it if it came to be true.


  134. mickeyhammer says:


    I agree that if Bellamy has expressed these sentiments and seemingly shows no loyalty to the cause of helping Hammers avoid relegation then we would be better off without him. What worries me is the culture of greed that is permeating Premiership football. Do you have an opinion on Redknapp’s business ethics? Do you have an opinion on the absence of a salary cap which I understand has just been accepted for Premiership Rugby? I actually had more fun following West Ham around in the Championship where there did not seem to be this obscene process of rich and influential clubs stockpiling the best players. Perhaps I am being naive but I find myself aligning with Big Casino. This is the week when I fell out of love with Premiership football

    ps Thanks to the kind people of Newcastle who helped me find my way back to my car last week when I couldn’t remember where I left it!

  135. royski says:

    i;ve heard that bellamy was having talks in Redkapps penthouse apartment at the Marriot hotel in C

  136. royski says:

    SORRY in canary wharf so he has been tapped up and Harry trying to blame his Chairman yesterday, them 2 are a match made in heaven

  137. John says:

    what a typical sheep shagger! let the prat go

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