New Bellamy Bids Rejected

It’s being reported that West Ham have rejected a third bid for Craig Bellamy from Manchester City and also a renewed bid from Tottenham. However, by officially commenting on Lucas Neill yesterday on the club website and saying that he is not for sale, they have made a bit of a rod for their own backs, because now we will all be questioning why they haven’t made a similar comment about Bellamy.

It seems to me that neither the manager nor the club want to sell him (and nor do I), but if a silly bid comes in they will. I suspect £15 million would clinch it, and let’s face it, who would turn down that kind of money for a 29 year old? However, we are only 15 days away from the end of the transfer window. Not long to get a replacement, and we would need a replacement. Tristan and Di Michele are just not good enough.

So, if we did end up selling Bellamy, who should we try to lure to Upton Park in his place?


34 Responses to New Bellamy Bids Rejected

  1. claret bobby says:

    But City manager Mark Hughes has warned Blackburn and West Ham they risk losing millions if they keep playing hardball over striker Roque Santa Cruz, and striker Craig Bellamy and midfielder Scott Parker respectively. (Daily Mirror)

    I posted this on the other thread but Hughes has annoyed me so I’ll post it again! Man City are starting to act like we should be grateful for their money so we should tell them our guys are not for sale.

    Having said that, hopefully Zola has some targets in mind that we will ba able to sign at short notice if the unthinkable happens.

  2. Huttonhammer says:

    If we sell Bellamy West Ham should start looking for new season ticket holders.

    I for one will not pay out for three season tickets next season knowing full well that we cannot compete with the likes of Man City and Spuds let alone the big four!!!

  3. Glennzo says:

    I think the reason we responded to the Neill situation yesterday was because it was deemed an illegal approach by Kinnear/Newcastle. The bids for Bellamy are through the correct channels

  4. djclipz says:


  5. Hayden says:

    Reports are that we’re interested in Osvaldo and Fiorentina have invited us to make an offer… I’d be happy with him coming in. Di Michele should go back to Torino in my opinion. I like him but he hasn’t produced.

  6. Metcow says:

    We only risk losing money if they do indeed want to sell him and I like to believe that they really do want to keep hold of the best players. Come the summer that might change, but right now I think they recognise that selling the best players would only risk losing a lot more money by getting relegated.

    Who should we get in? Well, I have to be honest and say that I don’t think there is any realistic player currently in England that I think could replace Bellamy and that we could get. Bent? not even close to Bellamy. Bojinov? Good player, but yet to prove himself in England and we would surely need to bring in a ready made Premier lge player if it happened in Jan.

  7. bloody Limey says:

    So long as we don’t get Betner, there is enough potential for disaster in the dressing room without bringing in a player consider ‘cancerous’.

  8. Happy Hammer says:

    I have read that we are showing interest in a young striker from Fiorentina called Osvaldo who has previously played under Zola for the Italy under 21 squad.
    Maybe this deal is being lined up incase the worst does happen and the £15M offer does come in from Man City ?
    Not sure who else would be available that is on a par with Bellamy. We certainly would need someone with speed. Let’s hope Zola does have a back up plan !

  9. richard says:

    i thought the club only commented on neill because of the way newcastle had acted – ie blatantly tapping up the player whilst making no contact with the club. with bellamy its clear there have at least been offers made (despite redknapps best efforts to also tap him up at the same time)

    having said that i think you’re right that for 15m he sadly will go.

    as for a replacement how about Tevez 😉 we’d only need another 15m to make it work

  10. Englandsnumber6 says:

    ITs very clear that the people putting in bids for every player are not even sitting in eastlands, but an air conditioned office in the desert, its like a millionaires playstation
    game. Mark Hughes doesnt even get consulted he gets told, he didnt know anything about robhino or a bid for berbatov. what is the game coming to when foreigners are playing human subeuteo. if whu sell bellamy and others i for one will not renew, and i know of dozens of others. make sure the new owners get to hear about this.

  11. Roshi says:

    If we are determined to keep these players, and lets face it we must be at the top end of any bids by potential buyers, why don’t we put out a statement to all clubs basically saying “We are not selling…END OF!”
    I’m all for closing these windows, I also think once a manager is contracted for the season, under league rules he should stay for the season.

  12. djclipz says:

    I think transfer period should be scrapped as well in january, although maybe make it a loan only time, so that extra back up can be brought in, which shouldn’t disrupt teams in the middle of a season

  13. Tom says:

    Iain, at £15 million you have got to let Bellamy go, however I feel both Zola and Clark will have a cheeky little solution up there sleeves should the Spuds or Man city cough up …

    As for Neill and the other big names I have grown very confident that none of them will be going anyhere, the dressing room has been very quiet, the team are playing some good football and we are sitting ok in the league. If the players didn’t believe that then I reckon the likes of Parker, Upson and Berahmi would be touting themselves oround.

    Maybe the fickle should now get to the games and start out singing the away fans week in week out and make Upton Park a place the team thrive at.

    I am optomistic that we could go on a cheeky run of form that would get european football next season

  14. Darren says:

    I hope bellers is not sold, cracking player and we will stay up if he stays. Him and cole are actually a good partnership. i think we need to strengthen even if we look in the championship at players such as kevin doyle, danny haynes. Javier savola would be amazing signing for any premier league club if portsmouth are after him why arent we……loan deal untill the summer (tevez can give him a glowing reference).

  15. claret bobby says:

    Hopefully ‘a cheeky little solution’ isn’t something along the lines of another Di michele or Tristan, We would need someone who can come in and do a job straight away ‘cos the way the league is we could be ‘fighting relegation’ again in a couple of weeks.

  16. The only thing that could save Zolas authority if one of the “untouchables” are sold is if there is a good cover lined up.
    We should worry now but judge by Feb3rd

  17. kevin mousley says:

    Could be wrong but I think the club have said that if an astronomical bid comes in for any player they’ll ask the manager before they sell .. so its Zola’s decison really. Still some time to go but I am rather enjoying the club’s seeming stubborn stance; not rolling over like previoous regimes in the transfer window .. at least not yet. may suggest the finaincal woes are not as critical as the red tops and the Daily Moraliser would like to think. Also, looking at our youth team squad we seem to be gathering quite a formidable collection of European youth in the background. Don’t think our season is in Bellamy’s hands ; sure he’s playing well now but his track record tends to suggest he’ll get injured and the whole team seem to be quietly coalescing into a useful unit and not one depedent on any single player .. then again I’m ever the optimist!

  18. colney says:

    drogba wants out lol,maybe ronaldo would concider london? oh bugger,i forgot,we have a skint owner still !!!!what about errr there aint anyone thats why bellamy is getting such coverage !!

  19. xray says:

    Hahaha. How naive are you lot? From the moment Zola (a complete managerial novice) was offered the job, over far more experienced managers, it was obvious that he was just a yes man. Someone who was willing to go along with whatever the board or Nani dictated. Someone that agreed to the trimming of the squad, regardless who the players were. He knew and agreed to all this when he signed up as manager. The intention all along was to sell as many players as possible for as much money as possible, with no exceptions, then to fiesh out the squad with loanees and youngsters. This is why Curbishley left and also why better qualified managers refused the job. When it became clear that Manchester City were interested in Bellamy and Parker the board were performing somersaults and cartwheels all over the boardroom. Now they could hold out for far more than they ever expected to recieve. With City losing patience, I expect at least one more bid to be knocked back then West Ham will accept and sell, just like they intended all along. After all clubs aren’t exactly falling over themselves for our other “big” players are they?

  20. Roy says:

    The lack of movement during this window indicates that there are not many decent players available so if Bellamy goes we would struggle to find an adequate replacement. Also, if we do identify someone, the price will be inflated if we’ve got £15m for Bellamy so we could end up breaking our own incoming transfer record for a very average replacement.
    I agree with earlier comments that we would need to get someone with Premier League experience as it usually takes even good players from abroad some time to bed in. The problem is that, if you look around the league at who might be available, there really is nobody. I’m sure that Tottenham would like to unload Bent but I’ve never been sure about him and their valuation (the same as Bellamy?) is ridiculous. Bendtner? Please no.
    I was having serious thoughts about not renewing my season ticket for next season but I’ve now made my mind up. Part of my decision is down to the 250 mile round trip I make for home games but the main reason is that I have got totally pissed off with the way football has gone and the Man City situation is the icing on the cake. The top level of the game sold its soul a long time ago but the grim reaper is hovering by the corner flag now. At some point it will either implode or it will just be a business for a handful of teams who will have all the money, none of the feel for tradition and very little sense. As a fan I feel ostracised from something that has been a big part of my life for more than 50 years.
    I go to most of the away games as well and there is a huge difference between going to one of the “big” clubs and the rest. Liverpool is a bit different to the others (although even their lot were booing them on the night they went top of the league) but there is a huge amount of ignorance of the game in the stands at Manure, Chelsea and even Arsenal. Every club – even ours – has its “johnny-come-latelys” but this lot have so many more. Just think what it will be like at the City of Manchester stadium in a couple of years time.
    If it continues to go this way a European Super League will become inevitable and the end result, some time in the future, will be games played exclusively for TV in almost empty stadiums.
    I hadn’t planned this rant so I’ll go and have a coffee and a fag now.

  21. Tuckshop says:

    How do you know Tristan isn’t good enough? Surely we haevn’t seen enough of him yet to make that call? Why did they bring him in if he is not good enough?

    Personally, I think $15m is good money for Bellers, my only worry is the signal to the other ‘stars’ and the unrest it would cause. but perhaps if they put up a good enough fight to convince the others that they had good intentions…………

    @Darren Stay up? I know it is all really tight but we are top half, (could easily go to 8th this weekend) and I think we should be looking up not down. With or without Bellers actually.

  22. xray says:

    Top half? What? level on points or 2 or 3 points away from at least half the league isn’t really top half is it? Yeah, one win will see West Ham in 8th, but a draw or a loss will also see them right back in the relegation fray.

  23. claret bobby says:

    I suggested that Tristan wasn’t good enough because Zola doesn’t play him all the time, in the same way that Lopez hasn’t been used. If they were good enough, surely they would have been given a chance?

  24. LondonLaurie says:

    Its all going to be OK. The club have been true to their word on not letting big players go.. despite all the noises coming out of the Daily Mail (shitrag beano for grey hairs that it is) and a few bids which many of us would have expected to see players moving on. And even if the money comes up to make us part with Bellers, which i doubt, I have every faith in Zola and Clarke to bring in the right bodies and continue to develop our team. We are watching the best football we have seen since DiCanio was in the side. We have every reason to be looking forward to the rest of the season, just dont let the next couple of weeks stress you out too much.

    COYI!! Spuds and Citeh for the Championship!!

  25. Devo's Barnet says:

    Roy, well said mate. I echo every single sentiment in your post.

  26. Prince H says:

    I would be happy if I could say: Deeeeeeeeean Ashton!!

    (or Sears)

    By the way: Well siad LondonLaurie.

  27. djclipz says:

    skysports is now sayin we have rejected a transfer request from bellamy!!!!!!

  28. Big Casino says:

    If we DO sell Bellamy or any of our big players, I am not renewing my season ticket of 14 years.

    I know the current economic climate makes life difficult for everyone, including football clubs, and I know we have been affected by this more than most, but the club is supposedly firewalled from BG’s other business investments (that are all going belly up), Duxbury says we don;t need to sell, and Zola says he wants to keep our best players. Upson and Bellamy have even come out in the last month to say, whilst they don’t know the certainty of their futures after January – both are happy at the club and are not asking to leave.

    So my conclusion is that if we DO sell any of our star players (regardless of whether we buy replacements) we are NOT looking to build a team under Zola, we are NOT looking to improve and push forward, and that we remain a selling club who is always going to dismantle the squad/team when it starts to show potential.

    If a top 4 side came knocking for any of our big guns, or the players themselves expressed a desire to leave, selling them would be more understandable. But this is not the case.

    So it is with sadness that I will give up my season ticket of 14 years should any of our top players go… I am simply fed up of the people who run this club I love not being fully committed to building and improving our team… we are forever dismantling every time we get close to assembling something good… and I’m just not prepared to keep funding this.

    I will always love, follow and cheer on my beloved Hammers – but it may have to be from a far come what next season.


  29. 10no6 says:

    West Ham sell Bellamy then West Ham can stuff their season ticket letter where the sun don’t shine……..If they aren’t a selling club then tell citeh to do one and buy Kaka for 8 zillion

    It would also break my heart not to renew but enough is enough

  30. Graybo says:

    Roy, my definition of a rant is a tirade that includes no sense. Your entry (ooh, Matron) sums up perfectly why decent fans are giving up on the game, and is a very sound explanation of just how long-standing supporters such as yourself find the modern version so frustrating.

    Isn’t it sad that the one constant in any football club (the fan) is the least able to influence matters at their club?

    I admire you for the 250-mile round trip you make, and quite understand why you won’t be bothering in future.

    The prospect of games being played in front of empty stadiums is very real… I just can’t understand why so many people still splash out such huge amounts of money to go.

    Iain’s recent poll included a section asking if the respondent attended matches. I can’t remember if there was a section to say ‘why not?’ if the answer was ‘no.’ That would have been interesting, so maybe one for the future.

  31. av hammer says:

    I don’t like all this negative talk by West Ham supporters. We should be thinking about aiming for euro football not to stay up. Y accept mediocrity, when deep down inside people know tht we have european potential. Look at the spine of the team, there is many players tht could and should be in the england team, and many other internationals play for us. We want europe not surviving relegation, and we will get it this season, and stick it up all the critics and people who try to insult this great club of ours. Unite as one, support the boys at games, and make our top players feel as if this club is the place to be. Against fulham, keep shouting for bellars and let him know our love for him, and u won’t see these stupid articles about him apparently wanting out. And it doesn’t make sense, tht it would be for Spurs as wat are they achieving. Stick by us and show evryone tht we are united as one, back our club forever and establish our reputation for being one of the best supported clubs in the world. COYI!!!!!

  32. 4737carlinsir says:

    I am confused.

    Can someone explain why the club has issued a statement like they have about Lucas Neill? I was under the impression his contract was up in the summer and as such he should be free to talk to anyone (including premier league clubs) about signing for themin the summer.

  33. Deane says:

    How about that young lad Freddie Sears I heard he was quite good now if I could just remember which club we need to prise him away from

  34. Daren Wells says:

    GUTTED ………. Bellamy see’s us as not in the same league as S***s.We are TWO BOB !! . We didn’t say that our best players were ”not for sale and invited offers.With our financial meltdown and the Tevez cloud hanging over us it’s no suprise is it that they are the better option for him.Our club is a circus.

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