Not a Political Story, I Promise…

Readers of the Guido Fawkes blog will know that Gordon Brown is rapidly gaining a reputation for jinxing any company he visits. Within weeks or months they tend to go bust.

So I was interested to see which football club the Prime Minister visited today…

Has anyone told Craig Bellamy? šŸ™‚


14 Responses to Not a Political Story, I Promise…

  1. Goatygav says:

    Lol! Great Blog Iain.

    So it’s Spurs in administration in 2 weeks then!

  2. Matt Ryan says:

    Oh my god! How absolutely amazing would that be???? They can turn WHL into a sausage factory! Oh wait, it already is! Or maybe they can turn it into a home for 2 faced wankers? Oh wait again……

    Bye bye Spud scum!

  3. SJ Chandos says:

    Very funny! Posters on other websites have alleged that the Spurs backer has been hit as hard as BG in the recession. It does not stop them spending though does it!

  4. Matt Ryan says:

    Hi SJ, how ya been?

    You’re right mate, they have been hit hard apparently! But I think the main difference between the spending power of the clubs is possibly the potential Ā£50 million debt we will have!

    Anyone got any news on the contract we offered Bellers???

    I have to say, I’m beginning to lose a LOT of respect for the guy! Does he have any loyalty to ANY club at all? All the time he’s sidelined with an injury he pledges his future to his club! But then, as soon as he is fit and playing well and someone pays an interest he pretty much says F YOU to his club and moves on! šŸ˜¦

  5. Matt Ryan says:

    The Daily Mail (yeah yeah, I know) have reported that Bellers has stormed out of training today! So IF this is true, I’m guessing the contract we offered him wasn’t all that great! lol

    I do have to say though that Zola and the board have done as they have promised! They have rejected EVERY bid (so far) for our top players! šŸ™‚

  6. Berkshire Hammer says:

    Bullard is out for Sundays game

  7. bazza hammer says:

    i would so laugh if gordon brown visited man city! kaka would shit himself if he had signed with them just before hand!

  8. Matt Ryan says:

    Maybe ManShitty can buy the Spuds for Ā£107Million, ok I know that’s 4 times the value of the club but at least they will get Darren Bent! hahahaha

  9. chris says:

    Hope we never buy any players again.
    Lets put all our money in our youth!
    Screw football and all its mercenaries!!!!!IE Bellamy!

  10. Matt Ryan says:

    Chris, you ARE joking, right? Yeah screw Bellamy, the money grabbing wanker! But if we want to compete in the Prem our youth with not cut it! We need a GOOD striker! I know sears is ok but he’s not ready for the Prem yet! ANd god only knows what has happened to Tristan! And apparently Di Michelle has now been told he can leave!

    So unfortunately we need to buy players!

  11. jpt says:

    Good old Gord!

  12. SJ Chandos says:

    Hello Matt, I am fine thanks, although a little concerned at today’s developments in the soap opera script that is West Ham Utd FC! Yes, you are right we probably do need to buy. Whether one believes the various stories about Bellamy, it is not looking good. The club are doing their best, but what can you do in these circumstances?

    West Ham need to hang tough and get the deal that is best for us. We must not be seen to be pushed about by City and Spurs. If we get 15m, it needs to be spent on signing a top striker who is ready to go in the first team and will improve it! Such a move will confound the press and show that we are a club that means business!

  13. av hammer says:

    I dont know how u can call him a money grabber?? he is probably on heaps at Wham anyway as he was bought at the time tht eggy had control. So i doubt spurs could be offering him much more if any?? On the weekend seeing we havent had confirmation of bellars wanting out, just shout for him and keep his head in our direction. Don’t abuse, just show him the respect we have for him. This normally impacts greatly on a players position. He mite see tht he is greatly admired and want to stay on. Anyway if he plays on sunday just look for his reaction, i hope he scores as i want to see his behaviour. Just play it smart hammer fans, u need to do things tht are going to excite the players and make them feel good, not just abuse b/c u hear a little bit in the media. So back him and the club and let’s move up!! If bellars wants spurs which i doubt, thts fine, sure he will enjoy CC football next season. COYI!!!

  14. Matt Ryan says:

    AV, I couldn’t agree with you less mate! People need to earn respect and once they have earned it, they need to keep it! I just saw an interview with Zola himself saying that Bellars doesn’t want to stay and that he has handed in a transfer request! And I’m sorry but that doesn’t demand respect!

    And as far as money grabbing, he is REPORTEDLY and only a rumour I admit, to have been offered 17K a week more by spurs than he is on now!

    You say don’t believe the press and I agree totally but sorry, I DO believe the manager! Bellamy has done this at pretty much every club he has been at! And although I would like him to grow up and stay, if he wants to go, I say farewell! And if it is to Spuds, I hope he fails miserably and ends up in the Championship with NO get-out clause!

    SJ, I agree mate, we need to take the RIGHT money for him and buy a decent striker with all or part of that money! Good as Bellars is, for Ā£10/12 Million there are far better strikers out there!

    As far as meaning business, I think we have gone a long way to proving that recently with the board and the manager telling everyone with a bid for our top players to sod off! They have gone up a notch or 2 in my book šŸ™‚

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