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Can I remind new readers that swearing is not permitted on this blog. Please do not use swear words in the comments. It may result in a ban from commenting. And also, some people seem to think that adding in an asterisk or two to a swear word is OK. It isn’t.


28 Responses to Parish Notice

  1. D&G says:

    I’ve just read the Bellamy thread. I see what you mean LOL

  2. 4737 CarlinSir says:

    Iain, the selection of ‘Possibly related posts’ is somewhat unfortunate given the subject of this post…………..

  3. DevoDevo says:

    Iain, can we still refer to Redknapp as a crooked, twitchy, lowlife, scumbag?

  4. Kim says:

    Hello Iain and all hammers.

    Today has been a day of nasty speculation and disloyalty to our club. A player returns on Sunday who left us in no doubt as to his loyalty and it might be a good time for us to reward the highest goal scorer in the year of the great escape with the welcome he deserves. I think that Zamora warrants at least as big a cheer as Tevez received. I hope he gets the warmest welcome back. For me, his goal against Arsenal at the Emirates was the turning point that season. It was the game where I began to believe (hope) that we could actually stay up.

    Can anybody remember how the song goes…..?

  5. Kim – agree with you.

    Link to the Zamora song on my website

  6. West Ham Fan no 32 says:

    Carlin I have to agree indeed I had to laugh when i read the possibly related ones

  7. Stelios Jackson says:

    Carlin! For heavens sakes man! “Microsoft” is not a swearword, just my wife’s way of slurring my manhood!

  8. Roshi says:

    AAHHH!!! another “SJ” Stelios are you Chandos in disguise

  9. Andy B says:

    Not criticising you but whats wrong with cursing?

  10. Roshi says:

    Sorry, meant to say good post Iain, although we may get a bit heated sometimes, there is no need to stoop down to the level of other blogs or Craig Bellamy

  11. Iain Dale says:

    Andy B, In theory nothing. I am prone to the odd four letter rant myself, but quite a lot of under 16s read this blog. And if you allow any swearing, it’s a case of where do you draw the line? Is F Ok and C not? Best to ban it totally.

  12. Roshi says:

    Nothing Andy, there are plenty of other blog sites you can do that on, but this is Iains site, it’s his game and if we want to play we stick to his rules, easy really.

  13. Stelios Jackson says:

    Roshi, I used to live near a Chandos Avenue, in Totteridge, and there was a time when I read Chandos’ posts and wondered if they came from this keyboard in one of my many “lost weekdays”. However, he writes too well!
    Iain, have you looked at the titles of the “possibly related links”?
    Come on you ironies.

  14. simon says:

    I was told at a recent charity event Bellamy was seen in deep conversation with an ex director from Spurs… 3 days later Harry twitchy face says “somebody has told me he wants to come here” and Nellamy slaps in a transfer request !!

    Its is disgusting…spurs are unsettle and tapping up every player they’re interested in….whycant they just go about their business in a decent and proper way…hate them, hope they get relegated, would be best thing ever to happen !!

  15. simon says:

    i feel sorry for Zola…done all he could to keep Bellamy and now the little sh1t wants to go…disgusting

  16. andyhammer says:

    is it me or does the daily mail have some hidden agenda against west ham? it seems that every report that comes out about west ham is extremely negative, Even on the days we win, soon after they will find a negative spin on things. After we drew with Newcastle for example, it was a major problem as we were just showcasing our stars. So this is it. we lose and west ham are in disarray. We win..and it’s terrible for us as it means that we have just increased the appeal of our better players. If you believe what they write then it would mean that upson, bellamy(yes i know but that is more down to the player’s stance) ashton, behrami, collison, noble, parker,neill and green would all be gone.
    seriously – look at newsnow and you will see there is not one positive column that stretches back months!

  17. kennyhammer says:

    As annoyed as I am that bellamy wants to go after drawing his pay for 18 months of injury, it is not a surprise knowing his track record. I hope harry gets the toad it is what he deserves after the way this transfer has been persued. They deserve each other

  18. SJ Chandos says:

    There is only one SJ Chandos, Roshi! And I do not use disguises my friend!

  19. SJ Chandos says:

    And Stelios, hi and thank you very much for your kind words!

  20. irontc says:

    Subject to confirmation of Mr Bellamy’s departure…I reckon…

    Rednapp deserves a chap like bellamy. he will be injured within 6 weeks, he and defoe will not get on and they will probably punch each others lights out- and it will all end in tears! and hopefully relegation!

    Fonzy and Nani can surely find a ‘real’ striker who is young, keen and hungry for 10-12mil?

    I think we may be forgetting – as a striker bellamy doesnt exactly do what we really need right now – score goals!

  21. Graybo says:

    Can I just express support for the original Parish notice. I visit this site because of its standards. Similar standards should be set by the powers-that-be regarding on-pitch behaviour. It would solve a lot of society’s ills if footballers behaved themselves and showed more self control. They might even play better.

    Thank you.

  22. US'Ammer says:

    On his day Mr. Bellamy is a genuine pain to opposing defences and always a threat around their goal.
    He is however a 29 year old who’s main asset is speed (running and talking) so it appears reasonable to assume that his best years are not ahead of him.
    Man C. have Sturrage (Sp?) who is both young and quick and there can’t be much hope for him there. 12 million + a young player, not too bad.
    Better than sending the speedy B along to Tottenham?

  23. SJ Chandos says:

    Sportsmail reckon that Bellamy is ‘on strike.’ He has allegedly cleared his locker out and is refusing to play on Sunday. The peice by Matt Barlow is quite even handed for Sportsmail and says that West Ham suspect that Bellamy has been tapped up by Spurs. He goes on to state that West Ham are determined not to sell to Spurs as a result and that this will encourage City to put in another, higher bid.

    The Hammers need to be tough on this one. Spurs must not get their way, like they did with Portsmouth and Defoe. I also believe that City have the better squad from which to pick players as part of any exchange element to the deal. I do not fancy any of Spurs squad at all really. Lennon perhaps, but do we really need him? If we could take one of City’s better players and 10-12m, that would be a good deal. I would also like to use that money to sign the lad from Florentina. We might also be able to agree a deal with Toulouse for Illunga. If Di Michele goes back to Torino we might be able to bring a better loan player in as well.

  24. SJ Chandos says:

    If Zola does not select Di Michele on Sunday, then this could be a big opportunity for Sears to establish his first team claim. If it comes along, take it with both hands son! Every single Hammers fan wants you to succeed and prove that you are going to be quality! Just make sure you give us those crossed (arms) hammers every time you score!

  25. Roshi says:

    Absolutely! there is only one SJ Chandos, my word where would we be without you!
    But tell me, hand on heart! are you a plant by the West Ham board to feed us mere mortals snippits of information on what is really going on at board room level.
    I have been told you are a director….PLEASE CONFIRM

  26. Paul M says:

    SJ, you are very well educated man with agreat way with words. Look forward to your observant posts evry day.
    Iain, great site, and good to read the views of all other posters.
    Bellamy, you are a fool, you could of been a WHU legend.
    Finally lets hope for 3 points against Fulham and then follow that with a win in the cup and 3 more points after that to push us near to safety.

  27. SJ Chandos says:

    I said that tongue in cheek, Roshi. I am certain you would get on very well without me!

    Paul M, thank you for your kind comments.

  28. Goatygav says:

    No Need!

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