Zola Indicates Bellamy’s Departure Is Inevitable

I have just been watching Gianfranco Zola’s press conference on Sky Sports News. He bore the demeanour of a shellshocked man. I can’t give you any direct quotes, but it is quite clear that although he went through the motions of saying he wants to keep Bellamy, he knows that Bellamy is off. He said something like: “If a player wants to go, what can you do.”

He also said he was very pleased Boa Morte was staying and that he was very enthusiastic and had played very well each time he had appeared for the team. Ahem.


51 Responses to Zola Indicates Bellamy’s Departure Is Inevitable

  1. Goatygav says:

    Replace the words “each time” in the last sentance with the words ”
    two times” and he’d just about be there.

  2. Croydon Jubby says:

    It’s a real real shame but should we have expected anything less. Look at his track record he very much follows the money! I just hope and prey that West Ham release some of the funds and buy a good striker! Easier said than done I know!

  3. HAMMER TIME says:

    Get off Luis Boa Morte’s back really, im sure many of you fans just don’t wish him to do well just to say i told you so! He has played pretty well not only the past two games but also has made an impact from off the bench aswell this season. He is commited to West Ham unlike Craig Bellamy and so should be respected for it.

  4. E1 says:

    Bellamy it appears wants to go, The board and zola have done all they can by to stop this by rejecting all offers and now it seems offering him an improved contract, but he wants to go, so do we really want to keep him? With 12m in the bank and the other money collected in this window could we perhaps get someone as good and maybe younger? I am not sure if it would not make sense to let him go for that money. After all Dyer will be back soon and he can play up front and has just as much pace, a right back and a wide left player would gives us more options and a stronger squad would’nt it ? As long as he is the only one of our big players to go then It makes sense does’nt it ?

  5. Whitey says:

    Cheers Craig,

    Managed 1 game in 5 due to injury but still managed to pick up wages most weeks.
    Just started to show some ability in time for the January transfer window.

    Class. Bet he used to steal money from his mums purse !

  6. Hammertime says:

    Zola is right, if the player doesn’t want to stay what can you do ? This is where NANI earns his corn. Use the money get a striker who isn’t known and is hungry… another Zaki would be nice. Dont think we need Bent, weve got cole ……. Marlone anyone ??? (joking, honest)

  7. scott says:

    i just don’t understand what the big deal about spurs is? especially this season when they could easily get relegated. man city i could understand, massive wages, playing with robinho and whoever else comes in but what do spurs have thats actually better than parker, upson, green, ashton, dyer etc?

    should be an interesting reception this sunday for him anyway. thats if he’s in the squad

  8. andyhammer says:

    What other top clubs have to put up with this constant turmoil? It’s just one saga after another.
    I have to say that if he does not want to stay then he must be sold…but to man city. At least Redknapp will not get his way.Remember we are fighting a relegation battle here and when bellamy goes we don’t have a natural goalscorer at the club.Sears not nearly ready, ashton permanently injured, cole not up to it(more of a support player anyway!)
    By the way. How is redknapp allowed to get away with constantly openly unsettling targets? How could a former west ham player who supposedly loves the club do what he is doing to us? Just seen him talking to sky, telling the world that “bellamy supposedly wants to come to us..”
    Oh, and im not sure portsmouth fans are too enamoured with him ripping apart his former club once his left. There is talk of disloyalty in football with the players but is there another manager in football who acts in such a traitorous fashion?

  9. Marleeeen depreciation society says:

    i’ll have some of whatever you’re on HAMMER TIME. Boa Morte will never be good enough. i’d rather bellamy went to city, you could potentially have a front line of KAKA and CUCKOO.

  10. Goatygav says:

    I do want him to do well HAMMER TIME. My comment was purely tongue in cheek. The comment I left on the “Hull agree a Fee” blog when the Hull (non)Deal was announced was genuine. I believe he’s got massive potential but for one reason or another, some claim a virus is to blame, he hasn’t realised that potential for West Ham. The guy has lightning pace and was fantastic for Fulham. I’d just like to see him put those kind of performances in for us.

  11. Upton Park n' Ride says:

    I’m hoping this is all the usual biased inaccurate press reporting but if ths is all true about Bellamy, including him storming out of training today, then he is really showing his true colours again . No loyalty whatsoever and that’s after Zola believing he had a special relationship with him as well!
    Regarding Boa Morte I would love him to prove us wrong and start giving regular performances to live up to what we paid for him but I’m sorry Hammer Time he hasn’t so much shown commitment to West Ham as otherwise he would have refused to discuss terms with Hull City. He has just shown his commitment to the better wages he is currently being paid at West Ham and the deal is only off because Hull wont match these!

  12. Karl says:

    Least it will be even sweeter if Spurs go down now.

  13. raymond says:

    Have to aggree with hammer time, boa morte will never be lved by the west ham faithful no matter how well he plays

  14. Mr Trix says:

    Bellamy will arrive at Spurs, play two games and then turn up with a sick note, he does like to have time off, something he knows he wont be able to do if he stays at West Ham.

  15. James WHUFC says:

    Boa Morte is only commited to the money at West Ham, thats why he didn’t go to Hull! He is happy scrounging off WHU, meaning we have to sell quality players like Bellamy to pay the wages for dross like him!

  16. Adrian says:

    I dont know why anyone expects loyalty in this age, it went the day Sky started pumping money into the game, as for Craig, hes 29 nearing his last big pay packet, I cant really blame him fo wanting to go, at the end of the day you have to think of number one.

  17. James WHUFC says:

    Dam beat me to it, Upton Park n’ Ride!

  18. claret bobby says:

    To be fare to LBM, he probably only spoke to Hull because we were trying to offload him and he hasn’t exactly been made to feel welcome recently. You can’t blame him for talking to them to find out what they are offering.

    I agree he hasn’t really performed but lately we haven’t shown him the loyalty and commitment that he has to us. At least he tries bless ‘im.

  19. 17 year hammer says:

    lets just wait and see cant do anymore than that if he does go think of him being a 29 year old has been with pace and going to cost the spuds 15 mil which is good buisness get osvaldo and we will be fine and have money for 1 more player maybe jimmy bullard

  20. SJ Chandos says:

    My concern is any adverse affects upon morale ahead of the Fulham match.

    Teamtalk West Ham Utd are saying that today’s training session was voluntary and Bellamy was one of several players absent. Believe what you will. I guess we will see on Sunday.

  21. James says:

    I cannot understand what is lure of the Spuds, Other than they are a very underperforming club (always have been) who throw money about not worrying about a players commitment to the cause (Mugs)!! If this is what you want Bellars then your welcome to it!!

    Even if he went I still think they would go down, money or not!! Their players don’t have winning attitudes just greed!! The likes of Woodgate and Bentley, all played fantastic at their previous clubs but at Spuds, well they are lackluster, rubbish and over rated so why put yourself through that Bellars? Just another one for the wasteground that is Tottenham!!

    Now as for replacements I would like Hamsik, Giovinco and a world class striker, possibly Benayoun back also, any of those three if not all.

  22. Gothenburg'Ammer says:

    it should be a honor to pull on the claret&skyblue,if they dont honor the shirt, the club, the fans, well…get the f**k out!

  23. Big Casino says:

    Loyalty hasn’t been a factor in football for years – I know players won’t stick around at one club for any length of time, but why f*cking Tottenham? Seriously, why?

  24. Upton Park n' Ride says:

    I can’t understand why Spurs would want Bellamy now having already bought Defoe as they are very similar in style. Surely they would be looking for a different type of striker to complement Defoe. I wonder what he makes of all this as I can’t see them working together. However if Bellamy wants to go to fight for his place and against relegation at WHL let him go for the right top price provided the board give Zola all the funds to replace him.

  25. jon.london colney says:

    if he wants out then fine,but why would you want to sit on the bench at spurs? they have a history of pising there strikers off leaving them on the bench and now judas is back there,harrys little pet,bellamy will have to fight it out with 2 players that cost more,younger and used to ther system.what ever that is !!!!i would laugh so hard if they get relegated.i think the club offering jim a new deal was a smoke screen,he probably put in a transfere request and they panicked.this club called west ham united is anything but united at the moment,bg sell the club to someone who cares.almost as much as we all do!

  26. Upton Park n' Ride says:

    Sorry James WHUFC but great minds think alike!

  27. delmo says:

    From the zola interview

    “At the moment, he is a West Ham player and he will stay a West Ham player.

    “However, I do not know if he will play on Sunday [against Fulham]. We will see what happens.

    “It is a club matter. What I have to do is focus on is the game.”

    Looks like he wont be playing against Fulham.

    I say let LBM start against Fulham, playing against he old mob and you never know maybe he will prove us all wrong………………….please!!!

  28. delmo says:

    I know everyone saying about loyalty etc.

    But when was the last time we had a potts or Alvin.

    I admit it would be great to see players stay and play for shirt……………..but really in this day and age it just ain’t happening.

    The days of players being happy where they are if for reasons like happy to stay big fish and not willing to test water elsewhere/or just plan happy to play for hometown team….i.e LeTissier.

    Times are changing and society with it.

    Remeber the days of the Hammers news being an actual paper, seeing southends’ goalkeeper bear his backside to the north bank during the Anglo Italian cup group game ( think it was that cant be sure now).

    These days are gone……..and i for one am missing those days with every passing WHU game, just does not seem the same…………the game is so far away from it’s fans/customers that we cant feel empathy or any type of link with them anymore.

    I mean when most of us have vauxhalls and fords and you walk into upton park on matchday and see the players cars are like from the forecourt of a Aston MArtin dealership.

    Sorry gone off point now, but think you can gather what i am saying.

  29. supernumbersix says:

    I heard from a toon fan a while back, that Shearer had the dwarf by the throat once in the dressing room after a game, threatened to do him allegedly because he was bringing the good name of NUFC down and to think I never liked Shearer!!
    Why Spurs?? Easy, his family are now probably settled in London, his only other serious offer has been from City, he probably doesn’t fancy the upheaval of moving back up north.
    He’s likely been tapped up by ‘someone’
    ‘Come to us, we’re playing in Europe already and probably will be again coz we’re going to Wembley again and we’re ‘uge we are. Come on it’s yer last chance, it ain’t worked for you at West ‘am ‘as it now? bin two years an’ they ain’t delivered ‘ave they son”
    Never mind that we’ve sat around waiting for his f***ing injuries to heal and he owes us big time. Oh well, loyalty?? What’s that then? Hope they have the savvy to hold out for 12-15 million. Good bit of business and good riddance I say.

  30. Rob says:

    Hope he stays at Upton Park.

    It would be a shame to see him move, after waiting a year and a half to see Craig play every week.

    The club is just now hitting it’s stride and he’s a LARGE part of that.
    I would be guttet if he goes to the Spuds. Sh%t, I would be gutted if he went anywhere.

    But, having said that, IF (and only if) he’s not proud to wear the claret and blue, SELL HIM!
    rip some one off, City or Spuds, 12 million for a 29 year old is good bussiness. I hate this transfer window…

  31. Stelios Jackson says:

    Call me an old cynic, but I’m never quite sure what goes on in the machinations behind the doors at Upton Park. Take Linda, last year. The club claimed that he wanted to leave, something he categorically denied.

    I have been delighted at West Ham’s response to the megarich approaches from Man City and the spendthrift ones from the second biggest club in North London, but has the club reached a point where £12,000,000 is too big a price to turn down?

    If he is to go, let’s hope it’s to Citeh, though thanks Spurs for making this a two-horse race and inflating the value of a player they don’t need! At least the board has retained their honour, this time round, something we supporters aren’t used to!





  33. Eric says:

    I really am surprised. I thought everything was sorted in the locker room. But i guess when that much coin is being flashed… well, if it’s true then take the money and the player and get on with it. We need this win on Sunday

  34. UpminsterHammer says:

    Bellars has shown consitently throughout his career that once he wants to leave he stamps his feet and disrupts the dressing room in the process. The best thing now for Zola is to find out exactly how much he wil receive from the sale, talk to the other senior players as this may set a precident for the likes of Green, upson etc and reassure them them the importance of them staying and building aroudn them. As for BOA had it been a club in the midlands or somewhere not as grim I am sure he would have been off in a shot!

  35. E1 says:

    Hot off ther press !!! from whu bellamy will have a late fittness test on sunday !!!,what a load of b*****ks !! Let him go and buy someone who wants to play Give upson,green,parker and Illunga Improved contracts now rather than waitng untill they want to walk out. If he stay’s now ,Bellamy, in my oppinion is an A***h**e Get rid,and we can look forward to seeing him and totscum GO DOWN !!!!!

  36. Hammerhead says:

    If bellamy wants to go then let him as there is no point keeping a player who doesn’t want to play for us. However. if we do sell him then it must not be to spurs. We should sell to the highest bidders which obviously will be man city and do it soon whilst there is still plenty of time to get a decent replacement. The money we get must be spent and not put straight in the bank. Personally I don’t believe he will go to spurs, we all know what a tosspot redknapp is. How many players has he tried to unsettle now? Just seen they have made an enquiry for crespo too – that must be about the 50th player they have been linked to this month. I rate bellamy highly as a player but I always knew somewhere down the line he would let us down, and not show the same commitment to the club as the club has to him.

  37. James says:

    Can we just Loan out Sears to Burnley for a week or two so he can demolish the spud’s chances of getting into Europe through the back door of worthless carling cup, Is he cup tied?

    I am pretty adament that Bellars is thinking of Uefa cup football next season, thats the only reason I can think of, not for the the love of spuds at all!! I just hope we can clinch it through league position so we can show him up!! It’s a possiblity!

  38. colin say's says:

    bellers did look like he was injured on saturday when he was sub. before we all slate him let’s see if there’s any truth in it all .

  39. alan says:

    shame but if he wants to go he will go so lest get a good price for him and if the club say they dont need to sell him then if he dose go then west ham should spent the money to replace him

    chin up all this aint the first time this has happend and it wont be the last the club and supporters are bigger than any player

  40. Richard says:

    I don’t mind if he goes to now especially asking for a move away. I am a bit disappointed in him. But Money talks!. I hope if he goes to Surs, they get relegrated !!.
    I don’t want Darren Bent , I think he is over related.
    If we get 12 M for a 29 year old I think we should expected it. Sorry everybody.

  41. Padrecoffey says:

    I’m not sure this is entirely bad news. If Spurs don’t have a reversal in fortune and things get VERY tight at the end of the season, Bellamy could well implode. That would be fun to watch.

    Plus £12m for a 29 year old, injury prone plays good money…

  42. Gothenburg'Ammer says:

    i hear u delmo. football has sold out.its all bizznizz now,the passion is long gone from the lockerroom to the pitch.not all,but most of them are mercs.nevermind where i play,as long as they pay.thats where we are and there is no going back.well well,irons 3-fulham 0 come sunday. c’mon u hammers!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Mac says:

    Just like Pavlov’s dogs, as soon as Bellamy hears the words’ transfer window’, he’s first in the queue at the manager’s door.

    Selfish, boorish character at best, who ‘suddenly’ started playing his best football, er, oh yes, prior to the window opening.

    Will never ever settle at a club because when things don’t go Craig’s way, he throws a tantrum like a two year old child and storms off. How immature is that?

    Would rather players like him never pull on a claret and blue shirt in future.

    Am off to look up the word ‘loyalty’,

  44. If Bellamy wants to go let him let him- Surely we can spend the money,Whats Nani doing for his wages ?As for the greedy usless LBM we should help Hull with his wages just to get rid of him.

  45. Hammerhead says:

    Mac when you find it send it to judus defoe as well.

  46. James says:

    A new way to look at it is that he was a Curbishley purchase, now lets let Zola purchase his own, No doubt he will know who can do the goods for us up front, I look forward to seeing who he gets.

    Bellars go and rot with the rest of the rot at those dirty spuds!!

    Woodgate good at boro, crap at spuds!!

    Bentley good at blackburn, crap at spuds!!

    Lennon good at leeds, crap at spuds!!

    Defoe good at West Ham and Portsmouth, crap at spuds!!

    Modric a great player, crap at spuds!!

    Corluka good at Man City, Crap at spuds!!

    Bent good at charlton, crap at spuds!!


  47. James says:

    A new way to look at it is that he was a Curbishley purchase, now lets let Zola purchase his own, No doubt he will know who can do the goods for us up front, I look forward to seeing who he gets.

    Bellars go and rot with the rest of the rot at those dirty spuds!!

    Woodgate good at boro, rubbish at spuds!!

    Bentley good at blackburn, rubbish at spuds!!

    Lennon good at leeds, rubbish at spuds!!

    Defoe good at West Ham and Portsmouth, rubbish at spuds!!

    Modric a great player, rubbish at spuds!!

    Corluka good at Man City, rubbish at spuds!!

    Bent good at charlton, rubbish at spuds!!


  48. Scalyback says:

    Sky Sports are reporting that Bellamy has had his request turned down. Not sure that is a good idea, but a refusal to let him join the spuds has a certain attraction!

  49. James says:

    Ooops double post, Sorry Iain

  50. pedro says:

    I tell you what I never learn . each time this happens I think our player (Insert any name here ) will do the right thing, show some loyalty and an understanding of the supporters feelings they, without exception, let me down . yes I know its naïve of me but I am a step closer to handing back my 25 year old season ticket tonight . bellamy is just the latest , another kick in the teeth and I am getting sick of it. storming out of training – wtf ? . if its true then he really is as bad as his reputation suggests – and what about Redknobbs unsettling tactics, surely he can’t get away with that ? im gutted.

  51. Terry says:

    If he wants away then let him go for the best money for our benefit – ie a younger, hungry striker who shows a little more loyalty (Bellars track record with that aspect seems to be consistent and it will rebound on him eventually).
    Meanwhile we must get behind whoever remains and remember we have the best team managers in Little Z and Clarkey we have in a long time (Thanks to our coaching feeder club!)

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