Bellamy to Play for Bottom Club

Could someone please explain what the attraction to Craig Bellamy is of going to play for a club that is now bottom of the Premier League, where he will play second fiddle to Jermain Defoe, rather than continuing to play for one which is ten places above them, been loyal to him while he was injured and sees him as a vital part of its future?

Could it be because he’s a money grabbing, disloyal piece of ****?

Incidentally, I have quite a few friends who support Tottenham. Not a single one of them wants him to go there.

The Redknapp magic certainly seems to be working. Played 12, Won 4, Drawn 3, Points 15 from a possible 36. They were bottom of the league when he took over and they’re still bottom.

PS The Gordon Brown jinx seems to be working…


39 Responses to Bellamy to Play for Bottom Club

  1. Stelios Jackson says:

    Oh what fun we had.If only we could convince David Cameron to visit White Hart Lane, we could totally doom them!
    Play up Pompey and come on you Irons!
    Stelios J

  2. Saf says:

    Get rid of him. Why do we want to play the g*t if he doesnt’ want to play for the club that is paying his wages at the moment. He is disloyal. He will not be as asset in a fight. He is a liability.
    Spuds can have him. They deserve him.

    Good luck can do it!!

  3. Hayden says:

    I thought we weren’t allowed to swear with asterisks? Just kidddding.

    I don’t remember feeling this furious at a player – I thought it was all paper talk, but it’s quite obviously not! We have been nothing but loyal to him, even to the point of offering him a new contract to try and keep him…. But he wants to turn his back on us and play for Spurs.. There aren’t many who I’d put below Defoe but Bellamy is going to secure a position there. Utter disgrace. I’m sick of the lack of loyalty in football today… Having said that, I think we are lucky to have some loyal players, more than most. Particularly the youth – Nobes, Sears, Tomkins – I can’t imagine them ever going lightly. Behrami too, he must have been able to move if he wanted this month but he seems completely commited to the cause. Maybe I’m being naive.. but even Coley, Green, Upson – they know how much the fans love them here.

    Luis Boa Morte – Do you think it’s PURELY about money? Even if it was utter rubbish I personally thought it was nice reading him saying he wants to stay here and fight for his place. Rather him than someone so shameless as Bellamy. I hated before he came to West Ham, I loved him when he was here (naturally, he was a Hammer).. but now I despise him more than ever. You could at least understand it if it was for one of the top 5.

  4. Bobby says:

    Stan Collymore was slating him earlier.

  5. John says:

    Now, I don’t like to do this but:::

    Quoting from your own blog –

    “Can I remind new readers that swearing is not permitted on this blog. Please do not use swear words in the comments. It may result in a ban from commenting. And also, some people seem to think that adding in an asterisk or two to a swear word is OK. It isn’t.”

    Does this apply to all equally???


  6. lk26 says:

    let the little hobbitt go then mayb sears can get a game lets hope he gos and they get relegated then he want to leave again stupid hobbitt.the way redknapp goes about things is a joke he has bascialy tapped the hobbitt up but the league wont dont sod all about it

  7. Hayden says:

    The BIG question is .. Now that we’ve resigned to losing him – Do you think Nani and Zola are on overtime looking for a replacement already? The good thing is I believe they’ll be much more productive than Curbs and Nani were.

    The news about the two Brescia youths (who are fantastic) and the two trial Paraguayans (hopefully) is potentially great but we need someone big to come in and replace Bellamy.

    Oh how I miss you Deano.

  8. micky says:

    let him go there, i’m fuming with the way redknapp has gone about it but even more fuming with how bellamy has reacted dont u think he owes us abit baring in mind i still dont think he has played a proper season for us without being injured he is a disgrace no way wud he be joining spurs if i was manager i’d rather see him rot in the reserves then see him go there, apparently he has cleaned out his locker n said he aint playing for us no more ok coo, well sit at home get unfit or go man city n it on the bench!!

  9. Iain Dale says:

    On the asterisks, if my defence, I meant in words where you start with an F, put in an asterisk, then put in a C and a K. If you write all the word in asterisks it could be anything! Obviously in this case the asterisks denoted the word ‘meat’ 🙂

  10. Saf says:

    Sorry for the asteriks. Me bad, but not as bad Bellamy.

  11. Devo says:

    There are two aspects to this – firstly, Bellamy wants to leave West Ham without requesting a transfer so that he can claim a large slice of the fee for himself. Secondly, Bellamy wants to join Spurs rather than City as Spurs will offer him a nice big bonus if they don’t get relegated OR a summer transfer without submitting a transfer request when they get relegated. Either way, he gets two big payouts. Make him put in a transfer request West Ham and then let him help to take Harry and the filthy Spurs Chas’n’Dave chavs down.

  12. Karl says:

    This sites in danger of becoming to p.c. now.

    1st no swearing now your afraid of offending vegetarians and vegans.

  13. Metcow says:

    I think that this should qualify as an exception for the use of the asterisks filled swear words.

    It’s a shameful example of just how little some players today care about the club that pay them.

    I really wanted Bellamy to stay before all this. I saw him as vital to our chances of progressing over this season and next.

    Now the guy is hovering over the pit currently containing D*foe, Lam*ard, In*e etc. (Note use of asterisks in these swear words!).

    Only a big apology and acceptance of how stupid he has been will stopping falling into the pit forever more, however I fear that this will end with him moving to the relegation threatened, bottom of the league scum from n london.

  14. James says:

    He will fail at Tottenham like all the other failing players there!! Greed over reputation if you ask me!!

    They will go down, And all this just because Bellars wants to player against Cardiff and Swansea next season!! Now thats loyalty!!

  15. BAC says:

    I don’t know why Bellamy has decided he would rather play for S***s than West Ham, only he knows what the big attraction is, and I doubt he’ll let on (unless he suddenly claims to be a lifelong supporter of theirs, or an ardent admirer of Harry Redknapp’s coaching system or some such twaddle). However, speculating, he must realise he’s nearing the end of his career, and is fortunate that the ‘window’ coincides with a rare injury free run for him, so this is probably his last real chance for a big money transfer.

    Personally, I blame a lot of this on the constant ‘West Ham Fire Sale’ rumours which have been circulating ever since the summer. Players have been unsettled, expecting to be sold, and they or their ‘advisors’ will have been sorely tempted to put ‘feelers’ out to secure deals which suit them, rather than maximise income for the club – they’re only human, after all.

    It would be really interesting to see what his attitude would be if he were to fail a medical or injure himself prior to transfer, not that I’m wishing that on him, of course.

  16. devo says:

    more David Bellamy than Craig

  17. Darren says:

    You’d love to think that West Ham might have seen this coming and, if the club is true to its word about not HAVING to sell anyone, they’d have a big money replacement buy on standby… On the other hand, maybe not. I’d love to think Nani and Zola were on the case when Redknapp started telling everyone Spurs had made a bid a couple of weeks ago (how is he allowed to do that?), but I guess we’ll see. Dyer to replace Bellamy tomorrow maybe?

  18. Paul says:

    I reckon we should sing bubbles as well Play up Pompey tomorrow so that woggle eye Redknapp can get the message ,he’s ruined every club he’s been at leaving clubs with a massive wage bill . Every transfer window is the same story “we,re down to our bare bones ” .He had nothing to do with the development of Joe Cole ,Lumpard,Carrick ,Rio etc that was all down to Tony Carr ,all he ever does is sign ageing players on massive wages with .A genuis in the transfer window ?,you must be having a laugh !.who can ever forget the rubbish he signed when his son Mark was an agent and Jamie played for Liverpool ?,Titi Camara ,Mike Marsh ,Dave Burrows to name a few not to mention the likes of Marco Boogers and the rest .Its about time the rest of the football world wakes up and realises the devastation woggle eye causes at what ever club he’s been to .The only loyalty Redknapp believes in is loyalty to himself as Billy Bonds found out to himself .

  19. appyhammer says:

    Oh how defoe will be smiling if he joins the north london losers, as when he comes to us he won’t be the one getting all the grief as that will be reserved for rednapp and bellamy. Let him go to a place where he is deserved and appricated in the championship with a bunch of losers who have no back bone of a team, a second rate youth system who do not produce many players for their team.

  20. Rob says:

    i would be glad to get rid of bellamy, i think boa morte is the worst ever player in the prem but i prefer him to bellamy at the minute. like other people have said us fans stuck by him through injury after injury then he gets fit and wants to go. take £15m and pass on this train wreck to scumbags goin down.
    let him go to spurs so he can unsettle them
    and zolas interview on the official site showed me he is loyal and doesnt want players who arent commited to the cause. like he says no 1 is more important than the team, especially with cole hittin form, sears, tristan, ashton and dyer to hit full fitness, and if any1 else say stanilas for southend the other day he looks a quality midfielder

  21. wickfordriver says:

    loyal fan since ’62………bellamy never should have been a hammer……horrible man…….**** him! lets hope for a good day tommorow.

  22. brooking still the best says:

    Is it silly to dream? Wouldnt it be great for the spuds to get relegated and Redkrapps self proposed reputation in tatters! Pity they are able to buy themselfs out of the muck

  23. Darren Broxbourne says:

    John Says:
    January 17, 2009 at 5:20 pm

    **** ** **** * ***** John

    As for Bellamy, how does he know he wants to play for The Spuds? Because no tapping up has taken place, how does he know how much money he is going to earn, the length of contract etc? He’s taking a big chance jacking in one job on the off chance he’ll get another*

    *I may be naive

  24. Oskar B says:

    to be honest, i don’t think anyone wants to keep him, and if he wants to join the club spuds at the bottom of the table, then so be it. I hope he does and they get relegated. My how we will laugh.

  25. leigh says:

    sell him for £10 mill with Bent in exchange!

  26. wonday myson says:

    Must be the brown envelopes

  27. dan says:

    totally agree with, what a money grabbing lil ****, lets just hope there is a bidding war with man city, get as much money for the little whinner, it is beyond me how spurs attract all these players, they keep living on there reputation, so what they won the carling cup who gives a crap about that cup!!! best way to describe spurs a overated pile of crap with a old mediocre west ham manager!

  28. kennyhammer says:

    ‘arry says that there was no tapping up! Only Levi making an enquiry!
    ‘arry is this kosher?

  29. martin c says:

    Really mad about the whole thing from the way harry has gone about tapping up players and the disloyalty bellamy has shown when he went on talk sport and told ian wright he was happy at the hammers and loyal to them what an arse ! let the mercenary go and go and join up the other mercenary defoe and harry and when the going gets tough watch the spuds implode i hope he joins them and they go down its what they deserve

  30. Let him go ,take the money, surely there must be a good striker for 12m.Apart from the fact he wants to go to spuds bellamys behaviour disguts me.

  31. Richard says:

    I agree with most of you. I think the club want Man C to come in with 15m for him. I didn’t want him to go at the begining of the month. But now he has decided to play for a club which is bottom of the league. This is not the first time he has behaved like this. Look at the other teams he has done this to. Zole and clarke know they cannot have someone who thinks they are bigger than the club.

  32. Reno says:

    I say if he wants to leave let him go. I can only hope the yids get relegated and bellers the **** breaks his leg first day of training.

  33. alan says:

    Zola: Luke Skywalker Redknapp: Darth Vader Clarke: Han Solo Bellamy: Mrs Overall in acorn antiques (he hasn’t got a neck)….. might have had too much to drink tonight

  34. chris says:

    Screw them all “I owe west ham them have stood by me” bellamy quote,
    This is footballs goodbye for me .
    Have enjoyed your site Iain,but after bellamys attitude and Kaka’s 100 m deal,
    this is the last time I appear hear.
    FOOTBALLS finished goodbye to you all enjoyed all your chat,
    best wishes chris,east london is wonderful!!!!!!!!!

  35. E1 says:

    Why are we all still talking about the welshman ,he has played his last game for us andis history, Lets just hope we win tommorow and pompy do the same ,the spuds will stay bottom and the welshman can sit at home for a few days pondering his **** up.
    We don’t need him the squad will be up for the next 2 or 3 games and looking for 7 or 9 points and the draw for the next round of the cup. THE WELSHMAN HAS DONE US A FAVOUR and done him self a great deal of harm. Sod the money let him rot in the reserve untill the end of the season.

  36. Lightweight says:

    Sell him to the spuds – the guys a lightweight, and can barely get on the pitch for 5 games in a whole season. 12 mill for somebody that spends 90 percent of the time in the treatment room is an amazing deal. Please sell him to that mongy looking Judas twat redknapp. Anybody ever wonder why Bonds never talks to him anymore – he’s a 2 faced bullshitting twat

  37. COYI says:

    Get rid as all are saying, sell to Mancs for as much as poss… once they get all the world class players he will rot in their reserves. With 14 or 15 mill we can buy a decent replacement who wants to play for us…maybe someone like Doyle for around 7m… good business for the club. Bellamy is a good player, but I never liked him as a person. We can get a better player and maybe a younger one at that!!
    Franco and Clarkey have done a great job, and we are playing good stuff, I trust them to move us on without that disgusting little welshman.

  38. Len says:

    Am I being too naive in thinking that our tattooed friend was not being paid while he is refusing to train or play,or does that only happen to ordinary mortals like you & I.

  39. billy says:

    let the little rat join city he wont last long there before he gets injured and is on the treatment table for a very long time in zola and clarke we trust we dont need him nani will find a proper replacement just like he did wiv ilunga and behrami com on you irons!!!!!!!!

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