He Came From *hite Hart Lane

On Sunday, we see the return to Upton Park of Bobby Zamora. A reader (Kim) makes a plea in a comment on a previous thread that we give him a very warm welcome. I echo that. We never got a chance to say goodbye to him, and I suspect most of us wish we’d never sold him. On his day he was a fantastic player, and scored some crucial goals for us. In fact, he scored 40 goals in 100 first team starts, which is a good ratio by any standards.

So, let’s hope there are a few bursts of…

Zamora, Oh, Oh
Zamora, Oh, Oh
He came from *hite Hart Lane
He’s better than Jermain

And let’s hope we also give Johnny Pantsil a cheer too. I always loved to see him play. He was a bit unpredictable but never really got a chance to show us what he is capable of. Let’s hope he doesn’t do it tomorrow.


29 Responses to He Came From *hite Hart Lane

  1. Matt Ryan says:

    I’ll be there Ian and I’ll be sure to give it a tunbe or 2 for ya πŸ™‚

    Lets face it without Bobby we MIGHT still be in the Championship! πŸ™‚

    The boy was ALWAYS too good for the Spuds!

  2. RunningHammer says:

    can’t we have him back? we could do with him on sunday !

  3. Karl says:

    Its a bit scary though the amount of Players that score against there old clubs when playing against them for the 1st time!!!

    Z Man it was because of you that we:

    Got Back in the Prem

    Were the last team to beat Arsenal at highbury (& Sol went to Portsmouth so their fans should thank u too).

    Were the 1st team to beat the Arse at the Emirates.

    Survived the 2006 / 2007 season.

    Hats off to you sir.

  4. DevoDevo says:

    Good to see the swearing kept to a minimum, Iain. πŸ˜‰

    I liked Bobby Z and he should still be with us, but times move and his scoring record has not been too good at Fulham considering he is playing week in week out.

    As for Paintsil. Great character, but no footballer IMHO.

    3 pts required tomorrrow, then we can see what the Sky pundits have to say about the West Ham season of turmoil and Fulham’s excellent season?

  5. Bazhammer says:

    I will be there tomorrow, chanting with the rest of the lower centenary.
    Me and my mates still laugh at JP’s one man lap of honour at the end of last season, not realising that the rest of the team had gone back to the changing room.What a character!!! Glad him and Bobby are still doing well at another club

  6. kennyhammer says:

    Be great to see Bobby Z tomorrow. Roy Hodgson has turned out to be a good judge of players. I just wonder what Zola could do to improve Zamora bearing in mind what has happened to Carlton. I expect I’ll dream about it tonight when I;m having a few zzzzzz.

  7. HammersWest says:

    I’ll be following in California at some ungodly hour, so please welcome the ‘z’man back for me. Glad he’s doing well elsewhere, just not tomorrow please mate!
    Paintsil too

  8. richard says:

    i was at craven cottage and he got a fantastic reception from the west ham fans, and throughout the game. so much so i think it put him off πŸ™‚

    in my eyes he’ll always be a west ham legend

  9. James says:

    That goal against Birmingham, I will never forgaet that, pure quality!!

  10. Biffo the bear says:

    I must say I’m absoulutely ******* disgusted by the amount of ******* asterisk swearing on this **** site. Any **** can swear but it takes proper ******* intellect to argue a point without using words like **** or **** or even ****!

    Dis ******* graceful!

    Yours, Angry from Stratford

  11. Biffo the bear says:

    More to the point I will be welcoming back Bobby Zamora, I said at the time I was very sorry to see him go. What are the odds on LBM scoring against his old club? Almost worth a punt?

  12. DagenhamHammer says:

    Will give both a warm reception. Both gave their all and I would imagine they both wanted to stay.

  13. LJ says:

    I hope Bobby, JP and Konchesky all get a good reception tmrw. I think by happy coincidence it’s always much more intimidating to a returning footballer than catcalling at them anyway!

    I think they all served us well in their time and in their own way.

    I’m gutted because I can’t be there…. because I forgot to change the fixture date in my diary and so duly booked us a holiday leaving first thing tomorrow – so there’ll be a small gap in the BMU unless my pals find a late volunteer!

    It’s the first time I’ve ever caught myself out like that with the date changes… and it feels a bit like missing from 6 yards!

  14. Stelios J says:

    A great believer in freedom of speech too, eh?
    Shall we meet?
    Some sunny day?

  15. Iain van der Ree says:

    Iain get the spelling right mate – Paintsil not Pantsil http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Paintsil


  16. Hammer Ray says:

    In answer to Biffo’s question about the odds of LBM scoring against his old club, I’ve just heard it’s 10000000000000000000-1 against! Let’s just hope somebody else gets the ball in front of goal. I also hope Bobby Z gets a great reception and I’m sure he will. A real servant and a true Hammer. He certainly won’t be rubbing it in if he gets on the scoresheet tomorrow, as he’d rather be scoring in a WH shirt, but lets hope we don’t find out how he masks any celebration. Lets see a determined performance from the lads and a swift 2 fingers up to the pundits on sky & motd. COYI

  17. SJ Chandos says:

    I am sure the fans will give Zamora a stunning welcome. The media always pontificate about the crowd’s reaction to Ince, Lampard, Defoe et al, but ignore the positive responses that other former players receive. Rio, Carrick and Joe Cole always receive welcomes; while the respect shown Tevez was amazing! Zamora played key roles in our promotion and retention of our PL status. He deserves our appreciation. As for Paintsil, well he was one of those cult figures, like Samassi Abou and Repka, whose popularity is based on something above and beyond his playing ability!

    The results today, overall, went well for us. A win tomorrow puts us 8th on 29 points, 8 points above the relegation zone. It’s an opportunity that we must take. I dread the prospect of Di Michele partnering Cole, but on past selection policy, that’s the way Zola is likely to jump! Perhaps he will decide to give Sears his chance, I certainly hope so. The Fulham match to custom made for Sears to come in and do the business, lets keep our fingers crossed!

    A 2-0 victory tomorrow, a 4th round FA cup victory next week and a good win over a stumbling Hull City to consolidate our place in the top 8. The perfect scenerio!

  18. Tevezgate says:

    When the ball hits your head
    As you sit in Row Z
    That’s Zamora…

    Only kidding bobby, you were invaluable to us in both getting and staying up, you will get a big round of applause from us tomorrow – but please don’t score one ffs!

  19. pedro garcia says:

    he’s a top man is our Bobby and will certainly get a little clap from me tomorrow.
    i will always remember the away goals at Birmingham & Arsenal , the stunning volley against Ipswich in the second leg of the second play off and of course the winner at Cardiff. and he’s a hammer. to be honest i think he should be the one thats still he and Curbs should have let CC go last summer. bets he plays well tomorrow. perhaps we should sign him back πŸ™‚
    p.s have you all seen the Tevezgate story in tomorrows NOTW ?
    maybe we are going to be OK after all !!

  20. Simon from Gravesend says:

    While I will always applaud Bobby Z when he returns to UP, the fact remains that he is simply not up to Premier League standard as his goal return for Fulham shows. All effort and no end result I’m afraid. A brainless, headless chicken. He was never good enough to lead the line at West Ham and it was excellent business to sell him for the amount we got.

  21. SJ Chandos says:

    A further thought on the Burt article in The Independent today. It was a very good peice that has shed light on current club policy and practice. But I think the significance of ‘The Project’ is that it addresses a major weakness that we, as a club, have exhibited over many years, a failure to achieve and maintain continuity in first team matters.

    How many times have West Ham produced a very good team and let it fall apart? Greenwood inherited the majority of his great side of the mid-1960s from Fenton’s youth system. He added Bradbrook and Byrne and applied his unrivalled coaching and tactical ability and the rest is history.

    But that great team was not enhanced and replenished, it fell apart. Standen, Bond, Byrne, Brown, Peters and Sissons left or retired and the club brought in inferior replacements like Cushley, Stephenson, Eustace and Clyde Best. The result, stagnation, under-achievement and the sinful waste of three world class talents!

    Similarly, look at Lyall’s teams. The 1975/76 and 1980/81 teams both fell apart and had to be rebuilt, after a period of prolonged stagnation. The 1985/86 team should have been the basis of a era of league and cup success. Instead, it fell apart and we had the joke situation where Lyall had to sell three class strikers, Goddard, McAvennie and Cottee, and replace them with Rosenior and David Kelly!! The result, decline, relegation and a long subsequent recovery.

    Funnily, I think Redknapp broke that trend for a short while, he managed to continually improve the team until the sale of Rio, when another cycle of slow decline, relegation and recovery reasserted itself.

    So, in a nut shell my thesis is that the defining trend has been this reoccurring cycle of success, decline and reconstruction, rather than replenishing successful teams to achieve continuity and sustainability. Compare that with the old Liverpool model where they continually brought in new blood and fitted it in to a successful template. For instance, they sold Keegan at the height of his reputation and replaced him with Dalgish, arguably a better player. The result of this policy, decades of sustained success.

    This trend in West Ham’s modern history is not the fault of Greenwood, Lyall or even Redknapp. It root cause lies in the small minded and unambitious board of directors that controlled the club over many years. The persistent failure to invest in successful teams to strengthen and improve them. Could The Project be the blue print to establish that continuity and finally bring sustained success to the club?

  22. SJ Chandos says:

    Yes Pedro, that’s what I have been saying all along, all that documented evidence against one person’s unsubstantiated account of a conversation! On the balance of probabilities what conclusion could you reach, other than the agreements were properly and formally terminated. A process overseen and validated by the PL!

    There can only be one outcome and with it the credibility of the Griffths ruling comes crashing down!

  23. chris says:


  24. SJ Chandos says:

    It’s not often that I praise a tabloid, but fairs, fair, well done NoW and Mr Beesley! Chew on that Sportsmail, Sports Mirror and the running dogs of Sheffield Utd hypocrisy!!!!!

  25. Biffo the bear says:

    I’m sure Bobby Zamora will be looking forward to getting a liitle clap off pedro garcia! Let’s hope they don’t make us watch!

  26. appyhammer says:

    I hope that they get a good reception as the Z man deserves it as he nevere wanted to go but had no choice, it was either he or cc that was going to go and the offer was for the zman. I hope at the end of the match there is a chant of ‘play up pompey’. Just so the three mercenaries know of the reception that they will get when they return to lose against us.

  27. Mikey says:

    When he scored – “my club, my f***ing club!” Said it all. A genuine supporter that played for the club he loved. Thanks for the memories Bobby Z. P.S. So sad to see spuds bottom of the prem! Let’s hope pompey and campbell stuff ’em today and root them there!! Then let’s watch Bellamy head to Man City t play with Robinho & Kaka or join a relgation dogfight! IRONS!

  28. Falvo says:

    Indeed, two good players that appeared to be the basis of Walker’s World in the programme every other week. πŸ™‚
    Zamora did some great things for us, as Iain says he scored some really crucial goals for us that have created west ham history.
    And Pantsil… well what can you say about Pantsil. All heart, hard-working. Would’ve kept him instead of Lucas Neill.
    Had the stadium clutching their sides when he did a one-man lap of honour.. good times. πŸ™‚

  29. Entirely agree woth the snetiments, and he should get a fantastic welcome.

    When the game kicks off though i’ll hate him with a passion just like i hate all of the oposition players. And then after 90 minutes i’ll start to love him again πŸ™‚

    Serioudly though, that stat of 40 goals in 100 games is pretty damn good, and he always played his heart out for this club.

    A great guy!

    (certain he’ll score against us).

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