Redknapp & Bellamy: Made for Each Other

Back on June 7 2007 I wrote THIS

Today’s Times is predicting that Yossi Benayoun will be used as bait in a deal with Liverpool to get Craig Bellamy. Not sure I approve of that. Bellamy has been a troublemaker at every club he has been to – Norwich, Coventry, Newcastle, Blackburn and Liverpool are just the ones I can remember. Not sure how would be conducive to a good team spirit…

A week later I WROTE

It seems we will now haggle over a swap deal involving Craig Bellamy. As I have said before, I am not a fan. Sure, on his day he can be a brilliant player, but he is too inconsistent and has been disruptive at every club he has been at.

And THIS is what Alan Shearer had to say about him.

Today’s TELEGRAPH and MAIL and TIMES all have the rundown on the events of yesterday, which, it seems have resulted in Bellamy going on strike. What a little ****. West Ham have stood by him through all his injury problems. Lest we forget (and he clearly has) since he signed eighteen months ago, he has made a mere 22 league appearances, scoring 9 goals. A good ratio, but a terrible appearance record.

Loyalty is a word which doesn’t seem to exist in football much nowadays. Harry Redknapp and Craig Bellamy are made for each other.


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  1. Sam H says:

    Well said Iain!

    You can add Defoe to that list

  2. delmo says:

    I think as noted by everyone here, he is not wanted and best got rid of now. Although he wont be much liked by hammers fans, it is something he must be use to with only Celtic fans still holding him in high esteem as he ws only on loan there.

    I think now best to forget this and look to the future, with however much we get in get a better and younger player with hunger and desire to prove himself on the bigger stage.

    Ideas on players….maybe the German who has been in the press. Honestly though give Tristan the run out his trips in reserves has deserved, and then maybe we may be able to spen money elsewhere (left wing/midfield)

  3. SJ Chandos says:

    Spurs conduct and transfer dealings, during this window, need to be investigated. How did Redknapp know Bellamy wanted to play for Spurs if there had been no contact? I am sure that the club will be supported by Portsmouth and Middlesboro!

    They may deserve each other, but if it was up to me I would not sell to Spurs at any price. Strike a 15m deal with City and tell Bellamy that he agrees to the move or he stays! Time to really play hard ball! It is a shame really, Bellamy could have been a hero at Upton Park, but he has obviously been promised much improved terms by the rats down at WHL.

  4. Roshi says:

    I just don’t care! never liked the bloke, arrogant little toe rag who thinks he is God’s gift.
    OK he’s a good footballer, but by reputation he is a disruptive influence where ever he has laced his boots. Get rid of him, give Freddie a run in the team, the boy will score more goals and play for what he believes…..a much better scenario.
    What would we prefer…a mercenary who pretends allegiance (I’m here for the long term) or a kid that is Hammer through and through who will give his heart and soul for our magnificent club. GET RID OF THE DROSS LOOK TO TO THE FUTURE.
    I believe we have a great management partnership who will move us forward, Craig Bellamy has been a problem at every club he has played for (imaginary injuries his speciality) get him out, and start using the boys who play from the heart, I’m fed up to the back teeth of these prima donna

  5. Roshi says:

    Sorry pressed the wrong ky! To continue: superstars who are there for the the ridiculous money they are earning.

  6. SJ Chandos says:

    There is a very good article by Jason Burt in today’s Independent. It explains ‘The Project’ at West ham, the way in which the club is organised/managed and what they hope to achieve. Every Hammers fan should read it to appreciate the direction in which they want to move the club. Highly recommnded!

  7. Roshi says:

    SJ, well said!! what baffles me is,
    who would want to play for Spurs, they will go down this year, the team is a shambles, and without doubt Harry has taken on more that he can chew!!

  8. clack says:

    Loyalty is a word that doesn’t exist in footbball much these days.

    Too right, Iain, particularly concerning managers – just ask Alan Curbishley, Alan Pardew and Harry Redknapp.

    West Ham sacked Redknapp after he did a good job overall for 7 yrs in my opinion, so I don’t think you can expect him to show any loyaly towards us now. He’s just doing what he’s good at – attracting players to his club – and he’ll have been careful enough not to get caught doing anything wrong.

    FWIW, I think this will be a good deal for everyone all round if it happens.

    Good for Spurs, who can afford to the inflated 12 million for Bellamy, and good for Redknapp, who probably knows how to deal with difficult players like Bellamy and Di Canio, and get the best out of them.

    But most important of all, it’s a good for WHU. Getting 12 million for a 29 yr old, who has a poor fitness / injury record over last few seasons is good business for a club of our size, in our financial situation.

    Bellamy was sold the dream by Magnusson when he joined – now that dream’s over, he’s not so interested in Zola’s long-term project. It’s clear he wants out, regardless of the fact that it’s Spurs and Redknapp.

    I’m hoping Zola will be given at least half of the fee to sign a new striker and I’m sure that there are good ones out ther – ,younger ones, less injury prone than Bellamy.

  9. cheddars says:

    now lets see nani earn his wages with 12 or 15 million to buy a young quality striker.bellamy ‘s best quality is his speed that surly will start to go once he reaches 30 and in 12 months time what will his worth be

  10. redkipper says:

    Players come, players go, that is the way of it now. The days of Brooking staying all his football life at one club are long gone. No use moaning about it.
    When and not if Bellamy goes the main thing is to get in his place some one with real pace up front.
    Watched Wonkey Eye just now and have to agree with him for once when he says the press just keep writing any rubbish to invent a story about players going and comming from clubs.
    It seeems Man City will get anyone they want which has been the case for years with Man United and recently with the Chelsea. We are no where near their money supply and can not compete at the moment.
    So just let them get on with it and hope our club can make the best of any deals going, at least better than we did under Curbs when we ended up paying over the top for second rate players on top pay.

  11. Kiwi Hammer says:

    F*ck off you little prick!!! Always hated you and never pictured you as a West Ham sort of a bloke anyway. I will never forget seeing him cry like a baby when he got subbed by Souness in a FA Cup match a few years back.

    Enjoy playing in the Championship next season.

  12. james says:

    i know your some smart fans on here so i think you may appreciate this article

  13. james says:

    its a long one but worth the read

  14. Hammer Ray says:

    Sorry chaps, but I can’t agree with the herioc status given by some Hammers fans to Rednapp. If you spoke to many Pompey, Bournemouth and Southampton fans, he is certainly not held with such high regard as some seem to feel. West Ham were the only club to see through his dodgy free transfers that were crippling the club with astronomic wage bills that have damaged his other clubs, and ours. I personally have the utmost respect for Billy Bonds, and what does he think of his former best mate these days??? Arry loves to take the credit for unexpected wins, but will divert the blame to anyone for losing, or any dodgy transfer, to the players, or to anyone else walking by. He’s a spiv, always will be, and the Spuds will find this out to their cost, thank God. Enjoy the Championship Spurs. COYI

  15. delmo says:

    Not that this is a Pick on The Redknapp, because while at west ham he did do a lot of good things……..BUT

    * Manny Gate
    *Treatment of Bonzo
    *Constant moaning of ‘bare bones’
    *Treatment of pro’s who gave it all but in last years either upset or questioned him i.e Potts, Dicks and unsworth.

    We all know the great wheeler dealer and yes he did get Kitson and Hartson who saved us (but again what happened to kits after that season injured never seen again), he bought Di Canio and he became a legend. But for every Di Canio there is a Boogers, for every win against spurs was a defeat to Stockport in the rain. And for every time he uses the old i am a cockney geezer template, rumours circulate about him being corrupt, backstabbing and just a trifle lucky with things that he does.

  16. chris says:

    This will all cheer you up!
    Quote ….this is from a west ham person,who I cant say sorry.
    TEVEZ is coming back to us on loan.

  17. Hammer Ray says:

    Thanks Delmo..good points…will never dispute the legend that is Di Canio, but I pick up on your point about Rednapp being lucky..because he’s been very lucky wherever he’s been, but his luck seems to be running out. Did he relegate the Saints?? No one seems to remember that! I didn’t mention Bellamy in my previous message, but as much as I like him as a player, I hate his attitude, so if what we read is true I think we should cash in and build on GZ’s passion for players that really want to be there, although I think we need a real quality finisher to keep us going. LBM & Cole will never keep us up despite their workrate. Clarke has instilled a solid defence & we need to keep Parker but I don’t think it would be a loss if Bellamy wants to defect to the Spuds if we can use the silly money that Rednapp will splash! COYI

  18. delmo says:

    Tevez already on loan, ‘a player already on loan then cannot be loaned again’. We would have to buy him for him to come back.

    Now Joe Cole on loan…….or Kaka on loan when man c ity buy him because they dont want his price to go down while playing against crewe, Barnsley et all sounds ok though. (dream land again……..think more chance of someone like kris boyd or matty fryatt wearing coming though)

  19. delmo says:

    Complete tangent who was manager when it was pottsy last game for us, but never brought him on as sub in last game at upton park for i think game cap 400 for us i think??

  20. Sactown Hammer says:

    If he goes on strike sunday, does the club have right to dock wages? If this comes to a boil, get rid of him before he becomes a cancer. I see this same crap over here in the states with tese big ego athletes. For the most part I dont bother going to games over here for that particular reason. They believe their above everything. To hell with him. Perhaps his reason form was for auditioning purposes. Hopefully we will have a replacement

  21. delmo says:

    I still belive that Tristan could be the answer, as when played with a hitman (as with deportivo) he was great, however when played as a lone or central striker he form and confidence dipped. That and being Spainish need to try and get one of my fellow countrymen in the team!!!!

    Germans/Portugesse/Romainians/Ukrainains/DR Congo/Welsh but never no Spainiards……..could be because until last year Spain as a national team was even less sucessful than the west ham team!!!

  22. Hammer Ray says:

    IF and only IF what is being reported is true, then there is no point trying to keep him. Fail to see how a player can show such dis respect for us, but if it’s true, please get rid asap. Spurs deserve him. He’ll hate them soon enough when the Championship beacons, and so will Arry! It won’t be his fault anyway!!! Probably Bonzo’s fault eh Arry??

  23. OZ ex chicken runner says:

    This site is so good for hammers overseas, great to get so many views, often conflicting, on the goings on at UP. SJ, great posts,you seem well informed and must spend quite some time on research…I wish i had the time, but business committments!!!(part of which is actually an egg farm I do have my own chicken run!! with 8500 “fans” that have to agree with me!!)
    Loyalty does not seem to matter among many players these days, does Bellamy forget so easily when he was injured…only played 22 games!! divide that into his wages and he probably earns more than Kaka for actual playing time! Just hope if he goes that we make it an auction and sell to the highest bidder, and then hopefully sign someone decent. The hammers have given me so many highs and so many lows over the past 50 years but they are still MY club…till I die..keep the faith COYI

  24. chris says:

    Cant see where a goals gunna come from if we play cole and tristan,you gunna have to play 2 wingers,that we dont have?

  25. Hammer Ray says:

    Make no mistake..we need a replacement for Bellamy if the **** goes. Preferably someone who knows where the onion bag is! God help us if he goes for an ‘undisclosed fee’!!! Let’s disclose the fee for once so we know what we can afford and what we actually got. I would suggest we use the money for Benni Macarthy for the time being, as he was always keen on coming to us before the previous politics got in the way. Brown etc. COYI Great site Iain .

  26. brooking still the best says:

    Bellamy may be everything said in the above posts but there is no gettting away from this fact. He is a great striker and will be very hard to ge an equal replacement for the money we might get for him. If he wasn’t such a sh*t with an injury record as long as your arm, he would be worth more then twice as much.

    Yet again one of our players reportedly chooses to join Spurs, are they really percieved to be that much “bigger” If he does go, I hope he joins Man C.

    Redkrapps conduct in this is disgraceful, if any Hammers fans have still got any lingering effection for this old scum bag then I hope now its gone.

  27. joe says:

    let bellamy go time to give sears his chance.

  28. RunningHammer says:

    I’m completely with Hammer Ray on Redknapp – i’ve never really understood this sort of pseudo-hero-status regard that he’s held in by some Hammers fans. He follows the money – bleeds a club dry with dodgy signings and when the money’s gone he moves on to the next big purse. What’s his record? 20 odd years of management, one FA cup, and got a good Saints side relegated….let’s not forget his switch from Pompey to Saints and then back. If you wanted any evidence of loyalty missing from football he’s a prime example.

    Some Hammer’s fans seem to take almost some nostalgic pride in his “del boy” antics but I just think he’s a nasty bit of work.

  29. RunningHammer says:

    And yes we will urgently need a replacement for Bellamy if we’re to fight off relegation, and another “over the hill italian on loan” ain’t good enough. Not even close.

  30. pjd says:

    doesnt really matter let them all go,football is dead to me now.players are motivated by money and is just their tv is just as bad.i have followed the irons for 40 years but now i find myself out of love with the game.i have given my season tks away for the rest of the day i may come back,who knows.but now its non league football for me,players playin for the love of the game.goodbye west ham its been nice knowing you

  31. E1 says:

    accept the offer and get rid he ain’t going to save them thay are going down !!!
    Arry’s had his day time to flop and this lot will help it happen. This now could make our squad stronger and more up for it they will not be happy that he his prepared to walk out on their hard work and ambitions, so fingers crossed it may be a positive move, time to MOVE ON a team is not about one player or are we now all agreeing with shitfield utd and Teves kept us up all on his own ? Our aim now should be to show the doubters what we are all about and above all else finish higher than the spuds !!
    COYI !!!!

  32. richard says:

    Just a word on the Independent piece. Have to disagree with you SJ on it being a good article, I’d never trust anything coming from Duxbury’s mouth, which this clearly does. If I was at all cynical I’d say this is him PR’ing himself in time for any change of ownership that may come about. And to cite McCartney’s sale as a good deal is really pushing it. I love Ilunga and he has been a great acquisition, but it was clearly a risk and could easily have turned out to be another Dimichele instead. McCartney was great last season and shouldn’t have been sold, and the price wasn’t that spectacular either for a proven Prem League defender. Furthermore he (McCartney) made it quite clear in the summer he didn’t ask to go back to Sunderland and I’d believe him over Duxbury any time.

  33. E1 says:

    IF he is on strike the club should just do a maggie Thatcher and let him sit at home, we have his contract,sod the money lets show him and any players that we are not a club to be held to ransom, I am sure we don’t have to pay him either do we ?

  34. simo says:

    So Bellamy is on strike, what a mature little individual he is, somebody throw him a farleys rusk in the direction of WHL so he can go there and spit his dummy out, it is a shame but nowadays it’s no suprise, like you say iain, there made for each other.
    Hope we get a good replacement, bound to be bloody bent, i hear chelsea are having a clear out, get joey back and anelka will do me, i know that’s wishful thinking, probably end up with some unheard of foreigner, guess it’ll be a damn good oppurtunity for young freddie, least he’s true to the cause and he’ll give 100%.
    It’s a shame, but as all irons fans know, no suprise at all, same old.

  35. D&G says:

    OK forget about Bellamy we now need TWO strikers, a Left Midfielder, an creative midfielder and a RB all within two weeks!!

  36. colney says:

    what a load ov tosh.ian ,please please please dont stoke these stupid ,half baked stories that are soo sooo full ov it. you are more than able to see through this over inflated bull.Bellamy would never go on strike,he aint that stupid and if he does go to spudlies then its not because he has sudenly become disloyal,he is exactly what we bought and have bought in the past,a player with an attitude and possible trouble for club and manager,hard to handle,very vocal and just about an all round pain in the you know what.However somehow we all think he has changed coz he comes to west ham? i be thinking not.He is one ov those players that if hes playing for your side you love him,however put him in lilley white youde hate him.Bellamy has stated he doesnt want to leave west ham in the past but things within the club have driven him the the front door.take a picture ….would you as a neutral, want to play for a club that does what west ham do? answer that honestly and you will see.our constant issues are what the players have to put up with as well.they came to west ham on promises,big where have they gone? fadded and died as it says.west ham is exactly what weve all fallen in love with over the years,nothings changed but we all dream ov better things,our expectations are what makes all this so painfull.

  37. Kennet says:


    I am disapoionted. Was it not you that objected to *’s being used the other day?

    Only joking mate, this situation is enough to make a Nun swear 😉

    We can only sell him to Cithe never seel to the Spuds ever again.

  38. Wibs - NorthWestHammers says:

    Spot on, get rid of the mercenary little twat. 22 games for us and thinks he’s god. Leave him to sit in his own pile of s***e, the time is right for Freddie Sears.

  39. andyhammer says:

    1. Getting rid of bellamy means one less player who is not committed to the cause.
    2. This will put an end to the transfer speculation for the rest of the window.Once he is gone, we won’t sell one more top player. This means that Green, Upson, Illunga, Parker, Behrami will be staying. As fans we will be able to relax a lot more now. One big name gone- no more leaving
    3.The squad will be even more focused now.
    4. Perfect scenario. West ham get a bit of money and they didn’t go back on their word on selling. The squad has one less committed player and the upsons, parkers, greens etc see that the club tried everything to hold on to him.
    5. Stanislas. Did anyone see him against chelsea, Showed some great touches and turn of speed, with a great awareness. He could play on the left wing now he looked that good. Got back and defended well. An academy he will be committed to the cause.
    6.The academy continues to produce top quality. Tomkins, Sears, Noble, Collison and stanislas.
    7. The replacement. I think we will see a young, talented and(this is important considering the bellamy situation) eager striker join.
    8. The cancer has been cut out. A snivelling, wretched, sulking player only breeds negativity and resentment among a squad, cut out the cancer and cleanse…oh and get a good few quid for it as well!!!!!!!

  40. Richard says:

    Hi James,
    I read the article that you suggested. I think every supporter should take a bit of time to read this. It is a good piece. For once it would appear that West Ham have a long term plan to work with young players who will fulfull thier potential . I feel with Zola and Clarke and nani we have a good knowledge and expereince has to how a football club should be run.

  41. Japatti says:

    Judus Manager at a judas club with judus players and judus supporters they all deserve each other. Now i’m off to find my golf clubs in the off chance i bump into the welsh tw@t.

  42. brooking still the best says:

    the thinking behind Bellamy going, the rest will stay is very flawed. I reckon once they allow him to go it will open the floodgates. It will tell the others, spit your dummy and you get what you want.

    I am with pgd, maybe not quite as extreme but football is dying. Players have no respect. money money money. I will always be a hammer but if things go on like they are, talk of points deduction, the club having no money ect, this might be the last of the 29 years of being a season ticket holder. I know others a ready to take my place, but I am fed up in helping feed their greed. Football has changed, not for the good.

    Man C, Chelski and Man U, all trying to buy the title, what chance is there for any other team. It isnt sport anymore.

  43. Lever says:

    Bellamy out. Whether the little s*** goes to Spurs or Abu Dhabi City doesn’t matter, just as long as WH get a good price for him (which would make a move to the north west more profitable. I mean preferable)

    On Harry: He’s a chancer and despite some fans looking back on him all misty eyed, he’s gone, long gone so get over it. Look at his own “allegiances” over the last few years; as Iain says, he & Bellamy are made for eachother, just like that other bed-wetter Jermaine the Foe.

    As for The Independent article: interesting, yes. Excellent, no. Whilst I appreciate there being a written statement of intent for the club I feel that Duxbury has probably had to change his pants one too many times and is now trying to distance himself from the trouble that he was deeply involved in. Good luck to him, but bear in mind that Terence Brown’s number two is still floating around the club.

  44. brooking still the best says:

    Sorry for another post. Just needed to say this.
    I wish I had a pound every time I have heard a club, including ours that they are building for the future with buying young players and developing them. Yeah, sounds great.
    Then as soon as they turn any good, we sell them. It wont change, a Man U, Chelski Man C or Even Tottscum comes in. they want off and we have to let them go.
    The only way to keep good players is to invest in more good players, something clubs like West Ham will never be able to do.

  45. Basildon Bob says:

    Agreed. If Bellamy goes, the rest could follow in a similar fashion.

    What are the PFA rules on holding a player to his contract? If we refuse to sell and he continues with this self imposed strike surely the fines he gets for not turning up to training, matches etc means he receives no wages until he toes the line. Not the ideal scenario,but it tells the player and other teams managers that we do not condone this type of thing happening in our club.

    I’m disappointed in Bellamys attitude here, but I reality should I be surprised. We took him from Liverpool, where, lets face he would have been a sub all season, he spends most of last season injured, then when he comes back, gives us only half a season playing time then demands a move to Sp*rs. The fans deserve better Craig.

  46. Roy says:

    I put Sky Sports News on this morning to have a laugh at all the information from their “sources”. I agree with an earlier post – they must be on some sort of incentive with the Bellamy story as it just keeps on and on. However, the interview with Zola did indicate that their was a problem yesterday and there are reports that he cleared out his locker at Chadwell Heath and said goodbye to staff. Zola is saying that he is available for the Fulham match. If he has cleared his locker than he can’t possibly be considered for selection for both mental and moral reasons. Mental is a pretty good word when discussing Bellamy, I reckon.
    I read the article in the Independent and found it positive. I’m pretty cynical about anything Duxbury says but over the past few months the “football project” does seem to be taking shape. Also, the statement that we won’t sell our best players in the transfer window has, so far, been realised. I think that Bellamy has to go now but with the sort of money on offer and the fact that he obviously feels it is time to go and cause problems somewhere else has made this inevitable. I don’t think we can possibly blame the club when this happens.
    Getting a replacement will be a big test of Nani’s ability and Zola’s attraction. As I’ve said before we really ought to get an established premier league striker as it would be quicker to bed him in than someone from overseas. The problem is that these don’t grow on trees. One player I would look at is Doyle at Reading. He had two years in the top flight and scored a lot of goals and is still banging them in this season in the Championship. I know this sort of move would be against the aims of the “football project” but this is about half a season and ensuring that we stay up.

  47. SJ Chandos says:

    Do we have two Richards? One likes the Independent and the other does not! Well Richard who dislikes the article, that’s your opinion, so great. As regards the point about the sale of McCartney, he was purchased for 600,000 and Clarke and was sold for 4m or 6m (depending on who you talk to). In addition, we brought in Illuga, who looks a better left back. That sounds like very good business to me.

    You obviously rated McCartney, fair enough. He was solid, but nothing special in my view. As to the circumstances surrounding his departure, who knows who gave the correct account? On Illunga, they made a professional assessment of his ability and made a decision, that has been proven correct. That is what Nani is employed for, surely? It could have gone wrong, granted, but it did not. So the club were vindicated in what they did.

    As for mistrusting Duxbury, a lot of supporters agree with you. And I do not think any of us are clear about what is happening on the proposed sale/investment in the club. So I cannot really comment on that point.

    But I still not understand how any of this makes the Burt article bad? It is a clear and well written account of the policy that is guiding the club’s development under Zola. Zola often refers to this ‘project’ and we had a rough idea about it, but this article lays it out in detail for the first time. You think that it is Duxbury propaganda, it might well be?

    However, I do not believe that any intellectual production is a bad thing, because it provides us with information that we can critically assess. As a result of that process, we might well conclude that a peice is wrong or flawed, but critically engaging with it has helped us to reach that conclusion and, simultaneously, has helped us refine and develop our own opinions and positions.

    We have both done that and reached different conclusions, that’s life!

  48. Hammered in Singapore says:

    Picture this: Bellamy plays first game for Tottenham and pulls his hamstring. He’s out for 8 weeks. Tottenham don’t get the results they need and find themselves 2nd from bottom. Bellamy comes back into the team at the expense of Defoe who hasn’t scored since rejoining. The last game of thes season: Tottenham require a win to stay up. They draw. Bellamy and Defoe in the Championship – now wouldn’t that be justice.

    After hoping Bellamy wouldn’t be sold I now hope the Club do sell him. What nonsense is his behavior, Totternham and him deserve each other.

  49. SJ Chandos says:

    It is good that the Southend performance had made more fans aware of Stanislaus’ potential. He is definitely one for the (near) future. One of his positive attributes is his ability at set peices, corners and free kicks. Something that we need to improve on. Hopefully he will come back from loan now and push on.

    It is always good when a young professional samples life at the lower levels of the game. It shows them the other side of the coin and gives them greater determination to succeed.

  50. irontc says:

    As spuds made a very low £6 million bid for bellamy on Christmas eve, I would say that they were/are already pretty confident that Bellamy has agreed to join them.

    Bellamy in recent weeks has looked settled and happy. It now looks as this is because he has been on a promise from spuds/redknap and he knows he will be gettin a new 3 year deal with loads of wonga.

    Hes bound to get injured soon, his best days are coming to an end and he can have an argument in an empty house. Him and Arry deserve each other!

    So I say flog him to spuds hopefully for over £12mil.

  51. DevoDevo says:

    Morning all!

    First, Redknapp. I’m with Hammer ray and the other posters who despise this man. His tenure at West Ham may have been entertaining, but he was lucky to have been there when the Academy produced it’s finest batch of players. As someone said, Di canio was an inspired signing, but I would think he signed more duffs than any other manager, normally from the same agent.

    I can’t believe Redknapp gets away with this constant tapping up of other teams players and I believe the Premier league should conduct an inquiry into his behaviour.

    Bellamy – something is definitely amiss. I can understand him wanting to to talk to man City for sill y money, but why would anyone want to jump ship to join Spurs? Spurs are in disarray and have a good chance of relegation, whereas West Ham could be 7th if they get decent results in their next two fixtures.

    I agree 100% with SJ; Tell him if he wants to leave it is to Citeh (he won’t even get a game if they get all their targets) and tell Spurs to stick their money up Twitchy’s backside.

    To say I’m disappointed with Bellamy is an understatement. I truly believed he could have been a legend here had he stayed and he intimated he wanted to be here for the long haul.

    I look forward to his return to Upton Park in a different shirt, though I suspect he’ll be injured.

  52. DevoDevo says:

    Oh, one more thing: I would like to see Freddie start alongside Cole, but he seems to be down the pecking order below the pedestrian Di Michele and Tristan, who is none too mobile himself.

    We need his pace up front if Bellamy is gone, otherwise the football we have been playing won’t be as effective.

  53. Dott Cotton says:

    In truth it’s nothing we didn’t already know. Spurs will be is 8th club in eleven years, says a lot about the guy.

    Totally expected however if we can hold out for £13-£15m then I’ll be happy. The trouble is will other key players use this an opportunity to push their own agenda’s and request moves? I don’t think so as the club hve repeatedly knocked back bids, offered CB a new contract and even refused him permission to talk to other clubs, I’m not sure what else they could’ve done.

    Good article in the Independent today and shed some light on the true cost of the Freddie affair. Nothing like the £12m figure touted by the papers at the time.

    We’ll need a replacement quick time for Bellemy. Tristan is too old and hasn’t done it for a while, the Italian is woefully lightweight, and LBM (1 goal in 30 games), I’m jut gutted he’s still at the club.

  54. irontc says:

    I think Bellamy is probably settled in London and doesnt want to go back up north.

    To be fair to Bellamy, maybe Duxo couldnt or wouldnt give him a yes on his future.

    funny how we only hear now that wham want to offer him a new deal.

    Its a shame – but im afraid ist bye bye.

  55. Hammer Ray says:

    My final comment on the Redknapp tapping up/ Spiv antics actually made me laugh my head off. When our Arry defected to the Spuds he was asked if Tony Adams would also become part of his new management team there. He replied that Mr Adams couldn’t possibly join him because of his loyalty to the Bigger North London team he served for so long. This loyalty thing was clearly an issue that didn’t trouble Harry though did it! Clearly no principles there then! I’ll stop now and will start concentrating on the people and players at West Ham that want to pull on the shirt and fight for their places. Top debate though..I’ll definitely be back. COYI….Bring on Fulham!!

  56. Dott Cotton says:

    They offered him a new contract in a last ditched attempt to keep him at the club, what’s funny about that? He has just over 18 month remaining on his existing contract, less than prolific scoring record (last four games excluded) who is also injury prone, why offer him a 2 year extension in November when most people knew he’d likely be off in January.

    Be honest, how many people actually expected to stay beyond the end of January with his history?

    Look at Ashton. Another big contract signed and the fat lump is out injured again. I think the club are finally learning some lessons.

  57. eleeNYC says:

    He’s done and dusted. Forget about him, Take the money and pay for the cab to White Hart Lane. We need to focus on the season. He’s gone.


  58. irontc says:

    Yes Dott, lets hope the club has learnt a few lessons and the long suffering hammers fans are now going to get some stability and some great football to watch.

    hopefully all this negativity will be turnred to our advantage and this is the start of something very special!


  59. Basildon Bob says:

    Loyalty in football no longer exists, Money talks and who ever is offering the most will rule the roost in terms of what players will come to them, regardless of what the prospects of success are. Look at us with Neil and Boa Morte in 2006.

    Spurs will come a cropper with their transfer dealings soon enough, they complain when bigger teams take their players yet dismiss others when they employ the same tactics. Just ask Boro and Wigan over the way they have used these ideas when bidding for Downing and Palacios.

  60. knobhead says:

    bang on iain, gone are the days when a player played for one club and one club only.

    its so frustrating that we paid good money for bellars and got 22 apps and 9 goals, then he decides that he wants to leave. Zola is doing a good job of getting us on track and the players hes trying damn hard to hold on to are starting to play really well. Then bellamy says he wants to leave and what can zola do? hes already said he cant force him but come on bellamy we stood by him through his injuries where other clubs would’ve put him on the transfer list as soon as he gained fitness.

    (by the way iain if you dont want people swearing i wouldnt swear either haha)

  61. Oskar B says:


  62. SJ Chandos says:

    Are the Sky pundits terminally ignorant? They have just reviewed the West Ham V Fulham game. Apparently it is still all doom and gloom at Upton Park and the sole reason that we have got up to 10th place is Craig Bellamy’s form. Take Bellamy away and we are back in the bottom three (even though we have not been in it all season!). In addition, according to the likes of Phil Thompson, we have to cave in to Bellamy’s tantrums and let him go to Spurs!

    Admittedly, Bellamy has been a major factor in our recent results, but not the only factor! What about the improved defensive record, the form of the midfield and the goals of Cole? What about the emegence of Collison and the form of Berhami? None of these are relevent apparently!

    Phil Thompson is just a professional Scouser, Paul Merson ….. I am not even going to go there! Charlie Nicholas is a well meaning sort of guy, who has frequently expressed sympathy for the fans of the club, but he is totally off the pace. No acknowledgement of the club’s refusal to sell our key players and an insistence that we need to sell because of alleged financial problems !!!! He still thinks that Newcastle’s approach for Neill is ongoing for goodness sake!

    Please tell me what these ex-players add to the sports coverage. They are just repeat the rubbish coming ut of the tabloids!

  63. jpt says:

    Bellamy obviously has to go.
    I used to be a big fan but I think he’ll never settle anywhere.
    Get the money for him and spend wisely – and quickly!

  64. SJ Chandos says:

    Nice to see Zola putting the Bellamy situation in its correct historical context. West Ham Utd FC is bigger than any individual player. We just need to move him on to City, for the right money, and really splash the cash on a top striker. If that striker performs, Sears develops and we progress as a club, it will soon be Craig Bellamy …. who?

    This club has survived the loss of Moore, Hurst and Peters. When Peters left I was down, when Hurst was sold I was devastated and when Moore left I thought it was the end of the world! But it was not, younger players like Brooking and Bonds come through, took up the fight and the club carried on. If we survived the passing of immortals like Moore, Hurst and Peters, little, insignificant foot notes in Hammers history, like Mr Bellamy, are no problem! Keep the faith.

  65. DevoDevo says:

    Spurs currently bottom – there is a GOD! 😀

    SJ – I watched that in dismay. These “experts” only really follow the Sky obsessed “Big 4”.

    Wouldn’t mind Benni McCarthy in Bellend’s place. (see, I’m already refering to him in a derogatory manner).

  66. Falvey says:

    Don’t criticise sky, they have tony cottee! 🙂

    Time to start considering replacements for Bellamy. Bajner is doing okayish in the youths, maybe put him up to the reserves for a harder work out?
    Sears would be a good player if, like tony cottee, he would toughen up a bit and make up for being so small with his strength. Is Zavon Hines still in the picture? He was performing brilliantly in preseason games and I wonder how he would be in the Prem.

    And for goodness’ sake can we get the likes of tristan, di michele and LBM off of the pay roll ??

    I really would like an official statement from the club concerning funds available for spending. I like the suggestion of Benni McCarthy but i think he’d be expensive, how about Kevin Doyle? Topscorer in the Championship with READING!!! Imagine if he had decent players around him!

    Concerning the youth squad, Stanislas assisted the goal against Chelsea with Southend didnt he? Tomkins was playing really well towards the end of last season, and Collison is playing brilliantly at the moment. Maybe we should put some concentration into signing these guys onto new contracts? I know Collison has but no word on Tomkins or Stanislas?


  67. Falvey says:

    Oh yeah and SJ is right, Bellamy is replaceable. Its his choice. He should just prepare for abuse. Simple

  68. Hammer Ray says:

    Good call for Kevin Doyle as long as we don’t pay too much for him. It seems like the sooner we tie the deal with Mr Important the sooner we can look into his replacement. Whoever it is hopefully he will show a little more loyalty than Bellamy, though that shouldn’t be too difficult. I realise there isn’t much loyalty around anymore, but Bellars has well and truly taken the ****! I’m hoping it will drive on the squad and make them even more determined to shut up some of these wonderful pundits. Shearer and Lawro would so love to see us fail, so let’s show em! Starting tomorrow. Could be the big chance Sears has been waiting for!

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