Who Should Partner Carlton Cole?

Zola has a dilemma tomorrow. Assuming Bellamy isn’t going to play, should Cole be partnered by Sears, Tristan or Di Michele? I, along with most of the readers of this blog, would probably go for Sears as he is lighning quick and brings movement to the team. Zola hasnt even included Sears on the bench in many recent games, so I am doubtful that he will start. My guess is that Diego Tristan will get the nod.

There are two other possibilities. The one I dread is that he might do what Curbishley did once or twice and put Boa Morte up front, or secondly that he might play 4-5-1 and play a five man midfield of Collison, Behrami, Parker, Noble and Boa Morte.

What would you do?

Personally, I would put Bellamy on the bench so he could get the “benefit” of all our views. And if he refused, fine him two weeks wages. Which is something they should do anyway.

Not that I am a vengeful person. Oh no. Never let it be said.


60 Responses to Who Should Partner Carlton Cole?

  1. Karl says:

    It would be good to see sears start alongside cole, he’s just as quick as that Championship bound Welsh bloke and has the skills to trouble thier defenders. Zola could then bring LBM on with say 20 minutes to go just to trouble Fulhams defence with his pace (providing we were leading by that point).

  2. lotf says:

    from what i’ve seen so far, sears has everything to be the new bellamy. he is quick, tricky, and has the courage to run at defenders. would love to see him playing off the last defender.

  3. devo says:

    Sears cause he changes Gears

  4. Andrew Osborn says:

    It would be a good to start fred sears along side carlton cole tomorrow as he is quick and he is young. but also it would be good to see diego tristan start as he hasent had much game time for west ham this season. what ever you do dont play luis boa morte up front or even on the pitch as he is rubbish and cant score a goal for crap.

  5. Darren says:

    Sears, all day long, or maybe Dyer. Better still, Dyer and Sears…

  6. simon says:

    dyer with cole

  7. micky says:

    persoanlly bellamy wudn’t be no where near the team any more!! i’d properly play 5 across the middle with boa morte coming back in i wudn’t start di michaele or tristancos tristan looks like he is blowing out of his back side after 5 mins, a fit dyer wud be perfect to play along side cole bags of pace can score goals just a shame he aint fit

  8. micky says:

    persoanlly bellamy wudn’t be no where near the team any more!! i’d properly play 5 across the middle with boa morte coming back in i wudn’t start di michaele or tristancos tristan looks like he is blowing out of his back side after 5 mins, a fit dyer wud be perfect to play along side cole bags of pace can score goals just a shame he aint fit

  9. John says:

    Bellamy is obviously a talented footballer unfortunately his brain development is that of a two year old, Yes I agree with you Ian stick him on the bench and we will give him the stick, and if some club is daft enough to pay 12 million for an injury prone load of trouble good luck to them.

  10. Pete says:

    Dyer – he’s got the pace and has played up front before!

  11. antony buck says:

    Would personally have to go with DiMichele, in my mind he has not had a fair run and looks up for the challenge with sears to come on for the last 20 mins. Still dont think sears is quite ready to fill the welsh gits boots just yet! Totally agree with putting bellamy on the bench an if we didnt need the money so bad we shud let him rot in the reserves – he will need the rest for championship football next season!!

  12. Matt Ryan says:

    BAs much as I LIKED Bellamy, he needs to go! I hope he goes to Spuds and they get relegated and he has no get-out clause in his contract! The guy has the respect, loyalty and brain of a turd! He is acting like a complete baby!

    I say give Cole the full 90! Starting with sears up front with him and if that works great, if not, give Cole and Tristan a chance 🙂

  13. Marleeeen depreciation society says:

    i’d like to see sears play with tristan with dyer included. i think bullard is out which should reduce how effective their set plays are. cole could do with a rest. i expect boa morte to get a hard time again for being greedy this time. can’t the bloke take a hint?

  14. mike says:

    i think we should start with tristan and when hes looking tired after the hour bring on dyer

  15. pedro garcia says:

    Freddie all day long – we need to look forward and Tristan & DiMichele are not the answer.
    as and when Bellamy does go ( and good riddance) we need to get a striker in because if we dont we will be relying on a teenager to get the goals that keep us out of trouble and thats far from ideal.
    does anyone think Zola will get any of the funds raised to spend on a forward ?
    oh yeah and if Bellamy needs a seat for tomorows game he can come and sit next to me –
    i wanted to have a quiet word with him anyway…….

  16. James says:

    Sears for first half, Tristan for the second!!

  17. Matt Ryan says:

    Pedro, I think Zola WILL get some funds for a striker! Purely because the board were willing to not sell David Bellamy and give him a contract so they can’t have been desperate for his fee! So I think they have said to Zola do what you think and he has said that he will get rid of him but he needs to replace him!

    Sorry but Cole (I know he’s improving but not amazing yet) and Sears are NOT enough to get us where we want to be!

  18. pedro garcia says:

    Matt , i hope you are right about the money because when you analyse our forwards –
    Sears (a decent young prospect yes but stiil unproven)
    Cole (tries hard & with a few goals recently but not good enough – goals to chances ratio is very poor)
    DiMichele (technically good but lightweight and i am not at all convinced)
    Tristan (a good player 5 years ago but the fact that he was a free agent tells you something).
    Other options are Dyer and Boa Morte but both these selections have there own problems and we dont have a creative midfileder (apart from maybe Collison – who again us just a kid) in the squad.
    one player doesnt make a team and i dont want to be all doom and gloom but when you add that all up if we dont get another forwad in it looks to me like we could easily get dragged back into the relegation dogfight on the basis that we will not create or score enough goals.

  19. DM says:

    Id start with Tristan and sub him for Sears in the second half.

  20. Disgusted at the Welshman says:

    Maybe Dyer … he is in great reserve form on his comeback, and has done that role for the geordies in the past.

  21. jonnyhammer says:

    If one of us doesnt turn up for work we face disciplinary action, thats the law of the land, Therefore if Bellemy has refused to play then he should face disciplinary procedures and be fined his week’s wages. He shouldn’t draw a single penny until he presents himself to do his job. Simple really!

    I’d have Tristan to start, if anything because he has the nous of a top striker in his time. I would however have Sears on the bench to inject his pace later on in the game. The Fulham defence is big, of thaat there is little doubt, but pace is not in big supply.

  22. Hayden says:

    Dyer will be chomping at the bit to put in a performance… Potentially that could work, Dyer partner Cole?? I haven’t really seen Dyer up front but I assume he can do a job. We need that pace now..

    Which brings me on to Sears, who has the pace… but still lacks on the strength. Zola hasn’t really put him in at all since he’s been though there has he? (Correct me if I’m wrong).

    Tristan hasn’t got the fitness to last most of the match I fear and Di Michele has been awful as of late.

    It leaves a big gap in our squad unfortunately – we need to shop.

    Never thought I’d say it but…. NEILL not Faubert PLEASE!!!!

  23. Rob says:

    Tristan starts, Sears finishes.

  24. Eddie Chappers says:

    I know I will prob be in the minority with this but I say start bellamy, why not? He is still our player and Franco has said the talk of him being on strike is rubbish- might as well run him into the ground whilst we still have him and its in his interest to play well so he does get his transfer……….maybe??

  25. jerry and jamie says:

    start with sears see how he goes bring on tristan or dyer

  26. brooking still the best says:

    Is it all true about Bellamy? We are taking Sky’s word that he cleared his locker out and stuff. Yes, there must be something going on but if he is in the team tomorrow, is it wise that he gets the stick he will get. I hope if if he does start, he gets the benifit of the doubt.
    Sky loves giving the Hammers the worst kind of press, 95% of the time they are talking out of their backsides. Lets wait and see what happens.

  27. Sactown Hammer says:

    I agree with jonny I would fine his ass. The problem remains the same our options are thin. The rest of the forwards are squad players, so your best option up top at this point is go with experience first, then bring on some pace. I would wait until the end of the month to get rid of bellamy, that way spurs can lose a couple of more.

  28. iron man says:

    I think Tristan and Dyer should play some part. Plus Bellamy is a twat I hope if he goes to the Spuds they get relegated !!!!! COYI

  29. Bob in Reno says:

    I think that with all the stuff that’s gone on over the last few weeks in particular the club should really think what would be a “good feel” move . By playing Freddie Sears it would give all the supporters a big lift and allow us all a chance to see the glimpse of the future. Personally 30+ Italians do not show the way.
    As for Bellamy I agree he should be on the bench and then told to warm up several times. Then when a bid comes in from Bolton of $2 million sell him there and see how quick his groin strains up there.

  30. Oskar B says:

    I think we should hold on to LBM until we get another wide option, hopefully Lennon in a part-trade for bellamy.

    Tomorrow i’d start boa morte(!), behrami, parker and dyer(if fit?)

    up front Cole and Di Michele (see how he does, and bring on Sears at half time if Michele’s not up to it).

    And let’s not forget to give Bobby Z and Johnny P the welcomes they deserve.

  31. Peds says:

    Id go with Sears for his pace and movement around Cole.
    As for Bellamy, its a shame we arent a bit more wealthy and dont have a few more proven striker options, cos Id make him see out his contract playing with the youth team, but in reality, I think he will go, as Zola said, and Scolari as well come to mention it, if a player doesnt want to play for you, whats the point ?
    I heard a Bent for Bellamy swap story a while back, is that dead in the water ? Because that would be the worst option, if they threw in a couple of million.
    Or shall we wait till the spuds go down and buy Bent then ? As I type they are rock bottom of the table, brilliant, long may they stay there !!

  32. wonday myson says:

    As disappointed as I am regarding Bellamy’s poor attitude, the club will be better off without him now. There is no room for his disruptive influence within the club – make him sit on the bench on sunday so he can feel the wrath of the supporters. It might be the right time to introduce Kieron Dyer up front with Cole, he has the speed and an eye for goal

  33. Matt Ryan says:

    Eddie, I would normally agree with you but they way the PL is at the moment, we’re not far enough in front of the relegation zone to be able to trust him! If rumours are to be believed then we know he is a liability and I wouldn’t be so sure he would try and lose us the game!

    Sorry mate but I say keep the nob on the bench and make him watch us muller Fulham without him and show him that the Spuds need him more than we do!

  34. Peds says:

    I meant to say Bent for Bellamy WOULDNT be the worst option, typo there , sorry

  35. Matt Ryan says:

    Peds, are you kidding????? Bent is ridiculous! No way!!!! Give us the cash and let Nani and Zola buy someone! This Brescia guy looks ok 🙂

  36. taff anglesey says:

    start off with sears and bring tristan on 2nd half !
    buy jason scotland and mckormack cardiff !

  37. arjan drissen says:

    5 man midfield with collison behrami and boa morte in support of cole. like your idea about putting bellend on the bench though. it’s about time he’ll hear what people think of his behaviour; journalists and papers he can dodge by not listening to the radio, or reading the papers..but fans giving him a roasting will surely effect him. the gobshitting little twat!

  38. Peds says:

    Matt, well yes and no, Id like to think, as you said, that Zola and Nani would get someone at least as good as or hopefully better with the £12 mill or whatever we get, but Tristan and Michele are both their work arent they ? And they dont seem to inspire much confidence in the posts above. Just a thought, god know we all want to see something special, we aint the best supporters in the country for nothing eh ?

  39. DevoDevo says:

    The West Ham Project would suggest Sears should start and would, if I was coach!

    My guess, is that Zola will go with the 5 man MF. Dyer has to be on the bench, he can change any game.

    Great news for us that Bullard is not fit – I love him as a player and his attitude – footballers have a cosseted life, enjoy it ffs.

    Given what has happened this week, wouyldn’t it be great (and ironic) if Boa scored the winning goal!


  40. stuart says:


  41. pete says:

    tristan first half
    Di Michele second half
    sears as sub if needed
    maybe 541 would be cool as dyer is back for the game if the news is right

  42. Saf says:

    4 3 3 I say, with dyer sears and cole up front!!
    Go for it hammers

  43. Peds says:

    I am really looking forward to a fully fit Dyer…………

  44. WESTHAMWAYNE says:

    I would definately start with Tristan 2morro to see what he has got to offer!! he is a class act and needs to be playing now!! He has been at the club for 4 months and hasnt started a game yet so i think it is important for him to think West Ham want him and play him in this game!! Sears on the bench to run them ragged in the last 15 mins!!!

  45. Matt Ryan says:

    I know it;s a different kettle of fish completely but Apparently Tristan has been knocking them in for fun whilst playing in the reserves! So at least give him a chance tomorrow! Even if it’s as a sub 🙂

  46. adam West Ham Religion says:

    i think its time for dyer to get his place back, he can drop off and peel off cole, possibly the best option for sunday, but i got a funny feeling that Di Michele will start and sears will be sub… again.

    i am glad bellamy is going, yeah he is a good player, but this man cannot settle in one place he always has itchy feet when he is at a club. think we should possibly get a replacement quick. a proven player, shame james beattie went to stoke and he would of been a perfect replacement. wait and see, you know west ham they’ll get a fiery player in to prove a point

    ps. hope the yids rot at the bottom

  47. curtis says:

    its finally sears chance!!! come on zola get him in there…he will run them ragged

  48. av hammer says:

    Sorry people but isn’t dean ashton on our books?? All this talk about being lightweight but he will be back soon probably. I know its a while still and he has the tendency to get injured but he is better than bellamy. A proven class forward who doesn’t need long to get settled and score goals. Will be very important in the run -in to hopefully score crucial goals in close games. And we saw wat sears and deano did against blackburn. COYI!!!

  49. Paulo Di says:

    Sears, but if not anyone but LBM who I am still happy to drive up to Hull as and when he wants to go. Also why not have Bellamy as sub but not allow him in the dugout? He would need to spend the whole game warming up on the sideline? He could then “talk” to the WHU fans for the 90 mins, I am sure we would all like to give him our advice.

  50. ironsmith says:

    I would play a midfield 4 of Behrami(right), Dyer and Parker(both central), Collison(left). Tristan and Cole up front with Dyer supporting them in an advanced position- 2-0 to us with this formation.

  51. E1 says:

    tristin 1st half, sears 2nd half, Lbm 1st half, Dyer 2nd half, bring on 2 with pace 2nd half and scare the life out of the cottagers. The welshman will not be missed.

  52. Sactown Hammer says:

    Dean ashton is on the books, but can you seriously count on him to stay healthy for a whole season. He’s been great when hes on the pitch, but not off. You need someone that can stay on the pitch. I say let bellamy go, hopefully management has their eyes on someone

  53. Oscar says:

    Freddie Sears our new Tony Cottee!!!

  54. Roy says:

    I just know he’ll play Di Michele. Why he will play Di Michele I can’t explain. If he wanted to go with just one striker then Dyer would be key but the most we are likely to see of him is a second half appearance for 20 minutes or so.

  55. D&G says:

    Zola can be tactically naive sometimes and I’m sweating as to what kind of formation he will come up with.

    The obvious would be Cole with either Sears or Tristan but I can see a 4-5-1 which against Fulham is 0pts for us.

  56. Ads says:

    As much as I can’t stand Boa Morte, I actually think he is having a good run of games and is playing well at the moment. He has the pace to trouble any defence, it’s just we haven’t seen it in 2 years!! Stick him up front with Cole, and if it doesn’t work, it’s got to be Sears. The only way Sears is going to get Premier League experience is to play more.

    Get shot of Tristan and Di Michele, old, slow and just want a last pay day….

  57. Josh says:

    Should be Sears, will be Di Michelle though.

    Zola seems to have lost faith with Sears.

  58. Michael Szeder says:

    Cole has to start. Few people saying he needs a rest?? u do not rest strikers when they are on a run of scoring form!! If he is gna b rested if would have to be late on in the game. I would go for the 4-5-1 formation. However i would risk dyer on 1 wing and boa on the other. I kno boa hasn’t been perfrming, but don’t forget players seem to score against their old clubs!! Boa is a cheeky bet at the bookies to bag a goal!! Boa is commited to West Ham, so lets keep supporting ANYBODY in the claret and blue!! We will win it 2day!! COYI!!!

  59. down to bare bones says:

    The answer to the Bellamy question will be self evident at 1.30pm today. If he starts or is on the bench then he probably will be staying as they arent going to risk an injury if a sale is likely. Despite being a little S**t he is a great player on his day. If he doesnt play I would say give Sears a run out.

  60. irontc says:

    How about David DiMichele?

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