Fulham Preview & Open Thread

The prize of three points today is to go eighth. That would have been almost unthinkable even three weeks ago. It’s a measure of how far Zola has taken this team that a semi permanent top half position is within our grasp if we win our next two home games.

With the exception of Bellamy, Zola will undoubtedly name an unchanged side against Fulham. As I have said, I’d like to see Freddie Sears come in but I predict he will start with Diego Tristan.

The key to this game, I feel, will be central midfield. Jimmy Bullard isn’t playing so that is a help to us. I’m looking for a top class performance from Scott Parker in particular.

I hope the crowd make a lot of noise today. In circumstances likes these a team can do one of two things – withdraw into itself or come out fighting. The crowd can ensure the latter happens.

I’ll be in Ken’s Cafe from 12.15. If you’re there too, say hello!


20 Responses to Fulham Preview & Open Thread

  1. OZ ex chicken runner says:

    Hope the crowd really get behind the team today, If what I read is correct, Zola is right that he does not want any player not committed to the hammers or him come to that. Apart from Newcastle, Bellamy only seems to stay one year at clubs anyway and with his injuries maybe we will be better off! When is Ashton due back?if only he could stay injury free as well. Hope Freddie gets a good run as well. 3 points today will be the best answer to all this…let Bellamy go to the bottom club…championship football next year…he will just put in another transfer request…no loyalty…COYI
    Sorry Iain, will not be at Kens Cafe..(I wish) but if you are ever over in Oz look me up!!

  2. OZ ex chicken runner says:

    Blimey..can’t believe I am the first to post…you all asleep over there?? Oh, yer, you are ain’t yer….

  3. John says:

    Agreed we dont need players that dont want to play for us, but id hate for there to be a certain element of “cutting our nose to spite our face!”, yes we are 10th and on a great run, but not taking 3 points today and then facing a tricky cup tie and then the gooners and mancs, all of a sudden we are back down there and calling for zolas head!!, its a fickle game!. I would stick bellers in today, we pay his wages and has a dutie to perform. On his own he will run fulham ragged. its amazing he could even think of going spurs, barring 1 week and a few hours we have been above spurs for 14 months!. delusions of something they aint!!!

  4. HammersWest says:

    Looks like only us in the colonies are up! 5.00am game over here, not on FSC, but hopefully I can stream it from somewhere.

    Iain, (and everyone else) I’m actually going to be in England the first two weeks of Feb. and got a ticket for the Mancs game, I’ll be coming down by train from Buckingham, and I haven’t been to a game for at least 25 years as I live overseas, so I’ve a few questions.
    I used to ride down from Watford on my Triumph Bonneville, (lived in Watford, worked in the Mile End) and have a season ticket in the Chicken Run, I’ve got a ticket for the lower Dr Martens stand. Is there somewhere to go before the game – Ken’s Cafe? and how hard will it be to get on a tube after the game?
    Please post any thoughts you may have.
    I can’t wait to get to a game, just hoping that Green, Upson, Parker and co. are still there COYI

  5. Roy says:

    HammersWest: No problem getting on the tube after the game. There is a queueing system which works well and extra trains get put on.
    Before the game? If you want a pub I prefer the Duke of Edinburg at the top of Green Street but that’s just my choice.
    Ironically, I will miss the Mancs game – first one this season – due to family stuff.

  6. D&G says:

    Thing is IF S***s win they will go from bottom to 12th!! Cant look at standings this season because they are unprecedented for the Premiership.

    We win we go 8th we lose at then lose against the gooners and Mancs we are a relegation scrap again, such s strange season. I will just be glad we are safe to be honest and forget about all these Euro notions…..

  7. OZ ex chicken runner says:

    Hammers West..where are you? in Oz the game is live 12.30am Monday morning…can’t wait…couple of hours kip,, watch the game then up at 6am for work!!COYI

  8. appyhammer says:

    We do need to win today and win well just to stick two fingers up at all the so called media hacks who write this club off constantly. No other club gets the amount of negative press andtransfer rumours that we do even though ther are clubs in more financial distress than us without as good a squads. Where do spuds find all the money from to buy over rated players that are no good and not get the rreturn? And you can call me a petty small minded spud hating hammer if you want, but it would make me smile if there was a chorus of ‘play up pompey ‘at the end of the game this afternoon!!

  9. 17 year hammer says:

    i jus herd spurs fans have rejected bellamy and there has been a major protest on their site hope he doesnt go to them much prefer city so he can rot on the bench but now i herd he wants to stay what a loada crap zola sell him for being disloyal

    fulham shld be a tough game and a big game for the z man and paintsil jus hope they are rubbish against us i do think tristan will start which it wld good to see his potencial hope he plays well and with bullard missing parker shld run there midfield ragged my prediction 2-1 to the hammer coyi

  10. adelaidehammer says:

    I think Roy Hodgson has done a brilliant job with Fulham, they are well orginised at the back and deserve respect. Can’t see many goals in this one, think we’ll nick it 1-0.

    Just like to say hello to all the other hammers over here in Oz !!

  11. Berkshire Hammer says:

    Hi Iain and all

    Just read a great artical in yestersday Independent also on the web. see below.


    HAMMERWEST. try the below link for streaming and the QUEENS is the best place for a beer before the game and a few after the game to avoid the rush for the underground


  12. E1 says:

    Tristin to start up front with cole, with sears and dyer on the bench.
    I would play 3 across the back collins upson tomkins,5 across the middle Berahmi parker noble collinson and Lbm. We need to really go for the 3 pionts and if poss improve the goal diference with a clean sheet 2 – 0 or maybe more. The welshman is not wanted by the spud fans , so lets hope city do come in for him and he goes ,I think I am safe in saying he is not wanted by us either.

  13. eleeNYC says:

    I keep seeing Bellars in today’s squad lineups. Honestly, i hope he isn’t even on the bench. I think he will just bring down the moral of the squad. I am a little concerned that the boys won’t be focused. Zola should start Tristan. He just wants to prove something. Give him a shot Zola!


  14. HamburgHammer says:

    I don’t even care about Bellamy anymore. Hope Sears plays and scores.
    Also, maybe Boa Morte will play today – and hopefully he can create or even score a goal for himself.
    That would go a long way to change the way fans moan about him and would also boost his confidence – all he needs is some confidence (and a few goals of course)…

  15. jpt says:

    Rock and Roll!!!!!!!!!!
    Who needs Craig Bellamy?
    Not West Ham that’s for sure.
    Collison was superb.
    And Zola seems to me to be a man of principle who will play good football above all else – you could say that he’s West Ham through and through!

  16. alanalandevonshire says:

    3-1 8th place……. Do one Bellamy

  17. HammersWest says:

    Thanks Roy for the advice, shame you’re going to miss the Mancs. OZ, I’m in California. Just watched today’s game great to hear the fans singing for the z-man, glad Konch rectified his first half error LOL, and thank you Paintsil. And Cole, my apologies mate, never rated you but glad I was wrong. GREAT result. now to watch Pompey win.

  18. Eric says:

    Fantastic. C’mon POMPEY!!!!!

  19. James says:

    Get in there!! It’s Europe the hard way boy’s!!

    C’mon Pompey give em what’s coming to em!!

  20. Eric says:

    When do the bids for Cole start coming in?

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