Who Will Replace Bellamy?

We seem to be linked with every Italian striker in existence in this
morning’s papers. To be honest I haven’t heard of any of them.

The two front runners appear to Osvaldo from Fiorentina and Nsereko
from Brescia, who was voted best player in the recent under 19
European Championships.

We are also being linked with Joe Ledley from Cardiff. My view is that
we are only likely to sign one player during this transfer window and
that needs to be a striker to play alongside Cole. I’d love it if we could
find a British born replacement for Bellamy but try as I might I can’t
think of one … apart from a certain Frederick Sears of this parish.


89 Responses to Who Will Replace Bellamy?

  1. Goatygav says:

    Osvaldo looks interesting. Reminds me slightly, just slightly, of a certain Mr Di Canio in his style. Some of the finishing I’ve just been looking at on Youtube (I Know – you can be easily mislead by Youtube footage) and he seems cool and clinical with a little touch of class about him.

    Argentine by birth he’s played 21 games for Italy U21.

    Hit 18 in 31 games for Lecce (better than 1 in 2) before joining Fiorentina and helping them edge Milan out of a Champions league spot with 5 goals in 17. Looks like he thrives on regular 1st team action so I wonder if, when Deaon’s fit, he’ll be first choice.

  2. Goatygav says:

    If he signs that is.

  3. Goatygav says:

    & that was Deano not Deaon.

    Just looked at some other stats and they state 8 in 31 for Lecce not 18 in 31 so maybe not so good as I initially thought.

  4. BG says:

    Osvaldo looks pretty tasty, he’s got good skills, quick feet and a bit of height. Not to sure about Nserko though, not worth the 10 million the papers have been saying. I would try for Leroy Lita though as back maybe? Do a swap for Boa or whoever, I think Zola could do something with him.

  5. djclipz says:

    tbh i don’t even really see anyone playin in the premier league tht we could actually persuade to come to us to be a good replacement, so maybe a gamble on some young foreign talent is the only route to take. The reason i worry is the names we have been linked with are relatively unproven, they may be the best of the best in a year or two, but at this moment we need a replacement to be as creative as bellamy was and able to score goals from the word go. So if we do get a foreign youngster in, i hope they can adapt pretty quick, or cole makes his one goal a game into 2 or 3 :-p!!!

  6. Cyclopse says:

    Personally I`d like to see a certain Mr Ashton back and fit !!

  7. Goatygav says:

    Sky reporting a £10M bid for Nsreko

  8. Big Casino says:

    Osvaldo is a similar type of striker to Berbatov, but a bit pacier… though not as consistent and yet to prove he can do it in the Prem and has the fight and the work rate….

    I know less about Nsereko but from what I read and have seen of him on youtube, he looks like a real handful… in a similar mould to Defoe only more skilful and with more tricks….

  9. Paul M says:

    Super Mario Balotelli from Inter looks the part. OK still young and unproven but has played in the champions league already so he must be good enough !!

  10. lee says:

    osvaldo looks as tho he could be a good buy at 7m!…nsereko at 10m seems a bit steep, 1 goal in 20 games??! to be honest freddie sears should be given a chance, if we’re looking for bargains tho, leroy lita at 1.5m??…. 14m will get us a lot of forward tho, i’d cut tristans and di michele’s loans short as soon as we get another forward in aswell, thy’re past it… i’d take a punt on osvaldo… so when everyone is fit… ashton, osvaldo, sears, cole, dyer can all compete!!

  11. Rio345 says:

    I think Zola should be looking at Podolski, Adriano, Crespo ( who we can get for a 6 month loan), Saviola

  12. Paul M says:

    also hes 6′ 2″ tall, fast, strong, shoots from anywhere. A BIG prospect

  13. edi 2 spuds says:

    There’s some good talent in England… Leroy Lita, for example, in the right environment (The WHU Project) would be perfect.

  14. Paul F says:

    Crespo has been linked with us. Now i think i’ve heard of him and that would excite me!!!!

  15. Big Casino says:

    Sorry, but I disagree regarding Lita.

    Not good enough for Reading in the Premiership or the Championship…. would be a bad and poor quality signing in my opinion…. His finishing is as hit and miss as Harewood’s was for us… Marlon could smack ’em in from 20 yards and then miss open goals… I don’t think Lita is consistently good enough for the Prem…

    Kevin Doyle on the other hand is a player who I have warmed to…. reminds me of Kevin Phillips in his prime… though Reading I’m sure would make anyone pay top dollar for him, say £10m plus… and he’s not that good……..

  16. jonnyhammer says:

    I think we should all congratulate the club for handling the Bellamy transfer so well. £14M, if that is the true figure, is a fantastic price for someone turning 30 this year, especially given his track record in terms of injury and confontation. Well done to all at the club involved in doing this deal.

    There appears to be a new realism about just how much money the club can afford to keep spending and a focus on signing young talent at realsitic prices. In other words, the Brescia model established by Nani.

    We cannot afford, let’s face only a handful of clubs can, to be shopping for proven, established talent at today’s crazy prices and then offer unsustainable wages. We cannot afford the likes of Marek Hamsik but Nani has proved already, having bought and sold Hamsik for a massive profit, that he can find a younger version at a reasonable price. What price Ilunga or Behrami now ?

    Let’s trust in our technical director to find us another gem at a resonable cost and let Manchester City, Chelsea and the like continue to pay over the odds for players nearing the end of their career.

    I wonder if Mr Huges is a fan of Nigel Quashie ? I live in hope….

  17. Josh says:

    Id take Savio for 10, he’s technically very good although a tad lightweight he is 19 though! and Osvalso on Loan get rid of Tristan. Ledley s more of an option for the summer but my guess is that we will be in for a long one trying to hold onto the existing players.

    A good friend of mine’s wife (and I know this sounds already like one of the old classic rumours but very genuine) rides horses with Dean Ashton’s missus and she broke down crying last week saying they thought he would never play again…!

  18. lee says:

    i disagree big casino… i dont think lita has ever been given a fair crack at reading… he gets loaned out to norwich who are a poor championship outfit at best and scores a goal every other game… also in a decent side i.e england u21 he has notched 6 in 9!… i just think for 1.5m you cant go wrong!!

  19. Tom says:

    I have read in certain quarters that Franco has his eye on one certain Mr Hernan Crespo who is out of favour at Milan, initially looking for a loan deal til the end of the season …. is there anymore on that …. I would love to see him have a run and imagine the development of the likes of Sears along side him …

  20. lee says:

    Although you cannot fault crespos goal scoring record… he never settled in the prem for the blue scum…. also what is it with us wanting forwards over the age of 30!… we should be building for the future!

  21. hammersboy says:

    just sign Owen, offer £10 million he is still scoring goals in a poor team like Newcastle. Also it would stop him scoring against us

  22. Eddie Chappers says:

    I don’t rate Lita as being consistent enough and we need somebody to replace the welshman who is either proven or has bags of potential and I don’t believe that Lita has either of these characteristics whilst Savio does and has already shown his talent at a high level in the U-19s Championships…..

    I also agree with jonnyhammer that the club has dealt with this situtation fantastically well, I particularly liked Scott D’s comments re never selling any decent players to the spuds ever again, though I reserve my final judgement until the replacement(s) are in but the signs are good!! COYI

  23. kennyhammer says:

    I was pleased to see the back of Bellamy, despite undoubted ability when fit he is a disruptive infulance and as caused problems at most cluubs that have employed him.
    Another Liverpool player, also with a disruptive reputation is Pennant and Pompy are interested at signing him for a reported 3M. Sounds good value to me as he is skilful and has pace A wider player than Bellamy but might just be a good replacement even if on a loan until the summer.

  24. Tom says:

    I’ve just read that Fred at Lyon is available on a free …. what has happened to him over the last year since we were linked with him under Curbs

  25. Ho Jo says:

    I am afraid to break it to all, but I don’t think Sears is that good – if he was, why hasn’t Zola ever used him? Hasn’t even bought him on as a sub and prefers to start the distinctly average Di Michele over him… I think that we need 2 strikers as – despite his recent improvement – I still cannot see Cole as a 20 goal striker

  26. djclipz says:

    i agree Ho Jo, apart from the goal he scored last year, wat i have seen of him just seems to be pace. A long way off the finished article. His height doesn’t help either, I know you can stil be short and a great player ie. tevez, but comparing sears to tevez would just be ridiculous!!

    However saying this, why is it he hasn’t gone out on load to get some first team experience!!?? Surely there are championship sides or even league 1 teams that wouldn’t mind giving him a try!!!

  27. JMan says:

    We’ll sign two players not one, don’t forget the money we got for Etherington. I would have liked tried and tested Premiership players, a lot to ask of youngsters coming in to make a mark immediately. e need to be sold and finish as high as we can and then regroup in the summer ready for the new season.

  28. av hammer says:

    One word…Ashton!!! Can’t wait till the big man’s back. Love him, hope he stays forever!!

  29. Will says:

    No one has really mentioned Dyer!!
    As pacey as Bellamy, might not be as much of a goal scorer but when you have the magnificent CC up there. (long may it continue) with another like Dyer chipping in it, I am sure will be enough. Whilst I am pleased Nani is doing the magic with young up and coming talent I think Sears is in need of a run out.

    Replying to Josh on the Ashton may never play again that is more than a little worrying as I got a call from a good mate of mine who happened to see Deano out and about and he said that the guy was limping somethign awful and his exact words where “he aint going to be playing for you any time soon”.

    Have we nailed down Ilunga yet? which to me is just as if not more pressing.

  30. supernumbersix says:

    Jonnyhammer – I second that.
    We are showing that the ‘director of football’ scenario CAN work. I now have much faith in what is going on at WHU. The fact that we are even considering some of these names gives me hope. Mixing our academy with the best European youngsters and throwing in the right amount of experience existing players and new – eg I’ll take Crespo anyday on loan for the rest of the season – sounds a hell of a lot more exciting to me than what has been happening over the last couple of years. I was also very happy to read that the club will never sell any player to THFC again. So the right noises and actions are coming out of UP, long may it continue.

    Ho Jo – methinks that Freddie S is an ongoing ‘development project’ for GZ. I seriously think he will be unleashed when ready.

    djclipz – his height is no more a problem for him than it is for Defoe, S W Philips or even the short one we just got rid of

  31. Big Casino says:

    Tough to judge Sears at the mo…. thought when paired up with Ashton last year for a couple of games he looked really good – but I think that was a lot to do with those two combining well and working as a partnership… that said, Sears and Bellars look ok together earlier this year….

    I think he has a lot more to offer than Di Michele, and obviously time is on his side, but we’re not realyl going to find out whether he is capable until he gets a few more games behind him… which is why it makes more sense to send him out on loan for a bit… especially as he is not even making the bench at the moment…. though I understand we have already rejected loan moves for Sears made by 3 clubs, including one from Watford…..

  32. Tuckshop says:

    Where is Tristan? Why is he not being given a go? He is proven class even if he lost his way a bit recently. Why did we get him if we don’t want him? Gotta be worth a shot. The one goal he got for us was lucky, but I like lucky, lucky is good.

  33. DevoDevo says:

    I would take a punt on Benni McCarthy from the prem.

    Those that write off Sears do so at their peril. The kid is a natural goalscorer and will be a very good player under Zola’s tutelage. His chances have been limited since Bellamy’s return, but always shows intelligence on the pitch with his runs/positioning.

    Dyer will be our BIG signing if he can now stay fit. Quick, aggressive and capable of taking players on.

  34. av hammer says:

    Lee wat r u talking about regarding crespo?? We are building for the future, we just wouldn’t mind a short term fix tht we can add to fire us to europe..haha. U think about it if we could get there this season, zola would have an even better chance of luring top talent to the club due to europe and he will make them excited about our prospects b/c players would play under him. A H.Crespo for a season or so would do wonders i think. U just need to put the ball there for him and he will put it away. Cole, Crespo, Sears, Deano, Osvaldo (maybe), Di Michele and Tristan for second half of season. Maybe fortunes not always hiding!!

  35. chris says:

    Everyones a gamble,would prefer a proven prem striker,
    nomore problem types please!
    nugents got pace and is hungry.
    dyer would be ideal,not fit though,
    10mil on a german second divison player seems over the top!
    Osvaldo seems skillful on utube then so did faubert,the pace has dropped of in the italian game so not sure about him.
    Crespo no way thank you!(has been)wont be hungry.
    we need pace,who ever it is.
    Would rather spend a smaller amount on a championship player than blow big money abroad.
    If we do look abroad,Have heard there are some good scandinavian strikers,they always settle in well.
    Through the claret grapevine have heard Redknapp does not like modric,does not fit in his system.
    lets put a cheeky bid in!!!!!

  36. Roshi says:

    The important thing is not to rush in on a “name” from Italy, Spain etc. What you need are players with Premiership experience who hit the floor running. It seems to take non Prem players dependant on their ability 20 games to a season to find the pace.
    Pie in the sky for Owen, but wouldn’t he be great feeding off of Cole a bit of a Toshack / Keegan partnership.
    Ho Jo, Sears is good but he still young, but what a teacher he now has in Zola to bring on the finer points of his game. Maybe he will have to wait his turn, it could be another year but I’m sure you will witness the start of a fantastic career.

  37. Doc H Ball says:

    Bit unfair on Sears I think. He’s learning the trade and couldn’t have a better teacher than GZ. I feel sure he’ll make it, but not this season.

    I know Santa Claus is on his way to City’s harem so Blackburn won’t sell, but I always fancied McCarthy and Jason Roberts although the latter is too like Cole. Perhaps we should have flogged the Bellend to Spuds and asked for Bent or Bentley in part X? I’d also off Neill if I could sign Glen Johnson and make a move for N’Zogbia.

    Anyway, enough of playing at manager. I’m off to Middle Eastlands to watch Bellend on the bench.

  38. Goatygav says:

    Give the lad time. They said Joe Cole was too slight to ever be a class act but he worked on his physical strength and – hey presto – world class player.

    Unfortunately for me I was in with the Man Utd fans at “Old Stratford,” last season when Freddy came on and the Red behind me asked me what Sears is like before commenting “Looks too small to me.” That’s wat I love about that lot – really appreciate the finer aspects of the game (not!)

    Freddy is a striker’s striker – a deadly finisher who’s learning his trade. He’ll get there – just needs time. Besides which – if anyone knows what’s required to be a good, short forward then it’s Gianfranco.

  39. Bellamy has had more clubs then a Canadian seal – he’s no loss at all. Doubled our money so lets hope for an Italian young gun to play alongside Carlton Cole.

  40. Eric says:

    Does anyone think the Robhino quitting training has anything to do with recent transfer events over at Citeh?

  41. chris says:

    Essex wedding,thats awful!!

  42. Andy Bertrand says:

    As an expat Hammer living in Scotland (taken to the bosom of the Hibs fraternity), I’m often surprised that we never look north for the odd bargain.. one great replacement for Bellamy, I think would be Kris Boyd. He’s quick and a little terrier like Bellamy and knocks them in for Rangers every week. Birmingham seemingly can’t afford his 20k wages and for 3.5m he’s an absolute steal… any thoughts?

  43. DevoDevo says:

    Not sure we have had much success buying from Scotland in the past? McAvennie, Stewart…………………………………………………………..erm, not such a bad idea after all!

  44. djclipz says:

    how has the valuation of this savio gone from about 4-5 mill up to 10????

  45. SJ Chandos says:

    Yeah Andy, I suggested Kris Boyd as an option a couple of weeks ago, when the Birmingham deal broke down. He has potential, but is there a question mark over his temperment? Actually the spat with the Scotish manager has shades of Craig Bellamy! I share your affection for Hibs and Stephen Fletcher is another good option; as is Aiden McCready at Celtic.

  46. colin say's says:

    Stick with what we have, improve the contracts with the players we want to keep ie Green, Parker, Upson, Behrami and any one else who looks promising, other wise we will be in the same position come the summer, give Michele and Sears a good run, if you bring someone new in it will take time for him to settle in, and we should have Aston back in March. How many goals did Bellers get? only 7 and two of those were against Barnsley……………………………………….

  47. SJ Chandos says:

    I would prefer McGready to Joe Ledley, although I would like to see Mattock bought in!I personally find it difficult to comment on the potential of the Brescia youngster and the various other Italian strikers in the news. I have not seen enough of them really to tell whether they can cut it in the PL.

  48. Roshi says:

    Well said Colin….you get todays gold star

  49. SJ Chandos says:

    Bid 8m for Reyes at Althetico Madrid, he did well fo the gooners, before he got seduced by Real Madrid! It ain’t worked out, so perhaps he would be intested in coming back!

  50. SJ Chandos says:

    Also Fred is on a free from Lyons! Has he gone down hill that fast? Last year they got some sizeable offers for him!

  51. djclipz says:

    lyon: 6 mil + fred and u can have faubert!!


  52. brooking still the best says:

    I heard from a very reliable source, KP i think it was, that Kaka is wanting talks with Zola. He reckons he wouldn’t be seen playing with a Bellend at Man C. Bad for his reputation, I think was his quote. Kaka has always supported the Hammers after seeing Bobby Moore lift the World Cup for us. :o)

  53. SJ Chandos says:

    What a nasty little peice in the Sportsmail today, about Duxbury’s refusal to sell key players to Spurs. The ‘author’ suggest that Duxbury might regret his comments if Tevezgate, BG’s financial situation, etc, necessitates further player sales to bale out the club! In that scenerio, it is postulated, Duxbury might have to take Spurs’ money, with a large slice of humble pie!

    Well, has it ever occurred to them that Spurs could be relegated come May and it might be the north londoners that need baling out! No, of course not, that does not fit in with the Sportsmail’s ongoing Anti-West Ham agenda. Does it? 2.75m for Lennon, anyone!!

  54. SJ Chandos says:

    Ever wondered what would have happened if Pardew had got Adebayor? He agreed personal terms with him, only for his French club to scupper the deal at the last minute! The same thing happened in Benni McCarthy’s case as well!

  55. RapidHammer says:

    Duxbury’s Quote of the Year:
    “I’ll go on record and say I want to avoid selling any of our best players
    to Tottenham ever again. I don’t want to. Why should I? They are our local
    rivals. It would be a slap in the face for our fans. I want to finish above
    Tottenham. We did it last year and want to do it this year and every single
    year. It’s nothing against Tottenham.”

  56. sprat says:

    Osvaldo or Nsereko (both with a host of top clubs tracking them) would be good signings, as loans or otherwise. Ledley, that’s a joke surely? If the criteria for a forward is British players only, then we may as well give up now. Also forget Ashton, he’s lazy, fat, and the most over rated forward we’ve ever had, even Dowie was better. Ashton will come back in about 3 months play 2 games, someones thumb will lightly brush against his arm, he’ll go down in agony and ask to be taken off and will be out till the beginning of next season. Either that or he will suffer career threatening cramp! Yet still idiots will still insist on singing his name like he is some kind of hero.

  57. IoDHammer says:

    Haha yea that was his quote in the Independant article i read today, first timei bought that paper, might continue to do so now!

  58. SJ Chandos says:

    Is Duxbury’s reputation undergoing a process of thoroughgoing rehabilitation?

  59. Paul M says:

    Carry on like this and Duxbury might get Hammer of Year !!! LOL


  60. IoDHammer says:

    Definately quote of the year, anything to put the spuds in thier place!

  61. Goatygav says:

    Nice little dig back at Harry Redknapp – Quality!! Gives him the right messge.

  62. jpt says:

    Ledley is good.
    Ashton of course excellent but always injured.
    Sears needs to be given more of a chance.

  63. Roshi says:

    SJ, interesting point you make about Pardew and Adebayor. I wonder if you put the clock forward and he was dealing with Zola whether the outcome would have been different.
    I’m sure a managers reputation is all important in transfers.

  64. E1 says:

    We need to put ashton to the back of our minds for this season, even if he gets back he won’t have time or be fit enough to do much. Poldoski could fit the bill or even a cash plus neil for Owen with newcastle. Owen likes playing along side heskey and cole is not unlike him,so it could work. Di mic may, IF given a run turn out ok alongside cole with Tristin on the bench sears needs time and may end up out on loan for awhile. I think we may be better spending the money on a wide left player and a younger better right back.

  65. Goatygav says:

    Good points E1 – would just suggest that with Dyer coming back, LBM still in the squad (not sure for how long) and Lopez avaiable to come in perhaps another player would be one too many. Agree with you that if we got another quality wide man we’d be better off (providing we offload LBM or Lopez).

  66. Goatygav says:

    Definitely with you on the Right back point.

  67. franc75 says:

    If I were Mr Zola, I would put a cheeky bid in for Owen, with Lucas Neil & LBM as part of the deal.

    Personally, I think we have seen the best of Ashton in a west ham shirt. I hope I’m wrong, but when he does eventually come back and starts firing on all cylinders, I think he’ll be snapped up by one of the ‘bigger’ clubs.

  68. Rob says:

    Sears WILL be a force in English Football!!!
    Give the youngster time with Zola and wait.
    Look how Coley is on fire, no disrespect to Curb’s, but I don’t think he would have found his touch under Alan.
    Please don’t throw Freddie to the wolves, let’s take our time with him, and nurture his talents.
    As for a replacement for the “striking”forward, not sure. Fred, Crespo, an Italian or German bloke we’ve never heard of?
    Don’t forget K. Dyer’s fit.

  69. James says:

    Yep Osvaldo has joined Bologna!!

    Would like Adriano, Baptista, Podolski, Kanoute, Toni, Gilardino or anybody with proven goal capabilities, No doubt Zola will bring in so young Italian wizzkid, not fussed by that also!!

    Zola knows what he wants!!

  70. Smudger says:

    I firmly believe that we do not need to buy in “panic january” and never expected to even after selling the canvas formerly known as Craig Bellenema. I sensed a certain freedom and happiness especially the way “our doorman” Carlton and Di Michele peppered the target.
    Roeder leaves Norwich and they win 4-0, a tattooed Welshman leaves West Ham and we win 3-1, even Konch celebrated with a goal, ok ok it was for Fulham………….but everyone was happy.

    Zola and Clarke are still bedding in I like the ideas behind The Football Project, lets start by putting the right parts of the puzzle in place.

    Afterall we are not in Man Citys financial position, “look at all the “class players” jumping at the chance to join them.


  71. Tony says:

    Dont trust him, dont like what he MAY have done and hope to god he aint f##ked up the Tevez affair…but wot a quote about not selling players to the Spuds!! Love it.

  72. james says:

    Osvaldo joined Bologna for sure. Not sure when Ashton will be fit but if we get Nsereko and a fully fit squad we’re looking good up front, need a quality playmaker and we were linked a while back with Hamsik from Napoli, check him out he is young and quality. Also what happened with Soloman and the other 2 kids we had on trial???

  73. james says:

    Also what happened with all the Big 4 battling over Axel Witsel of Standard Leige?? If the interest has cooled down will he still have a huge price tag? Only 19 but plenty of international and champions league experience, I think he’ll be one for the future but also able to slot in straight away

  74. brooking still the best says:

    Duxbury has just gon up 100% in the evolution scale. He a gone from being a cockroach to a rat :o)
    Anymore quotes from him like the one about not selling to spurs and I’ll vote for him to be prime minister!

  75. brooking still the best says:

    Duxbury has just gon up 100% in the evolution scale. He a gone from being a cockroach to a rat
    Anymore quotes from him like the one about not selling to spurs and I’ll vote for him to be prime minister!

  76. brooking still the best says:

    Sorry, it wasnt that good that it needed saying twice. my sending finger got the yips

  77. irontc says:

    Bring back King Carlos Tevez! On a third party, deffered loan, part owned, part not owned, nod n a wink not so bad ya self deal !

  78. irontc says:

    With respect…

    Mr Doner is a Goner!

    Sadly the 87 year old Turkish inventor of the Doner Kebab passed away today.

    according to the Sun (pg4)

  79. the headmaster says:

    I can’t remember the last time I felt this optimistic.
    The manager and his assistant, together with Nani, appear to enjoy the confidence of the majority of us, the chief exec is even publically slating our bitterest rivals and we’ve just acquired silly money for the most overrated of Welsh twats with the promise that GFZ is able to reinvest it if he wants to.
    I’d never heard of Ilunga or Behrami before they came to us. My money is on another find or two from the locker room of Zola and Nani.

  80. james says:

    if cole gets an england call up i say zola should automatically qualify for manager of the year.

  81. DD says:

    Just seen a few threads and it seems that Dyer may have limped of for the reserves.
    hope this is some hear say.

    Anyone got any news??

  82. eleeNYC says:

    but of course i’m hearing that if Big Phil Scolari keeps messing up over there that GZ and Clarke will be back at Chelski in no time.
    Rubbish! GZ for manager of the year.

  83. richo says:

    I think we should wait for Ashton to get fit and use Tristan, DiMichele and Sears until then, we should spend money on a young right back, or bolstering the left side

  84. Benno says:

    i think some of the money must be spent on securing Ilunga immediately. Considering that is believed to cost around £1.5-1.9 mil, it would be well worth it

    Including the sale of Etherington, we would still have a sizeable transfer budget to spend on one or two strikers

    I trust Nani. Be brought in Modelski, who has been decent, Bajner who has been prolific for our youth team, Behrami has been a snip at 5mil, as has Ilunga on loan with his eventual transfer fee. Even Di Michele isn’t too bad as a loan deal

  85. Roy says:

    I’m pretty sure that we won’t permanently sign an experienced ready-made striker like Crespo although we could get one on loan until the end of the season. Zola’s policy seems to be that he wants to take younger players and develop them so any permanent signing are likely to be 23 or younger. I believe that we do need a goalscorer to play up front with Cole to ensure that there is no risk in getting back into a relegation scrap (it’s still tight up to 8th place) so an experienced striker for the remainder of the season would make sense with a permanent long term buy alongside for the future.

  86. D&G says:

    PLEASE get Ashton out of your head! Even when he gets back he has to get match fit and lose weight, another season out I’m afraid chaps.

    OH and Nsereko. He is a winger not a striker and playing in Serie B? and costs 10million quid?? News is he wont be going anywhere this month.

    I have a feeling he will get a loan in this month……….

  87. HammerMalta says:

    Can Mr Kia Jorbaccian offlload some genius from south america…………..please.Surely there is someone sutable for us.COYI!!!!!

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