Cole for England

That’s Carlton, not Ashley. The Times reckons Fabio Capello is about to call up Carlton Cole for the next England game. The full story is HERE. Who’d have thunk? But on present form, not many of us would say it is undeserved. Zola has worked miracles with Cole. And long may it continue.


34 Responses to Cole for England

  1. dagenham cheddars says:

    i know it may not be possible but i’d like to see west ham play with a striker that can get past defenders with clever tricks and flicks instead of just pace and mussle.carlton cole is playing great at the moment and every team likes that hold up type of player, but wouldnt it be good to have 2 di canios in the side so we can one-touch-pass through other teams. and as for england cole is playing better then heskey so why not give him a go….

  2. P says:

    Many here owe the guy huge apologies. The majority of the abuse written here about him over the months, while completely wrong, only ever proved what little that modern day West Ham fans actually know about football. Some of us though refused to go along with the ludicrous bandwagon of hate, encouraged significantly by the bloggers spmetimes laughable player ratings even when he had a good game. Capello was interested in him quite a while ago anyhow, it was just a section of our know nothing “fans” that seemed to have the problem. But don’t worry, he will probably not score in our next game leaving the boo boys free to return to business as usual.

  3. Chris (who knows a few bookies who'll miss Etherington) says:

    Here here Iain. Certainly can do the Heskey job for England, probably a more potent goal threat than Heskey as well. I for one would definately like to see Carlton get a cap.

  4. HammersWest says:

    He’s worked hard and deserves a chance, certainly now a good holding forward and it looks like confidence was what he needed to score. Long may it last. On another track this made good reading – think it says it all.

  5. aussie graham says:

    I think we as supporters of our great club should recognise the potentially the great management team of zola and clark and what confidence they instill into our players developement.I think we are definitely on the improvement all the time look how zola addresses the media compared to curbs at last a great player whose determination to be the best manager given time he will be in big demand! carlton is 100per cent improved in 3 months of zolas praise and good is collison going to be?

  6. Matt Ryan says:

    Ok, I would like to say now (and you can check any previous posts if you want to) I have always said the boy would come good! I will admit I did doubt it at times (for instance when he missed a pretty much sitter in the last minute against Chelsea) but apparently Zola has taken him under his wing and has given him finishing lessons and I must say what a goood job Mr Z has done!

    In the lat 6/7 games Cole has improved by around 200/300% and yes he does deserve a shot at playing for his country!

    Just one thing, for some reason I always thought his country was Nigeria??? I can swear I heard he was in talks to play for Nigeria about a year ago??? Or am I going mad?

    Anyway, if you get selected for England, I say well done my son! Go out and have a beer to celebrate! just don’t drive home! 🙂


  7. chris says:

    Hes a real handful! lean but strong all muscle unlike roberts or heskey who are bulk,this gives him a little more pace and mobility than most big forwards.
    Holds up the ball ok.
    Not the greatest finisher,tends to just strike towards goal rather than place it.
    Zolas one on ones obviously doing him good,can only get better,and proved many people wrong.
    Give him a chance,if he does well,usual story thou top 4 come in for him,then its bye bye carlton.

  8. matt says:

    Sorry to say this but the abuse has probably made him start scoring finally.

  9. E1 says:

    Now can all the boo boys see why he was given a new 5 year contract, zola saw it in him and made sure we kept him. A call up can only boost him more just hope he don’t get injured. He could be the start of many.

  10. Brian Sains says:

    It would be a bit daft if Cole is included and Robert Green left out. I know this article is about Cole, but Green is more England class than Cole.

  11. Hayden says:

    In the football world at the moment there’s not much that would make me happier (apart from the obvious!! haha) – But Carlton FULLY deserves this, he’s worked so hard and come really, really good. The boo boys used to annoy me so much, but we stuck by him and he’s come into such good form. I remember when he put one in way back I was joking to my brother – Carlton Cole for England!! Now, it’s actually looking like a possibility… On form, noone else deserves it more.

  12. grayboguestmeister says:

    Good luck to the lad. I would never boo one of my own players and I am truly one of life’s great encouragers, but I don’t really see him as international quality. He’s having a good run and I’m really pleased for him and love his attitude (not hiding when the going was tough), but I think it’s a poor commentary on the quality of England’s footballers.

    Finally, though, I would love it (I’d really love it!) if I were to look back on this post when England captain Robert Green lifts the World Cup, with Carlton Cole and Mark Noble by his side. I might even eat any nearby hat.

  13. Englandsnumber6 says:

    I think a lot of you boys are missing the point, maybe zola has worked wonders giving him one to one tuition, but jesus how old is he, he couldnt hit a cows arse with a banjo, dont all change your tune because he has scored 5 on the trot, judge him at the end of the season when he has banged in 20+ goals. i watch him every week, and he is a really average player with not much idea not much vision and a first touch like a rapist.
    i hope im wrong because if he isnt scoring we dont have anyone else.

  14. Eddie Chappers says:

    Well done Carlton for getting noticed, you deserve it and I respect Capello’s ongoing principal of looking at ‘in-form’ players rather than letting the England team pick itself by player status as in previous regimes.

    Chris- I think we can be a bit more optimistic of keeping our top class players now considering we have been fending off bids from Arsenal now (supposedly) from the top four and moneybags City for Parker.

    Brian- The difference with Greeno is competition for places, he sits behind keepers also in excellent form such as James/ Kirkland whereas Cole is the form man ahead of Crouch but vying for the place with Heskey.

    Only my opinion……

  15. Big Casino says:

    Improving but no way international class (yet).

  16. iron man says:

    I think Carlton’s done really well considering all the stick he’s had in the past, I think Zola has given him the support and guidance he needs, he seems much fitter now and is relly giving 100% when he plays. Most of the team have improved under Zola Clarke and long may it continue. The banter before the Fulham game on Sunday was hilarious , Andy Grey saying his form was down to a run of games, then Curbs steps in ‘but I gave him a run to’. I think we all know his form is down to the fact he is now working with a much better manager who in his day was a world class player !!!!!!

  17. Paul M says:

    Cole has done well over the last 2-3 months but if he is now ready for england it does look like we are a little short on strikers for our national team.
    If Ashton was fit, he would be an automatic pick, be honest, he is more of a threat than Cole.
    Don’t get me wrong, i’m loving the NEW Carlton but 2 swallows do not make a summer, judge him at the end of the season. If he continues to improve and score on a regular basis and against the top 4 teams !! then shout from the roof tops – Carlton 4 England.

    I see Osvaldo has gone to Bologna! do GZ and Clarkey have anyone else other than Savio on the radar?
    As for a young right back, I read somewhere we we looking at a young Swedish lad for around 1 Million.
    I asked yesterday what happened to our interest in Giles Barnes as all had gone quiet, he replied last night with 2 goals at Manure, worth another look perhaps?

    I think Savio will be a hit on the left, he is quick, can put in a good cross (for Carlton) and scores the odd goal. He is very highly rated in Europe. Would love a sneaky bid for Owen, he could be the icing on the cake and would be a huge help in the developement of Freddie. That just leaves the right back postion – Calling Geln Johnson, come back HOME son !!!


  18. Goatygav says:

    One swallow, or five games, does not a summer, or a striker, make. Carlton’s still got a lot to prove BUT he’s certainly on the right path. I’m happy he’s being linked with the England squad. It should further boost his confidence which can only be a good thing. Long may it continue indeed.


  19. colney says:

    i just dont believe this one ian? are you mad? were talking about our country here and our national pride!!! cole is never an international and i agree that with time and continued improvement yes one day but not now !!!! for one minute ide thought ide dialed in to the wrong site!!! cole is gradually getting his confidence back and a run out for england would/could ruin that let alone the standard injury that west ham players get on international duty!!!

    i can not agree with cole for England and believe many on here should re visit your comments only a few weeks ago regarding cole.a run of 5 games does not make you world class,let alone England class.

  20. Goatygav says:

    Just as an aside I’ve got a good deal of confidence in both West Ham AND England’s current team management. Happy days ahead.

    Come On England!!!!

    Come On You Irons!!!!

  21. Roy says:

    Capello obviously sees any England team he picks having a big front man to hold the ball up with Rooney playing “in the hole”. That’s why Heskey has been playing and, other than him there is only Crouch and Carlton as options (or Kevin Davies, ha ha). Carlton is nearer to Heskey in style than Crouch is and Capello also gives the impression that he doesn’t rate Crouch. This makes Carlton the only current alternative and, if he puts him in the next squad, gives him a chance to look at him in a friendly – which is surely what friendlies are all about.
    As well as he is doing at the moment I have my doubts about Cole being international class but, more than many, he is a “confidence” player and a call up to the England squad would surely increase his confidence even more, which would benefit us. There’s not a lot to criticise Capello about so far so let’s leave it to him. And he does continuously make the point that he only selects players who are playing regularly and who are in form.
    A hat trick against Hartlepool, a couple more against Hull and the winner at the Emirates should swing it in Carlton’s favour! And that’s before he destroys Manure.

  22. eleeNYC says:

    I think the press is being a little harsh on Bellamy. I know he has a spotted past but i think he is older now and just trying to be a good footballer. He did give us some much needed points. I admit i was really starting to like him.

    To say he is going to disrupt his team mates and is a disaster signing for any club is unfair. He hasn’t even played a game.He was injured for while but man did he come out of it. I think we would have heard if the Hammers locker room was unsettled.

    Believe me i was gutted when i heard he quit. But for some reason i got over it in a day. We did a nice piece of business there. So why be upset? Do you think City will be able to get that much for him in 4 years or even offload him at all? City is going to keep looking for young strikers.

    There are a lot of other players i would be upset to lose right now and i think the club came out on the better end.

  23. BAC says:

    If Carlton is called up to the England squad, that will reflect well on him, the club and the management, so it would be a good thing all round, IMO.

    I’m sure he could do a job for Capello, he’s like Heskey except he is currently scoring goals.

    Were fans right to be critical when he was consistently missing ‘sitters’ for such a long spell? Yes, they called it as they saw it. He looks a different player now, and I sincerely hope it does not turn out to be a flash in the pan.

  24. Bernie Bonds says:

    I remember when Greenwood converted Husrt from half back(mid field) to a striker we used to call him puffer cos he run his socks off to make space for Budgie Byrne to score, Peter Lorenzo snr who was writting for the defunct Daily herald tipped G H for England & my mates & i laughed!!! the rest as they say is history! who knows Cole might just surprise us, hat trick in World cup final? just of to take my medication Ha H

  25. Goatygav says:

    Lol! Nice one Bernie. Stranger things have happened though – & why not! I’d have had Ian Wright at Upton Park in his prime despite the fact he was still a semi-pro in his twenties. Southend and Brighton turned their noses up at him.

  26. DevoDevo says:

    Cole’s improvement under Zola has been astonishing, not just his finishing, but his movement has improved, too. But to say he is international class is a bit much. Nevertheless if he improves as much as he has over the last 2 months in the next year, he may well be.

    For now, I’ll just be happy to see him banging them in for West Ham.

  27. Ray Moore says:

    I think West ham fans were right to give him a kick up the back side, he was playing badly and needed to be brought down a peg or two. I admire his character and determination to force us to eat our words that is what you want from every player. I also agree that Zola and Clark have clearly shown they know how to get the best out of him and kept faith when they could have quite easily givien up on him.

    Keep it up Carlton

  28. brooking still the best says:

    Good luck to Carlton Cole, he deserves to be selected. Put it this way, he scores more then Hesky and he seems to be a favourite with the England set up. Cole’s also more mobile. What a difference a month makes? A month ago he was being slagged off all over the place.
    Without him now we would really be in a mess.

  29. Berkshire Hammer says:

    Hi Iain,

    Can you do a link on why Sky Sports, MOTD & the press hate us.

    Just been watching Sky Sports News go on for the last 10 minutes about Man Uniteds 7 injuried players. Did i miss the 10 minutes last year on Sky Sports about West Hams injury list?

    MOTD always the last game and no review.

  30. grayboguestmeister says:

    MOTD… it’s because our name begins with W.

  31. hammeredCalv says:

    he is on form and scoring at mo, so yes he should get a chance ! He has deserved it ! it doesnt matter what crap he was playing for the fisrt part of season, football is about whats happening at present, I think Cole was dreadful and missed really easy chances at start of season, but now he is starting to convert them, Zola is a genious ! Just hope when he get his chance he takes it, and doesnt do any of the start of the season,!”HOWLERS” that we became acustomed to !

  32. Doc H Ball says:

    I agree with Berkshire Hammer. What is going on in the press?

    The Mail friggin hate us (mutual) with their Tevezgate campaign, the Mirror think we caused the credit crunch, there’s been deafening silence as to the implications of Griffiths’ legal ruling to ALL clubs and for the last month we’ve been ready to sell everyone.

    We turned from the country’s 2nd team to pariahs thanks to loaning 2 world stars from MSI and the despicable Kia Jawjaw. Poor BG has done little wrong, but you would think he was hiding in an Afghan cave given his press.

    Iain – you’re a journo. What gives?

  33. Bazhammer says:

    Mmmm……… I’ve got to hold my hands up and say that Carlton, although I love the boy, is not International class and struggles to be Premier class. Sorry if I have upset anyone

  34. Paul Anderson says:

    At least Carlton Cole is fit enough to play most weeks unlike Dean Ashton and Craig Bellamy, who I think managed 22 games in his West Ham career. 3 of Bellamy’s 4 goals this season game came during the period immediatyely before and after the opening of the transfer window which I find more than a coincidence.

    Cole isn’t prolific but he is more prolific than Heskey, and its fifficult to fault his work rate. In my opinion he offers better value for money than Dean Ashton. Its begining to look very unlikely that Ashton will ever be fit enough to play regular premiership football. He just doesn’t look fit enough to play football. Cole has his bad games for sure, but I appreciate the fact that he makes himself available to his teamates, has a physical presence and actually appears to look after his body.

    The fact that he is being linked with the England team says a lot about the depth of English talent at the current moment. On form he is worth a place i n the squad, if not on the bench. How many goals has Heskey scored for Wigan, or England for that matter.

    Paul Anderson.

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