How Newspapers Get it Wrong: No 94

In the Metro today:

“The agent of Brescia winger Savio Nsereko claims West Ham have
approached his client about a possible move to White Hart Lane.”

Only in Harry Redknapp’s dreams.


80 Responses to How Newspapers Get it Wrong: No 94

  1. Roshi says:

    The agent of Brescia winger Savio Nsereko claims West Ham have
    approached his client about a possible move to White Hart Lane.” And he assures them it’s West Ham he wants to join, not Spurs.

  2. LondonLaurie says:

    Its an honest mistake I suppose. You confusing the Metro with a newspaper I mean.

  3. IoDHammer says:

    Acording to sky Nsereko’s agent says he is not in talks with West Ham

  4. Michael Szeder says:

    Nsereko is not proven in the prem, i havent even ever heard of the bloke!! He could be incredible he could be awful!! We should have gone for benjani as part of the bellamy deal.

  5. Tommy D says:

    “The agent of Titus Bramble claims West Ham have
    approached his client about a possible move to White Hart Lane.” Good old Scott Duxbury…

  6. Roy says:

    Over the next couple of weeks the rumour mill will be working overtime as the press get ever more desperate for a story. We’ll be linked with all sorts and all sorts will be linked with us. As usual, not a great deal of movement happens in the January window which hacks off the media – and Sky in particular – who would like to see everyone moving just to fill their pages / airtime.
    I would think that there is a fair chance of Nsereko’s agent being in talks with West Ham if Sky say he isn’t. The fact factor on Rupert’s channel is not exactly the highest.

  7. devo says:

    The agent of John Hartson has claimed West Ham have approached his client about a possible move to White Hart Lane

  8. Goatygav says:

    Nsereko’s also one for the future. Can’t see he’ll go straight in to the first team. He hasn’t had that many first team games – not that much further down the line, in his career, than Freddy.

  9. chris says:

    This is a gamble,hes never played here.
    The word is he is very quick,but can he play!
    We should of done a deal for sturridge of city.
    Put a bid in for nugent 3mil.
    Do we really need another striker anyway? bring sears back in,hes hungry!!!!!!
    I would like to see a left midfielder and a right back first.

  10. DevoDevo says:

    chris, Nsereko plays down the left from what I have seen.

  11. Benno says:

    nsereko is more of a striker however, but he can play on both wings. he used to be a right midfielder

  12. Eric says:

    We need to add someone up there. I don’t think Di Michelle can handle the job. Don’t understand
    why Zola wont try out Tristan. I get concerned that we keep missing out on these rumored players.

  13. chris says:

    Devo I still would only take a foreign player on loan just incase they couldn,t adapt.
    Benno sounds like an ashley young then.
    Lets stick to British based players if we can
    I would hate to see us splash 10mil on a failure.
    Right behind Zola on any decision I love this mans football!!

  14. SJ Chandos says:

    Nsereko is defintely a prospect. If we sign him it will be another very positive move by the club. However, it will be for an initial 6m, with various add ons taking it up to 10m over a period of time. There is even a possibility that he could be loaned back to Brescia for the remainder of the season. So, expect another more experienced striker to join as well. In addition, the deal for Illunga will also be be sealed before the option expires.

    I hope that we can convince Leicester City to part with Joe Mattock either this month or in the summer. We can use the likes of Quashie or Stokes in part-exchange. We could also offer them an agreement to loan them some of our youth prospects as part of the deal. I think that I would prefer Mattock to Ledley. Although I think the interest in Ledley might be a media creation!

    I would like to see us sign Glen Johnson in the summer if Portsmouth are relegated, which is likely under their current manager! But we would have to look lively, as Liverpool and Spurs are likely to be interested! An alternative is we could bring back Justin Hoyte from his northern exile at Middlesborough or look at his brother Gavin at Arsenal.

    Expect Davenport to exit. There are at least three club interested in him. I would consider loaning him to Birmingham, as long as it includes a cast iron agreement to sign him and Bowyer if they are promoted. I think they did a number on us over Quashie, no repeat of that! Alternatively, I understand Sunderland and Stoke City are also considering making a cash offer for Davenport. Apparently we rejected Sunderland’s recent offer for Collins, and rightly so in my opinion.

    Lyon want to agree a loan deal for Faubert, until the end of the season. West Ham are understandably not too keen on that and would prefer a permanent deal or to keep him until the summer. But we need to watch that one, it is alleged that Faubert threathened to strike when his former French club refused him a move to Glasgow Rangers. We do not need that one blowing up, post-Bellamy, do we!

  15. brooking still the best says:

    Make no mistake, we need another striker now! We can not afford to wait to next season. C Coles been good and does a decent job but what if he gets injured. We cant rely on one senior fit striker at the club.

  16. Roshi says:

    CJ have you ever considered being a football agent, I think you could give them a run for their money.
    How do you work all this out! your brain must be claret and blue, your posts cheer me up!

  17. SJ Chandos says:

    Hopefully Quashie will leave this month. We might try Rangers, apparently Smith likes the player or alternatively Southamption, where his reputation is quite good. Before you dismiss it, consider the fact that they both took Dailly did they not!

    I reckon Neill, Spector, Boa Morte, Lopez, Di Michele, Tristan and even Mullins might leave in the summer. With Neill it all depends whether they can negotiate a new contract on terms acceptable to both sides? Fans should not under-estimate Neill’s positive influence as Captain and his ability to organise the defence, even though there is the occassional personal lapse! It will be a shame if Lopez is let go without being given a decent chance at first team level, hopefully he will prove himself before the end of the season?

    The club need to make a decision on the likes of Stokes and Reid. Are they good enough or not? If not, then they need to be moved out to Championship or Division 1 clubs in the summer. We can expect Spence, N’gala and Widdowson to step up next season, so with Illunga, Collins, Upson, Tomkins and possibly Neill, we have a good balance of youth and experience in defence. It might even be that Spence initially debuts at right back ?

    There is not much wrong with the midfield, although a playmaker could be added? In addition, the likes of Stanislaus, Payne, Harvey, Lee and Kerns are in the pipeline. In the striking positions, hopefully Ashton will recover and Cole will continue his positive transformation. Sears and Hines should start pushing for first team places by the end of this season. Banijer, and Jeffrey will hopefully start to push on and strengthen us further. In addition, we will have whoever we buy or loan both this month and in the summer.

    Overall I think things look very bright at the Hammers and with ‘The project,’ and our new resolve to retain our best players, we could be going places! This is my initial estimation of the squad and its potential. What do others think?

  18. Roshi says:

    “CJ” stop it, your showing off now! I can’t take all this info in.

  19. SJ Chandos says:

    Thank you Roshi, it is just my take on things, right or wrong! I like to think that I have too many principles to be an agent though!!!! lol.

  20. brooking still the best says:

    CJ, I am impressed with your depth of knowledge about all things West Ham. I have to say though, many of the youth team players you have mentioned are not going to make premiership grade. If two or three do then that will be a good result. Having seen the youth team only once or twice I couldnt say who that will be. But dont get too carried away because they have still a very long way to go to reach the first team.
    Lets let them progress on there terms without focasing to much attention on them. One thing I can say, I have not seen the next Joe Cole yet, ect

  21. SJ Chandos says:

    Although, on second thoughts, Di Michele might end up getting a deal? Zola and Nani seem to like the cut of his gib, do they not?

    No Roshi, I ain’t the type to show off, I just like ideas, thinking things through and sharing them with other people, that’s all. It’s the academic in me!

  22. SJ Chandos says:

    Agreed, Brooking still the best. If three or four come through that would be a great result. However, I think that in the likes of Spence we do have some outstanding prospects, so I am a bit more optimistic about their potential. Time will tell. But I think that Zola’s new youth shadow squad will mean that youth players ,of sufficient potential, get greater exposure to the first team squad. The consequences are that they will be pushed harder to prove that they do have the ability to succeed. I think that is a good thing myself.

  23. SJ Chandos says:

    There was an article at the weekend sucking up to Man Utd (nothing new there then!) that listed the total number of current professionals produced by them that were either (1) in the squad or (2) with other league clubs. The number was 71. I wonder what the total would be if someone did the same exercise for the Hammers?

  24. Roshi says:

    I see we are interested in Bryce Moon…….yeah I know…..who the hell is Bryce Moon!
    South African full back who plays for Panith…. you know that Greek team. Goodbye Faubert!

  25. SJ Chandos says:

    That would be an interesting choice. Bit of a gamble though, the Greek league and South African football ain’t the PL. But that is what Nani and co are paid for I suppose, spotting potential!

  26. SJ Chandos says:

    On Nsereko, one if the websites has pointed out that he has picked up 7 yellow cards in his last 22 Serie B matches! A worthy successor to Bellamy in more ways than one! lol.

  27. Roshi says:

    7 yellows, wonder if he suffers from mystery stomach injuries and is an ‘orrible little bloke as well.

  28. E1 says:

    We still have a 29 outfield player squad + 4 out on loan and what we have outside the first 11 don’t amount to much. In my opinion 9 + the 4 on loan should be got rid of. in the case of Payne,Hines and Jefferythey They should be moved to the resereve squad and developed further. The 9 to go are gabbidon, Spector, davenport, Quashie, Lbm, tristin, di michele, faubert and yes ASHTON. We then make 2 quality signings and we have the basis of a good squad further development within would strengthen further and in 2 to 3 years we could have one hell of a team and squad.we need to continue to watch the pennies and buy when a player comes along who is better than we have.

  29. the headmaster says:

    Chandos for President!

  30. E1 says:

    How about bringing in any of these from the lower clubs STOKE, Fuller or Kitson, Pompey, Kranjcar, Sunderland ,Cisse or richardson just a thought.

  31. SJ Chandos says:

    President of ….. ? That Obama bloke has got the job I really want, but never mind! lol.

  32. SJ Chandos says:

    Yeah, I forgot about Gabbidon, which is easy to do at the moment! It’s a pity because he is a good player, a defender with real pace. But there is obviously a major fitness problem there.

    As for Ashton, I believe that you have to give a player of that class every opportunity to recover and get back to match fitness and form. There are not many strikers of his ability around and we should not take the decision to sell him lightly.

  33. SJ Chandos says:

    E1, yes I agree it is about reducing the current quanity and improving the future quality. There you go Headmaster, there’s the slogan for my campaign! lol.

  34. E1 says:

    I don’t think ashton will be much good to us this season,so we will have the summer to see if he can make the grade , he is slow on recovery and look at this season very slow start and limited improvment then injured again. Don’t think he is going to be our savior and if the price is right I think zola will take it, a small squad needs to be made up of quality and endurance, can’t see dyer lasting to many seasons either but as I said we will only get rid if we have a better player to come in when we get to the right numbers (20). a long way to go just yet still plenty of deadwood to cut loose. So the better players will get time.

  35. E1 says:

    SJ : I would like to put myself forward as your campaign manager and maybe with a little help from our friends we can put the world and west ham to rights. HA HA HA HA

  36. SJ Chandos says:

    Yeah, I know hat you mean about Dyer. The word fragile comes to mind. I dread the thought of him playing against Hartlepool. It only needs one lower league clogger with an attitude and ….. I think that they need to wrap him in cotton wool and pick and choose his matches, but I thought that when we bought him. Unfortunately Mr Curbishley thought overwise!

  37. SJ Chandos says:

    E1, ok! It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it! Hold on the men in white coates are trying to put that funny jacket on me again!!!!! lol.

  38. Roshi says:

    “SJ” sorry kept calling you “CJ” earlier in the thread. Must of been getting you confused with that other clever bloke on Eggheads. Apologies.
    Keep up the good work, you get everyone talking!

  39. E1 says:

    SJ: Don’t worry as soon as I get mine off I’ll give you a hand !!!

  40. james says:

    Hope this isn’t gonna be another window with all our targets going other clubs. The Italians are getting snapped up quick and Ben Watson joining Middlesborough. Lets hope if we truely want Ledley, Mattlock, Nsereko and Hamsik we move quick

  41. E1 says:

    On a more serious note we only have 2 injured at the moment Ashton and Gabbidon so Zola has a few to play with and most areas are sort of covered. Arsenal and Man u have a few problems, that might do as a favour over the next few weeks( he says as the alarm goes off and it’s time to get up). I really do think that we will give man u a game and might even nick the arsenal not so sure about as they are a bit of a wounded animal at the moment and they can’t afford to drop anymore points.

  42. E1 says:

    Not sure how many welsh internationals we an international team they ain’t much cop we,ve got he best with collins and collinson not to sure about ledley ? and ramsey went to arsenal.

  43. Lumpy says:

    sounds like a good up and coming youngster but 8mil is a lot for some one that plays in seria B, Whats happened to gudjohnson still think he would be a good addition, and bet zola could persuade him.

  44. Eric says:

    agreed. Every time i look at the news , one of our prospects wants to go someplace else. Frustrating.

  45. SJ Chandos says:

    Burnley 3-Spurs 0!!!!! lol. What was I saying about straitjackets, Redknapp will be in one soon!

  46. SJ Chandos says:

    The trouble lies with the agents placing stories and leaking information to attract more interest. It is virtually impossible to do business the way John Lyall used to do it, complete secrecy until the contract was signed! Mores the pity.

  47. E1 says:

    Am i right in thinking that if the score stays the same at the end of extra time burnley go though on away goals ?
    Harry was very smug in the pre-match interview and said all they had to do was keep the ball and do a profesional job OOPs think it’s gone wrong arry. Mr duxbury will put the cheque in the post another mission completed by agent E007 the names arry, Flash arry.HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA . **** all your gonna win **** all HA HA HA HA HA COYI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. SJ Chandos says:

    That Chris Eagles does not look a bad player. Unusual for Man Utd to get it wrong though!

  49. SJ Chandos says:

    I am pleased for the Burnley fans. Now that is a club that has had it rough over the years, going right back to Bob Lord’s day. A club continually asset stripped, Willie Morgan, Ralph Coates, Leighton James, Brian Flynn, Ray Hankin, etc.

    Yes that’s right E1. I do not know why we are surprised really, Redknapp’s West Ham team’s blow it enough times against lower league opposition. What comes around goes around, the flash Arry!

  50. SJ Chandos says:

    Oh no!!!!!!!! That lucky blighter!

  51. SJ Chandos says:

    Burnley should have killed the game off at 3-0! With 3 mnutes left they should have got ten men behind the ball and held possession, wasted game, etc. Still, really tough luck on Burnley!

  52. SJ Chandos says:

    wasted time, even!

  53. James says:

    After tonights match with a full team I can confirm Tottenham as favourites for the Drop!! COYI

  54. E1 says:

    Bloody hell Levy must a tumbled and put a bigger cheque in arry’s a double agent !!!!!

  55. E1 says:

    looks like the spuds are going to have aclear out anyone we fancy lads

  56. SJ Chandos says:

    Whoops …. The Spurs fans are turning on their club on You’re on Sky Sports! That lot are so fickle it is untrue!

  57. James says:

    Spurs don’t have fans, They pay for people to go to the games, It’s all fake like the actual team!!!

  58. E1 says:

    Arry’s worried and he knows it can’t be turned round without spending and selling he needs at least 4 or 5 players with bottle they are all fancy dans who think they have hit the big time bent ,bentley etc have lost the desire and are happy as most of todays footballers are just to pick up the wage cheque. It could’nt happen to a nicer manager and club now could it HAPPY DAYS!!!!

  59. SE18 says:

    I cant believe i wasted 1 1/2 seconds reading this post?

  60. Kiwi Hammer says:

    I saw the Burnley game online. What a shame they couldn’t stick it up the Spuds good and proper. What an inspired game by Robbie Blake though. I wouldn’t mind giving him a go in a real claret and blue shirt.

    Also, I recall at the start of the season we were linked to Eidur Gudjohannson. Whats he up to now? Still peeling oranges at Barcelona? Makes a bit of sense to bring him to East London with the Icelandic and Zola/Chelscum connection.

  61. Auckland Hammer says:

    Hey Kiwi where are you based ?

  62. Kiwi Hammer says:

    On the North Shore mate. You??

  63. E1 says:

    Micha richards is only 5 mill ? and gudjohnson only 2 mill ? acording to news now

  64. Kiwi Hammer says:

    Gudjohnson for 2 mil? They must be havin a larf.

  65. Roshi says:

    Just heard Harry on the radio blaming everyone but himself for the shambles that is Spurs.
    Get a grip “H” you are out of your depth and you can’t turn it around.

    Admit the fact that if you hadn’t of lost so much in the recent property slump you would still be in your cosy little job at Portsmouth, instead of chasing the cash.

  66. eleeNYC says:

    I’m going to be cautious about the Hull match. I’m just not that confident in the Cole/Di Michelle partnership. I hope Zola noticed the lack of pace. If we can take 3 from that match it will be ideal as the Gunners and Manure are up.

    Button down a deal, GZ!

  67. DevoDevo says:

    Good to see another Alan Devonshire fan on here! If we had him now we wouldn’t need to look at a left-sided midfielder. I wonder how much he would cost in today’s market?

    On another subject. Dyer came off after38 minutes for the ressies the other night, apparently with “tight calves”. This sounds feasible given his lack of match fitness, but let’s hope it is not another setback.

  68. brooking still the best says:

    Devonshire was a great great player, before his injury he was one of the the best in the country! Today I would rate him in the £18million bracket. Downing and Bently have not a scratch on his ability.
    There must be loads of Devonshire fans on here!

  69. alanalandevonshire says:

    I think i’m right in saying that unlike the F.A. cup, the runners up in the Carling cup do not get a U.E.F.A. cup spot if the winners qualify for the Champions league, it goes to the next highest placed league side. Ihope so, anyway i’ll be supporting Manure in the final.

    Alan Devonshire is the sole reason i started supporting this club 30 years ago, coming from west london it could so nearly have been Chelski. My dad and i used to drive Alans dad to the games quite often and sit next to him in the old main stand, so fortunatly for me i got to meet Alan on numerous occasions, thats quite an influence on a 10 year old kid. also helped that he was THAT good.

  70. chris says:

    Resting your squad harry or dropping them really!!!!

  71. DevoDevo says:

    Great stuff, alanalan!

    BSTB – I’d rate him higher than that, but what a brilliantly consistent player he was. Even after injury, which blunted his pace, he still played a big part in us finishing 3rd in the old 1st Division.

    Him and Brooking together were unstoppable on their day and the fact that Sit Trev enjoyed his most productive spell when Devo was around is testament to his skill.

  72. Eric says:

    reading that we may have landed Savio. If so will we ever seem him start? I feel like he will just play reserves with Freddy for a while. I don’t know..

  73. Bex Bissell says:

    Does anyone know anything about Bryce Moon? According to the Mirror he is available for £500k – not bad for a 22 year old, but is he any good?

  74. Auckland Hammer says:

    Kiwi , Out Muriwai way ! Any sort of regular get togethers that you know of ?

  75. E1 says:

    Iain are you still with us ? give us somthing new Please

  76. SJ Chandos says:

    I waiting for the deals to be confirmed. Apparently Nsereko is nearly in the bang. I agree with Eric that he is possibly one for the future, rather than going straight in to the first team. I expect another, more experienced striker to join as well. That one is likely to come out of left field!

    I am not too devastated that we missed Osvaldo. His goal scoring to games ratio is not that great in Series A. He has probably done us a favour. If we can get a loan agreement for the Milan youngster it will be quite a coup. He is widely recognised as one of the best prospects in world football. Lets hope that the old pals act between old Jose and Zola/Clarke works in our favour. He certainly will not be going to Chelski!!

    The club are definitely looking at their options at right-back. Although this guy Moon and the Irish youngster do not exactly grab your attention. They may take a chance on someone like Moon in January and opt for an alternative in the summer if it does not work out. I like Johnson myself, or a cheaper option would be on of the Hoyte brothers.

    As for Joe Ledley, there is a lot of speculation, but he does not seem like a West Ham target to me. At 8m, you would need to be certain that he is the business! I prefer Mattock myself, I think that boy will be a very good player and he would give our squad increase cover, he can play anywhere on the left side.

  77. SJ Chandos says:

    You know what West Ham are missing, it’s a Brooking or Di Canio. A brillant tailsman player that gets the pulses racing at their sheer brillance. Another player we had in that mode was Hugo Porfirio, remember him?

    I well recall his debut against Notts Forest, they just could not cope with him. We escaped relegation that year and everyone rightly spoke of Hartson and Kitson’s contributions, but little Hugo was equally as key. I well remember that 5-0 result at home against Sheff Wednesday, he really pulled the strings that day. In fact I think that a very fustrated Di Canio was playing for Wednesday, if I am not mistaken. Hugo and Di Canio in the same team, now that would have been worth the entrance money!!!!!

  78. Kiwi Hammer says:

    You can add Tevez to that list SJC.

    Auckland Hammer – I believe there is a fan club based in the East Coast Bays but I don’t know any other details. You might find some info in the British Football Weekly publication. Also, go to the Wellington Phoenix fansite ( There is a thread on there for West Ham fans, and there not too many at the moment so the more the merrier (I go by the name Hammerhead).


  79. Goatygav says:

    I wouldn’t have Tevez up there with Brooking or DiCanio. Tevez was effective but the other two were Creative, Elegant Schemers. Watching them was like watching poetry in motion. Tevez had a fantastic workrate but wasn’t so spectacular – more of an explosive battering ram.

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