Is Mr Moon Coming to the Stadium?

Apologies about the lack of posting – been a busy 24 hours workwise. But to be honest, it all seems to have gone a little quiet on the transfer front. South African defender Bryce Moon seems to be the latest player to be linked with us. He plays for Panathinaikos and would only cost £500,000. I’ve never heard of him, but the appeal of hearing the words ‘Mr Moon is in the stadium’ again is irresistible. Not that the current announcer would have the ability to make that joke, as he clearly lacks the affinity to the club that his predecessor Jeremy Nicholas had.

Nigel Quashie has been shipped out to Wolves for the rest of the season. Which is nice.

But the trail for a new striker seems to have gone cold. Nsereko still appears to be a possibility, but as there are only ten days left, someone needs to get a move on.

Getting quite excited about Hartlepool, for some strange reason. I reckon Zola will go with his strongest side.

And finally, as they say in TV lands, if any of you live in Bournemouth and fancy seeing me host the theatre show A NIGHT WITH ANN WIDDECOMBE I will be appearing at the BIC Pavillion tomorrow (Friday) night at 7.30! I thank you.


35 Responses to Is Mr Moon Coming to the Stadium?

  1. Berkshire Hammer says:

    Hi Iain,

    Can we do a plug for one of the best books about West Ham

    Fantastic and funny

  2. Sam h says:

    Did you post something some time back about Jeremy Nicholls not getting the sack – he was just taking a break or something?!

    The new announcer is awful – forgets to play bubbles, no real interest and dull as can be

  3. Big_Casino says:

    The Italian media seem to think a deal for Nsereko is as good as signed and sealed… the player also missed training for Brescia this morning….. watch this space I guess….

    Iain – I am in agreement with you besides the new stadium announcer, though I also think Nicholas is a bit of a soppy prat…. we need someone new in altogether.

  4. Stelios J says:

    “Fancy” and “Ann Widdecombe” in the same sentence!
    Well done you! Well done indeed!

  5. devo says:

    mario batotelli

  6. Iain, glad its not only me that has noticed that our new announcer is pants!!! Does anyone know what happened to the old one? This guy even has trouble playing “Bubbles” at the right time in the lead up to kick off!!!

    Iain, can’t you apply for the job? LOL

  7. Delmo says:

    Evening all, with 10 days to go we will be linked with loads of players now, as agents will be using us to ply there goods in the market so to speak, I mean can you see us going for Joe Ledley. A good player don’t get me wrong but we are short in few other areas first!

    Mr Moon has been linked with us before but what have read about him he is quiet injury Prone and has only played about 10 this season for his greek team.

    Got a good vibe about this cup run as well, Hartlepool Saturday…..and a decent next round draw and maybe just maybe another final may be beconing!!

  8. LJ says:

    Personally I can barely make out what this announcer (or to be fair his predecessor) says most of the time.

    Up in the BMU the sound is as haphazard as old station announcments used to- and I don’t remember it being much better in the DMU. lower East stand or any other corner I’ve sat in before.

    I blame the PA system. The absolute worst is the on pitch interviews- they are absolutely unintelligible.

    Strangely the Mr Moon announcement (which I’m sure I heard recently) is always clear as a bell!

  9. SJ Chandos says:

    Getting a loan deal for Batotelli would be a real coup. He is definitely one of the most high youngsters in world football. Lets hope Zola and Clarke sweet talk their old Chelski mate, Jose!

    A night with Anne Widdicombe! The only thing worse would be a night with Margret Thatcher!!!!!

  10. SJ Chandos says:

    ‘highly rated youngsters’ that should be. The Widdicombe thing obviously deeply disturbed me! lol.

  11. Paul Anderson says:

    Or two nights.

  12. Stelios J says:

    “A night with Anne Widdicombe! The only thing worse would be a night with Margret Thatcher!!!!!”
    Respect, namesake!
    And Paul A.
    Stelios J

  13. SJ Chandos says:

    By the way Iain, is it an essential criteria for your celebrity Hammers list that they are still be with us? The late, great Reg Varney sadly passed away early in the new year! Iam not trying to be funny about that, I just thought you may have missed the reports of his passing?

  14. Hammer Ray says:

    Sorry Iain…I actually work in Bournemouth and live in Dorset these days, but Alas, as tomorrow is my birthday, I have to miss the un missable Ann Widdecombe show at the BIC! Gutted!! Clashes with a very good Curry house sadly! I do agree though that we need to concentrate on transfer matters as soon as we progress in the Cup on Saturday. We have a greater need for a quality striker currently than we need a full back. We have previously mentioned the likes of Kevin Dyle from Reading, or McCarthy if he could be prised away from Blackburn. The only reason I can see that we are looking for a full back is if we can’t secure Ilunga, or are happy to let go of our skipper. I go along with the outcry of support for Sears, who needs to be given a chance to find out what he can do. Look what it has done recently for Cole!! However with Deano’s dodgy ankles etc and the loss of what’s his name this week, we need some back up for someone to create or finish off the chances we hope to continue to create.I have to say..the bloke that has just gone was creating havoc to opposing defences, so I would love an exiting prospect, hopefully young who can do some damage for more than a few games. Still upbeat though. COYI

  15. Streaky says:

    Blimey…an Evening with Anne Widdercombe……that’ll be standing room only…;)

  16. Paulbarneybailey says:

    Yes we are going to sign Mr Moon and 2 others. Sun Jihai and mark Venus.

  17. chris says:

    Neresko is on his way its a done deal!! was at upton park for kids training day today,and his name was mentioned all over the place,seems a gamble for 8…9mil,
    but hey what do I know!! never heard of Ilunga or Behrami,
    Moon who the hell is he!!!!! right back?
    Anyone know?

  18. aussie graham says:

    Tell Mr Zola there is some excellent exciting roar talented youth in the Australian A league at the moment so if he is looking for the future there are some excellent prospects down here.

  19. OZ ex chicken runner says:

    Sorry.Aussie Graham but hte Aleague has a long way to go yet before it can deliver players to play in the EPL….maybe when some of the much younger players come through with the right training etc. I am a big supporter of the AL, best we have had in the 34 years I have been out here but at times it is below league two! I support Melbourne and one of our best young players Adrian Leijer went over to Fulham a year ago…anyone heard of him over there? No, he has not managed to break into the first team squad proper. As for my beloved hammers, lets go for the game at Pool..would love another final, this time at Wembley…still gutted from the last time. Things have been quiet on the transfer front, good news really that no new bids have come in for our top players…just hope nothing happens right at the end of the window….keep it shut! Really hope that “when” ashton gets back that maybe we could see him go uninjured for a while..he is a good striker but so injury prone. COYI

  20. Sactown Hammer says:

    Is their any information on the two South Americans that were on trial?

  21. Roshi says:

    I think Anne Widdicombe is looking a little bit saucy at the moment, many a tune and all that!

    Bring back Bill Remfrey as the announcer and while were at it The British Legion Band, “bubbles” never sounded so good as when accompanied by the band.

    On another note, I was talking with another Hammer (there are some) the other day and we decided that the loudest we have ever heard the crowd at Upton Park, in reasonable memory, was the play off semi against Ipswich when I swear you could feel the stand swaying! Good game as well

  22. woodford roy says:

    Transfer wise, the possibility of the young Inter striker coming on loan is exciting as he appears to be a special talent and I remember reading that Mr Moon is blessed with great speed, which would make a nice change for a Hammers right back. However, I’d be interested to know if others share my concern about the deal for Neresko. The money being quoted in the region of £9-10 million seems a lot for an unproven kid playing in the Italian second division. Should we be worried that Nani is doing business with his father-in-law, the President of Brescia? Also, if Neresko becomes our record signing, how many opportunities will Freddie Sears get to play in the first team? I hope we don’t bring in talented kids from overseas only to lose our home grown local talent.

  23. SJ Chandos says:

    Tottenham are after Cole now for 8m! Does Arry have a thing about our players or is it just vindictiveness? Duxbury, tell him to go do one!

  24. Paul M says:

    SJ & Devo, I metioned Super Mario Balotteli in a post about a week ago. He will be an awesome player if he gets his head out of his bum (no swearing eh Ian) Apparently he is up his self, thinks he is the big I am and does not like training much either. Murinho has given him a few rollickings but is losing patience. BUT, he is only 19 but rated around Europe as possibly the BEST forward in the world for his age.
    Would love GZ & Clarkey to get hold of him, if anyone can tame him they can. That said, not sure if we could afford him !!!
    On a more disturbing note, One hack and sky are saying old twitchy face is now after Carlton for 8 mill – in your dreams mate, lets hope Duxbury is true to his word about never selling to the spuds agian.!!!!
    I’ll be glad when this silly window is closed, all the speculation drives me mad as we appear to be linked with about a dozen players.
    Personally, I would like to get a creative midfielder – Krankjer, a quality right back – Glen Johnson and a forward who can bang them in – Owen.

    4 – 0 this weekend, 2 for cole and one each for Collison and another Noble pen !!

  25. SJ Chandos says:

    Nsereko is a deal virtually done, 6m up front and the rest in add ons. While Duxbury is rebuking Redknapp, he should also tell Cardiff City to get real. £8m for Ledley, they are having a laugh, 4m tops for him. Go for Mattock, that is a better and cheaper option in my option.

    The club are looking for cover at right-back, pending the outcome of the Neill negotiations. They could take a gamble or someone like Moon, but I would prefer Johnson or one of the Hoyte brothers myself!

  26. SJ Chandos says:

    I am convinced another striker will come in, whether it a loan deal for the Milan youngster or another more experienced player. But I am sure it it will happen before 2 February.

  27. Paul M says:

    I hope we do get Balotteli, I love someone with potential, but it will only be a loan deal.
    GZ just loves Di Michele and thinks Freddie is not ready YET. So I agree with SJ, another stricker will come in – WHO will it be?

  28. Paul M says:

    If Nsereko is coming, I think GZ will play him on the left, so we do need that stricker

  29. Paul M says:

    sorry for the spelling !!! should read striker.

  30. Alan says:

    The transfer window is also driving me mad. I say also because surely a few premiership managers have lost it. I am not sure that I can remember such blatent disregard for other clubs and premier league rules as I have witnessed this Jan. Mr Kinnear chatting to an agent to unsettle our captain and Mr Redknapp’s “tapping up of Defoe, Jones, Bellamy, Cole, Palacios, Downing and possibliy many others” is nothing short of a disgrace. It is about time that the authorities fell off the Tevezgate bandwagon and started to administer the game appropiately. As odious as Bellamy is I can sort of understand his mercenary behavior, at the same time I am pleased to see the back of him. If you ever had the misfortune to watch him in the reserves when everything that came out of his mouth was plain to hear you would see that he was not the sort of player that I for one want to cheer and I certainly do not want my sons to idolise.

  31. chris says:

    Dont think Zola feels he needs another striker after recent comments,
    Seems he wants Neresko for the left.

  32. Roshi says:

    Good post Alan. Bellamy was a foul mouthed individual, I haven’t heard of any players voicing their regret about him leaving.

  33. chris says:

    Just seen on sky Redknapps in for C.cole!
    Is there any length this scumbag wont go to,in trying to upset the club,and bring us down into the relagation battle.
    A sad old tactic trying to stop a club pushing up the table,so watch out
    Wigan….His slapped you already
    hull. your next

  34. Goatygav says:

    Best of luck with the show Iain.

    I’m looking forward to the Hartlepool game too.

    I like the idea that we’re looking to sign one of Europe’s hottest prospects in Nsereko. More evidence that the squad is being managed well. Not too long ago Nsereko would’ve been the kind of player that Arsene Wenger would’ve been planning on turning in to the next Thierry Henri.

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