Should We Swap Cole for Bent?

The Daily Mail reports that Spurs have bid £8 million for Carlton Cole, which has been rejected by West Ham. This may be Harry Redknapp or the Spurs board just trying to cause trouble after Scott Duxbury said he wouldn’t do business with Spurs after their approaches for Craig Bellamy. But the Mail also suggests that some sort of swap deal with Darren Bent may be on the cards.

My gut reaction was to tell Spurs to take a running jump … and yet, and yet. Are we confident that Carlton’s form will last, that he will continue scoring at a good rate? Zola is getting the best out of him at the moment and I very much hope that will continue, but no one can be totally sure about that.

Darren Bent plus £5 million (ie they pay us £5 million, for the avoidance of doubt!) would be a good deal in anyone’s book. Wouldn’t it?

Or should we take the Scott Duxbury line and tell them to sling their hook no matter what they offer?


144 Responses to Should We Swap Cole for Bent?

  1. jpt says:

    Stuff Bent – look at his miss on Saturday!
    And stuff Spurs.
    Cole has a five year contract by the way.

  2. Carf says:

    I don’t rate Bent. Is he really any better then Cole? Cole is on form and if we lost him we would struggle for goals if Bent didn’t hit form, and we all know he has barren spells in front of goal!

  3. Kennet says:

    No no and no again.

    And yet, and yet… NO!

  4. Eric Voglin says:


    Rednapp is not going to use Bent again, so leave him there as Harry’s dead waste.

    I do think Bent is the better player, but what we need at the moment is about four more wins to secure safety. If an in-form, confident Cole can help do this, than keep him.

    Put Bent in who’s confidence must be at rock-bottom thanks to Harry – then it’s a big risk.

    Now Harry’s missus – that’s a different proposition!!

  5. Big Casino says:

    Tough call that one… Cole or Bent? Cole or Bent?

    Cole is scoring goals at the moment, and as long as he is doing that it’s hard to criticise…. I am not and have not been his biggest fan… but he probably was our most improved player last year and maybe Zola can develop him and make him better… I doubt he’s ever had any kind of one on one tutorlige with anyone like Zola….

    As for Bent… I think he’s quite good, but not sure he’s that good or if I’d want him at West Ham… especially after he rejected us for Spurs originally….

    I think I’d keep Cole, at least until the summer… be interesting to see how the rest of his season goes… would hate to sell him now and then see him develop further and continue to bang in the goals consistently at Spurs.

  6. Happy Hammer says:

    Defintely not – Keep Cole all day long – Bent is bent!

  7. Hayden says:

    Now I’m going to think about how to say this so I don’t get banned cos I love the site Iain… So remembering back to how you did it…

    In answer to – Should we swap Cole for Bent?

    **** That!

    Haha – In all seriousness though, no way. Cole has come so good, starting to fulfil this potential everyone said he had. He’s going to go from strength to strength too!
    In all honesty I think he is the player Clarke and Zola are least likely to sell out of anyone – they’ve shown so much faith in him and now we see why. He’s been there little project and it’s paid off.

    Coley for England!

  8. Happy Hammer says:

    Plus Cole is holding the ball up well too and bringing other players into the game. Screw bent!

  9. budgie says:

    Absolutely not.
    I am right behind what Scott Duxbury said even if it might not mean for ever but to do business with them now would be a total loss of face.

    Perhaps we should however make a bid for Sandra!

  10. JMan says:

    Iain I am shocked you would even pose the question. There is nothing like confidence and Cole is full of it and Bent is most definitely not. I also think Col is a better player than Bent, so NO WAY; besides hate that North London crap at WHL and never want to do any business with hem ever ever. Big club my patootee.

  11. Eddie Chappers says:

    No purely because I dont think we should punish Coleys vast improvement by sending him to the current graveyard of all premiership talent………nothing against Bent but he is no target man and has been nowhere near as consistent and hard-working as Coley, keep it going Carlton and make yourself a legend

  12. Bernie Bonds says:

    Don nt forget its in the daily mulch so proberbly made up!COYI

  13. Glasgow Hammer says:

    Bent for Cole – no brainer. If Zola could instill confidence into Bent which he is obviously lacking then we would end up with a much better striker than we have now.

  14. chris says:


  15. Steve Wood says:

    No, no and no. Redknapp is just behaving like a spoilt little kid. He didn’t get what he wanted, was told in no uncertain terms to sod off and shut up so he comes back and tries to unsettle one of our players again.

    Why on earth would we want to get rid of our in form striker for one who is so out of confidence it would take ages to get him up to speed? Whilst Carlton Cole is not everyone’s cup of tea he has stuck at it, ignored the boo boys and worked hard on the training ground with Zola. The result is there for all to see. A player who gives his all and is scoring goals for West Ham. Everyone is saying it will not last, fine, show me a striker who has a purple patch all season long? If you can find one I bet he doesn’t play for West Ham!

    Cole and Zola have a mutual respect for each other, Zola has invested time in helping Carlton and we are reaping the benefits. So why the hell should we sell him to anyone, least of all bloody Spurs? I can’t believe that people would like to see him go because his run of form may come to an end. It happens to all players and the sign of a good one is how he deals with it. Does he bleat on abouty it and change clubs or does he knuckle down and improve himself and ultimately his team?

    I want to keep Cole, I don’t want Darren Bent and I don’t want anyone else going to Spurs and loud mouth Harry, end of.

  16. DevoDevo says:

    Iain – I believe the offer was made at the start of the transfer window. Since Duxbury has now told the world that he has no intention of selling players to Spurs I think we can safely assume this will not happen.

    To answer your question; No, even before his recent goal “glut”, his all round game is superior to the one dimensional Bent.

  17. chris says:

    This man wants revenge his out to get us relegated,wants to upset the applecart.
    Hes never go over he’s sacking!!

  18. chris says:

    got. sorry

  19. Metcow says:

    I’m not a massive fan of Cole overall to be honest. Don’t get me wrong, he has taken his goals well of late and that is really as much as you can ask of a striker, but his overall game is still very frustrating. I can’t help getting frustrated at his laid back and soft approach somestimes. I want to see him smack into defenders when challenging for the ball and standing up strong like Heskey, but he just doesn’t do it.

    Should we sell him then? Well I certainly back Duxbury when he says no more players to Spurs. Let’s stop feeding them unless they want our fringe players who are no use to us.

    I don’t rate bent either. He doesn’t fit into what the current WH board are doing anyway. As long as it’s Duxbury/Nani/Zola we will only see young prospects bought in who can be coached into better players. They’ve made that statement and for the sake of our future I hope they stick to it.

  20. claret bobby says:

    Is this the first ever post that everyone agrees about?

    Nay nay and thrice nay!

  21. Alex says:

    I think Freddie Mercury put it best:

    Bismillah, no! We shall not let him go…

  22. Prince H says:

    No way. I’d say even in times when Cole don’t score he does a lot of work for the team which I rate a lot. So I’d say that he is much more important for the team than just the goal’s. So: No way!

  23. Peter from Northern Cyprus says:

    Didn’t want Bent when we nearly bught him last time and don’t want him now. Cole always plays out of his skin for us and he has now added goals to his work rate. I think we need to spend £10mil on a young replacement for Bellend and just carry on doing what we’re doing. Cole looks like he has pride pulling on the West Ham shirt every time… I don’t think Bent will.

    Zola obvioulsy sees something in Cole that so many of us have failed to see until recently… In our manager we should trust!!!

    Hopefully tomorrow will be the start of a good cup run for us… COME ON YOU IROONNNNS!

  24. Stig says:

    No – Cole is in form – Bent is not. We can’t afford to wait for Bent to get into form as that might get us relegated.

    I’d always stick with the striker in form.

    Also, if you read those articles carefully, Spurs put the bid in at the beginning of January before the Bellamy saga. It is old news and no longer relevant…

  25. JackHammer says:

    NO! Bent turned us down in preference to Spurs in the first place.
    Carlton has improved alot and I think could improve alot more under Zola.
    ‘Arry is just stirring it up and needs a striker on form in a hurry,
    Spurs are a fragile team and could implode with a run of bad results,

  26. Simon Cowell says:

    1 million percent no.

  27. iron man says:

    Bent made it clear that he didn’t want to play for us, maybee that has changed now we have a better manager. I think Carlton should stay as he is commited to the cause and hopefully can continue his progress under Zola !!

  28. joe says:

    darren bent do me a favour .

  29. Jose says:

    If that is supposed to be a joke,I dont find it funny,not one bit.No chance Cole is miles better than Bent.

  30. Biffo the bear says:

    No would seem to be a very popular reply to this question. And I would like to add my NO to all the others……


    Bent needs a year under a good coach to nurse him back to the kind of player he has always threatened to be….haven’t we just done that with Cole? So Harry’s idea is that we do all the hard work and he and Sp*rs get the rewards for it?

    I think NO sums it up quite well really can I, in the spirit of asterisk journalism, also add ********? Thank you.

  31. Nick says:

    No – Cole’s settled and scoring at the moment we need some stability – why not make a straight bid for Bent? even though he did turn us down once he’s not a bad player.

  32. Ian says:

    One word needed for this No!

    What is the problem that Hammers fans have with Cole? Even when he wasn’t scoring I still rated him and the effort he puts in for the team and his hold up platy is superb. He could be Englands main man over the next few years IMHO. COYI

  33. colney says:

    bent would not want to come and zola would not let his work in progress leave so total rubbish,oh and bent cant hit a barn door from 10 paces.NO

  34. Roy says:

    I wouldn’t sell Cole but I’d like to see him partner Bent. What’s his value, £5M? With his confidence back he’s a good striker and he’d blossom under Zola. With Sears playing behind these two we’d have a lethal strike force I think.

  35. grayboguestmeister says:

    This is the Daily Mail, chaps… perlease (I think is what one is supposed to say when one’s feathers have been ruffled).

  36. Fore Skin says:

    If this happens I will pull down my trousers and pants and run round Tottenham

  37. alan says:

    i would tell the spuds where to go ( the very long way ) i must admit my doubts about cole but to be far he is proving me wong all the time and long may that continue.

    lets give he a chance to see how long this form lasts under zola

  38. Terry says:

    See comments above………….


    Just one added thought. GZ has spent so much time on Coley to good effect – why give Spurs the benefit of his great tuition?

  39. nr2iron says:

    Under no circumstances should we deal with our friends (sic) up the road and its about time someone stood up to them,bullys at the very least and i am with Duxbury 100% on this.They imo have no one we would want but i feel we have plenty they would and our recent history in dealings with them shows we have signed pony and they have taken the thouroughbreeds so tell them to swivel.

  40. geoff says:

    I think we should make a bid for Darren Bent, say £ 150,000 and also throw in a few back copies of the daily mail.

  41. Marleeeen depreciation society says:

    No. He’s better off with us and we’re better off with him. Zola is taking us places with his excellent coaching and Clarke’s good tactics while spurs show their usual complacency. they used to be one of the clubs that you’d expect to finish in the top 8 but i think that’s us now. 2nd year running that they’re flirting with relegation, i can only keep my fingers crossed lol.

  42. CC says:

    Just to be consistent with everyone else, I say…..”Yes”…or “No”…or…. “Maybe”. But, before deciding, consider this … 12 months ago everyone would have said definitely. Cole was crap, his finishing was attrocious and Bent had a few good games here and there for the Spuds. Now, its reversed. So, whats changed? In my opinion, its 3 things; Games, Confidence and Zola. Cole has all 3 and is unrecognisable from 12 months ago. Bent has neither and is also unrecognisable from 12 months ago… but going in the wrong direction. Considering what Zola has managed with Cole in the last 6 weeks, imagine what he could do with Bent… add to that a run of games and a small bit of confidence… and he’d also become a far better player than he is right now. And… Coles “form” won’t last… guaranteed… So, in summary …I say … “Yes… or “No”… or…”Maybe”.

  43. BAC says:

    We definitely shouldn’t sell Cole to Spurs – or anyone else! Without the services of Zamora and Deano, and just having sold one half of the Cole/Bellamy strikeforce, we shouldn’t be in too much of a hurry to sell the other. Spurs problems started with selling off most of their strikeforce, Defoe, Keane and Berbatov, IMO, and we don’t want to emulate them.

    Even when Cole isn’t scoring, he leads the line well, so keep him and stuff Spurs.

    As for Bent, he chose to go to Spurs over us, for less money, it was said at the time, so I doubt he’d really want to come here now. But if Spurs want to offload him on the cheap, he might prove to be a good speculative purchase.

    Does Duxbury’s ban on doing business with Spurs extend to refusing to bid for their players?

  44. djclipz says:

    NO WAY!!!! Cole is actually playing great at the minute and i back him to get better and better. Wateva Zola has done he has defiantly turned him into a different player, from being the subject of many boos last year he is starting to drive himself into a fan favourite position. If his form can continue and on to next season then that is def gonna be the case.

    Plus his hold up play is leaps ahead of Bent’s, cole HAS confidence and is scoring and i can guarantee he is going to be on less wages.

    Over a year ago i maybe would have considered it, although i havent ever been that keen on bent. But now its a different story, things happen fast in football and don’t forget cole is still relatively young so i think we can expect to see more.

    Bent may only play for us if he is cheap and the deal involves no swapping of cole. So glad we never wasted 17mil on him a few seasons back

  45. John says:

    Bent didn’t want to play for us under Curbishley. I think Spurs would now let him go at a bargain price. Could Zola improve him? Would he be a good buy to play alongside Cole? Would Spurs deal with us now? What does everybody else think?

  46. Dujon says:

    I think that bent could play well with cole, that’s a good option possibly. If Zola can do what he did with Cole to Bent, then that could potentially be a good deal (if we can get him for cheap)

    But deffinately don’t trade him for cole, it would be such a confidence loss for the whole team. And i trust that Zola won’t sell Cole. If anyhting selling him now would be a contradiction to his training, and Cole is valuable to us right now.

  47. SJ Chandos says:

    Iain, what would you think of any organisation that publicly states its policy and then a few days later does an about face turn? You would probably quite reasonable conclude that the organisation had no credability! So what’s the difference in this case. Duxbury has stated that they will no longer sell their leading players to Spurs and they need to observe that policy. Otherwise, the gutter press will have a field day, and who could blame them in that instance?

    I understand you raising the debate about whether it would be a good deal, but for me the above consideration overides that!

  48. Gareth says:

    short pier and long walks spring to mind, i was not looking forward to paying his inflated price before he moved to the spuds, and after all the time and blown chances he has had a t*****ham swapping him for cole seems like a complete waste, cole is in great form at present (only reason the spuds want him) and that has come from personal tution from Zola,


  49. In a word Iain … NO … thank you!!

  50. Old Rag Man Reg says:

    Bent never wanted to play for us when Curbs wanted him, whats changed?

    Also, Cole has shown that he is willing to fight to stay at West Ham even when the boo boys were on his back he never gave up.

    no contest.

  51. Paulo Di says:

    I say yes go for it! Agree Cole is in a rich vein of form but he still sometimes looks like he has 2 left feet and still doesn’t have that great a goals to attempts ratio (consider that miss against Chelsea!). I know Bent missed a sitter but only a few weeks back he seemed to have recovered his goal scoring form, and loads of chat about an England recall and then Harry messed him around. Both are confidence players but feel Bent has more of an all round game to offer us. Come on- in the cold light of day is Cole really worth £8m or cash plus player to that value? Also in a few months it will be Ashton and Nsereko up front, so whether Bent or Cole on the bench shouldn’t really matter and better in present climate to have the money in the bank.

  52. SJ Chandos says:

    As for just buying Bent, well it is a option. He is a English player, he knows the PL and you know what you are getting. He has pace and, John is right, there is every prospect that Zola could improve him and build his confidence. He could be a real bargain. Arry’s public comments about him after their match against Pompey was a classic bit of bridge burning, so it is likely he is out of favour and will leave Spurs at some point.

    The other side of the coin is that he rejected us in favour of Spurs and that is not a good indication of his dedication to our cause. The supporters are not likely to forget that snub. It’s swings and roundabouts really!

  53. Justin says:

    Well i would seriously consider it, look at the facts Coles transfomation is largely to do with Zolas influence, we all agree?

    If he can turn a talented but lacklustre professional into a goal a game machine what could he do with a proven premiership striker down on confidence and luck?

    i think it is worth a look

  54. Frith-da-Hammer says:

    Its quite simple really, 1 striker is clearly confident having just scored 5 in 5 and under zola can get better. The other striker has just missed a crucial open goal against portsmouth and been slated by his manager saying his missus could have scored. his confidence has been shot to pieces. it really is a no brainer i know who id rather have in the run in. get savio in as well coyi.

  55. Will says:

    Sorry to disagree with everyone on here but £8m for a player who up until 5 games ago was on everyones hate list is good business.

    Go for £8m plus bent as I am sure they would do it just to get shot of him, Zola can then work his magic with an invigorated Bent who lets face it was/is a good goal scorer.

    Not IMO worth the £16m or whatever the spuds paid for him but would be a good addition to the team.
    Bent didn’t turn down West Ham he turned down Curbs. Big difference.
    I say if Zola can do with Bent what he did with Cole and the starting point is higher with Bent than with Cole I say go for it.
    sure I am going to get berrated for this posting but my faith in GZ is huge and think he would work wonders with Bent. and the cash would be well spent by the great team of Zola, Clarke and Nani.

  56. Dujon says:

    I would prefer if we just bought Bent outright. I don’t want to part with Cole, he is dedicated, hard working and is performing fantastically. How could we sell him.

    I’m not sure if spurs would sell if none of our players were involved in the deal.

  57. irontc says:

    no way jose

  58. Hammer Ray says:

    Will Redknapp ever take the hint? Take your tin-pot side into the Championship without disturbing our drive up the prem. I can’t imagine we’ll need any of their under achievers but they’d be a damn site cheaper in a few months anyway. Don’t be distracted GZ. Search elsewhere. There are certainly better players than Bent out there.

  59. SJ Chandos says:

    We need to put this proposal in context. To lose both Bellamy and Cole in the January window is a major risk. To gamble on Bent coming in and doing the business immediately is another calculated risk. Also, who will Bent Partner up front? Sears, Nsereko, Di Michele? In my view, such major decisions need to be made in the summer.

    We need to stick with Cole and bring someone in to play along side him. My big fear is that Cole gets injured. Who do we have then, Tristan? Do we really want to be relying on him so heavily?

  60. SJ Chandos says:

    Also, why help Spurs by strengthening their forward line. It makes no sense!

  61. Big Al says:

    Bent and a couple of £mil for Boa Morte! We would happily overlook Duxbury ban on sales to Spurs. Zola and Clarke could revive Bent easily; need the back up if Cole loses form or injured.

  62. SJ Chandos says:

    And Will, in saying that I am not berrating you. Your view is a perfect l legitimate position to take and this site is all about us sharing and exploring our views. You could well be proven correct, Bent could come in, score 20 goals and be a major success. I just have some misgivings about losing Cole in the January window and I am also concerned about cover for him. Tristan and Di Michele concern me if we have to rely on them for any length of time.

  63. Mike B says:

    Carlton Cole has worked his **** off for a long while and he’s now got a clever manager who knows how to get the best out of him so the goals have started to flow. The fans that used to barrack him are now applauding him and he has earned every single clap that he gets

    I have never been too impressed with Darren Bent, he’s a better than average Championship player but I don’t think he cuts it in the Prem.

    I also have doubts about Bent’s attitude. When Carlton was getting booed he just knuckled and worked harder to win the fans over. The Spurs fans that I know tell me that Bent’s a sulker.

    Tell Spurs to stuff their offer and keep their misfiring misfit

  64. SJ Chandos says:

    If West Ham were to offer 6-7m for Bent I would be ok with the deal, as it strengthens us and gives us vital cover.

    But we could be getting concerned over nothing. Sky Sports have reported that Redknapp has denied any interest in Cole! More Sportsmail nonsense!

  65. Kiwi Hammer says:

    Zola has already made it clear he only wants players that want to play for west ham & that counts bent out. NO!!!

  66. mickeyhammer says:

    Take a leaf out of Redknapp’s book of dodgy dealings and offer him £500,000 for Bent

  67. Daren Wells says:

    Thanks for the offer ‘Arry but shove it where the sun dont shine old son.

    We want nothing to do with you or the North London Scum you presently work for.

  68. Roshi says:

    It won’t happen, but think what Bent was doing for Charlton in the Premiership, he could not stop scoring. Now think what Zola has done for Cole, 6 games ago the bloke was useless (look at previous blogs). Think what Zola could do with Bent, he would be playing for England in no time

  69. Eddie Chappers says:

    Cole wasn’t useless/ rubbish/ worthless five games ago, he just wasnt scoring week in week out. A very valuable team member whether he is in goal scoring form or not. Man U fans dont start berating Rooney when he goes 5 games without a goal (and he has done on many an occasion) so give the guy a break, he is committed unlike Bellamy and deserves our support scoring or not though I hope he does……..COYI

  70. Eric says:

    I would much rather see this kid Savio Nsereko come play with us. Seems like a big price tag
    but if GZ and Nani think he’s worth it then that’s fine by me. Watching youtube of him he is not afraid to take long shots.

  71. brooking still the best says:

    Bent has already gave us one big snub when he joined the Spuds so why would we want him now? Theres a saying, he made his bed now he has to lie in it. Although it looks like he has pissed in it now. lol
    I’m sure under Zola, he would improve leaps and bound but why bother?

    Cole has proved his worth and good luck to him because he had took some stick.

    Redkrapp’s out of his depth at the Spuds but the self proposed manager wonder is bigging up the task of avoiding relegation because it will make him look all the better when they undoubtedly escape. He is so full of the brown stuff!

  72. SJ Chandos says:

    Talking of nonsense, if anyone wants a great laugh read the Anti-Hammers peice in the Daily Star today. I cannot get angry over anything in the Express or Daily Star, it’s not worth it!

    Anyways, the article says that we fans are moaning about Bellamy and Man City without justification. Especially when it is recalled that a couple of seasons ago West Ham were running around buying other clubs players for inflated fee and wage packages. We then have the usual stuff rolled out, BG, Eggy, Upson, Neill joining us over mighty Liverpool, Icelandic banking collapse, etc. We must learn the harsh lesson that. ‘what comes around goes around.’ The article ends with the mature and sophisticated comments, ‘boo-hoo, deal with it!

    Why this descent in to the logic of the school yard. The tone is particularly childish and spiteful. Could it be that the gutter press are livid that they have been proven so wrong in all their speculation about the club? There has been no fire sale, the club is not in financial crisis, our major players have not been sold, etc. Or could it be that they place these type of articles to wind fans up and encourage them to waste their money by sending angry, futile texts to their Text Manics facility in the paper?

    Do not get angry, just treat as the crap it is and laugh it off!

  73. Claretandbluepoo says:

    And everybody forgets to mention that Curbishlys & Eggys NET spend was about £2 Mill!

  74. marco says:

    is that the same bent who didn’t want to join us!!!? i wouldn’t want him even for free!!!!

  75. Michael Szeder says:

    10million plus bent they would have a deal!! otherwise there is no way!!! Cole has been on brilliant form, just depends if our players hav a price!!

  76. SJ Chandos says:

    I hope that Zola mixes it up a bit for the FA Cup match. It would be good to see Tomkins, Mullins and Sears come in. I would also like to see Dyer get at least 45 mins from the subs bench. Some times it is good to include players that are hungry to prove themselves in this type of match. We could bench Upson, Parker and Di Michele and use them if things do not go according to plan.

    However, I expect us to weather a lively start from Pool to run out 0-3 winners. Another good draw in the 5th round and who knows what might transpire for us in the Cup. It would be nice to get that 4th FA Cup win under our belts.

  77. trabie says:

    Another thing to consider is would Carlton even think about going to the spuds. why leave a club on the up and go to a struggling club and could end up playing in the championship……with any luck !

  78. SJ Chandos says:

    I would go for the following line up on Saturday, in a 4-4-2 formation:

    Green, Neill, Illunga, Collins, Tomkins, Noble, Mullins, Berhami, Cole, Sears, Collison

    Subs: Stech, Upson, Parker, Dyer, Di Michele, Lopez, Tristan

  79. SJ Chandos says:

    Perhaps Spector should be included on the bench, over Lopez, to provide cover at right-back, but no Faubert or Boa Morte as a conscious policy! I just feel that Lopez deserves a chance on the left side of midfield! The guy’s a current international for goodness sake!

  80. SJ Chandos says:

    I would also like to eventually see Dyer get a free role in the hole behind the front two or play as part of a front three. He could give us that extra creative spark that we have been missing. Dyer can also hit the target, another thing we need to inprove on, goals from midfield!

  81. Roy says:

    There’s a number of reasons why we shouldn’t sell Cole to Tottenham (although I don’t believe the rumour anyway. These are:
    1. Bent is a different type of player to Cole so we would have to change the way we play.
    2. We should do nothing to help the Spuds. If it’s something they want, don’t give it to them.
    3. Cole still has the potential to get better. I’m not sure Bent has.
    4. It’s important that the club sees through its promise that our best players are not for sale as this might stop the rubbish in the press.
    5. Er…….that’s it

  82. SJ Chandos says:

    That’s the pity, I think the fans would love Lopez if they got a chance to see what he can do! I have at least seen him play and he has got pace, is skillful, has vision and a really good left foot. He could really excel wide left, in front of Illunga. Still, Zola and Clarke see him in training every day ,and they ain’t going too badly, so perhaps there is a reason why he is a fixture in the reserves?

  83. Bogga in Oz says:

    While I’m still not convinced about CC as a striker, I don’t think Bent as a replacement is any improvement. Having already given us the arse to opt for Spurs, I would seriously question his dedication/heart towards our team.
    Stick with Duxbury’s line & tell Spuds to p*ss off.

  84. Roshi says:

    Excuse me Eddie Chappers, Cole was useless/rubbish/worthless 5 games ago and totally lacking in any confidence.
    The very fact that we are now saying, don’t get rid of him, is the fact that we have all seen how hard he has worked on his game, to the point of being the first on the team sheet.
    With regard to Rooney, as an impartial onlooker I would say he has been a disappointment and never lived up to the potential or the hype. Even United fans think the same.

  85. SJ Chandos says:

    Spence has gone back out on loan for the rest of the season, to Orient. Lets hope that they bloody well play him this time He might as well be at Chadwell Heath as warming their bench!

    I reckon Spence will debut in the West Ham team at right back, but eventually Tomkins and Spence will star as centre backs for both the Hammers and England! What a prospect, West Ham do not blow it again!!!!!

  86. SJ Chandos says:

    Mr McCathy at Wloves reckons signing Quashie on loan is a major coup for them!!!! In that case the club will expect a nice, big £1m cheque come the end of May! lol.

  87. ironsmith says:

    Cole has aready shown his weaknesses over the past 2 seasons and his strengths in the last 5 fixtures. Will he continue his goal a game form? I doubt it but I hope I am wrong. If offered I would have taken 8 million because he is not the West Ham future, he is just not good enough, and for that money there is much better around. Bent is another player out of his depth!

  88. SJ Chandos says:

    I agree with you about Rooney, Roshi. I know he was a fantastic prospect at Everton, but I do not think that he has developed the way he should have, certainly as a goal scorer anyway. His England record is nothing to write home about! Mind you I think the same about Jermaine Defoe, he should be a consistent 20 plus goal a season striker by now.

  89. SJ Chandos says:

    How do you grow up as a Evertonian and turn against them the way Rooney did? I can understand him joining Man Utd, but why all the badge kissing and celebrations in front of the Everton fans? It’s really bad form in my book!

  90. Eddie Chappers says:

    Roshi- I dont know what games you have been watching all season but to say that Cole was rubbish until he hit his purple patch 5 games ago I think is short-sighted and ignores:

    1. He was playing in a team in transition, with a new style to adapt to and under a new management duo.
    2. The team as a whole werent creating or scoring many chances full stop.
    3. He was working very hard for the team and the team spirit.
    3. He had outscored a striker in Bellamy who is supposedly worth 14mill.

    I agree he needed a lot of work on his finishing to become a stiker rather than just a Heskey type holdup player but I think its unfair to say all of his other work prior to pompey was ‘worthless’, IMHO.

  91. SJ Chandos says:

    The recent improvement in Cole proves the value of dedication and good coaching! Do you recall Redknapp going on at W

  92. SJ Chandos says:

    The recent improvement in Cole proves the value of dedication and good coaching! Do you remember Redknapp ongoing about the fallacies of coaching, whilst at West Ham.

    I always found his view amazing considering that he grew up at Greenwood’s West Ham Academy. The finest coach English football has probably ever seen, the man who coached Geoff Hurst from pedestrian wing half to world class striker!

  93. SJ Chandos says:

    What is this nonsense about us bidding for Ben Watson? We have already got far better players than him at the club. A media invention. It’s the same story with Ledley, least I hope it is at 8m!!!!

    And Graham Taylor has returned to Watford as an Executive Director! I never liked him because of the way he guzumped Bobby Moore for the Manager’s job there. My dislike, turned in to detestation after his (mis)management of England! After his testimony for Sheffield Utd on Tevez, I get in a rage at mention of his name! lol.

  94. chris says:

    Dyer injured again! slight strain.
    For god sake if he cant play now he never will,no more excuses please.
    Kieron dyer injured every month from 2002.
    Heard a new british film to be realeased soon about a player consistently injured is based on dyer.

  95. E1 says:

    We don’t want to let cole go and all redknapp is doing is trying to unsettle us cos he lost out on bellend and does’nt like the press he is getting. Bent did’nt want to play for us when he had the chance so why would we want him now ? After what redknapp has done to him it would take the rest of the season to pick him back up and anyway he ain’t good enough for were we are heading. HARRY DON’T TRY AND FOB US OFF WITH YOUR GUTLESS WONDERS WE ONLY WANT PLAYERS WITH BOTTLE AND DETERMINATION, WE ARE GOING PLACES IN AN UPWARD DIRECTION YOU JUST CONSENTRATE ON WHO YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO SELL IN THE SUMMER. GOING DOWN!!! GOING DOWN !!!! GOING DOWN !!!!!!!

  96. colin say's says:

    We don’t do business with spurs, end of story. All REDCRAP is trying to do is unsettle our players. His bid for Bellemy was a joke 6 mill.he knew that would never buy him ,He bid just before the Pompey game,and this is the same, just before our game on Saturday. M U are going to wipe the floor with Spurs, and it wouldn’t look so bad on him if we lost, and a good way of doing that is unsettle our player’s. l see Redcrap in a total different light since he went to Spurs.

  97. E1 says:

    IS it true Redknapp is still on bail ?

  98. 10no6 says:

    Bent no way for two reasons I hate spurs and he knocked us back so there! Cole deserves his chance he has stuck at it despite the criticism, he has worked hard and improved on his weaknesses. Fans can’t ask for more than that can they?

  99. Englandsnumber6 says:

    Talking about unsettling players, what must it be like to have redknapp as a manager at the moment? he trys to sell 17million striker Bent plus 5 mill for C.Cole. also slags off his own players saying they are useless in front of goal. long may it continue because thats the way to dampen spirits and get your own team relegated. keep hammering your own team Harry, the only thing better than seeing spuds relegated would have been spuds relegated with Bellamy in the side..

  100. barry the hammer says:

    carlton cole all daylong m8, bent had his chance to join a good club but went with the yids so F%$k him, anyway we wont sell to them no more ! mind you they can have davenport back!!

  101. D&G says:

    8 MILLION FOR COLE!? BWHAHAHAHAHA shame it’s Spurs calling and offering us a nancy otherwise I’d bite their bloody hand off!

  102. Paul M says:

    NO to Bent. He ain’t got the bottle to wear claret & blue.
    We want die hard players not glory hunting journey men.

    Cole must stay, he can improve further. If he can keep up his team play AND keep knocking in the goals he will be worth 15 Mill + come the summer.

    I’d give Faubert a run this weekend, as a last chance more than anything. He believes he can get back in the French national team so a good game (and a goal) may just kick start his confidence. If Lyon are interested surely the man must have something to offer!!

    Sears and Cole up front
    Lopez, Noble, Collison & Dyer in the middle
    Illunga, Tomkins, Collins and Faubert at the back
    Greenie in goal

    Subs, Behrami, parker, mullins, tristan, stech & Upson

    4-0 to the boys at the other ‘pool

  103. E1 says:

    ROBBIE EARL is saying that hartlepool are likley to turn us over, does anybody really take any notice of him or for that that matter anybody on ITV ? JOKER !!!!
    IF we get enough money, have a better replacement linned up and cole want’s to go Then why not. I for one would rather he stayed and ended up playing for England he deserves all the sucsess he gets he has worked bloody hard and long may it continue in a claret and blue shirt.

  104. Mark N Wales says:

    He had the chance before and opted for Spurs so he can stay there now. In form Cole -out of form Bent. H

  105. Herts Hammer says:

    Carlton for Bent ?

    Take it . Carlton played OK on Sunday but please, this guy cant play and we all know it.
    It would be great to see Spuds splash a load of cash on him and then realise that he is the ultimate MOTD player ( looks great in edited highlights but crap live)

    I read about him on the verge of an England call up and had this terrible vision of Becks knocking one in to Carlton only to see it ‘kneed’ out of play. It made me feel sick to think of the embarrassment of it .To all of you who watch him every week teel the truth before its too late .Please lets accept what he is; which is a decent tryer in our shirt who when Deano is fit will never be seen again on the stage of UP .

    Thanks Carlton for all your effort but I want to see more from a centre forward.

  106. steve says:

    i am just so glad the stupid spuds yid scum bought him for how much again 15million. waste of money the and 5 million would be awaste now. we got away with it big time from that deal. should deff give freddie sears a chance and spend the money on a very good attacking midfielder. cmon u irons

  107. antony buck says:

    Bent you must be joking Iain! best thing that happened to us was bent turning us down for the yids. When curbs (bless him) tried to sign him. Zola is the best manager we have had for years with clarke alongside. look at how attractive the football is yet again and cole is just getting better and better all the time. is this coincidence? I dont think so. This is due to the training and belief that zola has installed into our top scorer. the guy is full of confidence and just improving the whole time when the time comes he will slot into the national team perfectly replacing heskey. Cole is obviously on a great run and lets hope that this continues.

  108. Kim says:

    Why does Harry want Cole – is he bored with using Bent as a whipping boy? I thought the way he spoke in the post match interview about Bent missing the sitter was appalling. Redknapp is a bully and Bent is his current scapegoat. Harry realises he may not be able to do his Houdini act this time and the twitch is getting twitchier. I will be so happy if Redknapp and Defoe are relegated. Think we will win tomorrow but it won’t be pretty. COYI

  109. Tony says:

    Bent who?, sorry Iain , think your 100% wrong on this one. GFZ and SC can see a bright horison for our boy CC. Why r you jumping on the ” gutter press” bandwagon by even considering such a deal. We wont sell anyone to the Spuds after wot Scott “Dodgy” Duxbury said…er i hope.

  110. Berkshire Hammer says:

    Mirror on line has said we have signed Savio Nsereko. anyone know anything on this?

  111. kall says:

    offer 1 mil for bent or swap boa

  112. MOORO says:

    Bottom line is that overall Bent is a better player, however at the moment it wouldn’t be a good decision. Cole has hit form right now and Bent has gone in the opposite direction. Bent’s career at Spuds is over and therefore Cole is worth a lot more right now.
    If in the summer spuds still wanted rid of Bent then maybe, but not at the expense of a hard working and improving Cole.

  113. Upton Spark says:

    Get knotted.
    No Way
    Definately not
    No Way Husay
    Not in a month of Sunday’s
    Are they ‘avin a laugh!
    Darren Who??

  114. Jim says:

    One of the things that Gianfranco said just recently was how much he admired Kaka in putting club loyalty before money and that he was going to hold on to a player who did not want to play for West Ham. So why would he consider Bent who originally rejected us for Spurs; don’t consider his motives are worthy of merit.

    As for Coley, yes he has taken a long while but Zola saw something in him he considered worth while and stood by him and we are now starting to reap the benefit. Even Capello is starting to take notice. Look we brought Zola to West Ham because we thought he could do the job, so why should we doubt his and Capello’s judgement; the fact that Redknapp wants him hardens the case for me to keep Coley and tell Spurs get stuffed. I have faith in Gianfranco and feel his project his a very worthy one and we should back him.

    I have supported WH since 1948 and my father before me (he went to the ’23 finale and finished up on the touchline as a 12 yr old). I’ve seen them go through all sorts and seen some great days and days when I wondered what I was doing; point I am coming to is that I can see the green shoots of a really great side under Zola and Clarke. Have faith in them and I think that we will be richly rewarded.

  115. the headmaster says:

    It’s a no from me chaps – end of.

  116. Tevezgate says:

    Ha, ha, nice one Iain, you old wind up merchant lol!

  117. Basildon Bob says:

    Cole for me.

    Could it be that ITV realise they have made an almighty clanger showing Spurs, ManYoo, given both sides are going to put out reserve teams, and are trying to big up the, Hartlepool game for the sake of the advertising revenue? Robbie Earle and Andy Townsend have to be the the worst football pundits there ever were.

  118. E1 says:

    Cole is going to make his doubters eat their words, zola has plans for this boy and what we have now is only the begining, those who are old enough will remember the same sort of comments when brooking 1st hit the first team and indeed he was nearly sold to southampton. we don’t need to get rid of him he needs time and better players around him. We stil have Gabbidon, Spector, Davenport, Lbm, Tristin, Di michele,Faburt And Ashton to off load So why get rid of an inform young prospect ?
    SPUDS can have any of these for 5 mill and they can keep bent.

  119. Oskar B says:





  120. Ben says:

    Compare to Carlton Cole when we first got him in 2006/2007. He hardly got a look in. 2007/2008, we saw improvements in him, he was using his strength well but his overall finishing was lacking in quality. This season, he wins the majority of headers, holds the ball up well, runs & puts defenders under pressure, rarely loses the ball and he’s been finding the back of the net. I think he deserves much more credit from our fans. He may have a run of games where he doesn’t score, but he uses his strength extremely well, one of the best strikers in the league to have this quality. He is slowly improving and I think it’d be a mistake selling him, particularly as we are now seeing the benefits he has on our team

  121. richo says:

    NO, NO, NO and NO again
    Forms a funny thing, i never criticised Cole once when he wasn’t scoring but i guarantee you if this qeustion was asked not so long ago more than a few people on this blog would have had different answers.
    Bent turned us down to join spuds anyways so let him enjoy the championship next season

  122. Will Mason says:

    my opionion is they are both as shit and good as eachother, neither of them r consistent enough all though cole is on form lately who is to say that in the next few games he flops, as for bent had a great start for the season n now he just lost it, i mean that miss against portsmouth? n he wants 2 play for england doing that! all though i rate the players the same i would have cole because he seems 2 care for west ham more n why would we want some tottenham reject anyway?

  123. Hammer Ray says:

    Cole needs 2 things. Encouragement and Confidence. GZ it would appear has raised his confidence by giving him the benefit of his vast experience in training. Couple that with the fans actually getting behind him lately with his goals, it gives an overnight improvement. His future form may dip, as happens with all strikers, but he is the best we’ve got at the moment. Maybe not for the length of his contract, but he’s fit, in form so lets keep hold of him for now and give him somebody decent to assist him. Possibly Sears, or a new signing. In the longer term Di Michele or Tristan do not seem to be the answer. Dyer would be great if fit, but when did that last happen?? I’m sure if we get a quality striker or attacking midfielder in, we’ll continue our improvement under the guidance of GZ and Clarke. Next week or so vital in our season. COYI

  124. SJ Chandos says:

    The issue is dead people. West Ham are not selling and Spurs are not bidding.

    Nice cmment about Brooking E1, I wonder where you got that from? However, comparing Cole with the legend that is Sir Trev is probably pushing it a little bit in my book! But I agree with the point you a making in terms of sticking with Cole.

    Apparently, ITV are predicting an upset and their people have been down there this week at the training ground. And Robbie Earle is predicting an upset, for what that is worth! So, we are going to get some very biased coverage Saturday lunch time. Alan Curbishley is commentating, don’t you just love the way these media people’s minds work! lol. However, I do not think that Curbishley is the type to hold a grudge, look at his honest and sincere comments about Tevez on Sky!

    This game is another test of Zola’s Hammers. Are we the Hammers of old that were prone to upsets by low league teams. Or are we going to be professional and impose our superiority on the opposition and efficiently dispatch them? I believe it is going to be the latter!

  125. daz says:

    cole for england

  126. OZ ex chicken runner says:

    Absolutely no way we should swap Cole for Bent..I have been as disappointed as most with Cole this year but he is scoring now and “may” become a good striker but I have never been a fan of Bent. Cole has all the right attributes, height, strength but lacks a lot that hopefully Zola can teach him. 5 goals in 5 games is great but over all the games he has played this season the return is not the best..he has a way to go to prove himself. Am I alone in thinking that although he got the penalty against Fulham that he took the ball too far and should have buried it in the net before Konch got close? I say stick with Cole at least till the end of the season…tell Harry to go jump!

  127. OZ ex chicken runner says:

    Are we buying Nsereko?? Also expect to beat Pool…2 nil…the pundits are talking upset because it would be boring for them if they did not, and we all know that we have been turned over by lower teams before, but I cannot see it happening this time…and I know some of you do not like Setanta but my subscription pays off..they are showing the game live tonight!!COYI…listen out for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  128. SJ Chandos says:

    My final comment on this Cole issue is that it is all about timing. We cannot afford to lose Cole in January. In the summer, the matter is open for consideration. That is the time to do wholesale restructuring. In many ways, the fact that you need to make major changes in January is an admission that you got it wrong in the summer. You should ideally only use January to tweak or go for an exceptional deal that presents itself (i.e. Pardew’s purchase of Ashton).

    January is a desperate time for struggling clubs, with cagey clubs trying to take advantage of them, racking up inflated fees. We experienced that a couple of seasons ago. West Ham got it slightly wrong in the sense that they should have forced the issue with Curbs at the end of the season. Allowing him to continue until the start of the season meant that the squad was not properly assessed and strengthened in the summer.

    But Zola and Clarke have taken over an inherited squad and have got it up to 8th, playing a fair better brand of football. The club has its project in place and Zola will improve the existing staff and gradually start bringing in his own players. Part of that will be trading players up for better replacements. If they need funds for a better player in the summer then Cole will go, if the deal is right and it improves the squad.

    Cole needs to use the remainder of this season to prove that he has a long term future at the club. In my view that is the bottom line!

  129. OZ ex chicken runner says:

    Chandos…Curbishley stills holds a great affection for West Ham…he was on Football Matters (Setanta again!) a couple of weeks ago and his comments certainly indicated that. Also when put through quick fire questions from Rebecca Lowe was asked”what result do you look for first each week”…….”West Ham” without any hesitancy at all. I believe he was proud to manage the club and would have been better off coming to us when Harry left…do you remember the debacle at the last Charlton game that season when the club announcer asked him on the pitch in front of the fans if he was going to West Ham?? Honestly reckon that if we actually made a real approach for him we would have got him….history eh?

  130. SJ Chandos says:

    Agreed OZ ex Chicken runner, Curbs missed his big opportunity. I agree that if he had succeeded Redknapp things could have turned out very differently for him and the club. In particular, the relegation debacle of 2003 could have been avoided and we could have had a far better chance of retaining Cole, Carrick, etc.

    Curbs did a good job in 2006/07, dealing with a very difficult set of circumstances and guiding the club to survival. But he just does not create teams that play the West Ham way. Surprising really, considering that he grew up under Greenwood and Lyall.

    But for what it is worth I think that Alan is a very decent man and, as you say, he has an obvious affection for the club. His problem is with the ownership of the club and he has the ability to make the distinction. In many ways I feel very sorry for him and I hope he finds a club that appreciates his talent and approach to the game.

  131. SJ Chandos says:

    I see from Iain’s twitter summary Widdikcombe was on fire in Bournemouth!!!! I would pay to see that, before duly calling the fire brigade, of course! lol.

  132. VOICE OF PURE REASON ! says:

    It`s a bit like the “SKOL” song, only with different words:-


    “Come on Carlton Cole”………A true “Iron” !

    Darren Bent chose and has made his bed over at the lane, so lets let him lay in it.

  133. Paul says:


    Nuff said.

  134. E1 says:

    SJ : 69/70 season brooking was struggling and few people saw much in him other than Greenwood, although I agree cole is not as good Sir Trev maybe Zola see’s something and who knows cole could be as good in his own right.
    With regard to any of the current spuds squad surely we like most other clubs will wait for the FIRE SALE at the end of the season and pick up a bargain or two. Don’t think Arry’s got the tools for this one and his luck has got to run out sometime.
    Curbs is a fine man and manager and has a love for west ham, he was just unlucky his chance came at the wrong time.

  135. devo says:

    Cole yes -Bent No

  136. colney says:

    134 comments ian? you been drumming up business?

  137. Dave says:

    I think Bent needs to play up front by his lonesome in order to be effective, not sure that’s in Zola’s long term plans for the club. I do think he’s a better player than Cole though.

    I’d decline the offer, if you’re going to build a squad around one player’s talents you want that player to be better than Bent. Hopefully Bent gets to move on and get regular football at some other premiership team.

  138. Ben Downing says:

    He turned down west ham in favour of spurs. Let him rot there!!

  139. HammerMalta says:

    No way like most said he turned down West Ham ,we`re s his loyalty then ?Considering the player Cole is top condition at the moment ,look at today at Hartlepool goes in like a brick wall.Cole for five more years.COYI!!!!

  140. HammerMalta says:

    One more thing Scott Duxbury said NO more business with the spuds and that STILL stands.COYI!!!!!

  141. purser says:

    Actually I can not believe we would reject 8M for Cole who, although recently has hit a little form is generally crap. OK he works hard but his first touch is appalling, he wins nothing in the air at corners etc to put pressure on anyone and seems to me to walk around moaning constantly. He is still, in strikers terms young and does seem dedicated to the cause giving 100% every game but the reality is he won’t move us forward. Bent and Heskey could of come in for the money we got from COle leaving us 14M for a quality right back, decent playmaker and a new left winger with change I think.
    We still need to ship a few out, LBM who was crap yesterday when he came on, Faubert who just isn’t going to cut it, Neil because of his wages, Gabbidon when he eventually gets fit and Spector bringing the squad back to a manageable size as Zola has requested. We also have Hines getting fit, and a few of the other youth playetrs seem to be pushing for places. As much as we hate it we are skint so lets get the finances right and the pressure of. I think we need 4 wins and 3 draws to ensure safety, surely achievable

  142. SJ Chandos says:

    Yes E1, I know about Brooking in 1969/70 and the possible sale to Southampton, it was me who originally made the point on here! Perhaps you forgot or something, but it is not an original point on your part.

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