Jeff Stelling’s Saturday Heartache

Jasper Gerard has a hilarious account of Jeff Stelling’s Saturday lunchtime heartache presenting Soccer Saturday with an eye on the ITV coverage of the Hammers beating his beloved Hartlepool. Read it HERE.


5 Responses to Jeff Stelling’s Saturday Heartache

  1. DaDon says:

    Good Lord – an article with something positive about West Ham in it! Who is this Jasper Gerard? He should be knighted…

  2. SJ Chandos says:

    I said yesterday that today’s FA Cup result would be another indicator of our progress under Zola. Were we the West Ham who were vulnerable to cup defeats to lower league teams or were we a professional outfit who would dispatch Pool? I am glad to see that they vindicated my prediction that the latter would be the case.

    It was a solid, professional performance, that saw them ruthlessly deal with inferior opposition. What I liked was the way in which West Ham weathered Pool’s periods of pressure and drew the sting from them. I think that West Ham’s professional and efficient approach broke Hartlepool’s heart’s. Well done lads, and well planned and executed Zola and Clarke.

  3. grayboguestmeister says:

    What a great article. Stelling is a class act, unlike the pundits who are wheeled out and give very poor value for money.

    Why do the TV channels let them get away with it. Why do viewers put up with it?

    Even if you don’t like American Football, you have to admire the sheer professionalism of the guys who cover it. Check out the Superbowl coverage and you’ll see how informed these guys are, and the level of insight is superb.

  4. VeeJay says:

    Did anyone notice the steward walking behind the net just as Noble was taking the penalty ? Made me laugh as he thought the ball was going to burst the net & hit him.

  5. Eastender says:

    Good result at Hartlepool, but again it showed that LBM and Faubert are NOT up to the task and in fact are liabilities!

    Not sure if GZ is putting LBM in the shop window late on in games and giving Collison a rest (now that boy is definitely great) but it cannot be enhancing his opportunites to find a buyer for him as he is so inept.
    Equally I do not think De Mikele is Premiership enabled although he did contribute, but we must get a striker that can take people on and shoot from around the box.

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