And In the 5th Round We Play…

Middlesbrough at home. Somewhat unexciting, but it’s a draw I’d settle for. They’re on a downer at the moment and in theory we should have a good chance of progressing. I’m already getting Cup fever!


30 Responses to And In the 5th Round We Play…

  1. grayboguestmeister says:

    Hmmm… eminently winnable. Let’s be optimistic.

  2. D&G says:

    DEFINITELY winnable!

  3. Richard says:

    I thnk we can win this game. 2.0 Roll on the next round! Come you Irons.

  4. simon says:

    got a funny feeling about this year….think it could be our year !!!

  5. Eddie Chappers says:

    Optimistic and a good draw, can we get marlene back on loan just for the cup games??!!!

  6. Saf says:

    Lets be careful, it could also be a banana skin. COYI

  7. appyhammer says:

    A good a draw that we could have hoped for, just a shame some of the top 4 was not drawn together.

  8. DevoDevo says:

    Great draw. Fancy our chances this year and on at big price.


  9. David says:

    I am very obtimistic.
    We a definately going to win the cup.
    Zola is definaltely the right man for the job.
    C’mon you Hammers!!!!

  10. E1 says:

    Not a bad draw and a few more dangers will be removed by the time we get to the final 8. Arsenal not through yet liverpool not through yet villa not through yet so we could go all the way just hope chelsea get man utd and we aviod them both untill the final. Not much to worry about and as long as our league form stays good staying in the prem is more important to me as I feel over the next 2 / 3 yrs we will become more of a force in all competitions.

  11. colin say's says:

    We will win this one,no problem, under Curbs it would be a problem,but under GOLDEN ZOLA. NO PROBLEM………………………………………..

  12. colney says:

    had a tingle when shef utd were drawn out first …..gutted,boro,mmmm not very exciting,just like there manager!!!

  13. chris says:

    Should win this.

  14. Roshi says:

    When Sheffield Utd came out first, all I could think was that this was pay back time for us,
    and then the total disappointment when Mabbetspud pulled out Hull.
    Oh well it could be the next round if we don’t slip up with ‘Boro or better still we could thrash them in the final, is that wishful thinking or what!

  15. devo says:

    we always seem to play boro in the fa cup

  16. Claretandbluepoo says:

    We’re in good form, we have a good record against boro at home & the vultures no longer seem to be hovering above Upton Park, fingers crossed with optimism.

  17. HAMMER TIME says:

    Not the easiest draw but definately a very good one , a home draw against a team we always seem to do well against! Win this game and another and we can be in Wembley supporting the claret and blue in the semi finals! This Cup is ours for the taking!

  18. Mike J says:

    S Utd would probably have sued as if we drew them and beat them for playing ilunga or 1 of our other loan players, im sure they could find a loop hole somewhere

  19. jpt says:

    Quarter final here we come!!!! (hopefully)
    I’ve got a very good feeling about Zola though.

  20. Shropshire Hammer says:

    Think I would have preferred an away draw, as the atmosphere generated by the fans is so much better, but can’t complain as ‘boro at home is certainly winnable. Question though, why is Upton Park so quiet this season? I tend to see more away games, one because alot of the grounds are easier to get to from where I live, but also the atmosphere is so much better. I used to go most of the home games when living in Bedfordshire, but seem to remember the atmosphere being much better. Is it just me or are home games quiter these days?

  21. IodHammer says:

    I think they were quieter under Curbs, really dull

  22. SJ Chandos says:

    Very good draw. But it was also kind to Man Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal. The only match up amongst the bigger teams is Liverpool (providing they beat Everton) and Villa. But hopefully, when we beat Boro, we will get another good draw and the stronger teams will get matched up at that stage. I am personally very confident in this West Ham team’s ability to beat the very best in one off cup games and if we draw them, we draw them! But the draw can definitely help you.

    Interesting that the Sunday Star started another line of attack on the club. They used alleged quotes from Julian Dicks to suggest that Chelsea were lining up Zola and Clarke back to Stamford Bridge next season. But I am not so sure, even if Chelski come calling, I think that Zola is a very principled man who has signed up with the club for the long haul. Similarly, Clark left there quite disgruntled, so he may not be that keen on returning? But the tabloids being the tabloids, expect them to start speculating as soon as Scolari’s position starts looking a bit rocky!

    As soon as the window shuts, also expect the press to start raising the coverage on the Tevez case. That will inevitably be their refocused obcession in the coming months.

  23. SJ Chandos says:

    Hull City on Wednesday! I am looking for us to avenge the result up there earlier this season. We should have won that match at a canter and I am looking for us to really put the record straight, in no uncertain terms!

    Interesting rumouring suggesting that we are looking at a Boro youngster called Bates at right back. I do not know anything about him, to be honest, but I would quite like to see them sign Justin Hoyte. It should really get interesting in this last week of the window. Nsereko should be onboard very soon, together with another signing or a couple of loans. It all depends if the club’s key targets are available, if not they continue with what they have. But I hope not, we definitely need another experienced striker, someone like Benjani at City perhaps? There even be a bit of horse trading with the likes of Faubert and Boa Morte? Who knows?

  24. James says:

    At least those rubbish spuds are out, would have so looked forward to beating the hell out of them, What a shame ha ha.

    The small clubs are the hardest and it’s all good from now, Boro don’t really like playing at the Boleyn, 3 nil to us, 5 nil at a push!!

  25. bazzahammer says:

    well, i don’t think it is guaranteed but i think we can definitely win the game.

    and, while watching the game against hartlepool, i saw how poor lbm had got. i mean, when you think about it, he was getting shown up against a league one side, HOW THE HELL DO WE EXPECT HIM TO PLAY AGAINST A PREM TEAM?!!!

  26. Wicksy says:

    Have to say that when Sheff utd came out i thought that we were next out of the hat be that was not to be! Felt more confident going into this one than i have over the last few seasons. There seems to be more confidence in the team generally i feel perhaps the seige mentality with the tabloids trying to put down anything the club does. looking foward to hull on wednesday another three points would surely help the feel good factor!

  27. I really fancy our chances against Boro!!!

    Have you also seen that the Daily Mail are reporting that Mullins is on his way to Portsmouth tomorrow for £2 Million? Not bad business I think, I know Zola likes Spector in the holding Midfield role late on in a match … waht do you think???

  28. lotf says:

    it’s almost more of a blessing to get an out-of-form premiership team than it is to get an in-form championship team. In boro’s current form i just can’t see them being that up for it, where as if we were hosting someone like Swansea you just know they would be well up for knocking us big boys off our perch.

    really looking forward to the next few weeks, hopefully we can pick up some points at hull and the team will continue to improve and who knows, maybe even give arsenal and man u a run for their money. after that there looks to be a lot of points available to us, playing bolton, citeh, wigan, west brom, sunderland, COYI

  29. Goatygav says:

    As good a draw as we could’ve expected. If we can give another professional performance against them I think we’ll book our place in the quarters.


  30. Paul M says:

    We should progress to the next round after this draw, but it wont be as easy as everyone thinks. The cup always throws up surprises and ‘Boro are a gritty team who can play on their day. If we stay focussed and professional and not get too cocky, I predict 2-0.

    Savio should arrive today, WHU have called a press conference so some news is about to happen. After all the hype he will sign today. 9 million for a player this age from Serie B in Italy must be highly regarded by GZ, Clarke & Nani, if he can progress as expected we could have our 1st £20 mil player on our books, I am quite exited we are even looking at this type of player, it really shows we are looking to the future rather than just buying for ‘NOW’.
    I also believe we will sign a couple more players on loan.
    If hayden does go, I wish him well, he has been good to us. Personally I would keep him until the summer, he is good cover in a few positions. Also I would give him a run out for 15-20 minutes in the Cup final as he missed out last time. – thanks Hayden, all the best.


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