Hayden Mullins Off to Portsmouth?

haydenmullins The Daily Mail, [irony] our favourite newspaper of record [/irony], is reporting that West Ham and Portsmouth have agreed a £2 million fee for Hayden Mullins to move to the South Coast. I’m not sure whether to be happy with this news or not. Mullins has always been a reliable performer and while he’s not the most skilful player, he never lets you down. However, we do have a surfeit of central midfield players so maybe we can afford to lose him. The fee seems about right for a player of his age who is not a first team regular.

If he does go, I hope we’re all united in wishing him well.


63 Responses to Hayden Mullins Off to Portsmouth?

  1. Matt says:

    shame bout mullins if this is true, he’s been very consistent for us, especially in our first season back in the premiership, longest serving player for us now etherington has gone to isnt he? and captained us a few times
    but if he isn’t gettin regular football and with collison, noble, parker and behrami then i guess its a good move for him


  2. the headmaster says:

    If it is true, then I’d agree Iain – no hard feelings, Job reasonably well done tho he never was a proper Hammer for many fans and his negative, holding style was far better suited to Curbs than to the new era. Having said that, GFZ does still wheel him on as a holding player with monotonous regularity so in some sense his departure would be a surprise

  3. Matt.R says:

    Totall agree with everyone! If he stays , then great, if he goes then good luck to him, he has been a good player over the years! But if he feels the time has come to move to pastures new then no hard feelings! Just think that maybe we could get a little more than 2 Million for him?

  4. Ironside says:

    This would be a great shame. Mullins is by no means a fringe player even though he does not get too many starts. He is a regular call for Zola when there is that crucial 20 mins to go and we need to steady the ship. Any injuries to the starting lineup and he would never let us down. He knows the system that we play and is consistent, reliable and more skillful than he is given credit for. In fact he’s the sort of guy I would like to see us offering a longer term contract to in order to keep some stability in the club. Who else are we going to get who could do that job better? Keep him I say.

  5. jon.london colney says:

    gutted if this happens,mullins has been mr reliable and was only given the arm band a few weeks back.zola said yesterday that no one else is going so i hope this is the daily drivel with its usual pants.ive allways had a spot for him since i learned hes the fittest player at the club,never moans,always tries his best and never has let us down,great cover for parker and very handy for the last 20 minutes to shut up shop.

  6. kall says:

    what a pro

  7. aussie graham says:

    I think all us fans just have to let zola and clark get on with the very gradual change in ideas and positive thoughts they seem to be installing into everything. Just trust these pair to get our great club up on top where we deserve it to be!

  8. DagenhamHammer says:

    Reliable performer. Sort of player you need in a squad, can come in and do a job. Good cover for Parker who has a poor injury record. I hope he stays, but I’d understand if he wanted first team football and wish him well.

  9. Paul B says:

    A great pro who has served the club well for a long time. I rate him as a solid defender and holding midfield player. He has never let the club down. He has been used as a sub and I think has always done a good job when asked. I would be sorry to see him go to be honest. If he wants a move then fine but if not, I think he has plenty to offer still. I have always liked him.

  10. Kiwi Hammer says:

    Im not happy (if this is true). Mullins must stay IMO.

  11. arjan drissen says:

    surfeit ian?apart from him we have got 3 other options on the cm and those are parker,noble and collison..hope we sign a replacement if he goes. best of luck hayden, top man.

  12. Paulbarneybailey says:

    Another one !! I’m getting a little concerned. Mullins,Bowyer,Ethrington even Quasie and possibly boa morte. I know none of them are the best. But all have one thing in common they all have EXPERIENCE that you can call on if needed. If you are one up and you want to hang on to a lead after 70 mins do you bring on a kid ?? We have been very lucky with injuries this last few months.But what happens if we have a run like last year.

  13. ironsmith says:

    I am not surprised if this is true as Hayden, a steady and reliable squad player that he is, is never going to be first choice and does not possess the necessary class to take us forward especially with Jack Collison making the grade so swiftly. I thought we should have got 3 or 4 million for him but I wish him well for for his excellent service to the Hammers!

  14. woodford roy says:

    I’m also getting worried. Mullins going would leave us short of cover in midfield. While he lacks the quality required of a top 6 team (he really can’t pass) but he does work hard and does a consistent, decent job in the holding role. If Parker gets injured or we need a sub in the last 20 minutes, who will get the nod now with Dyer injured again? LBM? Spector? I’m sure Mullins would not fit into Zola’s long term plans and if he wants regular first team football, good luck to him, but hope we don’t regret his departure come March. We’re talking about losing a good professional and club man, unlike some of the rubbish to depart recently.

  15. Marleeeen depreciation society says:

    i agree with Paulbarneybailey to a degree, was sorry to see etherington go but accepted it as progress and that it could improve us but wasn’t too bothered about the others. Mullins is different, he’s the only competent holding midfielder we have and i think his does a crucial job coming on to consolidate any lead we might have or even a draw if we look poor. he’s experienced, a good tackler and only plays safe passes. he’s also the only decent cover we have for parker and his excellent tracking back and tackling abilities allowing noble to push up late on. it’s overall a positive thing having so many younger players coming through but there are positions where experience is more important. only comparison i can think of was at arsenal when arsene whinger took over, he did really well while he still had the original back 4from a defensive minded manager, ours would be curbs, but struggled when that back 4 left with his attacking philosophy. we need a compromise i guess.

  16. SJ Chandos says:

    Yes, no surprise he is going, it is just the timing really. I had him down as a summer departure. He was always useful defensive midfield cover and behaved admirably throughout his time with the club. So, if he goes, I would also like to express thanks to Hayden and wish him good luck for the future. He is going to need luck though, playing for Adams at Portsmouth! lol.

    Hopefully Davenport and Faubert will also follow shortly. That leaves Boa Morte, who will now probably exit in the summer.

    I agree with others that we need to trust in Zola’s judgement on these issues. After all, he must have sanctioned the deal. I would imagine that the club have sold to raise additional transfer funds. Expect it to be used to strengthen the squad. Going into the final week of the window, the clubs incoming deals must be lined up and ready to go!

  17. Ed says:

    Shame he missed the 2006 Cup Final due to scummy Liverpool tactics a few weeks before – we might have won it with him marking Gerrard – anyway he’s been a model, clean West Ham player with no dirt on him at all – WE should 100% respect him for his service to the club. Came to us as Captain of Crystal Palace – Pardew’s first signing and only ever gave his best for us. Good luck to him either way and THANK YOU.

  18. SJ Chandos says:

    Check out Martin Samuels’ column in Sportsmail today. Allegedly, Sheffield Utd have been at it again (a la the Webber case) exerting third party influence on Charlton, to prevent them fielding a player against them. I wonder if the FA will launch an investigation forthwith and, if proven, taken disciplinary action against them? Will Sheffield Utd hold up their hands and admit it’s a fair cop guv? Well, we all know how keen Sheffield Utd are to see justice done ….. in some cases!!!!

  19. Hammer says:

    If true, replace him with appiah.

  20. IPL says:

    Good Luck Hayden.
    Although I would rather Him stay and get rid of Moaning Morte!!

    I had heard that He might go back to Palace but then I do think He is a Prem Player. Again with Noble, Parker Super Bahrami & Collinson Hr aint gonna play to much.

    Good Player who will be missed and welcomed back when He returns.

  21. Englandsnumber6 says:

    I cant believe what im reading! No not that Mullins is being sold, but that so many people rate him. He is the main reason we conceded so many goals in the last 3 seasons, he only knows how to pass one way. BACKWARDS, he has no positive imput to the team. Mullins/ Quashie/ Bowyer/Neil/Boamorte and the worst player i think i have ever seen Faubert are dead weight and need to be moved on.

  22. If you fancy a 20 man squad including youngsters there is no way you can have a mature and reliable stand-in for every position. One will need to play some out of position e.g. Noble in Parkers role. Not optimal but doable.

  23. Simon from Gravesend says:

    SJ Chandos…

    I understand your anger at Sheff Utd’s actions but unfortunately 3rd party influence is only illegal in the Premier League. It is perfectly acceptable in the Football League. Which all goes to show how harshly treated we have been for what we did and what hypocrites the Blunts are.

    As for Mullins, if this is true, I wish him well. A loyal servant who could be relied on to settle the ship even if he was never the most skillful player. But every team needs a player like that to allow others to play

  24. geoff says:

    Shame, great squad player. I’d play him at right back if Neil was out, a much better option than Faubert.

  25. E1 says:

    I will be sorry to see hayden go, he’s always done his job unless he wants to go I’d keep him untill the summer, I hope we are going to bring someone in now ? Davenport should be going to sunderland. spector neil lbm and faubret this lot can go

  26. Eddie Chappers says:

    Would leave us wth Boa Morte as cover in the middle if it is to be believed that Dyer is injured- Spector possibly too but then you have to dip into the reserves/ youngsters for any sort of cover and from what I have seen/ heard the likes of Reid/ Stanislas are not ready for first team action. Whilst Hayden was going to go at some point I think that this is a bit premature especially as Nani has said Savio is likely to be our only signing in Jan. Get in Appiah on a free!!

  27. Goatygav says:

    I’d sooner keep hold of Hayden than Spector. LBM is slightly different as he’s able to play wide where we currently need cover (especially down the left). I guess the plan is to have a lean, mean squad and if Hayden goes then it’s a further step in that direction. When he joined the club I had serious doubts but, like many others, believe that he comes in and does a very solid job in front of the back 4.

    I hope to see Savio Nsereko come to the club. More Quality for the future.

    Looking forward to getting over to the Boleyn on Wednesday for the Hull match.

  28. pjd says:

    simple keep him,he never lets u down disrtibutes the ball well,i really like him,hope he stays

  29. JackHammer says:

    Sorry to see Mullins go, a very steady holding Midfield player, but GZ and SC have a plan and we must trust them to action it.
    I would like to see some news of a signing in soon.

  30. Auckland Hammer says:

    Adams was after some big name but has now taken Mullins at a bit of a cut price. Portsmouth are only going one way and that’s down , Adams is well out of his depth. Mullins has gone for one reason only regular football in the Championship next season. Best of luck HM good attitude & commitment mate !!!

  31. Roy says:

    I agree with goatygav and would prefer to keep Mullins rather than Spector. He is obviously more experienced and, overall, he is a far better player. I’ve never been able to work out what Spector really is. Hayden has done pretty well this season so far, bith in the few games he has started and when he has come on as sub. He can also play at right back and, unless we sign somebody else, this is a problem for us if Neill gets injured (always a possibility) or is banned (a definite sometime before the end of the season). Faubert is definitely not the answer even if he stays.

  32. Roshi says:

    It’s a good move for Mullins that will extend his career. I think Pompey will drop which would be ideal for him.
    I’ve got a sneaky feeling we could all be in for a surprise arrival soon, it’s just the way that the decks are being cleared of so-so players. Fingers crossed

  33. djclipz says:

    Yeh good luck to him if this is true!! He has been a good servant and im pretty sure we only bought him for a few hundred grand so a tidy profit as well. As this signing of savio draws closer looks as though he is likely to play on the left, boa backup and then we got behrami, collison, noble and parker to play through the middle. So Mullins does look like surplus to requirements, so a move to pompy may see him get more first team football, so i guess it is likely to be in every ones intrest!!

    Bring on Hull, i want revenge!!

  34. Andrew says:

    I believe that Mullins has served us well but if he does go we have to also believe that it has been sanctioned by Clarke and Zola in line with the club blueprint.

    Incidently Iain where can I find the article which I think appeared in the Independent describing the way forward and structure of the club.

  35. Alan says:

    Agree with the vast majority Thank you Hayden and good luck if you move on. He has been a good steady performer for West Ham under Pardew and Curbishley however the aim of West Ham is to progress and as reliable as Mullins is at the moment IMO he is not the type of player to help us move onwards and upwards.

  36. Roy says:

    The club has announced that he has gone for an “undisclosed” fee. Portsmouth have given him a three and a half year contract so it’s a good deal for Hayden. I wish him luck but I think he will have a difficult time over the remainder of the season as Pompey seem to be dropping like the proverbial stone.

  37. Stephen says:

    My main worry about letting Hayden go is not just because he was always reliable but I think we need to keep strong characters. We need the blend of people who are in touch with the real world and don’t mind putting in a good shift. Getting the balance of immense talent with grit and determination is all important we can’t have a team of to many fancy dans. Take Spurs for example immense talent but lacking in character! Whilst Hayden’s game isn’t based on skill and trickery he was a very effective player for us and a good character.

  38. SJ Chandos says:

    Simon from Gravesend, thank you for the clarification provided, however, I am fully aware of the difference between the PL’s and football league’s rules. That distinction is actually drawn in Samuels’ article if you care to reread it. The point was to attempt to put the FA on the spot over the issue, contrasting their heavy interference in the Tevez case with their actions (or probable non-action) in this instance. However, thank you all the same!

  39. E1 says:

    I look forward to his return to upton park when we can say thank you in the proper manner. GOOD LUCK Hayden !!

  40. benfleet hammer says:

    Wish Hayden all the best. I think he has been a loyal hard working player for us who has always given 100 % .
    Also a great person off the pitch, I was lucky enough to meet him in the players lounge a few weeks back and was good enough to have a photo done with my son and have a chat.
    Good luck.

  41. jon.london colney says:

    gutted,however all the best hayden,hope it works out for you and thanks.

  42. SJ Chandos says:

    Juventus have bid for Carlton Cole!!!!!!!

  43. djclipz says:

    rumour now is davenport to sunderland, busy day so far!!!

  44. SJ Chandos says:

    Juventus will get the same, short and sharp response as Spurs, in a word ‘no.’

  45. jon.london colney says:

    juventus in for cole !!!!!

  46. IoDHammer says:

    Maybe Cole would want Juventus?

  47. chris says:

    you all got here first…Cole to Juve whats all that about!!!!!

  48. Richard says:

    By the way Mullins has gone to Porthsmonth. Just checked it out on WHUFC website.
    He is one of these fringe players. The board have backed the zola and clarke so far.
    Roll on wednesday night! 3 points

  49. Roshi says:

    Is Robbie Keane our Bellamy replacement?

  50. Scalyback says:

    Sad to see Hayden go; he has always been a solid reliable serveant, and deserves a good welcome when he comes back. He might not have been everyones ideal as a player but surely no-one could ever fault his commitment.

    Best of luck Hayden!

  51. james p says:

    just want to say that mullins was a loyal servant of the club a deserves the chance for regular football so i say good luck to him and the other thing is i herd there was a west ham confrence today on sky sport news does ne1 no wot time? thanks

  52. colin say's says:

    if we keep the same old players,We stay the same old team,time to move on,

  53. DevoDevo says:

    Echo most of the above. Mullins was a frustrating player in my eyes. Could have been much better had he applied himself more. Often looked like he was strolling around and was never great at tracking runners from midfield. Having said that, he did have some good games and it could leave us short of cover. I do disagree with others regarding Spector. He’s young and I think he has done that holding role quite well himself.

    At least Hadyn will be on the list of “warm welcomes” when he returns – assuming Pompey don’t go down of course.

  54. claire says:

    He must have been good – he was preferred to Mascherano for half a seaon….
    But seriously, good luck to Hayden – a reliable pro, used as a sub to good effect by Zola recently when we needed to hold on to lead.

  55. grayboguestmeister says:

    Roshi… RK would be a step backwards for us. The new policy is to not go for expensive, bolshy has-beens.

  56. Roshi says:

    Agreed Gray…….er. I like this new management thinking

  57. grayboguestmeister says:

    … yes, they are dragging us into potentially a very interesting era, methinks

  58. jpt says:

    I’ll miss him, he’s a good player.
    Best of luck to him.

  59. Goatygav says:

    All the best Hayden – you’ve done us all proud in your time at the Hammers and I will always welcome you back warmly when you come to the Boleyn (when I’m there). A good servant of the club I think they used to say.

    Agree with you both Graybo and Roshi – encouraging signs of late!

  60. Doc H Ball says:

    I’m disappointed at this news. Mullins was a great squad player – relaible, not injury prone, committed and never bleated about his substitute role. He’s reminded me of Geoff Pike.

    In 2006 not only did Mullins miss the cup final over something innocuous, but he was also many peoples’ player of the season. I think Pompey have got a snip at 2mill.

    There’s news now that Davenport is off to Sunderland. Another good squad player methinks. I hope we don’t leave ourselves short – recent injury problems have tested the depth of our squad before…

  61. brooking still the best says:

    I liked Mullins, He was Mr Reliable. OK he was never going to be the best player we had but I think we are leaving ourselves short in the middle now.
    I hope Zola is 100% behind his move and has got a replacement lied up. Mullins is not a fringe player but a first teamer. We must have a very healthy bank balance now, after the summer sales and this window…. yeah right, a couple signings maybe to keep us happy but still on the take!

  62. fcbonzo says:

    Not sure i agree at all with Mullins being sold. He could have at least been convinced to stay until the end of the season. He wasn’t just a fringe player, he was 1 of our most experienced midfielders who knew his job. Although he’s didn’t start in the first 11 he’s was still the type of solid player you needed to fresh’n up a weary defensive midfield especialy when your ahead seeing out a game. There’s still a long way to go to the end of the prem season and if we are serious about the FA Cup loyalty aside there was definatly a job for him to do.

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